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Full text of "A report of divers cases in pleas of the crown, adjudged and determined: in the reign of the late King Charles II. [1662-1669]"

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WE do allow and approve of the 
Prindi^ and Publifliing the 
Reports and Cafes in Pleas of 
the Crown^ Colleded by the late Lord 
Chief Juftice Kefyng^ and Three odier 
Modern Cafes added thereunto. 

f. Hob, 

H. gould. 



Of Divers 


I N 

Pleas of the Crown, 

Adjudged and Determined; 

In the Reign of the Jate 

King Charles 11. 

With Diredions for Justices of the 
Peace and Others. 


By Sir phK Ke/yng, K"*- 

Late Lord Chief Justice of His Majesty's 
Court of King's Bench. 

From the Original Manufcript, under hisownHand. 

To which are added. The Reports of three Modem Cafes, Fjz. 
Jrmftrong and Lijla The KING and Tliimer; The 
QUEEN and Mawgridge. 

Zlit ^econD C&icion. 

In the S A V O y : 

Printed by E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling, (Alfigns of 

Edward Snjcr, Efq;) for C EBaaBSiatB at the Half-lMoon in 

rieit-firiet, % StaSB in H^efiminfiir-HaU, and D. 'BjOlIin at the 

Blacli Swan without TemfU-Bm. MDCCXXXIX. 







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- :. 5 

> " «' I !■■■ ■! « ■ I ■— ^— — Mfca^i— >^i^ 


THere can be nothing mote [aid to 
recommend tbe/e Cafes to your Ve- 
rufalj than to ajfureyou they are the 
ColleBion of Sir John Kelyng, Kt» fometime 
Chief Jujlice of the Court of King's Bench ; 
The Manuicript whereof under his onm 
Hand was in the Cufiody of his Qrandfon 
and Heir ; Cofies whereof i»ere T)ifferfed 
in fever al Hands, which mighty hereafter be 
Tuhlifhedto the Injury of the (tAuthory and 
difadvantage of the Vublick There . are 
Two Quaeres inferted in the fSMiargent 
by theVubliJher ; The one is Page 1 3, the 
other in Page ij.i, which may be fit to be 
conjidered by the Learned. 

The Three o^M-odern C^es are conceived 
to be ^fome Vfe, therefore are thought fit 
to be i?ublifhed • And if they Jhall be found 
to be of any 'Benefit^ its what is defired by 
the Tublifher thereof 



-: I 



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4 I «. ■ . 

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'♦• J • ■ 

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. . . . ^ 

^ • ■ 



Orders and Directions to be obferved by 
the Juftices of the Peace and others^ at 
the Sejpons in the Old Baily, for Lon- 
don WMiddlefex, made i6 Car. i. by 
Sir Robert Hyde, Chief JnSlice of the 
' Kings "Bench y 5fr Orlando Bridgeman, 
Chief Jnjlice of the Common Pleat ; Sir 
Thomas Twifilen, one of the fudges of 
the Kjngs Bench^ Sir Thomas Tyril, 
one of the fudges of the Common Pleas^ and 
Sir John Kelyng, one other of the fudges 
of the Kings Bench, andjigned ly them 
all, and ^ad in open Court ^ and order d 
to be filed by the Qerl^ that all fujiices 
might tat^ Copies by them if they pleafe : For 
that they fhall not for the Future pretend 
Ignorance of their 'Duty, 

I. ^ ■ ^HAT all Recognizances and Bail- 

I mencs taken by any Judic* of the 

J^ Peace, be certified into tlie Court the 

firft day of every ScHions before Noon, for that 

they being kept longer out, it ofccii happens that 

B Felons 



DireBimsfor fuJlicescftheVeace. 

Fdons and other Offenders efcape the Profecu- 
tors Witneflcs, and Parties being wearied out 
with Delays and Attendance, beiide many 
other great Mifchiefs 5 and that the Juflices of 
Peace who are faulty herein be fined by the Ju- 
ftices of Goal Delivery, according to the Stat, of 
I O* 2 H. is^ Ma, cap, 1 3. and 2 <?* 3 Ph, ^ Ma. 
cap. 10. 

2. If the Offenders appear not irpon their Re- 
cognizances the firfl Day, the Default to be Re- 
corded, and the Recognizance to be forfeited 5 
Neverthelefs Proceflcs or Warrants, as the Gafb 
(hall require, to go out agalnfl them and their 
Bail ; fo likewiie as to thole who are bound to 
give in Evidence, that if podible the Bufinefs be 
not deferred to another Seffionsj in which time 
commonly the Profecutors and Wimelles are ta- 
ken off, and the Matters compounded. 

3. That all Jullices of the Peace do take Ex- 
aminations both of the Felons without Oath, 
and the Informers and WimefTes againft them 
upon Oath in Writing before they commit the 
Offenders to the Goal, and certifie the ^me the 
firfl Day of the Sefiions, that they may be ready 
upon the Tryal of the Felons, or elfe to be fined 
according to the Statutes of Ph. <s^ Mary before 

4. That all Prifoners for Treafon and Felony 
be according to Law, fent to the Common 
Goal, tirhich is Newgate, and not to the New-Pri- 
fon. It being found by Experience that they are 
often fet at ^beny there without Tryal. 

5. That 


■ 1 


• I 


DireBiorit fbrJuJlicesofthePedce. 

5. That no Prifonct for Felony be difcharged 
Kduring the Interval of Seflions, unlefs it be upon 
rgood Bail taken, the Warrant or Mittimus to the 
pGoaler to keep them until they are delivered ac- 
IcordingtoLaw, nor any Bail or Recognizance 
►for Appearance to be given up or withdrawn by 
f the Juftice of Peace after the fame is taken, but 
' be returned and certified to the Seflions or Goal 

Delivery, the Offender whether Juftice of Peace 
orGoal er to be fevercly proceeded againft. 

6. If any Juftice of the Peace (hall take Bail 
where he ought not, or wittingly or willingly 
take infuflScient Bail, and the Party appear not,the 

-faid Juftice not only to be preceded againft ac- 
cording to Law, but likewife to be complained of 
to the Lord Chancellor, that he may be turned 
out of his Commiflion. 

7. That no Copies of any Indifiment for Fe- 
lony be given without fpccial Order uixjn Moti- 
on made in open Goun, at the general Goal De- 
livery upon Motion, for the late frequency of 
Actions againft Profecutors (which cannot be 
without Copies of the Indi(ftments ) deterreth 
People from Profecuting for the King upon Juft 

8. That the Coalers make more perfeftKalen- 
dars than of late they have done, according to 
the Stat. H. 7. cup. 3. and infert not only Per- 
ibns in their Cuftod;^- ''ut ^lib fuch as have 
been in their Cuftody lince the laft Seflions. and 
Bailed or Delivered out, and by whom. 




I T* 

^ —r — — -^ 

DireSiomfor fuJlicesoftbeVeace. 

^, Thsx if any Habeas Corpus come to receive 
a Prifoner from another Goal, the Goaler to take 
notice of the Offence for which he ftood Com- 
mitted at the other Goal, and to inform the 
Court, that if he (hall happen to be acquitted, 
or have his Clergy, he may yet be remanded to 
the former Goal, if there be Caufc. 

1 o. If any Habeas Corpus come to the Goalers 
to remove a Prifoner, that with the Prifoner 
they alfo certifie the Caufe for which he ftood 
there committed. It being found by Experience, 
thdxby Colour o( Habeas Corpus to receive and 
remove Prifoners, many notorious Offenders 
do efcape. 

1 1. That no Prifoner convi(5ted for any Fe- 
lony, for which he cannot have his Clergy (un- 
lefs it be Women, in fuch Cafes, where if had 
they been Men, they might have had Clergy) 
be Reprieved, but in open Seffions, and not 
otherwife, without the King's expre(s Warrant, 
and not by Order of any the Juftices of Goal 
Delivery, or Oyer and Terminer, 

12. That fuch Prifoners as are Reprieved, 
with intent to be tranfported, be not fent away 
as perpemal Slaves> but upon Indentures betwixt 
them and particular Mafters, to ferve in our 
Englilh Plantations for feven Years, and the 
three laft Years thereof, to have Wages, that they 
may have a Stock when their Time is expired} 
and that an Account be given thereof, and by 
whom they are fent, and of their Arrivals. 







1 5. For 

T« ■'. 

'D'ire9ions for Jujlices of the 'Peace. 

13, For that it hath frequently happened of 
late, that'fomc have been killed upon Duels, 
others upon fuddain Qiurrels in the Streets. 
I And the Inhabitants neglect to apprehend the 
Murderers, or to make Huy and Cry after them, 
and (b the Fcrfons not only efcape, butnodireA 
Knowledge can be given who they are. And 
by the law. If any Man be flain in the Day, 
and the Fellon notciken, theTownfliip ought to 
beamcrced; That therefore when any fuch Cafe 
appeareth at Newgate, as it too often doth, upon 
the acquittal of Fofons apprehended upon 
Sufpicion, that both the Coroner, as alfo the 
Secondaries at Newgate be required to attend the 
Judges of the King's Bench, that information 
may be put in that Court againft the TownOiips 
for the efcape, and followed fro Rege; And at 
the next Seffions ai Newgate, give an Account 
what is done. 

So. Hyde, 
Or I. BriJgeman, 
Tho. Tmfdeti., 
Jtim Kelyng, 



Utn t&em to t6e f»eetfK of London, and lOUcUe to tCe 
abetiffs of London to tccette tdenii tjiat tlie; migtt be in 
Newgate, tsliic!) uao Bone accoiDlncl;. anB betauft, 
bf an aa of l^atliament 02 Coniientton tolifcfi fat at ttie 
ltung'0 tomine (n engiUfli ]?!OteeBlng« foete contfnuen 
until Michadntas noB) cloft at lianB> tut net vet fooie ; 
Clietef^^ke (ffiHtait tU KUeuoemnc of we tpwcr 
■nBSJenaiiftondon, ueceiaiBneBtotieiaEngiiA. 

1. 3It toas ai^ees tdat all tfie piffonets qohIB be at>' 

taigneo tte GtO Ba; betoie an; of tbem tone bjousbt to 

Igftpl, ann tbe nect Bap to pioceeo to Crpal bitB one oj 

'; ' nutpT tieAiogefliet, BSfSotdt betboug^t fit upoii.tte 

Kii^s.ic;^ 3. Je tas tefoiiKt 'Hu mp tc tie ttlns'0 emmtH 

may 'pnyateTr nHgdt RfBatei; oianagt tiecEbfBewe to tte ®jano 3n- 

pw EndjTC to gjee, t„ onet to int mm uttftewil otanoiflnient, ano 

'""'™"J°^BgteiBf6atltlioiBBbewm«BHiateipi it being urualin 

all Alalia, (bat tbe PiiibciitotB>iipan jnUiiiiiaitg ate IB' 

mittcB to manage tte CUBtncelBi filming ttie laill ; ant 

tie K(ng'« ConncH ite tte onlriSiOftcutaD tn tte Sting's 

Cafe, foitiecannotpidrecnteinl^etem. 

Compiffing the 4- St'tMSieronieiitbatttiejnDiitmenttf QiouIB be Coi 
Kiiig-s Dead) b compainng tge Deatb vC tte late Itting (tte beni conqut- 
the TicaTai. fng otlB imagining of tte SUng't Deatk being tte Zua- 
fontoittintti Star.asEd.^.) anDtteottatioeiidgttlai* 
BsiuanpfDOettaitDajtiiietDonlDi topiobettecompafiinE 
oftis £>eatt : 'JBut it loaii agteeB, tte aoual iDuaa oc 
ttelttfngQioulObeptecflieiplalo in tte Snoiament, uftt 
'tteipetiaKIieciimtancesaoituiadDone, ano qkkiib be 
mitBe ttfe of as one of tte OWit 9a», to piobe tte coni- 

Oven; Aft not s- 3t ttos itblbeD ttat if an; one S)bect 9a tenoinf to 
laU In indja.-ttet'enipaffittg tte Itting'it £>eatt> be lain in tte inBfO- 
n»iit, niar k fgm. <c(gt tten anj) ottet 9d Bitict tenBs to tte com- 
|nn n En-jNiffittS of'ttc ttlng'fiDeatt) ma; be giMtt in <EHOence 
^j, ,,,g^tBgettet WttttiitBttfcbliilaio in ttelntiitment. 



«■ 3lt Ua» teCoItieD tiiBt tliece neeii not be ttno GUftnef ' 
Iireta|i)olieetict;tDl)tctait, tenDinistot|iecompiiinnE«( 

llieltling'fOeatt. 'Sutanei[i[iltncC9tap!Otteont9>lfnt 

9a tenoins to tte compainng oc tfie ttfng'g Deat), ant' ' 

nnotget tlUltnrrg CO Plow anutfiet ait unoms to tjie Came 
(Hti, ate fufftclenti Co) campaliins ttc IItfnG'0 33eat6 l» 
CceaCon. anO tlitn iC ttoo (eiictal snttnelCes piobe raa 
Celietaiaag tenoing to tlie compaams tge King's Deatth 
ibeCnaCon fs ptoses b; ttno WtntSn aotbe tab In 
Caie oC CceaCan tequfcctb. 

7- 3It tnas tefoibeb tbat (C febnal pecCons be inMaet Finding oiim 
ta0et|)titnone3lnDiitnuntCoioneCcime, (ncaceComeofguJir in <he 
IferaibefounDguiltpbpone 31ut!>, ann aCtetloacas tome ''™' '^l^' 
ae tbe fame 3utp be tetucnen co) ttpal oC oHetB in tfie'**-?"™'* 
amcJnBlflmenti (tUtnoCfiallenseCottfioCe p«ronc«°'"™"*' 
to Cap, tfiat tftoCeSucoiafiabe alttaoii gltien tfiefc Hettifii', 
ann CdunB ottiecs suUtp ufio ace inotiteB in toe Came 3ln- 
Uttment Co; tfie Came Ofbnce t fo] tfiougfi tfiep ate all in- 
Matb m tfie tame SnUctment Co; tfie Came OWente, pet 
In tfie Lam it to a (ebetal Jnoioment againO ettet; one of 
tfiem, ann tfie Ccime la Cebecal, anD one map be gniltpanD 
not anotfiet, anD tfie 3ucp ace to gibe tfieic QecDUt upon > : . 
pactfculac CUliente agains cbecp Cebecaipttfon, ant ' 
tfieceCoie tfie finning oiir gitiltpi ig no argument oj J^x- 
Oimpilon tfiac tfioCe jutois uiii Sno anotfiec guiltp< 

8. SttDaatetaRieotfiatiCtcbecall^iiCanecdbe tiutii|l'Scraiii«<i(ilie 
. ononejucp, am tfiep tfiallenge pecemptoiHp, onnrelutPiiincL 
in tfieic Clallenges, tfiat ifien fie lofio lg cfiaHengebbp one, 
IgtobeDiatDnagainttall, btcauCe tfie (Sanel being fomti 
me Juco) cannot be oiaun agnlna one ano Cecbe Coj an< 
oQiec. laut in Cucfi caie it bag agceeo tfie panel migfic be 
UDeUt, ana tfiat tfieCame 3ucp map be cecucneo betttttt tfie 
tUng ann ebetp one at tfie P]iIoners,anD tfien tfiep ate to be 
ttpeb Cebetallp, anti tfitce tfie CNltnge OC one p^iContt is 
no Cfiallenge to biCable tfie Suco; Co cfiallengeb againa an- 
otfiec piitonec. anb tfie Caie at Vc. Ellis'o aetbant, PIol 
Com. loo, loi. uag agcceb tobegooniUBi, as to tfie 
tetteclng ottfie panels in tfiat cafe ; anb atcoiDlnglp, aCtet- 
MMtDD upon tfie ccpal or Barriroo anb otfiecs, liifio cfiat- 
S> lingeo 

-^ , ^. r^ 



*^— *■ 



• ■! ■ in ii>i 



lengeu petemptojaF* anti fotieeeti in tftefc CtoUengfe^) pac- 
tttiiltt 3iW0V'9 ttie pancUf foete fttnceo. 

niMtobetakea 9. 3K tM0 teMttO t^at fo^tt l^Kfonettf come to tbe 
l![6m Piifonos «iBic to Ik tipeo, tftetc 3COII0 ouglic to betaken off> (d 
«tihwTnai. fliot t^ be not fti attp tCoittnt tDbtie t()e{> Qui&e t6e(t tK- 

fmce> be tbefi Ccfme nebec Cs great. 9no accoiMngf? 

Upon tbe Sttafgnment anb CtFal ot Hewlec ano otbenv, 

ttbo biete biottgbt f n 3hmi0> tbeCooct commanbeo tbefc 


10. 3lt being agteeb tbat tbes|9aebet of tbe fiUng itiottlb 
beipedallpCdunm brttb tbe Cftcum8ance0 in tbeSnbU- 
nent. anb ft being not bnobm bibo btb tbat binalnou0 
Qtf s itbKui teCoibebt tbatft fboulb be iaio tbat Quidani 

^ig l imii w im igaotBs, biftb adSfCoi ott bbiface bib tbe 9tt ; ano tbat 

bwi bieH enottgbi anb tbe otbetlpcttow be laib to be p^' 
fnit> ttbiag ami titiaing tbeccnnto. 

1 1. C^ conuafOttg tbe Ittng'ii S)eat^ being agteeb 
tobeiaibin tbe<|nbiftinenti tobe 19 Jan. 94 Car. Primi, 
•ttb tbed^ttioet on tbe }oth of tbe time Jan. 3ittDa0 
«ie8iinebinttbicb iWng'0 Reign tbe aocb Jan. ^m be 

u^v^uj. Wbtobe* ttbettier>itttbeEeign of lliing Charles tbeffcif, 
!«i^ 0|ftf>ll(C3iar^tbeftconn, ano tbe CUtefHon gceui, be- 

cairfit tbete f9 no f taitton of aZ)ap, anb alt tbe %ia» 
bibicb tcttoeo to tbetung'ii $puroer> unta b(0 ilt>eao bKiK 
«tttalip ftbeteo (torn bis Xoop, niete in tbe time of \^% 
0bm Eeign» ano aftcc bid Deat^ in tbeEefgn of tung 
Charles tbe Ciconb* 9no tboogb it biaa agteeb bpalls 

f ycept atoOfce Malletc, tbat one anb tbe iiime bap migbt in 
fkbital ccQieaa, ano a0 to Ctbetal 909, befaio to be m* 

titelp in ttto tungs Eeign0> fo tbat in tome tefpedo tbe 

iDbaic nap map be aftcibeo to one^ ano in otbec reQiotsr, 

Hie ttbole bap afinlbeo to tbe otber, accojonig to ^ 

Ctotbitttiiemattcttfof fattiabicb ttetearteb, eftbee M 

Hi l,ift» oiaftec tbe Oeatb of tbe Otff filing, pet becauik 

awiice MaUettbH0 eatneft tbat tbe ttibaie oap tBBf to be 
aUcibeo tt filing Charles tbe ftconb* tberefoie it \n» 

•gieeit tbat fn tbat place, no IPeat of anp iMng ibombbe 

nameb) iMt tbat tbe compaHhtg of tbe fittng'0 Deatb 

(boitibi IK laili an tbe 39^ J^- H Car.primi, ano tbe 

ii|ci 9(t0 tenbing to bi0 ^^niber^ anb tbe $|9utbet it felf 


• ■ 

High-flteailbn. ii^ 

Wb to be Trkefimo MMfu goiSeih Jamnril, tUtfjoilt 

nawfnffmppeatuanp&insi wflK)) im» eismi ta b'e 
(Rtain (iMai^ 

1 9. St beinf agRt* tKt tte SnWitmtHt KHM bi fo] c.«» p<cMi of 
tsmpaffing «te ttfns's CMIt. iiiD one of ibt tmat $« > KixgS' 
M tt toe aaufll CSurilct of ttt ttitis : Jt inM tttaliin tfik 
SnMoment ItotilD cMiiIvM conoa picnh niipck bomiiii 
Regis Coton' & dignitac' Tuis, Nee non contra paceih bo- 
mini Regis nunc Coron' & dignitat' fuas. 

13. eteftwiKOn UMtne, tt«(«ef (ei8ra|corchier tai« 

London (^UlDBiMtttCtMltge to tM ettttHfimt atgimbjudp 
Hick's-Hall, u^t tge Sntfiiniint Imo to be foimti, ttie nKiitinTiciTnn, 
taa being (n Middled ; ans alfo tobnbtc f ntfgin^nt at 
tte atffi«lt«-|Kiuie, uiieeeaelSitrohets acre tS btkfit. 
Hem bt tteieBfWn bp teefiecoibetj ot 'i\)iiiit_t9e 
StatEt ant tfte juHBinent (boutp be etbcn bp t^e Cw^ 
Siibge: 9nD itosi agteto tfiat bet( Dioulb be sWen bp tge 
CHetsatge. anb anoioiHgii) tgw mt bonebp mp AftD ^i, j„ _, 
BridgenllI^ ansbe gabettieCliatne onl; telatinffto m-i3^ I^dt 
quite of tix (gsatbttttv a W late tUri;, iottlioitt i^ing os^zOr.S. 
anrotdtt mattettten tobeetHiiiiribor: ftinjRtetne 
Ctatge, one Snsidnient bias neffttV aiaiitS ell me 
lUiiB'i !|9utbetet0, tai|iobietein|9jffd(J, anDdiroagnliil 
(ebetal otbtcs Ulio biete riot tben oppjeteA'tebi but ogtieti 
tte; itounbe attaimei b IT an iDntlamjivoff ttt^e 3ri- 
bidnietit. 9nb tte liaiiie inp tte ^ttiMtttnenK bia^ Mifliilfi^ 
tte nen bap fieiibetes at tte Soaigelibetpitirtbe C^ROriri- 
touTe in ttie Old Baiiy, uijiftt tap all tte ipitfonetB uete 
atcaigneb, anb pieabeb not buik;, but aft(ttaat»(OBie of 
item tifttbieb) tttic plea, anO tonfWb tte JiiUrf- 
ment, viz. 

14. Sic Hardres Waller, ant Geo. Fleetwood, tgCfcifCoafi^ate 
ttaf occoiMnBif tecotbeb bp tte Cout^ anbagteflj'bpnbtguiiiirpkid' 
Mlttejuogee, ttat it mtgtt be bone, altto' tte <ie»<^ 
iwDtecoiDeb tteic fSleaof not iBuUtp ; fo] tte Qnttp iii, 

ttat (net a one poftea, ot celidia verifications Cognovic 

If. Memorandum, Cdat Upon tte aCtadntltlRlt OfViriunlnLtc' 
Henry Martyn, tlR J^amt btlnff (0 Ul|ilt(lt'in ttrjnblir- tmalS 


^ - <•- - - - - - ^ - -. — . — I .--.■■■ , ■ ..I. 

I<b— fc>— >■ I " ' L 

IP High-Trealbn. 




Ungeli petemptoiflF, anti ttmtn in tteft CtoUengetf) ^. 
tfcttltt 31ttt0|09 ttie Patiel0 fnece fttnceo. 

niMtobetskai 9. 3C 1M0 tcrolttD t^at fo^ Piironer0 come to tit 
i^ Fii(bnas ^j^ to ftc tcpcti, tH^ Scow oug^ to bc taken off) Cq 
«t ihw Tnai. |||||t t^ be not (It anp Comtce Wit tliep tnaite tbtit De- 
fence* be tftefc Clime nebec (is great. 9nQ accoiDmgfp 
Upon tbe Sttafgnmeitt anb ctpoi or Hewiec aitb otba0» 
ttbo bietf biougbt m Scotm, t(ie Cooct comuumbeo tbefc 
atom to be taken off* 

10. 3it betng aeceeb tbat tliesi^tbec of tbe fiUng Qiottni 
be fl^aUp COimb, bittb tbe €frctmiatnce0 fn tbe Snobt- 
ment anb ft being not kno&n tobo bib tbat bfnafnoii|i 
90; tcbKui cetoibebf tbattt fboulb be lam tbat Quidani 

^jiim^ m m igaotus, biftb aOffbi on iibiiface bm tbe 9a ; anb tbac 

bNOi ttieB enottgbi anb tfie otbetpecfbms fK lam to be ^- 
fntt> tmmg aim afiCHifng tbecennto. 

11. c^ecompafOttg ttietttngr^ Z)eat^ befngagreea 
tobe iamm tbelnbfomenti tobe ^9 Jan. 94 Car. Prifni, 

•nQ tbe il^ibet on tte }och of tbe mme Jan. 3it bum 
VKfifanibinttbfcb iitfng'0 Refgn tbe aoth Jan. Q^oum be 

„^v^u.^lamtobe> bibettier>mt^KefgnofittfngChatlestbe(!tff, 
r! j^ 0|iMC^^tl((<»no> aM> tde CUtefHon gtem, be* 

canft tbece f9 no fcamon of aDap, anb all tbe 9(t0 
iPbfcbtfttbebto tbeltmg'ii $|9ucber, unta bfiei i||)eab bNm 
mtoaiip ftbeceb ffcom bf0 Xobp, biece in tbe time of dfci 
0bm Refgn, anb aftec U9 Deat^ m tbeEefgn of tttng 
OiaiiestbeCiconb. 9nb tbougb ft biaoagceeb bpall> 
f ycept infiice Mailetc, ^t one anb tbe tarn bap miitt in 
febctal ccl^a, anb an to Crbrtal 9tfim befam to be t» 
tkeip in ttto9Ung0 Eefgna, fo tbat fn Grnie tefpeaa tlie 
iD^ bap map be aftcfbeb to one* anb fn otbec tt^ptw* 
tf^ ttboie bap aGnlbeb to tbe ot^, acco^bbig to tfit 
mtotb mtbe mattctt of f ait ttbicb b»te aaeb, eftbcc m 
m yu% otaftcc tbe i>eatb of tbe ficff fiifng, pet becauft 

3iallfe MaUece tou eatnell tbat tbe bibolc bap tRNi CO be 
alRfteli tt iiUng Chacles tbe Gnonb, tberefOie ft ww 
•gceeb» tbit m tbat place, no fpear of anp fittng (bombbe 
namebt Imi tbat tbe compafOng of tbe fittnr^ Deatb 
fbottlbi be iam an tbe ^9^ Jan. 14 CacPrimi, anb tbe 
<i|0i 9a0 tenbmg to ^ ^^iiiber* anb tbe ^mrut ft feif 


High-Tlviailbn. ii 

Utb to beTrkcfiiho MMfu guOoh Jamaril, JDit^t 

timtni mji flit M tnt Was, Wtb )m» eemi to tie 
ctttRln nniajsii. 

t9. jetielngiietMt tgat tieJnoiaMEHtl^un tie ra]Ca»r<f»«Mor 
tonvattng t^ ftfng's Stall, am one of tbt iE»cct idb > k<"e<' 
to Iw toe aanoi tsmttt sf ite tung : 3t was Malbes We 
JnHfOtntnt DiouID conclate contra pacnh nupct bomirii 
Regis Coton' & dignicac' Tuas, Nee non contra pacem bo- 
mini Regis nunc Coron' & dignitat' flias. 

I}. ettftuelHDn UMpiit, omtettSt&diWiofci^ t^ 

London ^ouIDglW tte (StUitBe to tW Btaiii friqiicR at giMh hZ 
Hick's-Hall, u^ete tge SntMment biaa to be fdiwR, tlie inctitinTieiioii. 
Sta befng in Middld^x ; and aKo bftettiec jiiDBmtm at 
tte atfflatts-lKmb, utetenel^iifanccgriecetii bttrptS, 
Hoias M tbete gltten b; tpe fiecoiDirt sj ttottticc tile 
Ctatge ant tOe Juvement (6oulB be gfaeti bp tfte Cfitef 
3inige: 9nD ft vtg agteea tfitt 6«t( flimilo te sWtn bp tSe 
aUeOatige. 9nt atcoiUngt; tfiM idm lione b? m; TLisa .r^ j,, _., 
Bridgemaii, anD fce gatette Ctarge onlp teUtlng to en- w^ o* of 
quite of i&e (gsuttrttets oC toe late ftlrig, bltiiojit Mins oa^iOr^S. 
tUf otfitc mattee tien ta be emiuittb at : 9mi elftet Hr 
Cttcge, one SnoMment baa nefAt'B «6a<nft oil Iw 
lUilg'f Si9tttlietet«i bilioloRetnpiiCon, onsoiroggilfMlt 
febnal otlms intofDete riot then appieitAlice) but agt^eli 
ttcpQiaunibeattalnteDbjrantDittiatti^ upoftttie (tMie Mr 
Uilnient. ano tie Cnne sa; t6e JinofdnKnt bad f(A)^,iimi 
tie nett Dap aeHneten at the eoai'Ddloecji.tiftbe tkmii- 
taufe in tte Old Baily, ubitii nap all t|K {^iffimets uete. 
attafgaeO} anbpieaiieDnotguiKpi btnaftetteatvConeof 
tbem UfttitqeiD ilitit plea, ano confWa tfie SnUff- 
mmt, viz. 

14- SfC Hatdres Waller, anb Oco. Fleetwood, tdjjltiiOiDitifiantrM 

ttaii accoiMngif {NOiben bp tde tfoucfy iMbai^iWbfnMeuiiirpiaii' 
ail tte Jutiges, ttat it iniglit be Done, aittto^ tbe dm <^ 
tab tecaibeb tteic 9iea of not <Sulltp ; foi tDe «emt; u, 

ttat tncfi a one poftea, o] rclida veriiieations MgnoTic 

If. Memorandum, Cbat upait tte attalgniimn OfVariandbLit-' 
Henry Martyn, (Hf jagme beiflfffa ttiittCRin ttirSlnDfir «i of Simaie- 






ntnty ^ faOl W iQotne foaS Marten, anH not Marcyn ; 

but t^e Couct ogceeD tbat be liefng fcnotDtt bp tbac Batne 
of Martyn, tjiat tsas toell enough in an SnUftfrnent, tbo' 
ft be not fpellcD Dfcealp 80 be fpelletb ft* 

Memorandum, Cbat tbe 3lnDt(tmen( 1080 fn Latin, ft 

befnfi; piefetteD aftet Michaelmas, until tob(cb time, all 
Englifh ]p2oceeofng0 tnece allotoeD bp tbat Conbentfon 
tDbtcb ttia0 fitting biben tbe &fng iDa0 reltojeb. 

9ttD aftetj all tbe i^2froner0 \b^o pleaneD not^ufttPs 
foerc cottiiiaeb upon full CDtbence, anb bao Subgnienc 
of OiSth^eafon* 

CoRuriflfonm Memerandum, Cbfit Sectetacp Mortis anb^r*An< 

f* Ttiai, give nefley,]^^Obent of tbe Council, toete botb in Commiinon 
cn^aswit- f02 tbe Ctpal of tbe p)tfonec0, anbfote upon tbe isencby 
""^^ but tbete being occafion to tnafce uk of tbeic Cefiimonp 

agfaina Hacker, one of tbe p2i(onet0, tbep botb came off 
Ifcom tbe 15encb, ano biete ftoojn, and fifabe Cbiuence, 
mm UD not go up to tbei5encb again oucing tbat ^an'a 
CcpaU anb agcee'D bp tbe Court tbep loece goon S2Ittnefre0) 
tbo' in CommifliQn, anb migbt be tnane u^t of* 


16. (Upon tbe Ccpal of Coke of Grays-Inn, b)bO biatf 

Of Council againil tbe liUng, anb belibeteb in tbe Cbarge 
.againii tbe fiUng fn tbe Ccditecou0 Coutt calleo tbe 
IMgb Coutt Of 3tt|lice; be obfeaen tbat beuo not Djato up 
tbt Cbacge 9 but be onip aaeo ao a Counrc(la{, ano Dtu 
onip fpeak (COIojbo to babe tbe Cbacge ceao, quo oemano* 
(b 3iabgmenc againtt tbe ffiUng; anb be (aio 1002110 m not 

ActinK as Goun- ' ^' ^^ ^^ tefolbeb bp tbe Court, tbat if a l^aper con* 
cd. Sot cxcoie t<iining treafonable matter, be Snuftteti bp anotber, pet 
for Tiedbo. being knobm bp Coke to contain reafonable matter, ano 

being belibeteb bp bim ao a Cbarge againU tbe l^f ng to 
take attiap f}iji Life, tbio i0 an €n)ert 9(t to pjone tbat be 
compalTeti tbe fi^ing'o Deatb, bibtcb m tbe Creafon be i0 
Snbbteb fo). 

Approbttion in 

18. 9nbincafeofl||)lgbCreafon, Jfanp one 00 onp 

£iih ivnfen ^^^« ^V inm be ibetoetb bt0 Ifiting ano Approbation to 
tnakciheuiicY. tbc Ctafterouo Idcfign, tbfo i0in bim it>(gb'€tearan : 

makcth guilty 

ifoiall are l^^fncfpalo in pigb ^rcaCon, b)bo contribute 
tobiacbp it bp Sloiou o] Spp^obation. 

19' 9nQ 


■ . * - • 



19. 9nD (t toaa reroIDcti tbat ii)o' {11 care a ^m be in- ^^^^riii >'& "- 
Wtfettonip foj caoiD0, t(jat (b not O^ffb-^wflfon* T5ut if a Overt Aa to 
^an be inDiaeo to; compaffinff tbc J^mB'fl Deatb. tbc ce ^^""^ ' '"*"^' 
CSIojtis ntav be latD as an f>ttect 9ct to p)obe tbdt (je com- 
liaflfeD tbe Deatb of tbe Stiug, osttloa? in tbe Cafe o(^yi. 
Crohagan, iDbo beins beponb ^a, fpake tbefe illoins, 

I will kill cheKing, if I can come at him ; ano aftectOatQjS 

tfi came to England, anb ttiaB f aiten anb (nbfateb fo^ com- 
paiTinff tbe fiking'0 Deatb* anb tbefe mom taio an an Though Co p; 
fl>becc aa, anb piobeb, ano be bab Subfftnent of ^(o:b- or. 14. be a- 
^eafon. 3nb Co. Pi. Ck)r. 14. a0ceetb> tbat minn fet gainfi this Opi- 
bottin in ttjiting, are an Dbett act to pjobe tbe conipalTing n>on, yet it was 
tbe mns'» Deatb, as in tbe Cafe of Poole tbece *e^ ^^^ ^'^ 
dteb, anb b)O|b0 t^oktn are tbe fame tbins if tbep be p;a- y r b« 
]ieb ; anb bio^bo are tbe natural biap fo{ a man uberebp caufe^e'difl 
to ejcpiefa tbe imacinatton of tbe ^earn ^f it be nnp {aeat Opini- 
toap beclareb tbat a man imaginetb tbe Sf^tng's Deatb> ons ■, but Words 
tbat i0 tbe Creafon toftbin tbe Scat» a 5 Edvir. 3. win explain the 

meaning of an 

30. Memorandum, ^bat upon tbe (JDcpal of one Axcell, ^<=^ 
a aolbier,tt)bo commanbeo tbe ©uarba at tbe lAina'g Crp= i;^[;"8 '*^"': 
al> anb at bis cn^urber h be iuaiGeb tbat all be bib tt)a0 a0 a "f hlss^lii^r 
dolbf er, bp tbc commanb of bi0 (upertouc dDfficer, tobom no excufe for 
be mult obrp 0} bie. 3!t tta0 refolbeb tbat ttia? no ercuft, Treafon. That 
fo{ bi0 dupetiour ma a QDratto}, anb alt tbat fopneb otherwife yris 
loitb bim in tbat Adc laere Craito)0, anb bio bp tbat ap* indifTcitnt. 
Rotie tbe CreaCan '-, anb tt}bere tbe commonb 10 tZDraltec* * 
OU0, tbete tbe ^bebience to tbat Commanb t0 alfo ^rai- 

Memorandum, Cbat in Eailer Term, 1 4 Car. td. Jchn, Baekfieadfikfj/t 
Barkfted, John Okey, anQ Miles Cotbec, tb^ce of tbofie and Corhett*s 

perron0 iobo pjeitimeo to 3lubge tbe late filing to beatb ^^^' 

taere apRC^enbeb, tbep tben being outlattieb upon tbe 

foimec Snbiament h anb tbep laere b^ougbt to tbe littttg'0 

tBencb 'Bat, ano oemanoeb feberaflp tobat tbep coulo (av Execution a- 

iDbp (Sjtecution flboulb not be auiaroeo againli tbem (after warded upon at- 

tbe Sttbictment tD80 firll reab to tbem ) ano tbep pleabeb tainder by Out# 

tbep ttiece not tbe fame {^erfonf, anb tbereupon tbe fame lawry. 

bap a 3lnrptt»0 p^efentlp retiirneb, tbc Court fitting ; ano irnmedhteTry- 

tbep founo tbep toere tbc fame J^tron0, anb fo Crecution »'upj^ "»*•' 

abiarbeb, lobicb biae after bone acco?«nBlp» Note, So is the ^^'re^SS 

Report in the Mmnfcripiyhut the Record is of an Attainder f,^g peifoosi- 
by A6t of Parliament ; but there mighc be an Outlawry alfd. 

(iS Me* 


I /J. High-Treafon. 

sit Hti>. r*»'s Memorandam, tltfiot tn Trinity Term, i4Car. 2. ait 

arc. Hen. Vane iDos liiBfaeD Bt tte Kins'0 'Bencb foi compaf- 

Sue [|)e Oeatb of m«s Charles tDe id, atiB intcnofng to 
cbanse tbc ISiUigl; ^^oMcninent of tliis J9atfOB ; ans i6e 
QUcci A{3s ublcti vme lain, men, tfiac 6e uitti nnicca 
otbGC unkngtuiil^etConelilli meetano conftilt of tt)E means 
to oeScop ttie Gttng ano ^oticcnment ; sno BID take upon 
liie s&i uid tlim t!)e Mecnment of tfie foices oC UiU jSation bp aea 
were AasdLiic ano Lano, anoappointtBQCollonels, QCaptiino, eno£)C< 

afca the death Ecccg, OtlB tte COOtieC tO eSca (fB UlCttcD OtOSHi DIB 

of Kx:i. tlK fii ft, iiauall!! (n tje Countp of Middlefcx taite Klat. anB up- 

and before the „„ jjg {[tpji, |,e (uffifieB tjat tt)i)at !)e BID toas b? tbc 

rfKcI'.S'l^^atftoiltp ori^atllament, ano tSat tlje KfnB bibb tSw 

^j out of ipiofrtflion of He aingBom ; anB tbe patliament 

Bias tbe onip poBiec tesnant ; anB ttecefoie, no Steafon 

coulB be committeB aBaltiS tte ffilnn : 9nB 6e obfeaeB, 

tbat a leBping coac ui Surrey coulB not be stben In Ccoi- 

Bence toaJuipinMiddlefex; anB tie oenceo to offer a 

'SUlof Stceptfon, tiecanre tbefe tblnes Uiere obecculen 

bp tjie Coun ; anB in tliW Cafe tlefe ipotnto uiece cefol- 


I. Cliat bp tde Oeatfi of ftfngCharlcs tBe ift, tSat 

long [Satlfament B>aB aduall; BetecmlneB ,- notBiltb- 

Lmti I^ailla- fiauOlnff tbe AOs of Failiament tbat It Qouio not be BWol- 

mcni diibiTed BeB, butbp Content Of botftlpoufeB. JTO) cBetp patlfa- 

by death of men IS calUB to confuit BUtb tbe ]9etfon oC tbe Itting Bibo 

ihcKDig. calletblti anBtbaefoieuponblsDeatbitisBeteimlnen; 

fo) tbep can no lonscE conOiit Biitb blm fo) toblcb ens tbe; 

Biece call's. anB a Cade taas clteB to lie cefoIbeB, ttiat> 

Itbete, In tbe 11 OCQ^Eliz.enAaofParliamenttDaSinaBe, 

tbat acommlffion of Sewers SiouiB continue fat Sen 
^gtaah unlets tbe tame be oetetmineB o) cepeaUB bp an;) 
ReBlComDIIfiionia) bp Superredas,ltUng James gcaNCeB fllCft 

aConrniilOonanB BieBBiitbin tbat time j aBjuBgcB) tbat 
tbe Commffllon Bias oetetniineB ; fo] all Hommiifions ate 
OetetmineB bp tbe oeatb oC tbe Kingtibg gcants tbem, ann 
tbis paint at tbe attual Detetnttnatlan of tbu parliament 
dp tbie Beatb of King Charles tbe 1 A, uas befoje tbat time 
tefOlBeO bp all tbe SUBgeS of England, as mp LoiB Bridge- 
man COlB me. fiuc note, there were no fpecial Words to 
continue the Parliamcu upon the King's Death. 


High-Treafoa. ,15 



/&. 3t 1010 ecA)n»D> tbot t^'Kiog Charles tiiedd. {Dan TirfcQff faq) 

de &ao kept ont of ^ eretdCe oC tlie Ws^yt Office itp^ot^t*. Kin|{» 
^raitik{je( ftuD iEUIiel0 ; pet tpe tiMi0 Kiog^botl) de &^P» :ft]*JJ[^"ton ar 

dejuie. 9tm«Rt^AasiD(i(^Waiionetotl)efceepto0r^'''^ 
liftnottttDcteiim^Cits&iiu . 


3. at 1080 refitfftcn ttat tlie fvrp fCnliiltatfon ann AH' ConOiiting to 
KHing togetber of t^ meami ta nefirop ttie King ann Of0 <ieftroy the King 
^oiietiiiiiatt» 1D80 an iDoect. Ad to ptofw tHe compufiliig '^ ^ ^^*^ ^^ 

- ^ .... 

4* at 1000 cefiBlteO ti»t m t^0 Qtafe, t^e Ctearon lafD S^t'hf 
in t^ amtfctmeiit being tlje compaflbig of t|^ £kfng>0 
S)eat^ foti(c(» foa0 f n t^e Conntp of Middlefex, ano tfte 
ftOFbig CQac bef ttg laio onip 00 one of v^ flHietc Ad$ ta 
PVtte tbe compaCDng of cbe Kiog*0 Deotti* t(io' tbts teti|N 
tag of (caac be lafli fn tlK anbUmunt to be in Middlefex, 
pet a wxt lebf eb bp bf m in Surry, tnigbt be giben in ebf- 
^ence 7 foi being not laio 00 tbe tCteafOn, but onip 00 tbc 
®bett %a. to piobe tbe compafTuig, it i0 a tcanOtoip tbtng 
lobtcb nap be nafieb in anotbec Conntp« iBnt if an an- 
' 4f(tiiient be rot lebping IBElac anb tbat nabe tbe Ceta' 
IbR (bt ttbfcb 9^ pattp i0 inUften, in tbat Cate it i0 
local* wtftimt'btiaibla tbeCountp bibere in ttntb ft 


r'. .j;. at bum «eCoIbco» tbat tbe ^t. of w.z. Cap.91.N0 Biii of rx- 
^bibtcbgfietb4be13iU ofetception> crtenb0 onip to ciba oeption m aimi. 
€xaSx,^ moy norto ctiniittBt s tbe 010910 of tbe Stat, are, nai caufa. 

4Slitn aliqiiis inkplacicamr^oran aliquibus Jufticiariis, &c. 

an^tbe antcmfoh nebec bito to gibe fncb l^tiOno libettp 
fio put in'Bftl0 oC(£ccsptimi9^f0^tben tbere monlb be no 
Ctpal0 of t^natttte ebeiP biij^cbebin anp time, net> 
tbecbete no{ in tbe Ciccuft0^ if ebct)^ fcibolono Cccepti- 
en bibicb a l^^ifonec bnulo malie, iboulb be b^abin np in 
ISill of ^jceeption ; betioes, tbe Court la aitoapo lb far 
of Council bittb tbe l^Hfonet a0 to Qse tbat be batb ci0bt» 
anb if tbep finb anp tbing bonbt&ilf tbep of tbemfribeo 
< biai take time to abbife : 'But tbe i»o|D0of tbe StaL are 
plain) 80 ivt Couct agteeb> a0 totbfo point* 

6. 9|. 


1 6 H^h-Treafbn. 

Tttiibn foiiiii 6, mtW ^ CccaCon of compafltttg t^ StfngTd IDeatft 
iqr (i» J^ *(> IMW la(0 tn ttjelniibtmeiit to be ttie 30th of May, 1 1 Car. 
^!ill!T \£!!!^ 1^ 111""* ^ eui&ctice it appeaceo, tftoiatc Hen. Vane, 

olen t ^^^ ^ 1^^ o]tiettn0 of t^ f O]ce0 of tlieaatfoti ogainft t^ 

King ttiat notD f0, ano (o conttouen on all along until a 
little beio^ tbe Kiog'g comfnfl: in, 3lt toao teiMoeo tbat 
t^ nap lain in tiielnBttfrnent i§ not taiatetial, anQ tbe 
Suepace notboanotofinDWgdtiltFtfiBtoap, liutmaii 
find tbe CceaCon to be ao it lDa0 in tmtb eit^r before oi 
after tbe time laid in tbe anoicmient s a0 it io refolbeb in 

Syers CaflT, Go. PLCoron' 290. 9tt1l acc^Dinglp in t(lt0 

Cafe tbe 3utp fomm die H. Vane guflip of tbe Cceaton 

fit tbe Snttoment tbe ;och of January, t Car. a. b)^b 

1000 from tbe beep bap tbe late fiUng loao mucbereb, anb 
fo all bi0 fbifeiture0 relate to tbat time to abotb all con- 
bepance0 and (itttiemento mabebp irtm* 

Moie than 34 7- Memorandum, Clmt in t(ltt Caft Of die H Vane, 

maybentttiocdte beibff to be trpeb at (be l&fn^0 lOencb 'Bat, before be 
for Ttyai of oi- ctttie to lri0 CtiKii, it m» conQbeted t^ mp ftif , and otJbnB 
minaicwifes. t^n of t^e ftinfiTo Council, t{iat it bia0 polOble ttiat Itt 

mi0tit clianenee pecemptoiaiti anb (o deGtat 6tt Crpal a( 
tliat bap, at bi^b it tt3a0 appointeb} if timx i^ld be on- 
Ip 2-4 3luro20 returned* 

and tbereupon, (tared b)a0 made in tteCrottina)ffi[ce9 
before thatand it did appear, tbat in Crpabi on tte Ctobn fide fai 
sac of w. 2.^|.{Q,(na|0, tbe dberiif migbt be commanbed to return 
h 11' f^t**"? nutntot tbe Court pleated ; and accoidinglp, at ^ 
bTmurQ^ ui ^^^^ ^ dlierifr returned about 60 of tbe aurp $ anb at 
civQ Catties commou Latti in Ciba Cattft0> it ttenui tbe dlieriif 
which is outcdmigbtbabe returneb abotte m If iie pleaCtb; 3nd tbere- 
by that Star. (avefo]e ii)f tbe Scac. w. 3. Cap. ^8. St 10 recited, tbat bibeee- 
ID great AflTize. a0tbe dberi(E0 mere uiiBd toOimmon anunreafonaUe roul- 
and tbat sat.^|„Q^ Of 3uro)0 to tbe gtiebauce of tbe J^eopie ; it 10 0;- 
^^u^fS^ baineb tbat ftom tbencefoni). tn one 90ii;e, no mote mi 
^s^h^et-^t fummoned tNi 94>bim Star, ettendo not to 3luto)0, 
ments for the retutucd fb) ttpol Of ctUnittal petfbno ; tbe like map be 
King. bone upon a Commiflton of Oyer anb Terminer. 

H^fa^Treafen. 17 

Memorandum, Cftat at tbt OefllOtttf tt Newgate, 1 1. 
Dec. 14 Car. x. Tho. Tong, Geo. Philips, Francis Stubbs^ ^M^'sCafe. 

otiti fetteral others, toete fnntoeo fo] ItMBthCceafon, foi 
cotttpaflUtg tbe flUnfiTs Oeattb ano tde €)]iect 9(t0 latD fit 
t^ttninataenty fnece aflembttns t^emfttDee toget&et, atiQ 
conlUItfttff ano 80teefn0 to Detteop tOe flUtt0, Ac ad eaf. 

dem prodiciones peiimplendas, t^ COtlCilKlnff tO fefje 

Whitehall^ ttliete tfte fiUng tD80 Eefibent* 

I. 9nti ih ttttf cad?, 3lt ttae eeroltieo bp all tbe Stttise^, Confuitingkia 
ttat tDe meeting togetbec of petron0, ann confiiftfog to overt ^&. 
Uttt9f tfit fitfng, toaf of ft (eir an ottett 9a to pjotie t^ 
compefltngtdei&fng'd DeatD. 

3. 3it 1080 tefioltieo t^at foliete apetfon itnofofng of tte concealment 
HeOgtr noes meet mtHi ttttm, omi^eac t^em Dffcoucre of whae it u bigh- 
ts ttaftetou0 Defigiui, ano Gapo} aanotftfng; C6f0'^5'>^* *^ 
fa IMg^Cceafoti fn tlKit paetp, fo| ft i$ mote tban a bate "^ ^ ^^ 
Concealment, fom fo Mifprifion, betaufe ft Qietoetfi ^°"' 
bf0 Ifftfng, ano opmolifng of tbefc DeOgn 5 fxtt ff a ptt- 
M not Imottfng of tdeft oeOgn before, come fnto tbefc 
Companp, ano tieat Ciiefc DffcontfeO) ano cap notbfng> 
anQ nebec meet foftb tbem again at tbefc Contultatfon^, 
tbttt conceamient f0 onip i)9f(ki]i(ion of l^fgb-Cteafon. 
Vut ff be aftec meet biftb tbemagafn, ano beat tiefc 
Confkiltatfono, ano tben conceal ft, ttna in ^b-Cteafbn* 
f 0} ft fbetoetb a Ukfng, ano an apnobfng of tbefc befj^n $ 
anb fo biao dfc Everard Digby'0 Cafe, bibo f n tbe l^otn* 
bet CteaCbn met btftb tbe CcaftO20, abb beacb tbefc be- 
fign, but upon tbe ebfbence ft roa» not pjobeo tbat be (iBfb 
anptbfng, o] acteb anp tbfng, anb be bab 3iubgment of 

3. 3t b)a0cefoibeb tbat (bme of tbote lOecfono bibo ate Prions in the 
eqnallp cnf pable Wtb tbe teS, map be mabe ufe of m^^ vJ- ?"" 
CHftneffco agaf nl! tbefc jrellobMJ, anb tbep ace laiofut ac- s«^ wimcues. 
Cttfet0, 0) lattful (Qllftneireo uiftbin tbe Scat, i Ed. 6. ix. 
5 & 6 Ed. 6. Ckp. 1 1. & I Mar. i . anb acco)bfngip, at tbe 
Ccpal of tbefe men, fome of tbefc pactnet0 fntbe Ccea- 
Ton biece mabe uftof agafna tbe ceS i fo) labiful CUftneffeg 
tofcbfn ^oCc dtatttte0 ace fucb ao tbe Labi alloioetb h anb 
tbe Labi atlobietb ebetp one to be a CiilttneC? uibo 10 not 
conbfaeb,o] vmz f nfamou0 foi (ome Ccf me* 9nb if tt ttete 

St not 


1 8 HighrTreafen. 

iM(t {0} all CteaCon0 biotflD 6e fafe s <nli ft tnouni fie iot' 
yjilfirte fo{ one liiDo coitfp^iei^ loftt) neber (Kil manp o^nt 
fa make a Bffcofierp to aitp pttrpofe. 

^ttte L. C. ^eaeait Hales fofo, tliat ff one of ttefe cul* 
paUe ^ecfi}n0 be p^mifen bf0 Batbon, on connftfon to 
gffie etofBence agafnS tte teff, tDat BffiBfitet^ 6tm to t)e A 
CSIftneCs asafnS rbe ot^ee?, becaaJTe^e i(^weti6p Casing 
df Lf fe to be a uuf tne(0,(o ^t tie tallest o Uffeeence lobece 
DiTcifity of o. tie l^iomf Ce of patbon 10 to ^m fo2 otCciodnff tf^^ tJCceafon, 
pinioo^ anb tobete ft to fo; gf bf ng of ebibence* 19at fome of t^ 

otliec 3ubse0 bfb not tbfnlt t()e pjomffe 9C PatboQ^ uh 
gabe OKKbence, bfb bffabie bUn, but t^ aU abbfTdji^ 
no (uc|) nomffe (boulb be mabe, o) an? t^eatnfn00 tireti 
to t^ent fn caf; tiep bfb not gfbe (toll ebfbence* 

Tkoe needs a 4- ^'^•>' *^^ >'<*?* ^W 3i"®" Bridgeman, mtblame 

witndTcs for btl)<t^ <tf H)^ 3ttb0e0 tbetf HI 2>pfnfQn tbat iXtoUt f»tnW of 
Tiearoa at tfaisttto (I)i[lftnefre0 fn cafe o!'||i^€tejifQn, vmt ttm^ 

day, 5rtft. i & 3 bp tfie Stat, i & x Ph. & M. ' taip. i o. tbjUtd eOBCtO tDat i9U 

T^ Sec ^rpale foiQ^ceafon be accoibfng to tdr e^ttcG^ of tdtCoIti* 
"S" »" if !? ttwn Hate : ^nb at common %m» one (DOfthEto fo lUf- 

m^t of t<^ **««* ^'^ « 3!ttcp, tfto- Co. PI. Cor. f0 asmfid tfil0 tm^n, 

F^l MttbepaIta8ceebt^qtfftliatL{|bi;»i|tbtOQI2ftneflMl^ 

Same Witneffes HI (b)ce, pet tbe fame tttKitM(t.oefi:e<ir tbHo ate to m 3lri' 
to find the In- bCfltment, map be affo tbe tBEHtnefl'ej^ at tbe Ccpal t Sub 
diament.andattbelabi bot(» Hot rtqitfretoo to tt^e 0nTif nff tibe 3ih)i^- 
TnfaJ- tnent, anb tbw otwto at tlje ttrpof V . , 

confeAkm up- s- tCt)^ bU sffteeb t6tt ff a Conf^atbi be ejcdmbieb 
on examination ^fo}t i^bp ([tomtcenoi o{ i^fUtt pf #eace,anQ upon 
povcd by two bf0 ^tamfnatfon britbontCoitote confeils tfie CceaCon ) 
witndTes good 3if aftet at bfo Ctpal be benp ft* anb tb)o ISIftnefli^ to 
cTidence of it p^pbe tfiat Conf^ffton, ace 0oob€bfbence agafnS Qfm tbat 
^'^ mabe tbat Confeflhm, at U9 eramfnatfon afoie&Ub ; ano 

In ttat ca(e tbete neebo no csiftnellirarto piobe bfm tsoiltp 
oftbeCreafon h fo) tgat Confelllon pitt0 ft out of tbe 
Statute tobfcb tequfteo tttio iQClftnefreo to piobe td? tiPcea* 
(on, unlef0 tbe ^anp (tiatl b)ft6outCo2tuteconfef0'tte 
fame ; anb tbe ConCMTion tbete (poken of, f$ not meant 
a Confeirton before tbe 3lttbge0 at WZxpiU but a Con- 
ftinon upon Of Ccamf natf on : ^ut fticd ConfefSon fo 
P20beb f0 onip ebfbence agafnll tbef^ttp bfmfelf b)^ 
mabe t6e ConfMBon, tint camtot be maoe ofe of 00 cbf' 

* bence 

High-Treafon. 1 9 

titmt ogafntf nnp otber0 (ogom on W ^tmin^tion de 
confefleo to be in t|)t (Slceafon. 

6. flfstp all QBteeU tOat fucft Confeinon upon ^jt- Confiffir^n be- 
atntnatfon before Pitbp CounctHoi, tw be be not a ^ *,, "'7 
3!ua(ce of peace, is a Conftmon toitbin tbe meanfnjr of T^cSJ^fi^J' 
t6e dtatute •■, anb tbe catber, 80 tbe toin Bridgeman (aio, within the Stat. 
becaufe 3lH(Hce0 of tbe Peace loece not enableo totalte u- 
aminatton before tbe Star, i & i P. & M. cap. 13. 

Memorandum, (Cbat a bieelt before Chriftmas, i$ The Nonh ri- 
Car. 2, nip "Bjotbf t Turner, mp felf, anD ttip OBjOtfiec ^'"61 » 5 Car. z. 

Archer, iDcre appointeo bp tbe t^ing to go to York, toi 
tbe Ccpal of (ebecal perfons tbece taften fo| contpfcfng; 
to lettp suae a&amn tbe filing, ano Tome of tbem ofD ac" 

tuallp meet (n Farmelcjgh-wood neoc unto Leeds, tottb 

i^oiltHi Srm0, anD foot dolbter0. 9nD tbeceupon tbere 
iDa0 a tneettngbp tbe ttDo€()(ef Sufficed, tnpLoibHyde, 
anD tnp tojD Bridgeman ; anD loe tb^ee niftb dfc JefT. 

Palmer tbe l&ing'0 attO^nep, ano dft Hcneage Finch tU 

]^fng'0 dolKctto^, DiD tbeteupon Debate Ceiiecal tbfng0 
iDblcd tvece agteeD bp u0 all, viz. 

I . Cbat f f febecal perfon0 bo agree to leftp Mlat, an) Several Pcrfons 
fome of tbem do aouailp appear fn arm0, ano otber0 bo ?g'^ *^Af 
not, tbf0 (0 an actual lettpfng of cciat m all of tbem, a0 ap^L actS 
liiell tbofe lobo tuete not fn arm0, as tbofe Uibo inere. If in Aims, 
tbep be ptobeD to be of tbe Plot ttif tb tbem bibo did actu* 
allp appear In 9rm0 ; foi tbere ore no 9ccellarte0 f n Ctea- . 
ron, anD tbecefoie all tbat ate f n tbe Confplracp ace eQual< 

3ln tbe nejct place, U}| being InfojmeD tbat t^o' tbeee 
ioa0 a Conrpfcacp to ratte COar in tbe Nonh Riding cC 

Yorkihire, 00 toell 80 tbe Weft Riding tuber e (ome DID 

atfuallp appear f n acm0, pet it toulD not be pjoben tbat 
tbofe in tbe North Riding DfD agree to tbe riling tbat tsatf 
fn tbe Well Riding, o; tbat tbep bneb) anp tbing of Iti anD 
fo tttoulD not be uittbin tbe ficff Eefolution* 

9nD tbeteupon tbe ncto statute maoe tbe i $ Car. 3. i«iewSutute (at 
f02ti)efafetp of tbe l^in0'0)f>crron,U)Mmaftetf) tbe Con- Safety of the 

fpiCaCP King»s Peifon. 

2 o High-Treafon. 

fpfcacp compairittg ano fntettofns to raf te ([Slat to be ^igb 
tZDteafoti y in cafe tftep etp^ta oi Declace (ucb 3lma- 
6(itation0, 3lntent(on0, &c. bp ^^(ntfng, ^(SrftCngr. 
l^jeacbfng, 0}maUciou9,anbabbifeo(^aUngs anbupon 
tbat ^ it ism agceeb, 

X. Cbat (f one be fnbfdeb fo) fmagining 02 CntenWnB td 
Iebp(a(aac,tbete mud be fome 0bett 2a laibin tbe Snbto- 
inenttop)oi)efitcb Smagfnatfon, a0 tbeceto at tbf0 bap in 
3lnbfament0 foi compaffing anb imagining tbe l^fng'i» 
£>eatb ; ano it bias conceibeb tbat no iDbett 9a coulo be 
laib to mabe it ^eafon biitbin tbat Statute, but one of 
tboCe ttibicb ate nameo in tbat dtatute. viz. pointing, 
dldl^iting, p^eacbing, o] i|9alitiou0> anb abytiiBb (iieait« 
fng, anb ttc biece infoimeb tbat no Ip^intiiir, caititing, 
m pieacbfng coulb be p^obeb, anb it UKwlb be impoifibie 
to lap CUcb bio]b0 00 conlb be faffneb on tbem, anb to 
p{obe tbat tbep fpofte tbem jbnt In genetalbie mere InCojm- 
eb, tbat tbele conBdting anb meeting togetber, anb agree* 
Ing to taiTeVBiac bioulb bepiobeb;anb tberenpon itbiae ce- 
folbeb tbat tbe bett anb fafeU biap to pioceeb againtt tbem> 
fDa0 to inbiatbem to) compafling anb imagining tbe beatb 
of tbe fiting) ann to lap tbe meetings confttlting, anb a- 
sreeing to lebp Qdlat, a0 one obett 9(t, anb tbe aoual 
lebping dSCXac a0 anotbet obett 90, anb fo pioceeb upon 

tbe Stat. %s Ed' 3- 

A n.1^ ^ 3. f 01 ft bu0 re(blbeb» anb agteeb bp all nobi a0 it 
imw«*k^«»» befoie it 4B»lnTong'0Cafe, anb ©icavane'0 
o*m A(!e CO Caft> tbat tbe meeting anb conitolting to lebp (Sdlac 
prove compaff. f0 an Obett 9it to (pMbe tbe compaOing tbe fiung'0 
ing die Knag's S)eatb* biitbin tbe Statute of x5 Ed. 3. sitbo' tftecon- 
Death. CUitfng to lebp (!3<IIae te not aaual lebping biitbin tbe 

dtatttte, anb fo cannot be inbiaeb tberenpon, fo) tbat 
Ccealbn of lebping dSdlar* 9et if tbep be inbKteb fo) tbe 
CeeaCbn of compafling anb imagining tbe flling'0 Deatbt 
tbat conikuting to lebp aaar 10 an iiniert 9ot to p^obe 
tbatOireafon, alt^o' Co.PlCor. 14. belibet0an €>pinion 
agains tbi0« 

4- It 

m H 

High-Trealbn. % i 

4- %t 1080 refiritteti, tbAt if perfotui oo aduollp lebf Aduai War an 
(QOar, (b t^t tfjep mttf be (ntriaeo fo) t|ie €reafon of to- Ovm Act to 
topins of (a(Ilar,tiHt^n tbeScac. 35 Ed. 3. ^et tfiepmap be pio^'c the com- 
itiDfaeD fo2 compainng tbe ling's Deatb, anb tbetc aaual pafltng the 
lebpfng of Odacmap be laib a0 anDbert aa to p^obe King's Death. 
tbe compaffing tbe liUtiB'0 Deatb : 9itb tbo' Co. Pi. Cor. 
14- be of anotbce 9)pimon, pet tbat (0 no latti: jpo} be 
ejcpiefsip contcaofao btmfcif> foi be eepoit? tbe Cafe of 

tbe Lojb Cobliam, i Jacobi i . 

9011 tbe€afe oftbeeEocI ofEfTex, 43Eliz. uibere ft 
1080 tcfolbeb bp oU tbe Ittb0e0, Cbtt tbe gatbettng of 
i^en togetbec to compel tbe &ing to pf elb to cectatn Oc« 
tiianb0, o2toeemobeillCounceUo20, toM an€)uect 9(t 
to piobe tbe comptfitnir of tbe 1^^0*0 Deatb. fo) lobtcb 
tbep ttete ixHttcttHy (0 Co. PI. Cor. I a. acco2O0, ano fit 
Ibc fame 'Boofc» Fo. 14. &c. agreetb, €bae if a dub^eit 
eonfpftetottb fl f oiefsn l^tfnce beponb 0ea0 to fnttaoe 
tbe Eealm, .ano piepaee fot tbe (ame bp fome 2>bett 9tf» 
tbfi 10 8 Mdent fl)beet 9(t te mobe bfm BtUltji of Ccca* 
fon in compafrinB tbe &tn0'0 Deatb* Snb ft 1080 obbtbeo Cmrs h 0.P4 
tbat fn tbefe pottbumouo (SL^ofnB of die E.Coke, of^'I""^>ct>«i 
tbe ]?le80 of tbe Ctobin» ono Sutifbiafon of eooetg, Tn.S^'ii 'i 
manp great eetoi0 loete pubufideb, anb f n pattf cnlar fn p!z!!^? 
bf0 biCicoiitfe of Cteafbn, mo tn t(e CreatffK of pad fa- ^^ 

5- SCb)a0ttireeebtb8tt{ie*b8eekmibileb$eofCee8fon,Mirprii;onor 
anb tbe concealment of ft tt80 not l|>iQ!b Cteafbn, butTrcafim-, whar, 
(iMftViaon of Cteafon. isut fn (Cafe anp tbtng be pDobeb and what not* 
upon <£bibence) tbat t^e partp iffteb oi apptoiieb of ft, 
tben ft f0 Dfffb Cteafon ^ 01 ff tbe Pattp imeb) of tbe Oe- 
Ogn, anb after facb flutouilebffe) met biftb tbe Contpfra* 
to20 at tbefc CoBfiultatfon i ot ff be ttent bnotoingip to 
tbeir Confult8tfon0 febcraltfmea, tbi0 f ebfbence of bt0 
appiobatfon of tbe DeOgn, anb fa HjHopb tDieafon* 

6. %t ma agreeb tbat to make a ^iQK^aon of Crea* un,,, „r, w ^ 
fon, tbete mutt be l^nottlebge of tbe DeQgn, ano of to ni,ke Mifpti- 
tbe l^tfooa, 02 fome of tbem 5 fo| a i^ati cannot be fafb non of TreaLw 
to conceal vibat be ootb not bnobi ; anb tbetefo)e9 f f one 

^ ted 




tell I. S. fn general) tdat tftece m\ be a ttCns toftbouc 
acqaaftttf ng tfim Wtb tt)e petfone tobo are to rffe, o| toft^ 
tbe JSatute of ttle pot, (f I. S. conceal t6f 0, tbin (0 no 
^iW^m or€te8ron> becaure te tKitft no itnotDlelige of 
tie Creafon. 

MiTptinon what 7- 3!t 1080 agrceo t^Bt ff otte fmetD of a ^reafbn, anti 
is adifcovery, itnefo (osie Of t^e ConQifrato;0) ano t^en tell ot^ec $^en 
and what not. m general Cer8i0 t&at tliete totll be a rtfing, &c. foftb' 

out a bifcoberp of tbe pot, o) tbe <tta(to20, fucb a D(- 
fcourte bKll not ac(tu(t blm from ^ffpjiOon of €reafon bp 
concealment of ft, becaafe notttiftbtamitnff tbofe general 
3C>tfcottrfe0, bo^ tbe €reafon anb tbe ^raito{0 are con- 
cealeQ bp bfnu 

What (hall be 
di{ix)very of 

a 8. anb in cafe (Ucb a Perfon ttibo ftnotoetb of a Zteai 
(on, ano tbe €rafto20, anO Dtfcober0 an be ftnotnetb to 
anotbec perfon ttibo 10 not a P)(bp Councelloj, o) a 
anttice of peace, o) batb Sntboiftp to ta&e esiramfna- 
tton0 concerning it, it bia0 ooubteo iDbetber (Ucb n bifco- 
iietp biottlo acquit btm (torn cimcealfng of €rea(bn ttbfcd 
10 ^f (l^^Uton* 

7«i».«'s Ga& ^* ^^ Semott0 in tbe Old Baily, kj Feb. 15 Car. 9; 

'*"^- • John TwyiiiDa0 inbitteb ott tbe Stat, zs Edi 3. of 9>igb- 

Creafon, Un compafling anb imagining tbe SUng'0 
Deatb, anb tbe onert 2ia lafb in tbeSnbfttment bia0, tbe 

PrintingTrea- Pointing Of debitiott0, BoiXonmi anb dcanbalou0 

fonable Pbfiti- 'Eooft, entltUleO; A TreatUeof the exectttion of JufHce, 
ons,, ao Overt wherein is clearly proved diat the Execution of Judgment 
^**,*° 5"^ and Juftice is as well the Peoples as the Magiftrates 

Smt fy!^ ^^^> *"^ *^ *^ Magiftrates pervert Judgment, the 

' ^ 'People are bound by the Law of God to execute Jndg- 

ment without them, and upon diem, ^nb befibe0 tbaC 

Citle of tbe 'Booit, feiiecai Pairage0 in tbe Tdooh tone 
fet fojtb in tbe SnbUtment, bibfcb in (ubQance biere, Grff. 
Cbat tbe (Upieme i^agfifrate i0 accountable to tbe 
People. X. €be People are incfteb to taite tbe ^a* 
nagement of tbe ^obernment into tbefr oton banti0* 
3. Cbe people are encourageo to take up 9rm0 o- 
gainft tbe lUng ano Ua f amilp. 4. Cbe? ate OitreQ 
up to rebolt, a0 an Zaion bonoutable anb conrcfentiou0, 


King's Death. 



!■ - ■ * 



iuti} ecncoutagetnenta sftiento anp ^oton, Ctp oi Coun- 
tp fn t&e tlRee ttUttBOomo to begin tOe Wxi^ 5. ^6e 
People ace etbeiteo, not onlp to caa off tt)eit SKegfance, 
l»it to put tDe Bing to Deatb* 9nii upon t5e Cdfoence 
ftioao pioDeOj tDat T\^yn being a l^jfntec, bp bfrnTelf 
sno S>etbant0 p^inteo tbi0 l^ooit s 'Cbat be Coi- 
ceaeb fonie of tbe dbeet0, anb tbat be fcattet'o ttianp 
of tbem to be doib ; anb be t»a0 foanb^uiltp9 anb ban 
ijubgment foj pfgb'CteaCbn, anb to&is accojoinglp et- 

9t tbiis QDcpal ttece pjefent of tbe 3iubge0 t(ie Cbfef 3lu* 
Otce Hyde, anb mp (ielf, anb alfo mpisiotbet WyideEe* 
coibec of London, anb cefoibeb bp alt cleatlp, cbat p^int* 
fng anb pabtiQiing (bcb biicfteb poOtion0, uao aniDbect 
Qa beclactng tbe CceaCon of compofllttg anb imagining 
tbe l&ing'0 £)eatb« tblifcbbia^ alfo agteeb bp tbe reif of 
tbe3lubge0 upon out biCcoutfe biitb tbem. at tbe fame 

deincn0 Simon Dover, Tho. Brewfter, anb Nathan 

Brookes, P3intec0 anb 15ocftfenec0, ttece inbtaeb at tbe 
Common Labi, a0 fo) n gceat ij^ifoemeanour fo{ pointing 

anb publiibtng one1600i(, calleb, The Speeches and Pray. 

^s of Harrifoffy Cook.^ Hugh Peters^ anb btbec0 conbemneo' 
fo2 tbeij^utbcc of tbe late l£Ung, in bibfcb biete man^ be* 
(jpetate paffage0, fusifping tbeie dillanp; anb anotbet 

0300ft calleb tbe Phflcnix, <Mr5dbmn League and Covenant ; 

3in bibicb aUb biece paib8e0 of bangecou0 ConGnmence* 
Onb tbep being founb ^uiltp, it bia0 refoibeb, Cboc tbo' . 
Pointing be a Ccabe, anb felling of O5oob0 alfo, pet 
tbep muft nfe tbeto €eobe accoibing to Labi, anb not 
abufe it, bp pointing o) felling of 'BoOfto fcanbalou0 to 
tbe ^betnmcut, 02 tenbing to demtion* do itt cafe 
of a Councello] at lUbi, be map pleab bl0 Cfpeitt'« 
Caufe againS tbe l^ing ; but if, unbec colour of tbat, 
be tatteo upon bim to bent debition, be i0 t» be pu* 

Mcmorand. Cooke's Cafe, alidblpet in Grays Inn, b)Do judgment. 

manageb tbat (KUlainou0 Cbacge againll tbe late tifng 
at bfo Ctpal, bioulb babe ctcufeb bimlielf, becanfe be act' 
(b onip 00 Councel i but tbat bioulb not ferbe bi0 turn h 
be toa0 eicecuteb biicb tbe teff* Snb in tbt0 p^incfpoi 


/■ » 

ZA High-Treafon. 

Cafe tfie petrotu* Itiete toin, t^t tbt &tttg tian nealt ^tc- 

ctcutlp wt\i tbem, tlHit tpe mo not pjocceoagainSt^emCa' 

Tudgment i- PftaHp> aiitt ttfcf )s»te all f Inen, viz. Brcwftct 100 ^acfc09 

Linit Brev/er Bttti Dover attD Brookes 40 ^otfciai apfcce, and etierp oe 

' and othen. t^etll> tO SanO f n tUlK Pillory,one Oap at tfie Exchange, fcont 

Ctetiento^e, ano anoclier Dap CnSmithfield, foj tOe fame 
tfnie, urftb papeK0 on Mt f^m* oecIacUig tfyzit d>ffence, 
f02 Pifntins atiQ ]^ubUQ)fn0 dcatinalotui, cteafonaUe, 
ano f aoiouis 'Booto agatntt toe fiUtts ano ^ouecnment, 
ano to lie in ^oal utftOout 13aa till t^e nert ^oal-DeUiierp* 
ano tOen to ma&ean open confeffion ano acknotoleogment 
of tOete iMtncn in fiicO tooioji 80 CdoulO tOen Oe otteaeO; 
ano afcecttacD0 to temafn fn ip^tfon oncing tOe flung'0 
peafurei ano not to Oe OffcOacseo Oefo^e eoetp one oC 
tOem put fn gooo dtttet(e0 Op Eecosn(?ance» tOemfeloe0 
(n 400I. apfeccjano Vm ducette0 fo^ eacO of tOent fn aooL 
8ptece> not to ]P]fnt o] j^nOttfO anp ^Booii0 Ont CucO 9$ 
qjall Oe allotteo Op 9tttOo]ftp. 

Newgace Sefldons 14 OCtob. 14 Car. 2. 
Mary Raven, alias Aden, 0100 fnObteO (02 SealOlS tOlQ 

^Ianfcet0>tO2ee pafe of dOeet0,tO}ee puooiOiec0,ano otOec 
^OD0 of WilU^ Cannon. 9no ttpontOe <£0(oenceit 
appcateo, tOat (OeOaoOicen LoO8Utff0 ano^ucnftuec ftid^ 
tocm fOi to^ee ^ontO0) anO oucfng tOat tmie» conOi^D 
atoap tOe ^0000 loOfcO (Oe OaO Otoeo OiftO Oec l^oofl;ttt009 
C6 Tijcor 107 <ino (Oe Oet (elf ran aoiap at tOe fame time* 9no ft oum 
loS ' agrees Op mp Lord Bridgeman, mp aclf» auo mp I6iot0ec 

Wylde, E^cotoec Of London, tOen pteCtnt, tOat tOitt fnaa 
no f elan^ Oecanfe Qie Oao a dpecfai P^opectp fn tOent 
Op Oec ContcaO) ano fo tOete coulD oe no ^tc(pa(iBf » 
ano tOete can Oe no f elonp foOete tOece f0 no tSxttpatg^ 
80 ft uia0 refoineo fn tOe CaCe of Holmes, ipOo fet fite on 
OjbB oftitt (tHKife f n London, 0)OfcO &»0 qucncOeo Oefo^e ft 

toent fUCtOer. Vide tOe enO of tOt0 900lt, Kelying contra. 

9t tOe fame dcfliion0 one roea muttn (01 s^octier, ano 
upon 0(0 Crpat 0100 foann ^uatp of Q^anflaugOter, ano 
tOen offereo to pleao tOe i^tng'0 ]^tDon, oiOfcO upon GgOt 

of ft pardon' feloniam & felonicam interfeccon' of tOe ^an 
flafn, Non obftanc' tOe Scajt. of i o £.3 . & 1 3 R. 2. tofHcO (000 


Murder and other OfFencd. a j 

osteeo bp U0 all to be a Racoon of ^utm, nomtWdn- 

Dlttff tbe ]P2Oceetiltt00 fn Rickabee's Cafe bp Rolls oucfngr 

tbe (ate troubles, anb tbett tbe CUuaton toa0» if noto tbe 

)9artp bab not lott tbe ^Benefit of bto l^acbon ; (oi be tbac 

pleab0 a l^atbon confeCTetb tbe iPatr, ano cetpetb upon tbe 

l^(ng'0 ^etcp : ano tbetefote, if after Un patoon,be pleav 

not ^ufltp, be toalietb bUf paebon, tobUb fd cleat tattt 

IBut bete tbe €lue0(on b)a0» becaufe tb(9 f^atbon bete bjp 

t^e ejcpjefe (00200 pacbono Q^an-flausbtet onip, ano tbeit 

b}f teafon of tbe non ob{ eittcnb0toparbon ^tbcr, 

tobetbet tbo' be ttiabeb ft a0 to ^ucber> be tntgbt not 

malte uft of it a0 to ^anaattgbtet* 9no 00 to tbat* 

fbete being fome offietence fn €>pinion, tbe pattp tiaa 

bafleU) ano ban a Certificate ftom 110 of tbe natute of 

t&e Care9 ano tbeteupon obtaineD a neto l^atoon. TSixt it 

nm ttstztn bp U0 all, if tbe l^atbon bao not cmnocii 

to patbOR illmtQet, be couio not pofltibip make ufe of it* 

dnb tOerefOje, ttpon tbi0 Ctpal, be tPa0 onip founb guK^ 

cp of $|(anllau0btet> be mim pleao tbat l^atbon, ano it 

4MtItt tk0c been a&otteo : 9nii oftet, loben be came to Gloves due to 

pieao W neto parvon, ano tbat vm alloiiieb, be paoi J^&s <» at- 

^fflbe0 to toe 3uTi0e0, tolicb f0 a bue fee fo] tbaty Vkie lomixeof pu- 

4 E. 4. 10 B. Pulton dc pace 88. a. ; **°*' 

Memorandun), %n t(e ofo^efdfD €af$ ft foii0 mobeOi 
ttttt ttt €mt tsottio not abfielutelp oifcbotge tbe ]^- stat ^ h 7 ibt 
(on, but oogtit to commft bint tn bapl Um^ until tbe conuninbg ot 
feat ano a Dap after tbe jTatt eommictco, bp tbe dtatate baiUng ittnos 
df 9 H 7. c. f . I5ut upon figbl of tbat statute ft ap- o*)^y tofuchK 
ireareo tOat ftiat Statute e]rtenb0 on^i tobete pettnos '^^ftta^ 
ate fnofoeb foi Sj^ntoet, ano ate acQuitteo, tbete tbi^ MiMdr, ^m t# 
ate to be committeo 0} bail'otm tbe ?eae ano a>ap paff^ fo^vLi".,!!!, ^ 
tbat if anp one tcill bjfng an Appeal, be map be foitb- ManHaS. 
conif Ng ; ^But e]ttenb0 not to ]^et(ion0 lobo being fnMtieo 
fin ^utbet, ate founb gufltp of iQ^anfiaugbtet, oj ft do one acquitted 

fendendo, 02 bp mifcbance* of the principal 

Fad cannot af- 

9t tbe fame defliono, one John Roberts foao fnofcteb ^« ^ arraigned 
00 a principal in a TButglatp, anb upon tbe CWbcnce it f ^'i^^^ 
appeateb, tbat be toao onip acceflatp aftet tbeiFea, bpt^Jf.^.**; 
tecelbing tbofe UJbo bib it, ano tbe ©0000, ano tbete. arraigned ae^ir 
upon it 1000 boubteb, tbat if tbe 3lutp e^om acquit Um, as ac^irary ato 

P U9 the Fad. 

2 6 Murder and other Offences. 

80 tdep nmll upon tftui amtfttment, tUMec ge mi^lut it' 
teniKitli0 be tntnatu m 2icttftasv* 9nii tbetefo^e to aDotQ 
all Donbt, tbe Court m(cbat0eo tbe Slurp oC bf m* ano o^ 
Dereo another Jnbfament to be asetfnS bim aa 9ccelSirp* 
Acceflary before Xttt aftedDattis, upott ConOberatiou of tbe IBooim , 
ot after, DiTeifi| me uo agree, tbat tie tab) ttia0> 3lf one bia0 inbUteb a0 
^ ^ !?i^ i^^ncf pal anD acqnftteo, be cannot after be fnoftteo t» 
^S^^ accefltorp before tbe fact : )5ut notttiftbaanbfng M 9c- 
^ qulttal, be map be f nbtcteo a0 accelfiirp after t^ jTao* 
ano tbe Eeafon 10, becauCe be tbat cottimanD0 oj abbtfetf 
a Robberp, 'Burgiarp, 0} 9^vtt to be commltteo 10 
quodam modo gutttp Of tbe f aft; 9nQ tberefo^e (f be be 
founii not <E>ufitp of tbe fwty being inbloeb 00 ]^)fn« 
cfpal, be cannot aftetbnirO0 be trfeb a0 acceffatp before 
tbef aa, becauCe bp tbe former dSerbfa, 6e 10 foanb noc 
to be gulltp of tbe fact, ttfttcb ettenO0 to all guflt befOje 
tbe i^Bncfpal fact conmiitteD. ^But an accefTatp after 10 
not gulltp in anp (09 of committing tbe Soa, fo] it ina0 
bonebefoK be itnebi anp tbing of it; tberefO]eif be be 
trieo 00 ip^incipal, anb iounb not ^nlltp, be map be af^ 
ter inbiaeo a0 9ccefliirp after i fo; tbat 10 an iDSence fob* 
(equent to tbe committing of tbe iPait, anb 10 fO} receib- 
ing tbe jfelon0, o) after tbe fad bone, bibicb 10 an tf)& 
fence of anotber nature : do are tbe I3ooft0, %? AfT. 
PI. 10. 8 H. 5, 6, 7. flub foliabe t^t l^ieaoent0 uponccj> 
amlnation albiap0 been at Newgate defiion0* 

mhtia or flt tfie Gune deiSon0, Edward Rew bi80 inbbteo foi 

ne^cct, not ex. iUU|ng Nathaniel Rew bi0 l6Mtbfr> anb Upon tbe €bi- 

afc the p«^ oence, it bKi0 refolbeb, tbat if one gibe0 ([2[Iounb0 to 

w .S^ anotber) bibo negl<a0 tbe €ure of tbmi o] 10 bifo^ierlp, 
wounos. ^g^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ jg^^l^ ^1^^ 2 jl^erfon ttiounoen 

Qioulb 00 ; pet if be ble it 10 ^tntt 02 ^anfiaugbteri 
accotblng 00 tbe Cafe 10 in tbe l^etfon bibo gabe tbe 
(Qllottnb0, becaufe if tbe Wmnw ban not been, tbe i^an 
6ab not bleb , ano tbecefo^e neglect 0} btto^bec in tbe l^er* 
fon b)bo recelbeo tbe ([3iounb0, Iball not eicculie tge per- 
con b)bo gabe tbem* 


Murder and other Offences. ij 

at tje fame SEfflons, Thomas Middlccon, ©ootft- 
maun on Ludgate-hill, isasi inDfaeti fo; ^dttplng tuio 
WaMM, auD upon dig Ctpal, de pioouceo a acntrnce of 
S)fl)Oice fcam t)lo ficfl tUCUfe unDn aeol Caufa, Adulcerij 
gf dec patt, anti osceeii tliac be bas not ultDin tdat Two Wives and 
Statute, fo) Rooke's Core Ua0 Itconsec, ublcti (ec, i Cro. Fany divotcai 
461. ubece t|)e Diaoin mas caufa revitia:, aitt tf)at at- ""/' MJimj 
(uBgeti to ertufe from tje atatute. not within sat. 

attbeCameSeffiong, one Henry Burgefs teas IntiliteBchamba in 
fo) tieakfRK up a Cbainlitc In SomcrTec-hourc, ono tbe sanm^jii- 
SnUament lap'D it to lie dom'Manconal' of tjie petfon *">/•• "« ^ 
u(a loBgen fn It. 9nn It Vat afftecB, tOnt t^e Innw- """I'mi-hooIc 
nuntbaB itotEooB, betanfe all Someribthouft(goneij„[",'™° 
Intite «)oure of tilt QuMn-moth<», anB all toSo loBije fn "tewifcrf ', 
It ace tec ^ecliants ; anB tticcefo)e ft ousdc to lie dom' chunber in 
Manconal' of ttt Queen-Mother. 9a fOJ Whitehall, Inm of Coon. 

tttif cb f0 t(K King's IpouCe ; am ft ofSiitii ftom tbe cafe or 
an jnmi of Coutt, ttbece eBetp (Bentieman batb a reuecol 
SnteceO, ana tbetefote tbece eliec; Dnecal Cbambec ft 
domus Man<3>nar o( tbe l^etCon ubo Iwtli tbe Jnteceo. 

at .tbe (ameaefllons, one John Legg, befng tnofitet Mmdcr to kill 
fOi tbe mutOet of Mr. Robert Wife. Jt U)ag upon tbeoK wiihont 
CBitettce aeteto, tbat ff one ^n UN anotbec, ana no '^' > <i>< 
lUBBaln Cnatcei apptatttb, tbfo is sptttoec, aa Co.j.f"?™".'*"' 
Rep. fol. 67.b. MakeUy's «afe. anB it (pttb upon tbe Pat' wsJr '" *' 
t; MBttteB m moot tbe lUBBafn Xluaccel. p,^ ; 

anB in tbfe Cafe it bus alCB asteeb, tbat ff tua ^en Qiand in uot. 
fall out in tbe St^omfng, anB meet anB f fsbc in tbe af- '?'"& Figh in 
tecnoon, anB one of tbtm IB flam, tbfs fBseucBec, fa)""™^'""- 
tbete ma tine to ailap tbe t>eat, ana tbefc aftec-ineetins 
iB of pallet. 

at tbe fame SefllOnB, George Thorely, befnE fnBideB One ftand Mute, 

fo) Babbetji, ceOUCB to pitaB, mn biB tBia ^CbumtiB Thumbs lyMio- 
bete tftn togttbet taltb IIJDbiptotD, tbat tbe pain o( tbat enhn with 
migbt compel bim to ^tm, ann be bag lent abap fo whipcoid. 
tfcB, anB a 9iniaet pecIBiaBeo to 00 ta bim to pccfbase 
blRi s ann m Vout aftet be ban biougbt again anB piea- 


Murder and other Offences. 

UD. 9nDt|ii9 mas blotobctbe lonfiant ^miw at 


What circutn- Note, ciMt oltiiauE& tC an SDSim at min )^n(bn 

Dances inquira- km anotbec in pjetetuinn t6e peote, ota^iicent, ^aOer, 

^!<; "here one 0] sctjoolniBlet Ull bid CtltlD, acciiant oiactiolacitt 

h^TlhT "" tHamslng 0) tojteolnB (Km, ttifs f&all be bin to be per 

St c»vAne '"f""™"™' pet vide Sat. i Jac. c. 8. faiDaHnB,tIiettat 

iPan^t 01 Ma- tbe enD or it, tbtce 18 a provifo, that tbit Statute Qall 

ftetkiikaChiM not ettcnD to anp l^ecton tebo (ball (till in keeping and 

oi Servant in pjercciiinE tbe pcace, fa ai) t|i( 9anllaii0btet be nat 

Chaitizine. cammftteD inilflillji ans of pncpote, unoec pietect of ittf- 

InE tbe l^eace ; n«i to a spaSet et l^nnt in cbaflijlns 

bio CbtlB 0) aetUant, beOoes Uo o; tbelc Jntent oij^nt- 

pofe, fa tbat tbotc Ctnumilanceo ate inqinitaue in tWc 


nio^v the ^''' '^•'•- *^- ^"^ BeWBibo ((« (Oetgp, anB tte 

c^t fodge of Court took tbe «ook anb tntneb bim to « aetfe, anb be 

reading, nu the coulB not teat) Ml, but ceoB otie t»si In one fiate ano 

Ordinaiy. Bitotbei 100)0 in anotbet place, anb tbe juogM asked 

tbe Ordinary if be Moulo boiit Mm s anb be anRoneb lea. 

Cbe SuBges bib blm tonOBec, ano toIB bim tbe Cootc 

uiao Suoge of bW teaMagi anb if tbe Court Qouin 

3unge be blB not teat, tbe Ordinar; QoalD be Sneb, anB 

(be pUfonet bangeo, mtoitbltenung btt bctnanbfiiBae 

IntheibTenxorbinii anO be BIO0 bnigeb, Vkt- Fitz Abridgment, dcnlo 

theOidimythe Corone 31. auo vide at tbe eno ttC tbe Cafe in tbe Vook 
Coon ma; deli- at latge, viz. 9 E 4. i8|. Gtbetai isooks ate clttn ttbete 
»ei the Book F. fn tbc atfence of tbe Ordinary, tbe Coutt DettbRCb tbe 
OTdfn "' tte ''*""' '" •** Pilt<""f > Vid. tbe (atne Book. 

^^kin'a'b? 3 ^an ubo bao abiutet tbe laealm (o; tbe bcatb of a 
fence of the Ot-^an, UMS biougbt to tbe iBot, ano being bemanoea 
dinar;. bbat be coulB fop, ubp etetutlon Ibouio not be abacuo. 

Pardon >oid, ||>e pleoBeo tbe Gllng'o patBoo, isbicb biao oifallotgeD, 
becaurc the King becaufe tbete Uio no mention (n it, tbat be bob abfuteb ; 

didnotta^cno-ggg ,f(„ ^ p|,j,tg ((0 Cletg), nblCb BlO* DibnoBKII 

115 M,,,^"' " *"P" ! aiB altec be pleaOeB, be wao taken out of a 

' Saniftuary, anB BeGteo to bc teOoieo, labfcb tbe Coutt 

cefufeB, annfaiBbetbosIonot bate tbat Pea, becaufe 

being aekeo Obot be toulb (a;, ubp Juogment ano Ce- 


Murder and other Offences. z 9 

cmatf on QiouID not be giDcn anti attiatDeD agafnfl bfm, be when a Piifo- 
bao pleaQeO b{0 Inaction, anb tbat being mfallotDeD, §e "»>^^<^"»"^«<^ 
(boulb not be recefbeb to pleab anp otbet ISIta, tobtcb toas "^^^ ^^f " '^^ 
tul'Daccojomfilp, fojbetDa»%inBeiK aoNote, Cbo^hoJirnST' 
a i^^ttonec in (ucb a cafe, tnul! at W Ideril pleab (ucb a o,ven. His 
l^lea a0 be biill Sano to, ro{ ft (0 pevemptojji to bim if tbe m ha is 
matter, &c. pieabeo be fUDgeb agafnS bim 5 pet after fucb peremptory if 
pea, be map anoousbt to babe tbe benefit of bbs Ciergp* that beovcMui. 

ed, yet Clergy 

at tbe &mom fO? Newgate, ao April idj^A^^gar. ^li"" '^£ 

X. CbeCbtefHulIiceHyde, mp^tf, anbfl^yldcSSed LSf 
ptedent, €)ne John Joyncr ttui0 fnbfaeb fo] tteattng a Cop- i^^ 
pet) anb upon tbe €b{pence it appeaceo tbe Copper ma 
fiteb to tbe f reebolb, anb be b^oke it up anb carrieo tt 
abiap ) 9nb tbereupon tbe Jury toa0 bfrecteQ bp tbe Court, wiwre upon an 
tbat be bias not ^uUtp, becaufe tt bias no ipelonp : osut indiftmcnt for 
mp L02b Cbief Sulltce Hyde faio, tbat it being Co raitft a ^^lony^ the 
^eQia(0 tbe Jury migbt finb it dpecialip, tbat be m ?^ ^y f ^1^ 
tafte up tbe Copper, but tbat it ttiao fiitt, anb (0 leabe ft 4l£r' 
to tbe Court, to ^ubge ttibetbet felonp 01 no, anb tbere- . ^^ 
upon tbe Court jubge ft Ctefpaftf , anb fine bim , 
anb gibe bim otber puniQiment fit foi (Ucb a CrefpaCff, 

80 tbe Court Wt in Holms'0 Cafe, Cro. I part. 3 76, 3 77. 

05ut mp 'Bjotbet Wylde anb 31 biefereb in tbat l^oint, and 

liliO ft bU0 not like Holmes's Cafe ; f o) tbece all tbe 

(dpecfal matter bia0 ecpieffeb fn tbe 3inbfctment, viz. 
Cbat Holmes being pofTefTeb of a Oaufe in London, nfb 
Felonice fet on iFite bi0 obin Ooufe anb burn it toitb in- 
tent to burn tbe Ooure0 of otber i^en near ab^oining, anu, 
of tbf0 tbe Jury founb bim ^uiltp, anb before Subgment, 
becaufe tbe Court boubteb uibe^er ft tna0 jfelonp o) no, 
tbe Eeco2b ttia0 temoueb fnto tbe King's-Bench, ano tbe 
abbice of all tbe 3iubge0'taben,anb agreeb, tbat it bia0 na 
T^onp : anb tbereupon all tbe Special (fatter being in 
tbe Snbidment, anb be founb guiltp of tbat a0 it biao lain, 
3ln Laui ft befng no jTelonp, be bias founb guiitp of tbe 
^refpafd, fo) ubtcb tbe Cauct g^be Subgment againif 
bim. I&ut in tbl0 cafe be is inoftteb generailp fo{ if ealing 
a Copper, tobicb map not be fireo, ano if tbe Jury ajouio 
finb btm Guiltp generailp, tbe Court mud giue 3»og- 
ment a0 fo| jjTelonp* fo^ tbe Spectal skitter tbat it 
tt)a0 ficeo is not laio in tbe 3!noi(tment. ano it uiouio be 
bifbonoutable fo) tbe Court fn fo plain a Cafe as tbtSs 

% to 

J o Murdet and other Offences. 

am m " t , ' ■ . - ■ ■ ■ ^— — — ^— 

to (uffec t^ Jury to fiRD 8 ftpecfal (SLttWit ; fo all O0ceeti 
tifiit t!je Jury (iioulD GuD ^tit not ^ufltp, toIHcl) 1000 Done 
accojNnglp, Vide a H. 7. 10, b. Cbougg f elotip iticluticd 
Ctefpafis, vet if tge {pacfp fnnfaeo be Difcbacgati of tbe 
SFelonp, tttbicb (0 l^Uncfpal, be (0 tberebp acqmttcD of tbe 

Ste(|taf0, tamen Quarre Of tbf0» anb vid.tbe 13006* 
3t tbe fame defltOnS John Locoft ahb Lawrence Vil- 

n ..»i,«r t^ ^^^^ ^f f ^ inWrteb fo? TBurglarp foj bjeaftlng anb enttf ng a 

in the Night toete founb ^ufltp, anb bab Subginent to be 6ansU (Upon 
with intent to tbe Cbfbettce, tbe fad mn betp foul, fo{ tbeCIIomatittia0 
coitunit Felony, flctuallp tabiibeb bp one, anb aftecb)acb0 tbep tbruft a 

tloicb betutftt bet letjET, &c. 

at tbe fame defliono ibnt bias tbf* ^elffon» 2)ne 

ma Tumtr'i J*™*^ Turner anb William Turner, at Chriftmas SefSontf 

are. ^^y ^^^ iubttteb of ^utglacp fo| bieaking tbe f^wSc «( 

Mr. Tiyon !ii tbe IS W> onb takftig abKip great dum 

If one break an Of Cj^onp; Ottb tb^ttupon James Turner r»M fOUnb ^Ufltp 
Houfe in the Attb ej^ecutsb ; bUt William Turner 1080 tbetl aCi|U(tteil* 

iitght, Ileal dttbnob) tb^e being tfteat €^bibettce.tbat William Tumtr 

Goods thence ^^g ^„ ^^^ jgjjig TBtaUltftp ttttb Jamcs Turner, anfttbete 

J f!."?L!!S ^^i 47 1- 0f tl&<E <Poiip of one Hill, a deebant to Mr. 
f^ th^t BulaS Tryon, »tolft at tbe liJWie Mttie, bibfcb 47 1. tta0 notm 
ry, and fleaUngtbe fonficc 3lnM(tiitent, t^ep Uwililb iKRie fnbfeteb William 
the Goods of Turner <^n nobi fo; 13tttglarp» fo^bteakfhgtbe tlXHtfie 

one of the Men, flf Mr. Tryon, anb ttftfRg tbence 47 1. Of tbS ^Onp Of 
and be acquit- Hills ^ iKIt tie all 0gmb tbat William Turner being fb^- 

Sl^V*"' "3"°* metipinwarti foj ISutgiatp fn bienlting tbe^xiare of Mr. 
SiflrrS the " '^^^^* **b Ocaling W ®oob0, anb acquftteb, be can- 
BuTRiaty but ^^ noU) Ht ffibiaeb ajoiain fo) tbe fame 13urglacp fo) b^it* 
may for the Fc ing tbe |)oUfe h but iDe aft ogreeb, be migbt be f nbi(teb 
lonyjor fteaiing fo{ f elonp, fo] tteoling tbe ^onp of Hill. $01 tbep ate 
the Goods ot febetat jrefonie0, anb be toao not inbfacb of tbio jTelonp 
other Men, befoje, Bnbfobeb)a0 inbifteb* 9nb artrrbi0rQ0 3 toiD 

whtch were u- ,„p j^^^^j .^j^jgf jyjjug Bridgcman ftjbat U)e bab bOnf , 

feme toufe «"^ ^^ «Bteeb t&e tabi to be (o 00 luc bab birettEb. 


Murder and other OHences. 3 1 

9c tf)C Lcnc AfTizcs at Cambridge, 16 Car. i. Clcmcnc Removing 
Simlbn Vila InoWtB foj tjtokinij on pimtt in tfte Onp-time, 0°°''* f'""' ■•"? 
no ftoBp ftelns; (n t6c poute, anB-tttalins ipiatc to tfic pi»" 
Dalot of 10 1. 3nD upon tit dWHtnte It appcactB, tSat Ti,i,f° «". i„. 
iic (tan taken tlie pate out of a Ctuntt In miilit) it inae, „„jed ,„ ii„i 
•nil lain ft on ttie f loo) ; but beCoie U cacrlcti ft aluiiii, tinn, is Fdony, 
te tnas eiucpi(5tD ti!> (people commsfntu ibe ipoufMiio' he be rut- 
ann tdt «Wrt julHte Hyde cauftB tblg to be founo Spt- pi'ini W"" h' 
c<an;, bccanb Se noubten upon tde Stat, of 3 9 Eliz. cap. "•"/ *"" 
15- tftat eatae, tftat iC an|i one be founo Bulltp of tte ?"/•., ^.^ 
ftlonfoiui, taMNB mooii an; eamif , &c. out of onF^ofeintticdiy- 
^iiliefntlieliap-tiine. abobettebalueoc ;s. be (i)auiD ,imc, by bruk- 
not Mbe tte benefit of 6f< Clergy, co(et>)ci' ibis uctc a ing an Huuie no 
ttUiiE atna; lottfiin tte Statute. 9nD on tlie 1 ^ Jun. b»iy being 
Car. J. ail tte JuDBes being met tOBctter, ibia ffilutni- 'h""" .. ''f 
anbaisnopaungeDtottenii anoaBceeotbat Clergy tDao""8i''^'Jj" 
tiken atoap m ttl« Caft. foi tte Stat, of 39 Eliz. tioe0 "TL^ if the 
ast so about to tetlate lotat itall be iFeIon!>, but to take uotxis be above 
aloa; Qcrgy ftom ttot kf nb of f elonp. f o) bjeaUnB en the tiW of 5 >. 
|)ou{eiutteBa)*-tfflK, nobebpbefnsttetein, anblfeal- 
tK CM** *l>*>t t<K value of fibe atlllfnBS, fo ttot tte 
jfamf mm Comnan Habi i im bp tte Common lato, 
lieskMK ite txniie ana takfn|[ af ^oDS, anb temobtnB 
Item (com one place t« anoiter tti tte tame pmU, ttiitt 
w latent to Seal ttem b felonp ; fo] bp ttU taking 
flem te tatt tte JpolTefnon of item, anb ttot is atea- 
WiEmt f eionp. Vide fot ttls 17 Aii: pi. 39. Br. Co- 

fonc. X07. 

at tte fame time ft aw piepounteb to all tte Subges. Husbina and 
3t a ^an anb tfs OEIife go bott togettec to commit a ^'^ "™"<'' 
Xtttglacp, a«D bott of ttem bjeak a IDoufe in tte Jaigtt, r'"">' "l '^'' 
MBentctano fleal «oo>8 ^ bitat offence tblo woo in tte i°"Vc'ionv in 
mfK, anb agiireb bp all, ttat ft toae no jFcIoiip in tlje wire bmoniy 
Wltft i fo; tte <[<Ilift befnB tOBettec tmtt tte ^ii01ianb In the Hu^bmd is 
tte 3tt) tte latD fuppoCett tte. Hfffe bott it bp cocrtion GuiUy, o:Iki- 
Vt tte llMObanb, ono [0 it is in al Larcenies ^ but 00 to "'•'' ■" "''-' °f 

9utl»ti If |)usbami ant Qlifeboit foin in ft, ttep ace ""'''" '""^' 

lotteqoallpeuatp, Vid.jE.3. F.Coroner<o. 17 AIT. "'""''• 
PL40; F.'Crorone 199. Poultoude pace iz6, b. ^nbtde 
.Cafe of tte eati or Sommerret ano 1)10 Lobp, bott rgiial' 
Ip fount BUlltp of tte 9ui0et of Sir Thomas Overbuty, 
dp popftininB ttm in tte Tower of London. 


J z Murder and other Offences. 

at tfie ®oaI DlllSttp foj Newgate, (KlRwil Ji.Auguft, 
16 Car. 1. nt; iLojl) Bridgcman, mprelf, anDmp'Sjotliec 

Wyldc, KeCOiOec OC London, bcmg Piebnt i Ann Davis 

uias inmncD Co) mucbednE bet ^ate 'Baaatn Cbllli, anD 
tbeJnDlctntent me not (pedal as tbe atatute t8 fo; ton- 
ceatlns lt,&c. 'Sut tlie JnliUtinent Uaoquod Infantem maf- 
culum vivum partuiiic qui quidum infans mafculus adcunc 
& ibid, vivus cxidens natus pec legem hujus regni Angl* 

Tpucius fuic, Anglicc, a leaRatD, anD ttien gonti on fn toe 
otmnacji foim, tbat Qie tnuiDetet ft, ouli iwiEi not tan- 

tlUW Conira focmam Scaiut. SnO tt toafl DOUbteD bp U8, 

tDlietliec tbe Jnotament ouElit not to be [pecfal. 9no be 
caurcD )PieODent0 to be (eactbeVi anD i Car. i. t(ete mas 
arpecial31nlil(tnicnt,butarcet4>S ^^^^i"^' >-3IIt||e3lRW(ti 
ments ucte ae i|if0 ie, anD SSl- 1^° Cletk of t[ie peace 
foj London, (alD toat ttie Coim bag alteceD, anDmsDea* 
it Is nolo bp tlie aovue or tbe SuDsee at t6at time, ta^a 
ascecD ttat tiauCe Uliict l» now in tbe SnDKtment, Qouin 
lie put in anD to coitcIUDe Eenecallpcontra pacem, &c gm 
not to contlUDe, cooaa (brniam Siacuc. fa) $)9utDet UWI 

an CXFence at Sommon LaU) ; anD tlie Statute oeclatetft, 
tbat tDtete tbe CIKID ia toncealeo. It ttiail be taken to be 
bom alibe, anD if it be DcaD it Qall be taken, ttat ft tms 
mutDeteD, auD To tte Statute Dotli not make a neu DC- 
fence, but maketb a Concealment to be an unDeniaUe 
(EbiDence tbat llie mucDeceD it ; anB (a tbe Contt bad S»- 
Spcdii VnUa.tlofieD, anD bent on upon tbeSnDfitment, anD upon tbe 
CEDlDence ft appeateo, tbat tbe l9)f(onec libeo in a Cbam- 
bet bp bee (elf, anD loent tolBeD onThucfdaynigbt foell, 
Mtbout anp pain, ant fn tbe mfDDIe of tbe SSUb6 tnateo 
full of ipieln, anD knockeD (oi (ome boDp to come to ber, 
anD one IBoman beacD bee knock, but came not to bet, 
anD tbe fame sateit St)z teas DellDeceD of a SbflD, anD 
aftec flje pnt tbe CbilD fn a Ccunk, anD DID not DKconec 
It till Friday jQigbt foiloufng, aRD all tbfa Diaa founn 
(peciallp to bne tbe aoDice of all tbe SuDgea, tobetbet 
tbatknotkfniifaibtlpat tbetttne of bn StaDel Caltba' 
Ibe concealeD it aftec one Dap) ecempts bet ftoni tbat 
Stotute. Sn tbete m» no Oen oC anp jputt upon tbe 
'BoDp of tbe SWu Vut tbni fat tt Ua« atceen bp ub, 
tbacff tbete be an Intent fn tbe Oloman to conceal tbe 
CbllO) tben it U ^ucdcc b; ttat atorate, tbonsb in 


Murder 4nd other Offences. 3 3 

ttuti) tie can loas ociii] boin. Tut if tliece tnas no 3ln- if no intent to 
tent to coiueal ft, o; IC Ihe confers her felf with Child conceal the 
iwCoie&anli, enoaftcc^e uKucpiKeo am SeUUeceti, na^i<ii<i,notMiii- 
baBii belnc; Ultft tet, tWB fsnot Mt Jin tt)c Statute, ()£..«' ™h'"'iK 
cau(et|ieteua0 no Intent to coilteaUt,anDtiiec(fo)e in ' 
care, If tbece be no Osn o( duct upon ttie CEtilD, It is no 

at tU Came Selfian0 Jofeph Clarke bias InDWrti In ^,/j,j ciart't 
London fo) IfiteX) Cceafoni faj Colnlngr oC i^onep, anb aie fot coining 
upon tdeSttoence it bias picbebasalntt IHm In London, of Many. 
as It ougbt to be, tbe JnUitment being tbete, but a Eteat 
teal oC moie (EWDcnce mas giben atalnll dim oC commit- 
ting tie (ame Cclme In Middlcfex, anb In Eflcx, tD^cli 
toos agtceb to be boob Cbtbence to CitiSfie tfte 3ittti>. '^•'•D'no'.is, 

a)ne Richard Oliver btt fiaobeen ipattnec bUtfiiim 
in t^ Crime, ana fojroetlp conbiaeb foi tliat ccime, 
am fial obtaineo t&e Itung's l^acbon, bias uieb as a 
taitneOi osaind {im, togetDec uitli otljet isilitnefl'es. 
9nb it bias agtees b; us all, tgat t6e bate utteclns of 
jraUe !0onep, tjougfi tje ipart; tmou it to be f alfe ^0- 
nep, is notOiffb CteaCon, noi ^iipiinon of Cceaion ; 
IFo; notblng is fl^lfpiiCon of t>l|t|) Cteaion but conceal- 
ing it, pet tbe uttering of falCe ^onep is a great ^if> 
niOon GnaUe, iftte j^actp &nob> it to be sm : isut if 
te tiat utters it itnatti ttie l^erlon tbat Coinen it, o] if 
one beip a cCoiner uttb imftruments ano Cools to Coin 
ttltfial, ot futnlQ dim biltli Silbee fo; bis coining, ano 
^onep is caineD accoibinglp, in ebetp of i|ie(e CaDcs it is 
Plgb Cteafon in tbem bilio utter tbe sponep, oj aOiS t(e 
Coiner Mtb Materials, foj tfiep are all aibing to tbe 
'Ereafon; anbintMgbtCreaCon, eberp one uboglbeib 
aiboi oSiSanceto it, ate Pilntlpals; foi tjece aie no 
atcetTaiiesinipeafon, anotbtp ore gulltp of coining 
as biell as be tbat Coinen it. 

a jrojm of a ConWaion Eo) Iplgb caaps, bp tbe aieb 
of a Mice of j^eace, bibicbbetsto return to tbe nen 
aeOions, anb a fom of an Oaiet tbeteupan, abicb 31 bab 
ftom nip K/OjD Hyde. 


1^ Murder and other Offences. 

iiUcri. Memorand' quod Un' — Jufticiat' Dom' Regis ad pacem 

in Com. pracd. confervand' ncc non ad divcrfas fdonias & 
ccanrgrcflion' & al' malefada in cod. Com' pcrpetrat' audi, 
end. & icrminand' alligifac' ad hanc Gcneralem Sedionem 

PacisCom. praed. tent.apud infra Com. przd. die 

eS-r. Anno Rcgni Dom. 6ic. coram prcfac. — & — Jnftic. 
pacis in Com. prxd. vircucc Scatuc. Dom. Eliz. nuper 
Rcginx Angl' in Parliamento cent' apud Weftmon' 13 die 
Jan. Anno nuper Reginx 5 Scfecundum formam & efledhim 
did. Staruc. Intitulac. an Stt flQ tie tCWUng; Of a dU> 
tnte maDC An. ^ & 3 Phil. & Ma. f02 tte DIIttMnff of tMgd. 
loajVti fuper propriam nocici^m fuam prdentavir qd. (^e- 
dam cumunis ij Antiqui R^gia via infra paioch. przd. in 
Com* prxd. qux ducic de Paroch. przd. ad villam in Com. 
.prxd.(mercatoriam villa exiAen.) a quodam loco vocat, in 
Paroeli. prxd. ufquc ad quendam pdmem comnnnriter to- 
cac ill Parocha prxdta. non eft bene 8e fafficienc. repwat. 
&emendat fecnndum formam & eflcA. 9tac«. jprzdT fed 
modo eft in magno decafo ita quod fiibdiei die, Dotti. Keg. 
per Tiam pracd cum eqais,plaunri9, Camcis &Giniagijs & 
al' neceflatijs fuis pront folebant & debeffi abfqoe msrgno 
periculotranfireieulaborarenon poifunt in cujns rei ceflj- 
monium prsed. -.^-manum & figillum fuum appofuic. 

Super qoo ad eandem General' Seffioncm pads ibid* 
0^fi,pgl,^tent die & anno fuptadJAls, praed. Jufticiarij Dom. Ree^ 
ad paccmDiA. Dom Regis in Com. pracd. confervand. a^ 
OIL aflel&Tcr, & impofuerunc linem 40 1, levand. de In- 
habitandbus didt' — in quorum Defed* via pred' 
non eft bene & fu/Bdenter reparac fecund formam Scat 
pcaedfi pracd. via non fit luffidencer repatac. & emendac. 
ante Feftum fd' Johannis Baptift. prox. fucucuiii. 

Whitonlris Memorandum, Opon facfl 8 ConWdflllt tie Betiq) Of 
tiaiobbic oil tbe PgIi map cannot be ttaMcret, but tteji mop pleas, 
tbbcooviaiait.ttat(0neottietl^nfonottg6[ tottpaltit, ant tcabetFe 
va simiirt tint tbe; ouebc not, but tbe tecaji Ming upon Hfeti of a 
K.,,. If. i^o-moici of pciceamitot tegainron oitcstecCni. 


,Jt_. . -? . .-l.^. 

Murder and other OffenceSi j 5 

CU0 f 1^ befi fnap to babe all |M0b ttiap0 amenireD 
f f tbe 3luatce0 of {peace toouiD do ttirtt Outp. t^ftm RKuC»t after 
Hyde aifo toft me, tbot it 1000 refoitieD bjf ail tbe 3!ttO{re« Proclamation 
in Gaye's Cafe, a Car. i. tiiot if a Recttfant foDo toj0 '° »PP"f»"P"- 
Koclainteo at tfte afTi^es otcoioing to tbe dtatute, cenoec !!"cu(i!^J° 
lliiiiielf tbe nejc( affi^etf to pleao oi tcauetfe, &c. ^e tmiit ^' 

appear in ]pitfton, antt be 10 to be in CuiioDp^ fo} tbe 
lnP2D0 of tbe statute ano of tbe l^joclamation atr, tbat 
fit fiball If ttM( bi0 boDp to tbe dberiff of tbe Coump, &c. 

9t t^ deflion0 in tbe Old-Baily bolben t^ete tbe 19 

Odober 1 6^. 9 Silk Tlnofter ball i|Pen COmC to IBOJft Felony in 

in bi0 oion tpouTe, ano Deliueceo Silk to one of tbem to Goods, Not- 
tBoiii, atfD tbe cao^men flole aioaF pact of it. 3t 1090 wuhiundmg 
affceco bp Hyde Cbicf 3ttaice, mp fieify ano 'Bjotgec ^^ '^^"^'y ""^ 
Wylde being; tbete, tbat tbi0 tDa0 iTeionp, notttiitbltan* -"^ 
King tbe beuoecp of it to tbe pattp» foj it ms Delibetea 
to bim 0nlp to ISoik, ano (0 tbe intice pjopertp re- 
nmlBeo tben omp in tbe iDiDttcr, like tbe Cafe of a Butler, 
tPbo batb l^otc aciibeceD to btm h o{ a dbep(iet05 lobo 
(latb absep bettbeceb, ant tb^ ileal anp of tbem, tliat 10 
f elonp at tbe Conmion Labi, Vid. i9£ 3H. 

7» 13. & II H. 7. 14. accod. Pouicon de pace 126. 

9t tbe (tone time tliete being OificoncTe about t6e ceffi' 
ttttion of ^»ooD0 dtolen, (to tbe Ottmer, fobo ban profit- RcftitadoB of 
ctiteb tbe Cbief ) mp 'Biotbec Wyid aiii tbat it bab been fioin Goods, ir 

CCfOlbeb upon tbe lOOHW of tbe Sca& of x i H. 8. Cap. 1 1. grantaUe to the 

bibicb 0tbeib teifittttion of fioln 00000 to tbe S>umec in (^ofecutor upoi>. 
cafe tbe Cbief be upon bi0 ewbence founo ^iltp, tbat "^^ x^'^i! J," 
notbitt|iaanbin0 a dau in a^acfcet ^oect bp tbe c^ef of ^^ fdid ^a 
tbe ^0000 dtottt i pet tbe pactp tball babe Ecffftution : Muket Omt. 
anbbeCaiOy (btti80 tbe piactice at tbe OldBaily. I3ttt 
mp to)Q Hyde auo mp delf> biete of a comrorv ^nion^ 
becauie at Common lLatti> dale in a ® aciiet (SDbect bp a 
Pactp bibo batb no piopettp ibaU bino tbe cigbt of tbe true 

2>lliner)0nll fo i0 More Rep.)6o. CbelSiibop of Worceficr's 

CaCt) ttibece to Eettttution gcanteb at a deinon0 of 
Newgate, tbe ]^actp ttbo bab bou'gbt tbe ^0000 pieaben 
a dale to (im in a £j9atfcet €>bect, tbete tbe Cafe uiao 
abiuogeb againU tbe iDefenbant, becanfe it appeaceb not 
to be a dale in a jacket €>bect. jfo; it biao Iplatr foio 
in a dctibene('0 dDop ta London, xat tbcte ho iDue- 



Murder and other Offences. 

lUonfiiniolie, butttmt aSale in a S^atkn S»im inoulD 
liane Oinoet'D tbe tcfiitutlon, ann bonnii tbe piopectp of 
tDt tiBW ©nmec. ano bp tOe Stat, of 31 EHz.cip. n. 
Ubicl) in cate of ^aSct atom, cnablett) tbe Dtotiec to 
liaae aeltimtlon i(t)' claim ttein, toitbtn at^ontlis aCtec 
tbe; ace (oId dp tbe SbitC in a ^atket 0aett, ana pet tbac 
iSi If (be Cisnet pop tbe I9attp ttbo bauBbt tbe pojCC f n tbe 
jacket SMiett, fo mucb aa be loUi Kocat be pato bona fide 
fO)tbelt>0{re: 'ButtbiilSLelHtuttan ofOojCes upon tb( Sue. 
of i I Eliz. batb no sceat celatlon to tint Eenftution upon 
tbe Stat, of 7t H.8. tbep being of tuo tebetal natures, 
tbetefoie Quxre legem. Vide poUea 18, a. con. anD To 10 
OnechiUmgd 3 H. 7. ii.a.SDneattalBneB befoie Fairfax Bryan, anB 
j<, hirgidandHaugli at Newgate foi jfelonp, c&allengcD 36, and tbe 
not prciTd. tQueSlon toais, tDbat QouID be bone Mtb blni> ann all tbt 
3luDps of tbe one 'Eencb ann tbe mbec agteen, tbat be 
IboulB be bangeb anb not pjclfeb to Deatb, ann tbig Kule 
tbep uoulo babe all tbe Jubgec to obfecbe m tbelc Clc- 
cmt«, notuitbDanBingtbe Dpmion tempore e. 4. to t&e 
tonttaep ■■, ano pet In tbe beep fame page it Is falb m 
, anotbeeCaCe upon tbe like Cballense, tbe IBook Caltb 
tbe Dplnlon bias, tbat be ibouio be pjelfeD aa a petfon 
tbat teCufcb tbe Lam. 

One abjutcth 30 AS. PI. 3. Br. Payne anO Penance 3. fine abfucetft 

for Felony, and aub IS aftectakcflin England, anb bemanbeb ubat be 
being afta ta-(guiD fap, tobp ffitctution Qoulb HOC be BtiaEbeo, be 
kt"(!!;J.''S'Z ttanbs s|9ute, be Ibnil be bangeb, anb not put to tpenance 
iL 5 k ■» l^ieffeb; becmiCebemasattaintebof tbejFelonpbefoie 
hini'd ; but if ■>!■ tUf Coufelllon : jTorbe cannot babe tbe benefit of tbe 
^^ Ti. 1; aanauacp to abfuu, unlets be conKfs tbe f clonp biblcb 
Br, Tr/M 1 2. is Is eutec'B ou Eecojb bp tbe Coionet ; anb tbece Its iain> 
to the coniiaiy, ffg jfelon pleab not (Culltp upon bis aitalgntnent, ann 
■""""■'""""altecflanBi^utebefoiebiBEtpal, It is as if bebabnot 
not to be Law. p^jj^j . ^„j ,f ^^^ ^^ 9ttol(!nnient be confefs tbe 
, „ ,. f elonp, anb after being bemanbeb Ubat be can Tap, lnbl> 
£r^,I°JS i'J^ ffiiecutlon Iboaib not be, be ttanos spate, tbece be fliall 
TuSt M <» SanS'"' Note, jt feenis to me, tbat m tbe Cafe be- 
be to be pieiTed, (W, bibcce a JFclon pieabs not euiitp, tbat if after, up- 
and where On bis Scpai be Sanb sgsute, pet tbe 3ucp WiU be cbacg' 
proceed 10 Try- eb Ultb Mm, anb eUbenn giben foi tbt tUng ; anb if be 
ai, ami put him be fouub «uflip be QmII be bangeb ; fo) after tbe IPiifanec 
"F°" '"' /"'>■ batb picabeb once not Cuutf be cannot binbct tbe Ccpai, 



Murder and other Offences. 

k • 

aim t^etefoie 31 nippoTe t^ac Cafir i& to be (ntenoeQ fo^tt 
t^t Ptffionec onip pleatieD not ^{ifltp, ano brfngr asfted 
tlora fjt ttottlQ tie tcj^en Qano0 ^tte, aim tefufee tie 
Ccpal of lam, tbece t6e bate pleaotng of not ^nfft|^ ifS 
00 noti^fng ; but in cate be pleaoetft not ^utitp, anb fo^ 
€:tpal put0 tHmCetf on tbe Countrp, toen if aftet fit 
lianO0 lOpute^ pet tbe Coutt fljali pjoceeo to W Ctpaf, 
ami fo tbe 'Book of i; E. 4. 33. Br. p. 9. a iFelon (0 at- 
xafgneo anH pleaii0 not ^iltf, anD put0 |)f mfelf upon 
6f0CGunttp, anDtbencDaiiengetl) 31, anlit&eteuponf0 : 
a Tales granted, ano tben be flanU0 ^ute, ano tUe 3utp 
ioa0 cbargen toftb bfm auQ founo ^ufft^ 

an an appeal foi jTelonpff tbe)d|f(onec.ffAnD0 ^t!te,be Mure in apiN^f 
Wi babe 3!ttbffment to be pjeffeo, 00 in cafe be bob been the utne judg- 
accafgneb at tbe flUng'0 dntt, ano aanb0 ^ute* 43 Afl:>nenc as upo„ 

pl. 30. Br. Pay n. 13 & 14 £.4. 7. Br. ibid. ij. ludiftment. 

'. QC tbe fl>efl(0n0 at tbe Old-Baily tbe 7th Decemb. 1654, A Woman in 
iDse Jooe Jones , tOUfetbet ttitb one Thomas Wharton, the -fame Felo 

loete fnbi(teb fot 'BurslatP) anb Qie pleabeb bei^ felf to be "y "^^ * Man, 
matrteb to Wharton, on putpofe to be ewuCeb, being toUb Fl^tSJ'r ^ ^ 
bee lt)u0bdnb at tbe •Butglatp, onb (be tefuteb to pleao ?S; „fV j » 
Up tbe name of Jones, anb tbeteupon toe caUeb foj tbe JSt in that 
aarp, tobfcbfounb tbe anbfoment, anb tn tbeft piefence, afe. 
anb bp tbeir Confent, toe mabe tbe Snbicmient a0 to bee 

.name to beJaneWliarcon alias Jones s but toe bfb not tali 
• bee Jane Wteuton tbe Witt Of Thomas Wharton, but gabe 

dee tbe abbftion of Spinfter ; anb tben (be pleabeb to f t> 
anb tbe Conct tolb bet, tbatff upon bet ctpal. (be eouiD 
Piobe tbat tst toa0 mattfeb to Wharton befoie tbe ?5atgla- 
Tpcommftteb, fi^eflbottlbbabetbeabbantageoflt: 'But. . . .. 
on tbe ^Ttpal (be coulb not ptobe ft, anb fo toa0 Somib „ '^r^ L", 
«u«tp, anb aubgmentglben upon ber* n"lEx«^i. 

on flCdifid his 

9t tbe fame delfion0, at tbe Crpal of a]^2ffonec, te being witncfs. 
tooft etceptfon agafntt tbe Witntta agafnd fim, becaufe BuipoJe a 
be bab fotmetlp been bucnt in tbe |)anb fo; felonp ; but p'^rtis^- 

IbeCblef HUftfce Hyde, Keeling, anbWylde, Recorder, Oneartainted of 

bemg piettnt, belb tbat to be no ecceptlon, anb In clbtt 5!^' „ p"' 
Caufe0 fucb ]$eefon0 ace ftequentlp abmftteb foi mtt' z^ wjt„ers 
neai?0; anb ft bffrec0 (torn cutting pffeac0, mmsin%oJusJeciJr.^ 

t tbe M fo prov'd, 





Murder and other Offences, 

tnern^ make tb^ petton Snfomoug, anil fo fie 19 net af- 
lotoenfoi a cuftnefa : JSat fxicnins f n t&e fiami Doeji niw 
'^I^.^^^'^^Ci^fbtcauCeftcoin^tb ftitDe place of putBat(on attfteeom- 
^V^^^Q^ men Lata, «Dl)(cb fiippo(iet|»benifgi)tlie notguttthnotmtO' 

If Ckfsyiran not gtlUtp agaUlll t(0 OlOn ConfClBon* Vide Godbolc 
bmnt in the ^gg. 
HaJKlt aod after 

^efib^ thtt ^ttbe fitme time ano defSontf, iDne ifaac Mamoc, 

Caufe.i«oUbit»> 0^0 Ot^0 ttCte ComtllfttlO) an0 tDc Mittimus inajS fO| 

on. r£ c*. $. teftiOns to take tbe Oatli of 9llc8(8ncr» and lii tbe la- 
«. 1 1 o. f Mb;r s fttte Of t^e peoce tbattglK to b^fng ttieni Mto a l^ymunfce} 
Gale, ana it B fmt \\ft Coutt, MfclKirffeD Dfm anQ \^ ceff, tiecauft tte 
to 1^ <* ^' tf)atO mtenoeo tnafi tDe (Datd btrofneo bji tiie statute of 
S2Si*GlStV5J«- cap- 4- anOfttenotan©atbofaiicfftottcr, tDoogb 
Sdiv S*" ^ commottip fo calico ; bnt to^ttutft It is an W^ 

TiSsmaat and Of €>beiitence, ono fo t|ic Cottct ttlictiac0cO t|iem» tecaiif^ 
Amindcr* tlicte ttaf no ftub fl^O of aitcgiancct &c 


fcr xcfofii^ the Sit tic bmc 0cfllon0, upon t^ Ccitl of lirOccoI €Uia< 
^^?rr% tkcco foi tlicic tlHtoOltoicc aftcc ttoo finimcc ConoftnonB 
^fSSS *<f"^ «*« goalee of l^cacc upon tOe etatutc of 16 Qtt. a. 

toSucc tbepe. An A«a to ptevcnt and fupprcfs fedidous Cooventides t 

Pre- S)nc of tliem picaOeo, tliat Oc laan an 9ttcn 0091 m France. 
ano (0 not foteUn tOc penaltp of toat da, Occottft tOe 9ta- 

\ ^fiM living lute (iip0» thatevenr Pedbn above the Age of 16 Yeats. 
tc,isaSubjeA being a SkibjeA of ttus Realm, (hall, &c. OnO 6e fittO te 

TiLw ^^1^ ^^ ftubf «t> 000 fo not ttftinn tftc lata t ait 1000 
^^s»^^' agtcco bpn0 all» t(at if an ailcn come into tftla meg* 

oom, ano ttoc nnocc tfte fiUngTs Piotcaion, tlNit 00 ions 
a0ftemicttOctctei0 8diil)Mof toioEcalm, anopS- 
tttO^oUe roi ttanfgcrfRng tOe Laiiwtlicrcof, accojoinff to 

Calvin's Cafe, Co. 7 Rep. 6, b. anO H^IIDe InMtfrO foi 

filQti'lCceafon, ano ^ Snoiamcnt concluoeo conrra Al- 

IcgiancTuam debitam. 'But If tgc dtattttC |KlO OlfO been a 

natttcal-bo)n dubfert of t|ii0 Ecalni} tben it bao not er* 
tcnbeo to bim, ano tliac alio appearctb Of tbe penning of 
reoecal dcatuU0» fome being Benetailp^ub|ni0, oialf 
dttb|ca09 &C. ipQfcb cittenD to aueno lobUb llbe peer, 



Murder and other Offence*. ^{> 

ano otfter, tdat all JQatncal-bo^n aubieos, Wti etteiiD to 
tdtni onl; ufto an Ititti anD not aiienvti^ IiIk fiat, 
ono accoioinBlp ue pioueon tuaoiB Hm, ano te ban 
JluDament to be (EcoiiQwitetu 

at tlie fame aeinonsi Francis Trollop ttU fntiactl tat A Ciirtn hath 
fieallng ti)e COOOS 0( Matrhias Bowyer, aiW upon t|)e CUl' Goods '<<''«<'- 
lentB ft appeateo, tdat tbe ®oo09 wete not Bowyer's, <* "^,''l°''\~. 
tbat d( uu a Giofterfliire csttiet, anD in liu Joutnp tfif y - tJT'fL,""?; 
Uete lloitt etom (Km, ann ogceeD tliat tbe JnDfimient toaa f,^^ ^^ 
ttetl enougfe (di tto' tt liaD not tte abfolutt piopettp blithe Catria. 
tfit eoow, ;(t be taD a poOi^aip ]^iopmp, foi ufiiti 
tK map fflaintaln an anion oC (Ccef^Cs asalna onp one 
tiat took tttm ftom Vm ; ano fo map fnoM a Oifef fo) 
uung (lis eo«w, ano fo tic jntfiinKnt li soon eicftec 
fot Seallns tte CeoM ot tte Caitlec o; of tte tfittt 

attteCmie atlllomit Cne Joreph Fabian, a tooiMng oourmith far 
MD-Qniit. ue0 (nMaen foi laiiuving piatt. ann dp miyiit puk. 
puttingin too nuct Coppet. maDe it (bmc ipfeces id. in 
otten 3<i. Ad. ;d. 6d. jd. m tte Dance iaoire ttan ft 
augfttulie, anntt(nco)i»pieBanefl{tteaiiap9aS(t» 
Aeiluintf to tdp Mm to tte On 9atk» of tte Lcopatd's 
IpcaDi anD ottec matbi totfcB ate tct on l^iate uten ft a 
•ItipeD ano finino gooo, ano wtt ttofe !j9atkti te mackco 
tl» talCe IMate at ti0 oun |)oub, ano fo te ton ttt pate 
ta tte (elUng Coto-fnltbi. iDto 010 not mlfitns ft, ticoulie 
ttep (ku It mackeo t IFo} tte ff trap (Paftet 1« fo (otloin, 
ttatlf ttel^Uteltttteroutitpact of afaittfngmoje tban 
It ougbt to br, ttep Ineafc tt in plects, ano tte oln flBatftS 
ougtt aRnapg to bebjoken in puce» Uten nets ceatta ace 
maoe. ant Iwtaufe tte <CIIap 9aOet tan not caufeo 
ttofe olo spacfai to te bioken, te oiao tntneo out of tis 
Office) ano Fabian, uto bwo, founo £nfitp, BneDii,dg_„ 
tool, anoaotuogeo to aano Intte jpaiojp ttiee oap*,^^^' 
turn deoen ot ite clock uiitfl one> ttat fa to fap, once 
■ttte Old Change, ano onottec time fa CiwapTidc, mo 
4e tticD ttnebefoitGoldliniclisHall, Wtt a paper tarmpiffiH* 
Va iMti ottlacinB tM iCcfm^ ano te oaa alto foKfaogeo » uic hi> Tni, 
octisctaoe, ttat teltwloiiM ore ttat Cnot aBalit80»,^ uaAc 
a^etOIIqkiiian. . workman. 


4-0 Murder and other Offences. 

3n t6e defliOtUS in tU Old Baily ^Deit tlie 1 9 of Ja- 
nuary 1664, iDne John Hull mad inUfdeD fo) tfie C|9ui:iiec 

of Henry Cambridge, aitO Upotl t^e (CttfDeitce, t\fi €alt 

toa0, t&at t^ece ttete feDecal (KHo^niett about butlDfns of 
a Iponfe bp t(ie lt>02(ic-f ectp, tobtcb ^ouCe ftoon about 30 
JToot from anp itHgb-ioap 02 Comtnon l^afliise, ano Hull 
being a Sl^attet-ttio^nian (about Cbentng foben tbe ({9a« 
fieMDoj&man dab giben obec mofity ano mben tbe La- 
bourers mete putting up tbeic Cooler, m9 fent) bp bttf 
ManHsughter ^adec to b|ing ffcooi t^e pmiz a piece of Cimbec uil^icb 
and Mifadven- lap tttio ®to]ie0 digb> attO tie tnent up foj tbat piece of 
ture in what {^tmbcr, aub before be tbietti ft oobin) be ctieo out aioub, 
^»«- ^anb Cleati anb tt)a0 beoto bp t^e KUboutet0, ano all of 

t^em b)ent from tbe bangee but onip Cambridge, ano tbe 
piece of Cimbet fell upon 6im anD ItiOeo bim t ano m? 
]Lo2b Cbief Suffice Hyde belb tbis to be ^anaaugbter^ 
foj be faib be (boulo liabe let it baton bp a Eope, oi eife at 
bi0 peril, befttce no boQpi0 t^ece: "But mp xiotdec 
Wyldeanbmpfelf ^Ibictabe$!^fatibenture» beooingr 
*" notbing but tD^ in ufual uitd fOo^men to bo: ann 
iiefOje be bib ft» ccping out aloub, dtanb Clear, anb fa 
gade notice if t^ce biece anp near tDep tnig&t aboib it t 
anb bie put tge Cafe, a^an lopping a Ctee, anb bibeit 
tbe ZzxoA of tbe Ccee b»ece teaup to fall, calbi out to tbem 
fielett, tale beeb, anb tben tbe Zxm of tbe Ccee fall ann 
bill a (19an, tbid \» (l^ibbbentuce, anb toe fbeioeb bitn 
Foulton de pace i xo. ttibece tbe Cafe \» put, anb tbe OBook 
cfteD,ano belb tobeSl^teObenture; anti bie faib tbitf Cafe 
in Clueaion \» mucb ttcongec tben tbe Cafe fobere one 
tb^obw a dtone 02 (boots an arroto oDec a WaW 02 ponfe* 
toitbiobicb one is aain,tbi0 in Kelloway 108 & 1 36. is faoi 
to be #ifabbenture* o&ut bie bio all bolb tbat tbere bias 
a great bifference tfoiKt tbe Cafe in €luellion, tbe 0oufe 
from b)bicb tbe Cimbec foas tbiobin lianbing tbictp jpoot 
fcom tbe Q>igb-ttuip 02 Conmion jrQo^patb> anb tbe boing 
London Streets tbc (&me 9£tin tbc dttects Of London s fo]loe all agrecb, 
and a Country, tbot itt London, tbat if oue be a clean0ng of Gutter, 
Town tnudi cau out to dtanb aCbe, ano tben tbiom bobut Eubbiib, 0; 
^"^r a piece of Cimber, bp ttbicb a ^an \» lUlleb, tbis f0 

^anflaugbtec ; being in London, ibere 10 a continual 
concotttCe of ]^(opie pfiCRng up anb oown tbe dtceets, ann 

N^derandotherOffenccsT. 4-1 

a nelD l^sffetiffdy tsbo dot not (eat Um tali our» :an9 
t{ietef82e tge calKng mmrn anp (ticli tdfnB fcom an Dotift. 
f lito tde dtvcet0> (0 If&e tbe Cafe tntiece a ^an ^ottf atK 
dctofii at <?ttn (n(o a C99at:let<placf fuU aE peotAe, if anp^^ ; 
aae tie M ueti ft 10 ^anflansDcec ; decaufe to toadsuMi'"'^''"' 
Pieiumptton litt 3ltttentfoii tta0 to oo i|9iticltfef, ttbetilic 
cafi0 01 Qtootiaiianp t^ns tobicd map itill among a £99attt^ 
pXH of l^ople ; bttc in caCc ttiat an Doufe ttanamg (n a 
Counttp-^ftm tobete Uiete 10 no fucb fnquencp of |^af* 
fengct0, (f a Cj^an call out tdece to ftano afioe, anntate. 
^eo, anD t^ caS noton tl)e filti) of a Gutter, &c. «tji 
1^]ot6etWyldanD 31 belli ttiat, afat OfCfettng €a&r>d»m ^ 

Hofng tbe Came tlrfng m London, ^m becauft mp ilo^d 
Hyde mffeteti fn tlie #jmcf pal eiafe, ittDa0founii^pec(* 
8Up> (Nit a tato Ae lata to be clear9 tbat it t» but ^iS- 

9t ^ dime deinon0 James Rampcon foa0 inufctea fot , 
i|e4^)Kt of btti WUth ano upon tbe^bioence tbeCafi Manih^ghter, 

M« Ibat lie befR0 a Hackney Coadmun, fOunO a dot Mi&dventure. 

^baifSr Pffioi (It t(ie dtceet» ana toben be came bome be 
OfW^ tt to bf0 i^atter, ana ttep took tbe ^unfttcft Am 
nt ji into tbe l^fSolanott foent Qomn Uito tbe ^ulIiA o( 
fbe p0ol, bp tnbfcb tbep tbousbt ft ttia0 not Cbat«ea» 
aaQ bfi» oaf f^ ilanwng before bf m, be paUeo up tbe €ask' 
aiia tbe l^fflol meat af^ ana beins cbargeo faftb tfoa 'Bat* 
1^ toorniaea bee fn tbe 'BeUp, ana ftflico bet» npon bibttt 
be ctfea outiDb 3 babe bUleo mp beat CSlffe i ana caUea fn 

JQ(f0bbom:0> ftbia0bonienbputsail, chat this was Man- 
IJEaiu^er, apd not only Mifadventore. • . i^ri. 

: Qt.lbe Common Lato, if a 99an bab cammfttea febecal 
irelonie0, ana baa been actatp'b fo) ane, ana pjapea bfa 
Clec0p» pet be migbt be fnbfctea foi anp otbec f eionp anb ciergy allowed 
ttmopon biaamabe Hie dcatute ofClergpsisEd ^.c. 5. where loay be 
ippcb tequbicD tbat aClatltbecbatgeb ttftb all iFeionfe0,at p"^ to >nfwer 
once* anbaftet tbatdtat. ff a^an bab committeD febcrol *°' °*". J*'°- 
irelonfea, fome biftbfn OUetirp ana fome uiftbouc ciec- iJl^'ainr ' 
gPi anb baa been accaisaea of one ot tbe feionieo ttueiHn ^' 
Cieegp ana canfbaea af ft« ana bta Cietgp aiiobieb fo) tbat, 
be fiia0 bifcbacBea tbeceaf ana couianotbetrfeb fo2 anp of 
t^ otbec S^onff0 bibfcb uiete commfttea 'ttotct tbe eca 
iTeianpana ibetfrne of tbe ollottaacc of bta ctersp fo) ft, ^/Z Redtai s 
t^jtbe otbic Jelon0 fnaa toftboat beneat of ^ittsp, EUap^ agreed 

Svm pi. Cor. 107, b. Coke pi. Cor. 2 1 4. but nolo bp tbe the Law To. 

'* ^ ©tatute 

4.1 Murder and other Offences. 

•tttttte or 8 Eiiz. c 4. ff €\ttv^ tt miofpeD, tdat nofti mC' 

tUtmi in otDce f ilMite0 Mt^ti cuts? j tut {^ tmipte 
ttwigo tttsere comoifnfD tttOot^fl ^iccgp mtte Mioto^; 

Co. PL Cor. 114. 'But nolft bp tbe fttStUte tf tS Elix; o 7. 

it (emw r^tolougl Clecep^itti bfrn alUtteQ fo) odfte 
ireioiq» tic tnfl]» t»e (mxaeo fd) anotbec f doii^ atro tiiftlii^ 
(n Cietffp commftun tx&nt xUst time tbot W€\zt^ w$ 
ali0toeD 9 fo2 tiMit Statute of 18 Eliz. dpeoko general^ 
t^t alt petfono ammtteo to ttie bentft of tbe €\tsfsit 
fbalt nocioWanMnff annoectoallotlepfeionfeotooete' 
or tOCF INI be f nbftteQ oi anKafo, ono not betng tberMT 
befiBie acqoitteOy confifcmi} attattitiDy 0; patbonli ; otttl 
if tios be not tbe meaning of tbio 9tawct, tben \twit 
no potpofe h roi all tbc otbee €oSm» lobcce ^lecsp food ttot 
allotpable toere belpeb bp tbe dtatute of 8 Elhi. ev^.%l 
bcCbie m^aone^* StmmFiLoibCbieCStoflfceHycle'tom 
nv l^at toben bl0 (Ontfe etc Nicholas Hyde tM0 Kiifilr 

3Ki9ic^ be meetlHf wtlanotoilow EifP»tOf ftcilfngiif 
•beop ano CoiBif, all being ttttbin Ctetgi^ dM^Htf 
t« fee ttpeo ^xm one of tie 3itDia memii, ami Kefem 
caiSffet^^inarp, ann nponUvmucn, t^^Umi 
^ aitafiteii bfm Wo^^efetSFi ann t|en aftei |e ttpAl 
blmat tbe fame 98^ opan tbe otbee Mfttmenti^ m- 
on tDbieb be «kmi ConoMceo, ano benNraoeo ica <Ni#. 

«mi be iKnteo biob becaufir |e W lao fefi Cieigi' oitS 
anoioeb b(ii>> afti>fi»tbefeiioftiiM0|MRiBiti^t iBOi p^ 
tbe P^aitlce at tbe deflioMi at cOe OidBaiiy » tmnmt 
to tbtO) ano (0 tbat dtatnte of 18 Eliz. mabe of iw' 

CflM. BttC notwithftanding the Pra^oe id cooceiVed to 
be according to Law. ''-j. 

* " 1 

Bwaiarv in «t tbe ftefliontf 31 ftiQigeeli Of Lc Mocf*^ Caff, W(^ 
frmStm Leeii. bMo ao|ttbffeb In tbe time of tte late CcoaMiro^ anb nif 

'Biotbec Wyid toRi me, tbat tbe calic ttM0 itNo : C&ac 
ebiebeo came vftb intent to Rob bim, ano finbing t|e 
i>oo2 locbt up, pietenung tbep came f o (peat mtb lim» 
ano tbereopon a $jl^afo derfeant openeo tbe Ooo^ mw 
tbep came in ano IGUib^o bim, anocbb iRliig: m tfee jElfgbii* 
time, tbfo ttao abjubgeb 'Bntgiatp) ano c|e prcfomi 
botiireo ; eo} tbele 3lntentton being to Rob, ano gtctlnr 
tJsc Z)aoi openOf a falfe piec(RCi» tdlo biaif i» ftaodem Le. 


MuidetMd otberOfEnces, 43 

Dm nat Muiaur tutt Ost (muk, (o; ttid hms in nm M ' 
aauai ltinlHBK« betut tmnaa if (cam ts toue tte 
i?iM) optntD ; w u qpen tiatm a scianant h « twi^ 
Habit, am igtiB DM) ainift tittt itifti> an« unMcttat 
f letence Mb (He |>nift> « It tc tn tfet jaiett> tftw Hi VhC' 

tl«^ . - 

9tt»e(Bo«|.|»e«nec?intteOldBaiiy, j.AptU, iWi.f_,.,c.fc 
Wl,iq»Cb.Ju. H;r<>e> flip ftif, mkitt^'BiotBet iv!Uf 
AttrnDoroeLonlaa, t)M pKtcntOfieRittnnlFaM,' tfw 
El«aiot Chaihruski! Wett anOUeH m li)«IMng (tM^Mtfl; 
ef RobenSiuycr, aimpHtttOB (K^OWt In re«,«HuiHt|' 
tnefrointlKnceCeiKtalCaaii*; an«u|lo« t^aHnim.KdUmufrai- 
tbciSalicualttMt ^Sv.Scanyci uM^)wu(e fuoa caNlt, A»L<fi/ by 
iMDftitmaiqrynn mm ftan iKt tN«lMfle> aag'tttetCwiom of Uw- 

ttM tMUffj OnS a UaCt ttU qOM Ut> lO) tfte ffmt ■W''^^ Ptaaas. 

Ik DMbaatff Aaim, toM 8( HttM taflerij an» 
CiilllieloiNmwteRactineMUitMie It. Wt^Ldnt' 
M]t 8R» Qe. <gmti> anv Qe .toniIaniiti> y<Mk tte tun^t 
antr. tM QeOonte iw wu iBntfle*, ani»|»|^(, 

3t»tl»,aMtf*amiU-tMlm»iatifeWomflttiaM,^, . . 
F»tt tjr Wfonre, ana Eleanor Chadwick, Btio UtMrJ^c^r 
xmtfVmU tnntotoit, ano Id UW Done a gtest uttir, ^' ' 
ifltaoMsU cifletrt ipouUi lan t|ii»Dedsn, (viz.) Farre 

UmttaanaUdlKp ot teeConunon Pleas, anil t«IB Sim tint 
spti. Soajrct tMM M (Eiuain ana m amat n; Eent, . 
an* bt WB m tar to get bee mt but tm eja^ion. amx, 
ailBtb(teapaa,(eacMitifnstatf)etiiat> nsio ureb, mabes 
tbtt ftt tab'bdntteo a4:ap)i or tbat SlXclaratliin to tbe 
CeaaatinlpaMM, am tbeeapan sabgment uaeob- 
tainib (acnKOig to ibt tmttt} agauifftte nDiai €ka«h 
am a dtlt !• tlK^tltnir ft bellbier peffHUbnt tmtt 
tbetcnvoR Fatte got ttK mttiSiTBiMa to etetiite t(^ 
JEBttt, an! tun Mrs. Saaajaatttm IpoflefflMt an« at tfi^ 

faUK tint 'Farrc tOOb aUt a Lack« agblnli Mrs. Scanyer, 

OinMOnga bcbi, ana at ttw (am* tittie atceoeg bet ana 
unalb takelD'Baa,.Miteaa«aWiitaib(ta(rttbta}fc«r- 
gme^anb tllimFamatilChaihHCketiMtMtMitbeirj^mnw 

Mttt |wii«^«» btito'OiiiKCubbatte'iMfrCtimiiiiF/anD 

■:- Mil..* ^ ■ ■ -:-.■' ■• toot 

44 Murder and ottier Offences. 

tooK afDap3etDet0attt»piate,anDcactletiUieiiifiito6(0Q&itt 
jpouCe, anD m tffgm tbece, aim canfeDafoap u&ettf of t^e 
tf ooD0tip Bifi^Xi ano took ttie|^etDtectD^6{KiD tut tniB- 
wmrp^ittta upon it, atio got tiiemtafcenottt, anofoiDotdec 
of tlie^oQo h anD attec ttpon Compiatnt to mjr t* C. 3[U' 
Sice, bp lif0 oaiactant Facre*s |>ottf( toajit featcti'D, anD tOe 
3letoel0 anb pate tgete founD, anD Df Dero otDet ^ooDo ; 
anD Farre anD Chadwicke, upon ^jcatninatf on bp tnp jLojD 
€W SttSfce, foete font Dp bfm to Newgate, anD nofo 
tMs SuDfament piefeneD agamft tbetn, ano Faire Deinff 
aiBik'D ttibat colons of Cftte be baoto tlielMmf^, coulD pie- 
ttUD none, but ft appeaceb tbtttbe tnie lanDtotD baD ce- 
ceflKD tbe Eent of ft fo) tnanp l^eata, anD tbat no Eent 
at all IM0 bebfno* anD Fatre being aait'D ttibat cauiit of 
action be boD agiafnli Mrs. Scanyec to caufe bet to be at- 
teaeo, coulD pietenD none; ano being libeiniCe a0lieii 
ui^at Colouc be bat^ to bteafc open Ccunbiei anb (CubbacDff^ 
flUD to tabe tbe 6OOD0 anD fell tbem, anD caulit tbe Coac 
of atnui to be ecpungeo, be coulD tnabe no pietence ; ano 
ft ttiag ^gteeD bi? m all, tbat altbougft tbep baD mabe uCr^ 
of tbe Laoi anb (DflRcettf of laui to get t|ie l^ofll^oii ano 
. 9cte(it tbe .(suomon, pet if all tbbi Done (n faudem Le^ 

*' W^ intent to Rflb,. tbfo couciit outf CD fat ftotn CMuflJRg 

tlie Hobbetp, tbat itb^eneo tbe Cffencebp abufingtbi 
lafo, aoD tbe l^iCii of ft ttftbout Colottc of Cttie, &t. 
SaCo. PU Cor. 6^.u idHeDeAjpietenDing tftDe cobbfo, 
taife |)tte anD Ccg, anD call a ConsaUe in tbe JBigbt, ano 
catifetyim to tmtdijwi |>ott&.oii pietencc tdeCifebea ate 
^ece, at)D tdeteupon, bp CoDtnianD of tl^e ConSaUe^ tbe 
- ij^oo) 10 bpeneD, anD tbep goin^anD tbentob tte lt>onfelr, 
ttfo 10 'Bttcglacp, t^ugbtlielxxiJPibKtf not Mtualip b2oite 
open bp tbem, but openeD at tbe Commamiof tbe Contta^ 

Die, f 01 tbiO being in fraudem Legis Cbsll be aCCQUttteD a0 

an aaual b^eaiung in tbem, anb Co biao Le Mote's Ca(b 
abiobgeD, bibtcb io in tbto 'Book t|ie neit cafe before tbio, 

anb foitbatb been abjuDgeD.t^tif^oD0 beDi8caineD,anD 
put in a l^ouiiD, anD one Dibo batb a DeCgn to tteal tbem, 
goetb to tbe dl^etiff anb get0 a Replebin f o) tbefe ^oobo, 
anD bp colouc of t^ Eeplebin, tbe ^oobo ate DelibeeeD 
to ()Un, anD be biibetb tbemattap anb Ceil0.tbem, babing 
no colouc of ^4Ue to tbem, .tbio 10 f elonp; ano me aifo 
agceeb» t^t attbo Mr- Stanyer tlie |>u0banD DID not DDieil 
in t|ii0 Oottiir, anD refU^D to babe to DO ttiit^ it, pet tbe 


Murder and other Offences; 


Sniifttment teas toelb ttn bieaftfug open l)(0 D&elffns 

li>oa(e, for \sibattm t^ csufe iwt& 10 tde itAts- 
iMtiii0 in lato, lUiD ft cannot be (iafo to be tbe mitmf 
paak, anb tb bfte(tion ttan gmien to t6e Sutp, tbat.ff 
tbep bib beUebe tbat t^ f^iiOmttfi bab bone all tbf0 
bUtb an intent to Eob, t|)ep oagbt to finb tbem ^fi^, 
anb ti^ 3tn:p bib finb tbem ^tttp, anb botli of tfitm bab 
Sttbsment to be langeb, anb biete executeb accotbingip. 

Sit tbe fame delfiontf) one Edward Parrec bl80 in tbe Relcuing a Ffr 

|)l8cettbetet|)e]p]ironet0ttfetoaanbatt{ie0oalbeUbetp>n by feaer 
tpgo ttMi0 in f or ^^vixtfftty fo] b)bf(6 fn ^b aftenoatbtf ^'^p><is tum » 

place whete 


anbgmentt anb bibite vt vtM tbece, one jotm (jopeian 
a Scotchman,, being in beer goob ^ lotbe?, bient in tb 
tbet iittbee Colouc to Cte Wa* anb biatcbing tbe time ^t7rtho*dme 
bibni tiie fteepet0 biere bafie, be openeb tbe little Doot ofTiyak in the 
iDJicb bNttt boiteb, anb bient out, anb Panett t^ WUnm oid-Baify. 
CbUobieb iHnis anb tiie itoepet or tfte outbiatb Doo) not ^^ stm^mi 
iUtobifng tbem, opencb tliat to t^, anb tlep bot& bient to* ^^' ^' ^* ^ ■* 
ge^ out oe tlief aiii>anb tun bobin)$p-9llie0 into Shew- )^ ,^„^ 

Lane^anbib to White-Fryers, but t^fteepet0p2efetttlpmill^ PkifixiandKe. 

f ng f^ p{tfbnee, mabe after tipemj anb being tolb bifticft baas, 
biap tbep tun, obettoofc tbem in white-Fryers, anb bjoug^ 
tdem W^ batit, anb tbecenponCopeland bia0 inbioen 61 
iTelonpf fo) ceCcuing Parrett, being inbiaeb fb) (l^tteoet, 
anb upon ti^e Cbibence it b)a0dbio|tt ttiat aftee tliep bieee 
taiiem Copeland (bib be bab bone nothing but bibot iie 
ougbt to bo to lielnabiapOfs ftienb, bibo bKi0 in bangec 
of bi0 Life, anb on tiH0 €bibence ^ X09A founo ^uiltp, 
anb on t^to tequefi be being to babe Cletgp, it biatf allobi' 
eb to be put into tbe fting'0 p^tbon, amongft timfe P2i< 
(onec0 of tbat J8atuee» bi{io biete to be tent beponb tie 
9ea, it babing been latelp uTeb, tint fo) f e(onie0 biftbfti 
Clecgp, if tbe Ipiifonet befbx it, notto gibe bi0 O^oob, but 
to piocttte a conbitional ]patbon ftom tbe l&f ng« ano feim 
tbem beponb dea to (etbe 5 I^eor0 in Tome of tbe ]%fng'0 . 
pantation0, anb tben to babe Lanb tbete afliigneb tbem 
acco^bing to tbe u(e in tbofe pantation0, f02 decbanto 
after tbeir time ecpiteo, biitb a Conbftion in tbe ipatbon 
to be boib if tbep bo not go, O] tf tbep return into Eng- 
land bttting (itben ?eari», o] after ttitbout tbe siing'0 



^6 Murder and other Offences. 

Houfe robb'd in 0t t()e fftuie dclfiotttf ooc fius tnWttt foi 'Bttr0lar{S 
(he Night after f(^ |qeaiitnff opett « i^oofe to t^ Bigic, ano fivalftiff «- 

Goods brought iDap ®OQD0, 8tlD ftpotl t^E CUDeilCe, t|ie Cafe tOSjIytiKK 

ril n^rhith^ ^f^ 0P^n <n <^ ^^9 «nn (wo tfte pofTeflion oeUtieteD 

moving initncr. |^,g„|,|^||,,^(|,,Q,,C,l{jg,,etBllir(|(0«OOD0ftemtt»e|)Ott(ie 

lie f (i}iiierip Wk9 lti,to tfee |)Ottft uiWcb tie tiao newp Veto, 
but lap in Us ficS lt)oafe till tie tiao cemoueo t^e teS of 
M9 ^ooM, aito f ttett titt neta pouCe, lip (etctng op 'Bens 
t0 He tbete t 9itD fit ttf0 tfme, tiefoie tie lai latsente 
IH^neioDoafiE^ t|at iwire ttias ti}aite open f n ttn iStglirs 
«Hi ^ir eoam ioieiu 9noftfBa0iiaatitetitt|et|eettrt0 
laece ^Siicglacp^hBCittft Cnnenf «0 Ida f t totdD not beftli 
to be iK0 $9mifioii'#oo(e iKQiff^lticI tttnc 00 ^W Hkc 
V (itlabUeoft, but ottiet0 of i» MaitioattKlif « Uftp mfl- 

i^enooo Coie tbat CtiietKn niiBtit cake lliclan C^mnt- 
«Mtp to tobio tbe JSigbt* aMi (abe beiwet of t|ie€lci0^> 
j«^ if a (|9aii bttbe a CHaclHng^boiifr^ ann oti ocvafliii> 
' \ lieano bii^aiiiafbe ottt of ft alt JMsIt, «nb l^n it M 
%m% iWin iottdDnt queWoiilBarisfflcp, an» iff Hfi 

; €aGe lip tabtaff tfie ilMiafc to ainiaMi, Aii» NMttt IM 
#«ib0 tbittitc in o^icr to Snbabit, «iitt fafbeannf t^ 
JUobging oatp tmtfftbfK tf^ooiv ano rsm can be ftfiqi, 
Ubi ntBtn ttKil be caseblftf lOtanOott^lotKe, «n»f(fMli 
lie fill eseemei in Laim ideal x^fe Legem. 

Soldiers brak* • . ^ -^ «^ .- ' . 

ing openHoufcs 9t t&e Came deOiiQiai 91. Mattni ontduKr, sm o^m 
by warrant tofiijcctf ano Mieic dolbiecv» tot^numbei oflQlncteeib 
fcarch, &c, iMce ixOMen £§) b|r(|itfnK apni fODPonft of Jotiathaa 

Hotchisfon mat Cheapfidc fit t^«ip tfNie, aMD poCtfns 

|fm ftt fear,&c. anb teoiinBr <biap Tibeeat^oobs^anb vpoit 
ttK tfbl0ettce» tbe Cafir bMO tbat tge LoiQ Arlington^ He 
jlttng'0 deceetatp, bp otoet ftam tbe ttfng mabe a CQar* 
eant ta ofvitbtm cettf an jpctfdtm minieb fa tbe CSIacranc 
befngbangecono petfnto ; anb t|f0 iHactant biao bf- 
eeaeo to one of tbe 9Uns'0 f^efftnget0, anb be babfng 
notice tbat tboCe prtfon0 nameb fa tbe mmtmt biece at 
a meeting in Hucchinfon'sitxittd?, bi Oreo tbofe delbferia 
to affift bfm fn tbe ta&ing of tbem, bibeceufion t|ep came 
to tbe t|>0H(e, aim biofce open tbe fDoo^ anb app^ebenben 
« fome oc tbem, bat f n tbe botng of ft, fome of tbe common 
^olbfet0 biit^ottt ttie i^tiebilebge of tfieft fl>ffi[cec0, and 

. agafnf! 

Murder and other O^Rances. 47 

agains t^t anmnsttii tooft atoap a Ciooit, and rothe 

fmetltbingf out of tfte |)oufe, tat tlie mitmfitsi com 

not tell tBJrfcli or tlie doiofertf tl^ep toete, bat fam> mp 

LoiD Mayor tD&o tooft t^ ^jnmif notf ono cottiD fst tOem / 

upon t()€ Ptttioa h ant mp lojQ Mayor trefne noto ab- 

fettt, upon Otcafion of tiie DeatO of dtc Thomas Vynet, 

ID(H> web tbftf i|9o{nffiir, I coRcefbinff (t neceffotp to Cap 
COtnetfrtnfif tofatfofie tine €m^tn» anb otber0 flfanbtng bp, 
9(9 to tb(0 eftet oeclace t}je Lam, ftbat ff febetal J^fono ^^^^ ^,^ 

'COBie ItitOll tKM(^ tOgtttier Mtb an tntent to ftttA, it but breaking open a 

^ticof t()enit(eaHt^ooD!^.tbepacean fQioaiipsufitp* x> ^0at houfe Felony , 

t^ SOaetatft nom pt^Ancen tuas not fuffifdent to iu> and where not. 

tK^tlebjeaftfttffopentbt C>oo8yofi!be|>otire, ano dol* 

WW miiStt not on anpp{etence to h}^ open Donfeis un* 

lefii ttep Ika« toftl t^em oCmi^fcer; 00 Sastce of tbe By coioui of a. 

fieacf , «| CoRtable* 3- €bat tf #ecfomr babe a ^ac* ^"""'• 

cunt fa appje^ anp one, ann tftep m o^ber to ejcecate 

tie tnareantftiealt open tf Dooi, anninttafte tie LaKom 

i|ttt|pofnt ; tb »bffjri tft<g of tbe £ )oO| moftetl tbem tcef- 

faflitef^ Mr can ntbet W fntetpietm tb nurite ttient 0UH- 

if 4f f^Hmp $ fo} tiefr beOsn fD80 notto connnft f elonp, 

MID Clett muff lie ansuptf a fEfonfbnsf 3lntettt to tliafee 

irefoniK» 4. SIf alkce a X)ooi bioiten bift^ intent to ap- 

fVlenb fflpetfon, anp of tie Companp tale abiap anp of 

He eotm tm tie iMmft, tim f9 f eionp m tie Petfon 

flat un ft, aUb fn nonebf tie teS ; unleGs ft can be pjobeo 

tIacanp'Of ^ etft loete affentfnGt to tie taking of tbe 

400000, miBtlen it ftr ff^fn O0itianpa0 conlentebs 

•nb afte^ tKVMbone) bptflrtbntle (Stefbence cooRi not be 

mobe oQt'MtbOttt tie ^E^ramfnatfon^ talm bp mp L02D 

Mayor aM be fKi0 fliMRit ^ t|ecsf oje 3 bffclargeb t|e Snrp 

of tbem) anb osoeten "Baft tbfbe taien of t|em to appeae 

tie nejtt ^oalbelibecp. 

Vide) C|f0 -BbOlt befbje, cottcetnfng teHitutfon of 
ffolen ^Ob0to tbe i^iofecttco}. 3lf upon bi0 (Sbibence, 02 
ebfbenoK pjobeb t^^ |tm, t|e €|fef be conbitteo, 3 babe 
mabe ff geeat Smiuitp, anb fino tlat mp 'Bjotlec Wyid 
bM0 in tie cig|t, fbi t|e C9Io2b0 of tie Scac. of x i H. 8. c 
1 1, ate general) t|at bilete ^e C|fef 10 conbtdeb at tie 
l^oGeentfon of t|e pactp robb^, tbete t|e )pattp eobbco 
M labe tefQttttion> inb tafcetl no notice mietlec tie 


. fl tl 


Murder and other Offences. 

^0000 be (olD in a ^acitec (Dttect, o} not » To bp tbat dta« 

tnte tbe Common lain (0 alteceD a0 to tbat ]po(nt* 9m 

fq tbe Scat, of 3 1 Eliz. cap. la. concetntuff potfes Solen, 

onb (otb m a s^acftet ^bett$ tbe S>tDnec map babe tbem 

agiafn il be ma&e claim Wtiin Ojc i;9ontb0> anb pap tbe 

76um bi^at be patD bona fide, tbat (0 notbing to tbtt 

Ca(e* iro} tbat dtatote 0fbetb tbfit itinb of EeCHtutioit 

80 to 9o2b0, altbo' tbere be tio l^iorecution* ^o tn 

tbe ^(bQp of Worcefter'0 Cafe, *tf0 tcue) tbe SinCiRence of 

tbe O^ooit in a0 ft f0 tbete fafb ; bnt tbe main ]^oUic toatf 

not tbece fn queOton, altbo' in tboCe timeti tbeec UKuat a 

boubtfUl €)ptnf on ttibac tbe Labi ttutf) ano SQiake ttiftii 

^i* Lee a beep goob Clerb, lObo batb attettbeb tbe def* 

Oon0 at tbe Old Baily abobe (Oattpf ear0 ; anb 31 a0iieD 

bfm bob) tbe Piadfce tbete bNW* ano be toto me (t una 

boubteb till about 4 & 5 ^>^* ■ • 9nb t^ %uSitt Jones, ana 

febeeal otbet 3lub0e0 abbttitb abbot ft>anbmnteroIbetbat 

tbe pattp bibo toft tbe ^ob0 anb piodecttteb tbe jFelon ta 

Conbiction (boulb babe teRftutfon of W ^oob0 WtK^ 

tteee ffolen, notbtfibOanbtng tbep totct (Mb in a i^^atitet 

HDbett, anb ebec Once tbat time be (iiip0 tbe Piaaice b^ 

me Co rur t)<(ti accoibinglp* 9nb ff anpone pleabto amrtt of Ee- 

mspM cbirtM, ttttotlon in fticb a Cate, tbat be bougbt tbe ^oob0 in a 

^.714. accoid. ^aefcet a)bett 5 Cbec Oncetbe EeColntfon tbe otbec pae« 

notwtthftanding tp piecentip bemuct'o unto ft, anb bab3iiab0mettt t 9ab3 

aSaicinaMar-tbfnb ft to be obecpgooo EefOItttfon ttattanteb bp tbe 

f^c ^°^* A*" ^^ti^ ^ tte Scat, of 1 1 H. 8. anb tenb0 to tbe abbance^ 

D^Lcf^m^ <>^n' ^^ Sufffce to msStz^m p^Ctcote relomm anb ft ttOi 

L^ i iSSiSm. l^itcoutage ]^ec(im0 ftom bnpfng Sollen ^0000, tbo' f n a 

21 H. 8. cuth ^ar&et fDbett ; fb| unbet tbat Retence men bup ^oobji 

that Rcfthutkm tbcte fo) a fmoH baiue of pecfinus bibom t^ babe teafon 

thaii be made in to (ttfpett, bibf cb Piactfce tbf SUfbltttfon biai abate* 

cale the Thief be 

Sn?i!?fJf *!5 ^^«'' Magna Charta f0 ejtp2e(0 fn pofnt, tbat 
^m who?oft the ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ Of X I H. 8. tbe SHonet b)bo p]oftcute0 qiall 
Goods, as in the ^^^ cefif ttttion, notttif tbHanbfng a dale f n Market iDbett. 
ca(e of an Ap- iSote, 3If ^obb0 be ftoleH) anb not biaibeb f n flfgbt, no| 
peal 4t Com- (etfeb bp fome oftbel£Ung'0€>EEiicet;0, a0 fufpeaeb to be 
mon Law. Qoun, tbete tbe pottp ttiot f0 cobbeb map tale bf0<0ooQ0 

agafn, oi bifng an action fo| tbem, altbo' be botb not 

Where reflituti- Piofecutej Vide Cio. 5:. Rep.Foxley'$ Cafe lop. Stamford 

on, and whae PI. Coron. 1 8 6. b. 'Sttt f f t^ ^0000 be Uufbebbptbe 

not. _jgjp„ 

Murder and other Offttscci. ^^ 

felon f It trt0 irifg;^) oi m Cafe tliep be not foailieD* ))et ff 
tbcp be (el?eti bp anp of cbe fiUngji iDSI[cet0» as (Ufpeo^ 
(n0 tbemto be flolen, tbece tbe Pact? Iball not bate Rer 
mttttion, unlefitt tbe^bUf be contifateti at b(0 piofeoitf on. 

Vide Stamford, PL Cor, x86. b. anb in OlCb Cafr0 tbe 

l^actp (ball bane Eellttutfon onip Cotfttcb^ooo^a? ate e^ 
l^dTeD in tbe Snbfament, anii notfo) anp.otber ^0000 tbo' 
Itolen at tbe fame time, if tbep are omitteb out of tbe Sn- 
Hioment, beunite bp tbac ontfRon tbe Cbief mfgbt babe 

efcapemCo. 5. Rep. Foxle/s Cafe 1 10. Vide fO) tbcGS mat- 
tet0 Stamford, Pi. Cor. Title FrefhSute, 165. anO Title-. 
Wayfe, 186. attb die fame Book Tide 

CdeCUieSion, fobet^et at tbfsbap tbete neebstuio m\t' One Witms is 
ncflto to conbitf a man of |>i0b'tCcea(iMt, batb Bromn onip enougbinTia- 
i^on tlie fl>pfni0n of Co. Pi. Cor. x;, i6. bibete amonsfl^ron, as it (cem- 

otbertbOt80, beoeUbec0anfl)piniontbat8ttbe€onmion^<?"^ 
littD, tbw SOitnclba ate neebfUi in Cafes of Cteafon, 
aiio cites manp leooim in tiie (l^atBin ) but none of tbcm 
iMctant anp Qtcb 2>pinion ; ann t^ete ace i^anp tbings in 
}t» Po8biimoQ0' cuo)k0, efpectaiip fti bis Pleas of tbe 
Ccoum concerning Creatbns, ann in liis Sarifbioion of 
tbe Courts concerning parltiunents ttbtcb lie unbn • 
diil)p(cion,bibet(ier^pcecetbeb no alteration, tbep com* 
fng out int^tiroeoftbaciDbiclils caneo tbe Long Par. 
liament, in tbe time Of tliot bcQ^au Eebellion agafnft 
Iting Charles tlie fitff* "But certam it i0, tbete are manp 
Crronrs in tboCie places ; but osto tbe main CUtefKon^^ic 
feemetb to me berp plain bp tbe etpiefs CDo)be of x\gi Stat, 
of I E. 6. c X x.tDat at tbe Common laui one CQlitnelii bias 
Ittfilcfentfn|)i0b^rea(i0ii[3 fo) x^Wns&k of tbe Stat. 

are» NoPerfoa after the.firftdayof f<^niMrjr, 
coming, (hould be Indided, Convided, d^r. for any Of- 
fence ofTrcafbn, &c. Unlefs fuch Offender be accufed by 
Two fuffident Witnefles, biHiCb IKObetb Stongip , as 1 

tbtnft, tbat before tbat time one saiitnefs bias enougb> 
anb in all Cabs at Common )tabi, P)oof ^^9 one catc- 
nefs is (toiRcient, anb no 9ntbo]itp, tbat 3 tan finb, in anp 
'Boob is otbecttiife, fo tbat 3 take tbe necc(&tp of ttooSQil 
ncflirs bias 1 E.6. anbtbentbeipojce 
of tl^at dtatttte is tafcenittNip bp ibe f &xPh & Ma.cap. 
10. idWcI altfto it biere in tbe general a lato biliicb er- 

^ pfCfO 



50 ' Murder and other OfF< 


ptefQ iDiti» t|8t fluieen, MngfinaDefioipieftclNitfORordet 
pnfim, pet tiiat Claufe f n t^ Mimte» tbvtiSttsm 
ftti CtMdpns Qian be attafotati to t^e concft of Conimmt 
MtDf f a perpetual (laaTe, anQ tcQoM tbe Common 
Lam a0 it toaabefioie tbe Scaci af E 6. aim tile stac. i & x 
Phil. & Ma. cap. 11. ttbicft 10 c|e tiett Ciiaptec concec* 
ning Crea(ion0, (it cotittetfirltlag 0oiiie0> tm, tbat^ 
iDffenDet0 Qiall tie mitfttedi cotmuteo, aim aetaimeo 6p 
f ocft ttke ciKticRce) aim m (Uc^ maniiec a0 1^ m|0flt iNttie 
teen bcmie tie fimipeac of tbe latetu E. ^. folilco po(Qt0 
erncapto tie time taben tioa CQttnclliHi nieee teqnttelb 
mm iDiifcl bp t|f0 <atawtc appcaccti not to lie at tie Com* 
mon Lato* 

Fii. sttt. I C|atBrokefs,a0f|cp«ienilittGmfio|ttilin0tQpatPtt 
jt€. «. II. 0) Mipftift of Spaeceli iBeUMnv, siace> aefttei0» &e. m an 
CI ^ R_. _ tiMfliBftii Craoe* anlenatte^, mnodeietoatc|19er- 

SXtbdS^f""*»^«*>»» WettmiiAer, Soinhwaik, mlOtt|mciDQ 

pe^, 9nt0meicaf,alfect08iip|p|op6itp(aHit|atfft|eptefti(is 

banlle mme i fttt Q>t|eee f0aMQmence MMQrt tit 

ancient Bvpkcis mm tieft neiR Broken, m t|ae totir* 

iMatote if mtp Mtt CHmmiia baimit ip ^emi tlepactp 

mafiabe ^ SMian aga^ ilemfttt^ €Miai09 mieiiec 

lepiaOeiite tie faion 01 ms fat^ piopmip 

. ... MemofMiclmii, atLencCfecnitieWiaciifefler, i8Car. 

Q^J^, >' One Heniy Hoodmni MMKO fiBit|e moeiet of John 
(laughter con- NfcwjM, oHi npon tlej^b^Mco ft appta tgi^ t|a t |r fcfl- 
trary to diic6H- icniim wt|ont attp PtoiofiMifmh iuit tletcHpon S a^ 
onofthecoart,tetteot|e3iurp, t|atitfaB09Mn;ier; fiQtleiamfntiet 
See ^oie. oOr intenwi i^aliee ; mm 31 tem^em tlqpivete SKUBei^ 
This comfe of of (^ Qj^tte^ gf jfatt, W2.i0|et|ec Ncwcn Metttpp tie laim 
Sr'»l?nr5.« of Hood 5 int metlev it «m0 i0tteaec o} ^l^amiatiglter; 
but foci <^^ t|attta0 mattee in Lafo, in mwcl tieptoete to oUiEitie 
demned, and i^e oiceixion af t|e Cottct* "Bttt naiiu(t|flaimitt0 t|ep 
never fince ufcd looMii Gn9 ft oiilp (f^nOangltee ; ttletettpon 31 toofk tie 

barely for m- (SecQitt, 01111 fincl t|e 3iBeP) Of tt|ic| John GoldwierfBKm 

ing a Vcfdid t|e jptqemaiw 5 ^ apiece, mm <aommictea t|em to ^oal 
^^^ ^^"^'tHlciepfowmattcccicv to appemfatdenett 910^0, mm 
^^^ tit tie mean time to le of tie ffooD iBeiatifoue : oent af- 

Hti iqwn tte paitioR pf ifti Jiuon. . 3.t«^ PUMi tfie v 

tta» u 40S. (Mew, i»|ADtliq> alinff,: untt (.«(«'(■ . :< 
inRecfgn^aKe, 8(c 

flttteCaWMStf at Winchefter, tie Cleck apil«(it-TI» Oidinaiy 

tntf tt( VifllW:4il Sttte Cletff!) ta tbe pjitonere, ^' f>"«i- 
«« to entttto 1% 010 «ii'£f ! S "'"flea dim w Bffll SS- '''''"«,"* 
chMr Mtftaii, «itt not to ftp legit m cafe uc tauw not JXL h 
(n»i mg OKraDtn be DeHiKtto me »ooit to um, mf [^7^ &, 

a HtWIMl tk Wltn« IKWC lOOfc'D upon tOe -Book « cndaroulinglo 

■U« «a* !«t tbe vmtmii <nerlit upon tlie DemonD of Uk- ibuft ihcCout. 

git m noa legit, lllkctip legu > anS tftcteupon 31 Uii^WP 

MntfMlMMtt wBt*HljMia««Hfitt)iliclm»it4ffakeb, 

■Ub»tt(4H(Ki«ftfie9flif^WkMnW4Mi> kgit « 

iiwi](«i(, (aahnOMteifNiifii {tai«afw«pax(if,legici 

Clea ] HD ttt Cletft of tlic afBiFtd not t» tjsdW^ » Itqi 

a ton tte patton te toas not ttie auOEt islietfiet |k ceaD 

oi tn>, IKI (BAiffttial (MRcet to moite a icue Etpan to 

tia CWCt. am ft 3 cautn t6e )Pji(sntc to be bjougtt 

Mir, no mmn tm tbe iBoofc, aiui tben tbe pjuo- 

M| (MtiiiQ u nun aot teas ; tMatupon a tan ttie 

SMCmle M imaacbcD IM iFumtion, fno unpiewbo 


sunt braMli ft Mu bit pctfonai menu ma ^iniemta- 

Mhaa> »WW «Marks, ami UD UK Sfie tbe isiQop, 

WttflbtttWtiaco to p^UK an OjBUiat;. 
9ii Vjotbtt AidKt, upon Oftcoutft, ton ine be fbes te- Mr. rarVsor;, 

amnkKt tie Caft a( Mc.Ford« Gent, f n Gny»I|i|), )p|o f n killing a Man in 
tbt^lK iHeil Sir Nicb. IJyde m» €m attWUiW)! Ip- ^''i™' °f his 

MMB te Vmet bi tbe UiRS'o 'Bciicb. mum tie °»^„po<rc<E°n 

etfMMe. at Hfe toas tblt Mc. Ford UJltO Dtitti tm- T.*„^„i5!'fi' 
MMPi HWtatteVineTavecniuHolborn, Om^P0IBi4™° •"""" 

•aD(aiw«iiiKiSPmpan;, infngiiiii; mub tbem (oa)ie:lHh>- 
nim of (U Mme. tpoulii ueeDs babe tbe Oaovi Mete 
Mr. Fof d Ufa, ana tWII btW (Wt, to imb Mr. Ford ^. M<„„w. To 

flwoeli, tb«ittb(r4B»fiMUKl^See<iiti<bi?ni<gbtbai)eiiiquin: or this 
bap ir, bdt la iMin m iKtnwaoat bp fatce^ snocare. 
tbiMwmtbeptwwtbebiOIMJWoaJ^C'fpul. aotrffa 
iCompmh anDMr.FoKlHetiibts4'M)>» fciirooncoc 
ttm, «R»<t«iif> aiiHKMiMPablr- : 



'Mtird^r and other Offences 

• *•-«•■* 

JtmtswA Bf 9ttbt^Slttli'^lilmp in Hie Old Bally, 19 F«Vritai7 
verh OA, ^ 66s i John Jonb atlO Philip Bevec, ttcte tnDftteD fO} OauC' 

0(atp roi'bieoMng tfte fiUtig'tf |)Ottft at Whicehal, ano 
IfeaUnff ftom thence tbe 90000 of tfte L0211 Cornbury, 
mib foece (ounQ not ^tittti^. 9il<i ilter fiece fnofdeii roi toe 

. fitmCBUCglatp, 8HDtteaHiHStpil€iiMiQBM>Mr.Nunnery: 

anD foe a0ee«o tliat Uiep liefii#olice atiittftlf^fO} ttie iftit' 
- i. olacp) cottltiiiot te fnbutto ^ftfMCiQ t(ie fame'Batfflacf, 

bur nif eirt te ftitiftreb Rii'lMini tot 0OOM orMr.Nuimeiy 

BCCOJDfns 80 (t ttair fSIlittl^ telMMII fit Tome/s 

Cafe. Vide ante. Dat In^ (6(0 caCe tt^ Ue^ (ali 
t^ CttiMhce not fitfRdent to none ^ Seattns of mf 

'i;o|1l Cornblir/s €fOO1l0» m mUXt fmi KOitiNiljteD t^ 

■haf ano ia takni' no (EUciKit r ano Hbm 6e mfggt Osfie 
bi^n MMtfeb fa^ HRtt 1Bttts9fHr;> tm ft<B(Ui0 tbe 9ooii0 

of •'Mc. Nuhnclyl 

*'■■•>: •. ■ ' ■ ■ ' y^' . ..■ •■.■.:• 

- MemoraMum, Mr. Lee, (be Cletb'Of tbe Peace (^ 

BuiKtary»coiin-'^i<'i^/ tbcip'tdib (He, tbatiAottt tttittti» |^at0 fiofe fn 
try Hoiife and t^ wz of Mr.-Gttrdiner, Qibo 1080 a Citizen, ano bso a 
Gty Hode, ' ^OB in tfte iCftv iDOere be nOiaflp Kbcb in tbe (catnter, 

' on» atiottdr pmt in tb^ Connteii ttbere be uftiailp HbeD 
Mdummeti -thb ttiitle be attb bio fmniRji biete fii tbe 
Cotmtrjf). tb^ JNnift (n tbe ^ bia0 bioften open m tbe 
'^iSm^y ano MCSMio fioien ) no l^mfon beftig tit tbe 
Dottft, aniiiflwiilll^iaHiel'Btttfllatp, (^ttbM0|tti|l8ii- 

Oon iMKlfir. 

Mefflorandum, CbOt in{i "B^Ot^ 'Fi^iTdcti (||eftieb me 

a Report ttbfcb be bab of a C^atge gibcn bp SnRfce Jones 
to (be (Bfaano jurp at tbeftiOB'o^l^mcO^m f n Michael. 

mas Term, 9Car:x: lAttbfCb 0it Cfltby tbat pOffoninB 

anotbec ttao (j^oet at Common Labi* 9H0t|iedta* 

tote of I £. 6. toao but<beHacato)p of ^ Common Laio, 

anh anamcmatfon of ft.DeeftebVauxanbRidley'sCatr* 

3f one Djfnto poftoi bp tbe ptobocatfon 0} petOiaQon of 

anotbet, anb bietb of ft, tbf0 fo ilbucbec fn tbe perion tbat 

lierfttabeb ft ^b be tobb tbfo bfffeeence : af A. gfbe 

Principals in ^offoit to J. s. to gftie to J. D. ano J. S. bnottfog ft to 

Muidet,tho*ai>' be {^offon, fftbe ftto J. D. ttbo tabetb ft fn tbe abfence of 

feiit. J. s. ano ofetb of (t« 3n tbfo Cafe J. S. tobo gabe ft to 

J. D. f pjiQcipaf* 9nb A. bibo gabe tbe piofron to J. S. 
"anb bia0 abtent Wxi ft bia^ tafcen, fobut acceflTat; before 


Murder and other Offences* 5 ; 

tbejpaa: 15111 if A. impetd ]^oi(on fo] J. S. ano J. S. m 

t|)e abftnce of A. tafcetl) it, atin tiictt of it ; 3in tlK0 cafe . 

A. tftottgD tie tie olifenr, pet tie io principal : do it io if 

A. gitieti l^oiTon to B. to giue unto C. ano B. not ttnoio- 

fitff it to be l3oi(iDti,lxit fielieiitii^ it to tie a goon ^eoicine, 

Sioetd it to G.. todo Dietti of it ; 3in ttife cafe A. lotio itt 

aliftnt m ]^2tncfpat, o] eife a i^ait i^ouio tie matoeceD 

ano tOete Qiottio be no ]^]iacipal : ftn B. fobo kneio 

notbfns of tbe poiCbn) to in no faulty tbo' be sabe it to 

C do if A. putii a dbiojb into tbe banb of a ^ab- t>eiron abTcne 

man, anb btbo bfmlttllB.biUb it, anbtben a. goetb abiap, Principal in 

anb tbe ^ab man tuiid b. uiitb tbe dttio2ba0 a. common- Murder, wbae; 

bebbimytbidio^ucbet in A.tbo' abfent,anbbe is ]^2incipal: <,^^ ^5^ ^^o 

f 0)itiii no Crime in tbe (pab<manbibobibtbe fa(t> bpeea- ^^^ ^ , u^ 

fim oC bi0 m8bnef0,anb be (aib tbat tbio Cafe biae lateip "^^VJa 

btiBi» bimtelf anb 'Baton Tievor at tbeaoijeo at Hereford. ^Z 

9 CBomatt aftet tbe bab tbio Daugbtero bp bee $)a0banb, 

Clopeb (tom bim anb libeb biitb anotbec 9^m* Stna 

8Ctetbiacb0 one of bet Dausbtet^ came to ber, anb fbe ' 

taXn bee (khd botb pone f atber, to bibicb bet Oangbter 

an(bieccb» tbat be bab a Colb, to bibicb btoCOifis ceplieb, 

fim f$ a 000b pobibet fot btm, 0it it tjun in fjia l^olTet $ 

anb on tbtt tbe iDangbtec cacrieb bome tbe Ipofober, anb 

totb all tbi0 tbat bet #otbec bab (bib to bee, anb to bee 

mbec difiecy, bibo. in bee obfence sabe tbe pobibee to bee 

f atbec in |if0 l^olGrt) of ubicb be 9UXi^ .^b be UAXh tbat 

upon Coneoxncebiitb aft tbeSobgeO) it bKuitefoibeb tbat pofons ibfeAc 

tie tasuft txwi ]P2incipal in tbe Quebec, anb alfo tbe i|9an Principal in 

biitb bibom fbe tun abiap, be being p^obeb to be abbfOng Muider. 

in tbe #ot(bn ^ but tbe tbio Dangbtecs bieee in no jTautt, 

tbep botb bemg ignoiant- of tbe poifon, anb accojbingip 

tie 9^ vm |)ang'b, anb tbe $^otbet 'Bumu 


Memorandum, ftbat upon ftattttbaptbe i8 of April Refolodon of att 
1666 An. 18 Car. x. 911 tbe SUbgeO Of England, viz. the Radges, on 

$9p feif, J.K. L02b Cbief Juilice of tbe ttung'o 'BencbiS???^" ^ *!!5 

Sir OrLBridgeman, jlLo)b Cbief 3IttiHce of tbe Common |™\°^ '^ 
Pleas, Sir Matthew Hales, Cbief TBatort Of tbe Exchequer % "'^"-''• 
^P BjOtbet Atkins, -BjOlbet Twifden, OB|otbet TyreU, 
^jOtbec Turner, 'B^OtDec Browne, ISjO^ec Windham, 
^lotbet Archer, 'Bjotbet Raynsford, anb B)Otbec Morton, 
met tOget^ec at Serjeant's Inn in Fleet Street, tOCQUGbec 

P Of 

>> I I I ! ■ 



5^ Murder and other QflPences. 

I ■>■ 

or (Ucli tlrttt80 M natU in point of taitt> &U out fn t^ 
rtJtA4m\ €tyoioC tlie t,op MorLyy uHotMo oil^^Oaptobe 

^•f > ';. '^^' ^l^<i> ^F lit0 pecf fo} a (iMit;o«t> ono me m an una vocd 
Vi ^ ^i !!!1. teMiw G^tai t|pfn00foUottiUiir»pat'i. ftcft ft uiao agnen 
a WbvlH^ tDat upon m Letter of tOeiaiD Dfgti dccttaen Mceaeo to 
the p^Mboncan. uo» foe toete to attetio at ttie Ccpal to one ideaelet EobeiBi» 

not challenge OnO t{ie Clllef JmitM til tftete COltat0 JOf SS. tD(tfCt> 3 Of» 
any of the Peas acCOlOtnglp ) bUt Qip LO^O Bridgman tOflS ObCntt^ WXIS 

that ate Ktuni'd ftiinieiilp tofiett tsitl^tH ^IHnttf tbe €Va 'Baeoti ftaQ not 
ui^tlL littConarofSS.<'iKiiiittgiefttttei)mobfmfnt^Cimn'' 
TuSL >l rf^ ^P ) ^Kt toe all fncce tn dcatlet* tut no ftoni^ tim (kri ft' 
Ti^ Fallot of ss. DtttniF felf, foitte EeaConoatioiifltfo* 

9k 3t MO (efirtoeo* tbat in caft tte peeco o^ lie 

^eto aftee tte dMoente gtiien> ano tde piKOnet mt^' 

twmt Ofio ifytf gon to confidt of tistnc (aecofce* Qmn 01*' 

Ocf to (pcalt fottir aap of tte Juoseo to f^m tteir dptiiion- 

npon anp potttt of um% ttiat tf tfte Lom dttftoaco 1^ iM* 

no to 80, YDt QiobHi foto tdem {lait iDiieiitte tmvo ttfUcQ 

K xA^r. ,<ir«i ^ anp4loeftOtt»ttieltottlo not oeiffKc mgWnUmMt^ 

foDri^^^(^^<^ *(*^^ nottoMmamp mtoote tmm 

]u£es by tb7 ttttfeoMt coofeteoct iiiftt ^etsft of tte Suivtvy mmtftat 

Peas. to be Done ofsnif in Court t 9nD tbfO) uoHofttiaMlfnK' 

tie Keioent fn tbeCaftof.ite Cat! of Ctftlefaaiif^' 
INH tlonabtfRiMntln tegatb o( one fetbeo, 9$ Mil Ojt- 
fit tbeabofMnKBttIptcfon» tibfcb mfglcvoiiibpf^niie 

4)!|if«fDn0> iMflUfolnttonnof 3lttDffeo betnsTHiDi^ odne- 

3. aitboagbiKtKteimoaagceebMtte PieOneM^r 

1^ LO]0 Dacte's Caflt, t(t<0 ftp Sir E.Coke At^e PfeaO Of 

ifask'dinCourt^^^"*"n» P* *9»ft3o.tlwKile3ltt^0ma^*ettbee8nr 
by the High Wnf onf n open Court, m tbe abfence of tbe pifonee s pet 
SkcWUn^b- fe 1010 lagreeo, tbacff tbelomdreioatOQiottni, fn open 

ienceofPdfi)- Coutt, Demano oiip Of out iDpftitono fn anp ttn«9 tbo' 
ncr. in cue abfence of tQe P)f(iiiner, toe mere to gfbe an anQoec 

to tbe CUtefifon t{ie tm ^tA dteinato flronio bemanii of 
no, ttie being cairn to aililf tbe Court, ann t^e bemonv 
ofonr Ciueft^ in (iicb cate bemg cetm'o to ine Offcee- 


Murder and other Offence^' 5 5 

toece woo o) unable to 9^fie(, «nii Ml^ niaiD(>BMi»y ^ 
tbeceof, t6at tben tbe etamfnatfanB of (Uc& p]f(nc&^, OsmcMar 
Id Dean otunabU to CtaM m^t be (eaD» i(ie ^0^ !j^,^ ^ 
net ficfi roaftm^Oatbtbat MCnmUiacionsaj^e t^ (ame 
tPbicb be toolt upon iDatb» wtbont anp dboftfon o] 9lt^ 
catfon tDbatroeber» 

f. ebatmcaftfl>atbQiOttlobemabetbatanyWne{ii(Witiirfres dc^ 
iDbo ban been etamfneb b|> tbe Coroners anotoafii t|eii taM by piD. 
abCimt, bia0 oecafneb bp tbe niean0 oi nocutement of tbe omiDei^of m- 
Wbmu, aob tbe fl>piofoo oC t{|e |ttbBC0 a»i(eii ipbe- ^• 
tbec Oici) ejtammacion migbt be cea9) toe q^Ki an- 
Qoer, tbjit (C tbeti: )lo2bfbfp0 bio^e (^tHKleii bp tb< €\A' 
iencetbepbabbeaco, tbac tbe mttnetiB vm oetaloeobp 
tnean0 o] iijocucenient or tbep^ffonec tben tbetfjcamu 
nation mfgbt be rcab,bu(iDbetbec be ttMttDetaineobp tbe * 

99ean0 0} fijocutement of t^ ]^buier> ma matter of 
f ao, of trilfcD bie bieee notaub0e0» (wt tbeie io)b(bfP0» 

^. agtceiP, tbatif aOMtne&bilo bwi ewiitfnei ipwM Cmali^ 
!lib( ^onee be abbttt, amiMibitffuabetbattibqhbiiie^M^t^ 
nfeb all tbeb; enoeabooFf to finu bim anb onnot ano nM^ t ''■ 
Um» ti^at m not lumcient to aunojifc tbe fenMng of 
IW^ eKamtnation. 

• ■ • ■■ ■ ■ f 


■ ■ ■ ■ . ., . _ , -* , 

7' ^uV9 tbot no !a0ib0, be t^F bilhtt t^f Wt «re w<iI^/k4 m 

in tab) (bell a )^)obocation» ao if ai 4^an MU ano^c f 01 Rrmi^^ion t9 
100)00 onipttittiofminiibtbe $>ffenee pj^iOiltng a ^an ftom jf^^iilf ,,9^' 
i^otbet to be ifl^anflaugbtec x ^uSiim^ one call 000* ^^^^*^ 
tbec (bn of a (BUbo^e, o) gtbe m tbe tie, anb tbeceopon aT^ S^ 
be to tobom tbe uioibo ate gtben, Hill tbe o$berr . tbfo i» ZX^ 
^0umu Xttt if upon in mw, botb tiie i^actieoitobbait* ""r ' , 

Ip if igbt) anb one bill tbe otbec, tbl0 10 but ^anOauBbcer , 
foj it 10 a combat betttrtct tuui upon a (ubbafn beat} lobicb 
i0 tbe legal b^ccipttou oi ^l^flaugbtec s anb toe uiece ail ^*^* ovifttif% 
of (Dpinion tbat tbe dtatote of i Jac. foj sabbing a ^m 1^- *^> f> ^* 
not babing fittt Ocuclt* no{ babing anp saieapon b^abin, I.TL^jT'^ 
tDa0 onip a Oedatationof tbe Common tabs anb mabe oudruddtriDiT 
to piebent t^ inconbeniencicB of 3HCie0, b>bo loece apt and ont with r 
to beliebe tbat to be a Jj^^ocatiootoejeceniiate « ^c- Dagg^ koi the 
ber, b)(Kcb in Hatt bia0 hot* other. 


56 Murder and other Offences. 

If theie be a 8. 9gteeo, t&at f f upott iDO]li0 ttDO ^eti fftoto to anget, 
Qiurre^fiearca- ano eftetiDQtM t{iep (upp)eCB t^t Qtiffer, otto tften Call m-. 
fonabietiiM be- (^ ot|,{|r o(cotttft0, o{ iKiOe otfiet OfHerOonjEi fo] fact a 
f« *^J2r* np«ce of ttw« 8i8 tn teafonaMe f ntcnoment, tfeefrteat 
t rJz^'t ni(0bt becooieli, ann fome time aftec t^ Djato one upott 
a^ rWfikUout anotOer> enoffgbt, attoonefo ftflleD, tl^tafs ^titoer, 
fixidainiy and tecaufe bcittg attenoeo tDftf) fuct) Circumfiance0 ao tt f0 
«^t prc(entiy, teafonoblp (kippofeo to be a iiettbetate aO) aitu a piemeM- 
and one kill the tateiT Eettetige upon tbe fits Cluactel ; but tbe Ctrcum- 
Qtber it is bat ||gtice0 of fttcb an att bef ns matter of jpaa, tbe Sutp ace 
SJftS'£S 3WWe» 'f ^^ft Cttcumttance0. 

^Kfently goSto This following Report I took out of Julticc 9pelmatt'« 

the Fidd and Original Reports, which I had from Sir ^effcp pal* 

Fight , and tnec Attorney General, which Report is dted, Co, 

dne kilb the o> PI, Car. 29 & 30. 

'iT^*" * I^ ^^^ *L"J** Dacres*s ^aff , ttbo toafl fnbfaeD foj Creafon 

SnuSlSof Fu- ^^^ CoiiimttDoncejl of Oyer ami Terminer (tt tfte Cottif 

xy. But if two tp Of Cumberland, fO) aobtttng to tbe flcottf, t^te'tninf^g 
611 out (ixldain- Cnemfee, anbtcfeti bp bi0 ]peec0 a6 H. 8. * Thomas 

•ly, and bcfcre Duke Of Norfolk b'cf lig tMftti AtettNltll ; anD tbe Hap be- 
any bk>«M^ fo{e all tbe 'iub0e0 aflTemblen to refofbe cectaftt0tteafon0 
**?P?u*'Wc^ mlBbt ante upon tbe famcrpaf, fatbat ff anp 
f^ Fidtf Ittd 2Uieff(onQ)Ottliibe astteotbcmtbep mfebtcefolbe una voce, 
oM m the ^^ on< CltteflKon toao, tobetbec tbe ]^}ifoner mfebt toafbe 
oth^, this b bf Ctpal bp bt0 Peec0, anb be ttpeo bp tbe Countcp^ anD 

Miiider, Brade t\^ all agtceO be COillO HOt* f 0] t^ 0C8ttlte Of Magna 
k appcaieth bf Charta 10 f n tbe JBeffatfbe, Nee fuper eum ibtmMs nifi pec 
choolmg a fit legale judicium parium fucrum, tM9 (0 at ttie JBlinK'0 

g^ ^^g[»* dult dpon an anWrtment* 

W8S dbiEivc their 

PaffioR,«Ddfoa '• 3lt toa0 agcreo bp tnoS of t^ aabgetf, tftat If all tbe 
deubeiate ad. P<ec0 Oo not agree m tbeic (Seroitf, tben tbe (Becbfct of 
yij* cnmft, tbe gceatefl pact of tbem 10 a goob Gecbia, fo tbat tbece 
Ju3,f. 35. ac- He ctoelbe tn moie ; (tberefoie tbe ufe 10 nenec to babe 
Sf^"** le(0 tban ttoentp tbiee ^ero fo{ Tryers, becauft tbat I0 
^{,VJL*tIIS ^^ ^^^ mtmbet to be (tace of ttoelbe to be of oneipinb.) 
b/peofc »"* aftec tbe l^ilfonec foa0 acralgneo, anb a0itc 
VeidiA of the tobetbec be tta0 ^utltp o{ not eufltp:Oebeaceb ceQitt to 
gieatcft number, conQDec, becoufe t|ie Snoftrment foa0 long, anb contain. 
good if twelve. CO manp tb(ng0 h but tfte pi^ dteMrn toib {rtm, be 


Mulder arid ofterOffisndei ^7 

ttiaS pleoD to tj^e ctea(ion, o{ elfo 3Ittti0tnent ioouID be 

gifpen agaf Ml (tfnt M a Ccatto}, ami t^iapon ta pUao* 

c» nat 0ut(t|i, Wm Oa ttMH aafcc^ tan |e laoum be ttpiii 

8119 be toai long time tft tmnnv, am umiiiio «iiae iaf» 

m bimtkir upoH bfn pwft^i m at taff tbe Di0b •wbiaco 

toio btm tbat H mutt t tm lubgmiiit atainil bim «r • 

ICtatto) , unlebi be put [)imfolf upon btiS peec0, att . 

•gamfi one lote iilMeo tbe Qkfm tt Labi 1 aim tieeiiiii- ^ 

on |e put biniMfCo) ^ CfMl wian |Mi 9itee0; «n» attee 

tfUbence taa^ |Mi» anb tbf pHHtanti uittbbiattNi ftam 

tbe 'Bar* annt^e LogDi gone to canflbee offbeft Oemi» 

tbe? rent to tbe lUib fttfinaeii ta (peab bXtb b(m ; am |e TheHyiv-$tew. 

tbccenpon befltib tbb flMifeii>arcbe lubgetf $. anb tbe{i 80* aid not to (^k 

ttlbb lim tbat |i comb nac oa fo unlefg tbe PKfonee bm^ to the peas » 

mellettt otibe 16ar. ano aOfMaatbg tbe ipeeea beOecb tjl^ a^ «f 

tbe lam^neviaib tbat one Chnftopher Dacras, Qncle to ^ <^''<^- 

tie top DaeiMj nfbebwft In t|a Towror fei tbe feme Cteg* 

im, iitfg^be(liNbfa)i9beenmiftieb,irtbe)t.DaxsrMb(ii 

cammanb Km 10 fc to tba tsf» Mane to treat biitb bfm 

In Ciboiieof tleSootst iSbib tbe Loib Seward, bp tbe ab^ 

Dice of tbe 3ttDgc0, tolo tbem, tbat caulb not be banf, 

all tbe$baience being gfben plceobp, anbairo^eb}a0ttoc 

■ Qtcefnep CQfUtne&i being Oi^e to t^e l^iiCenet, fuib 

nacOippaftb tbat be bioMi gtbr €b{ben(e againt bioi> lb 

after, in tbe abtmce ort[)epiiConee (ai^ tie Conifit bO 

tbeltaibtf gabe tba (Hembiy aiibfomibbim hot guntisanli 

ttm tbej^liTonet biag Inoiigbtlotbe 1^, anb t^ellaib 

Stewatd Mb tebegtfe tbefleebitf^ anb gabe Subgment tbat 

lefl^ttlb be bibcbaegib paptnglig jFectf* 

dob awongs tbe 3«bgc«, a ffUtegtan ftng mofteb ttb& qom may 
tier tbe C^tmigbc be ab(oi»neb to tbe nerc bay* anbadjoumciL 
tpeti agcceb It mfgbt) bntitbatlnQtbeenbonet 

■ ■» .. * 

9not^ Jetton 6100 mobeb among tbem* tbat irt|e if the Lords a- 
t^c«c0 bib nat agecc, c# fbatcbe Cwct taao ab^aoeneb til gKe ^^ th«r 
fbe nett ba^bi^ (boulb be banc Wf^ tbe »eerg tnlif bwre ^^}^ ^^^ ^fl 
ibeCeietg} 9no feme llubgeg beib tbep biece ta be bepit l^^^X ^ 
tigcibec ill n|g^ but ntbecgbelb, becavfet^ bMte XX'^V^ 
9m ibDQin> Ibt tbe great Cent cepaCeo m tbem> anb pie- fi Hoofes. 
ikmieb to be in tj^mi) tbff ifiigbt gp to t^e obin po^tp 

A ana- 

5S Murder and Other Ofiences. 

Loids before 9itot|iec CUtcfif ott 1080 iiioiKD mnotis ^ttu fobctfeec 
wtom the i»-t^ iLosonttbo imtc CdiimiffDotiec09 to enquire ofti^e 
r ?^i»V CcettCint, Mm intom tfie ptiOmec imtf 3nmaeQ npon 

p£' r^the tbe drnmUflionof Oyer tm Xamiaer, mfg^ Oe ]^m0 

Tryai. 0nt|iee(FiiliaQO8B(ecoiqpaUtd9ttf)eBiiU86t. 

af A. iatft police agafntt B. ttiH meetet^ (rtm atiQ ifei* 

itetl) iKm, atiQ tDen B. matPCtd at A' anD A. flpet^ back 

unttt be come to 8(QlIa],i» anb tbeit Mt B. tb(0 (0 9^i> 

Mutdernotwith-ber) nonDftbSanbUiB W flpftis totbe (Qliaa >, ioi tbe ccaft 

flandiDg flying Of 011^0 ibsU not iiccuft tbe i)0attce ttbteb'lie bab, not 

to a Wall, (bell anp (Ucb DeMce to i»^ fM( ^ttce on anotbecann 

tbfnit to be ejccuteb bp Habb abaabfm anp tbtos* but In 
fbcbCafe tbe ^flUce 10 enann»ble> ano ff tbat be founo 
bp tbe 3lutp> tben bl0 illBlit I0 fiitBe ftom eiicnang tbe 

Ccfme) tbat ft asgcabateoft, vide CcompJoiL xa. b, Fitz 
C(». 387. vide atthe enddfteQafe, in Ficz Abridgment, 

Turv undavaiae^'<>^-^^7* tbe 3lotoi0 iDCtt anictctD fQ iKittin0 an itnbec 
Goods forfeited^iilaltte upon tbe (]EFoob0 of a man ^bibo l^b anotbee m 

thcyaieameKe«bl0Ol0nbefence* , 

able. < • > 

9t a ^oal pellbecp at Newgate, i itU July 18 Cat. %: 
Tho. Johnfotf, John GitUog, anD Elizabedi Powell toete 

fnbiaeD fot bteabf ng tbe l^mjXz of Xhoo^as Powell ( bi0 
mtU tben being (n ^ iioufeo ano Sealing attap abobe 
60 L in $)0onep« dSpon ti^ Cbtbence tbe Cafe bia0, tbac 

Powell kept an Ale-houfe, ano £Iiz. Powell 1080 Wi %ttr 

Ii8nt,anb bab feen bet ^ifltceOs put ^onp into a Ctunit m 

bet Chaniber,bibicb biao a pair Of dtait0 big^ ano loclt'b bee 

Ccunb ; 9nb tbia detbant combfneb b)itb tbe tioo 90en ta 

tob bet of tbe ii^onp»anb in otbet tbeceunto* ^oie tbio ^en 

came into tbe poub to b2infc» ano founo Gault uiitb all tbe 

Eoom0 belobi dtaic0, ano Ut biece bab up tbio pair of 

dtait0) tbe nett tf banibec to tbat ttbece tbeflj^onep 

bM0, anb tbe ii0aib came to tbem, anb tbep bioke up tbe 

9nink> anb took abiap abobe 60 i. in ^onep, anb upon 

tbtt ebibence9 mp fei^ anb mp OBiotbec Twifden,anb TS^ 

tier Wyld being piefimt, biece of Opinion tbtt to take 

What (hall be aObiap Clecgp, tbttc muft be an aaual btea^ of tbe 

breaking of a|)oure* f 0) If otte COOK iuto 8 Cabccu, 02 an Qle- 

Hcufetotakea-bottfe, aub take aup tbfug, tbe labi mdtetb tbem ^ef^ 

way Clergy. p(K|j^0 ab iqido ; UnQ (0 if tdcp Heal Wip tbfng, ft f0 



Murder and other QflPence^. 5^ 

ftioKjh pett^Qotdttotnuriteanadmrt fiieaUttsoftue 
ItKittte) but in tHat CaCi?» 3ittbeptidn0(nt6e|Nmreb]ntk 
open anp Cbambec-iion ano ffetf ^MMiiBf, tb{0 10 art 
aonal bieaitfiv of tbe ipott(i(t <nti taftet^ afrap CI^ 
Bp; bit tbe bjeiftfng open a Cnmloi Vox W^isHtnlk' 
to, ana fUtAim MP tMPont of ft, tt no aooai iieakfnff 
of tbe lt>ottC^, becaoft tbe Cnmk 01 n^oi; ate no patt of tbe 
liHKi&* "But if tbeplqeafc open anp tbfng iPbttb io Seed 
to tiie f cee-doim ao a CnpboatD D002 fti a mM> &c. tMi 
10 an tttual bieaiUnir of tie t)oaft ; ano accotofnglp in tbe 
P)(nc(pal CaC^y tbe Oen ^o tbete Clergp* 

9t a fl^I'DeUfieep at Newgate %s. April, 1666. 18 

Car. X. upon an Snotttmenr of ^pototc agaf nft Hopkin 
Huggetc, a fpeccal (SLttm foao fonno to tbu efUa. mt 
fino tbat John Berty, ano tfpo otbet0 foftb tm, tbe tkf 
anoi^iicefn tbe anquiOtion f»o de fado, fmwx^tHiiJkinarfeei 
Gdattant (fo) onglit appeat0 to no; tvmttio a #an cafe fix kiUing 
tobofe aamef0 not pet Imofmt, to feme fn bio ^a^eSfeo* ^^ 
idetbfce m tbe inato asaintt tbe Dutch Nadon $ <^Qt 
tbeceupon, aftec tbe nnknobm man loao Smpzeireb, be 

loftb tbe (am John Berry, ttent tOgetbec qufetip into Cloth. Judgs dlfifer, if 
fair; anO tbe falQ Hopkin Huggett ano tfntt otbet?, J?'"^" <* **^ 

toalitf ngr togetbec in tbe Rounds tn ftniifafield, antr ftefiig *^'»&^ 
tbe fflfo Berry anD ttto otbtto tiiitb tbe man f mp^elfto, go- 
ing fnto Cioth^&ir, fnSantip pncftteo after tbem, anO 
otiettattng Berry anb tbe fmpieii man, ano tbe tbKi otbec 
men reonfteo to tn tbefc (DEIatrant, ana Berry fbJMi 
tbem a j^apec fobtebHopkinHuggett ano tbe 3 imttuifi 
1080 no (BElattant ; ano fmmebiotelp tbe Cafb H. Huggeti 
ano tbe tbiee otbeto oybi tbefc 0100100 to tefcue t^ oior 
man amp^, ano tto tbioH at tbe firfii John Beny y anii 
tbeceupon tbe Cifo John Berry ano tbe tfoo otbeto toitbr 
bfm bfo orato tbefc dbioiiio ano flg^ tosetber> pnir 
tbeceupon tbe fafo H. Hugptt ofo gfbe tbe esiouno fn tbe 
tbe amiufOtfon to tbe (iifojohn Bet^, mbeceof be f nfHmt- 
ip Of eo 5 ano ff upon tbe bibole mattec, tbe Qtfo H. Hug* 
gett be Buatp of <99ttcoec tbep fino fo ;' at of (^anflaogm 
tbep fino fo, &c ait tbe anogeo of England befng mee 

togetbec, at Serjeant's-Inn fn Fleetiheec, upon OtbecfDt- 

caCono, (ano bcftne tbat tfme, babfng €e9m of tbl0 f^ 
cfal Qecobt fent onto t^m^ aftec tbe otbec bofinefit off- 
patcveo, tbep toctcococeo to gfbe tM Wnfon0 m tbf0 


6o Murder and o^her Offences. 

Coft, IbMcc tltfW^ ft to be g^nsr o] (^0att|iiter* 

Sim 4k &4|» CWef juttice Bridgeman, Ml €\Hit putott OBlpttKi: Atkins, H^otiiK Tyvell, l^jotlxc 
Turner, 'B)Ptt(C Browne, 'BiOtftec Archer, too X}fniit 
Eainsford, ||aWO0 ^0 tU JBoU0 Of t(e ApecUit <3eclifa 

t^e DopK be(0]e> ^etttmeu ti)(t( (DpUUon 00 tben a^ 
ltt(cQ ; but t^ep Cato rbep ttoMd not be bounb bp itt Cbtt 
tbf0 U)i0 no ii^iiec> but onlf (j&aitiUiiigbtet ; otin tbep 
Cittf tbat f( t man be unmilp 9ttefleD o) ceftnittif of bbi 
Ifbetty bp tbiu niin» altbo^ |e be wtfet t^ivM, anb oa 
not enoeabout anp Reftori pet tbUi fi a Piobocatfon to all 
otbet men of England, not onip bf0 f tfenb0 but dtcan* 
{ec0 alOb tO) common itHmwnUp fiAK) 00 mp lam 
Pridgmaa CK0, to cnbcabout b(0 Rcbue ( ano tf in fivfr 
cnoeaboueofftcCdietbepmil anp one, tb(0 (0 noii^oe- 
ber, bnt onlp i|Nn0aiigbtec. anb mp "Biptbct Browne 
Ctemeo to celp on a Caft in Coke ix. Rep. p. 87. tobete 
ltfbec0 men bieee plapinf at 'BottV, ano tUNi of tbem Ml 
out anb quacceileb, one brttb anotbec>attDa ibtenman bijio 
babnoflluaml* fncebenge of bi0 f tfeno fituck tbe otbec 
iMtbalMnii of bibf cb bioto be bfeb, tbi0 loao belb to be 
mOf ^anilaii0bter« IMtt mp fel^ ISio^r Twildeo, o^jo* 
tHet Wyndham, ai|b l^jotbec MoftDo. bi^e of anotbec 
Opittfans ahbttebrtb ft to be a^lSntoecy becauTe ^ce 
tttto (a0ttetbott0bt) noyiobocatfonatall. anoffone 
man aifouit aaotbee biftbont Piofwatfon, ano Mil bfm» 
tbfo i0 ^9tttbei; ; tbe Ubi in tbat Cab froplpfng 9Mffce» 

rr^f^w 9nbttefinbitbM0teli0lbeb^alltbe|ubfe0fntoelotf> 
S^ SWw's Cafe, tb9t no mmh betbep ivbat tl^p M/ 
';*^«e. tte((|b|aP]0i|ocatfoQfnUbi,a0ffapont^moneitffl0 

aniilbee monib bfminf lb «} leflim tbe €>9etce ftom being 
#iebjilc,to be ^nt^aniiangbtee. 90 if one caHetb anotber 

wt of 4 fuboie, anb gibetb bMn tbe tfe, oiiB upon tboft 
aXo}b0. tbe otbec iWl bfm Ibat gabe tbe C9Ia{b0f tbi0 
natbitfbftanbfng tboft m$m9 <0 flttebec ; ano tnc 
tbongbt tbo l i r m ay w . toeteapter ,ta nobabe aman tabfii 

ttttoiiei^' t|an tbe bate (ieelng a man tobe nnbu^ P{eM 
ttUn tbelPaetp pieffeb ttfttfnglp (enbee0 bfmfeli^ '^nc 
bKb^ t^t mcb a Piobocaciott 00 nwft tabe off tbe biit- 
fng of a man icon Ijgorbee to be but ^NnOaugbtec, mni 
beiiimeo|ai49M^ncf» 01 annal gdttng Mf tbi oillnbing 
m^iMm i M 4wt gNOnrta tbeit^ie dten bf roip 

v,.«i»i •.•■•■- »|0' 

Murder and other Offences. 6t 

lEjotiitc Browne, f 0) tdcce tt muR be fitteniicD tbat tie 
tCuamen tftat fell gutum aouall; Bs6ang togetttc; 
foi IC tftcce pafleB onlp maate bettuitc ttiefe Cttm, ana 
upon ttem, a iMtD paton Otutk one of tbem liiltS a 
Souil, ant fcllKD 6lm. me belD tliat to be ^ucott; 
9no to ttw tap Lojb Biidgman ano tde otfiet Subgn 
agttcD, anb bie tliougiit ibe Cafe in queUlon to be tnuct 
tte Dtonget, becoutetbejpattji (inileic V^Vim (mpitfr 
Ii>Dbia0 quiet, anb mabi nofiefitance, anb tbeptota 
nuMen biece no fclenbB o( jtt, m acquaintance, but 
tDeteSttangera, anb btb not fo moct an beOtc.JUm 
WM two dim in SuOobp to let (itn go, but pjeleitttr 
.Utttout mojc abo. b)eU t&ett ebMiib0at ttem, ana tan 
at ttietn. anb tie t|ioue6t It to be o( bangecoud tanSf- 
quence to gibe anp iSncontageoient to pilbate men t« 
take upon tbemfelboi to betbeaSettoiti oc otbec men'f 
UbectleS, anb to become l^attong to cefcue tbem fcom 
dcong i elpcciaiip m « Batlon ttibete goon )Labis ate 
. fo) t&e puniRiment of all (ucli Jniucleg, ana one gteat ena 
of Labi is to ciglit men bp peaceable meanSi ana to bit 
countenance all SnbeabouM to tiglit tfitmiitlbeii, mntft 
ttfiiottet men bpf Dice. 

fteconblp, OlefoutuettofSpinton, itatlfA.affiuilt 
a bUttout anp pioaocation. ano ojaui btt eauiai at tim> 
•ne tun at Hm i ana tlien B. to bcfena wmtcie oiato ing - 
auoin, anactepGgittogetlKt: 31 A.kiU |g4pnt< 
Det, anb B. atabilng w auoja to befenb DlmliEiC Qaii not 
Itlftn tEie Sfience of A. ftom being $^cbet, to be sg^av- 
Sausttec onlp : 9nntotti8t|ieot1»c3luaEe« Mb (of a 
take tt agtee.) jfoi it mete unteaionabie, ttwt it one maii 
Bjauuponanotliec, anb tun at film aiiiliout anp Ipioao- 
tatiott tfiat tfie otter man Ifioulb flanb OIIU ano not be- 
fenb Hmblf, am it io ai(o unceaConabie tliat fiu ennea- 
bouc to belenb fitmlelf ibouia lelTen tfie (Offence of film 
Uto bt upon film Wtfiout pjobocation. 

^eut Ue four fieio, tfiat If ttto men be quatceiifng, ana 
eauaUpSgfitlngtogttfiet, ana inotfiea man tunnetfi In 
to alB one of ttem ana kill tfie otfieci tfiis Ubut^an- 
flaugfttecbecanft ttetetiM an aoual figfitmEanbOctUng 
uitb aioiente. 


Murder and other Ofieoces. 

90 uetun 3t (uct laeopie uso ate tallenepftitg 
take up a Tautt). oi ottiec ]^(on to catt; fifm alogp, ann 
tteteapan tfien ig a Sumulttotin, anohtetail^tfbn^ 
run in, ano tbeie U a man fcUUD In t&e f tap, t&ti W liut 
iJHnaaugtittt: jFottliete 10 an open affcapiant aoual fo^cr, 
Micti M a biDDain pjobocotian, ano(ot|iatDeatliiti(ifc6en.- 
fiiettUlwtVanSautttct. Vut utete iSeopie ate «t 
Peace, tfiete if anotlet man upon fufplclon tfiot an Jn- 
(uti> tt lone to one oC ttem, mm affanlt anD Mil tfm 
tiitKimlietlnnlietlimBtliesniut;, tti(«Ui49tttiiir, fotliac 
WilollinottinB butanopenaitop oiStiMng canto « 
IPloliocttioa to an; petlOn to mettile wtti an 3n- 
fucfdonetoanotfiec, iffntliattneuuiglie Mil a man, to 
" lelbn tte otente ctom SISutDec to 9aB- 

Mcmocandum, 9ftic KM USktrace 3 gtanteD g Coci- 
onui to temwe tte Cade into tte King's-Bench, to te 
•tf nto ttete, ant to tecelte • final am lenal Detetmtna^ 
ttan i an* altto' all tte imm »f tte Coutt uete cieati* 
ofCpfnionttatftUMUiVutKt, pet it Mng In Cafe of 
X4Ce, me vu not ttfnii it piutient to giiie tim jnnsment 
arOeatt, but asmittet tnn to tfs cietg)) ; ana a«et tc 
reap, ami Dot tutnt in tte (Mno, toe oiOereDtfm to lie 
fneiiCim<He«en(|9omta<iiUtautbail, ant aftecttattf 
iiBHl te fount eocttiei to be of tte goot Vetttioue tu- 

9C tte Coal'telitetp In tie Old Baily, 10. 0&. i6(g. 

m\(^ WiilomPinkney, a«OlO(tnlttbpi tte Tempkbar, In ttt 

llMiilie neat tte UMBt-uap in tte 0lEtt time, ant Healing 
Robboy and fttetal l^atceM of l^late, ant ott'c ttingg itom tfm> 
Burgiaiy by Sno ttep tscte alfo JuDliiet fo) tte fame fiXfence fo) Vut- 
Fnud. glatpfojb]eaking t>S Qwb in tte jaigtti ant Sealing 

W pate, &c. ant on bott tteft Jniianentg tttp liitte 

airafgneo ant tcpet, ant upon tte etilence tte CaK ap- 
yLi^a VI r^ WteD to te ttat Cptter uua a tottget in tte Seore of 
«f pSSof*" f"" «■*■«?> "« taamtie ttat te tat jpiate ant 
hTv and Cry. 99<me> to goot talue, te combftut UItt tte afticlalt 

Caiftjr, gnO one John Hairington, ant GcrrardCIeafliaKi, 



Murder and other Ofiences. 6; 

QnQ tdep tinee contcfDeti tbat one of t^O? t^ee QonlQ 
come 00 deeliattc of tbe otfiec to Irtce Looginco tbete, 
fo2 6f0 ts^afiec ano another Gentleman $ ano Cotter toio 
tfiienit tdat Pikney luaB one ttlio conSantIp ftepc Piape(0 
clierp BfgDt) ono t^p coulo not jjaint fo gooo on €>p- 
ponunitp to futnije §im as to oefice to |opn m j^tapec 
loltd dfm> ano at tint time to fall on lifm ano ^0 ^af d, 
tbett iie(n0 tiien no otliec Companp In t^e Ooufe } ansae* 
co^oinglp one of tOem came on Saturday fn t6e9fternoony 
ano irtteii LODlngs tbere, pietenofnff it to be (01 U9 ^a* 
fiecanftanot^e gentleman of goooCUtalftp, ano about 
Ctebt a Clocft at J8f gbt tbep all came tbftbet, tfno of tbem 
iiefns (n Deep 0000 iDabft, anft ttben tbep toece in tbeic 
Cbambec tbep fent Un ^tejano oefireo Pinkney to 0)tnk toftb 
tbem, tobfcb be Oio ; ano tobtte tbep toece ojlnftfnff, Cotter 
come In to btt 1000100, ano tbep beac{n0 one go updtair0» 
a0luo tDbo It tDa0, ano Pinkney toiD tbem it toas an bo- 
nes 40enticman, one 9^h Cotter, uibo IoO0eo lit bl0 iS>ottf e, 
ano tbep oeflcco to be acqualnteo foltb bint, ano tbat be 
tiitgbtbe oedceo to come to tbem^ 9no tbeceupon Pink, 
ney fent bi0 ^aio to blm to let bim bnoto tbe Gentlemen 
nefieeo to be acqualnteti foHb bitn, to foblcb Cotter (m 
100)0 It biaa late, tbe nejct Oap toas tbe dabbatb, ano be 
DeQceo to be pilbate, and tbneupon tbofe petQm0 toiu 
Pinkney tbep boo^otB be 1000 a Eell0ion0 man, ano ufto 
to PecfOim f amHp Duties, in foblcb tbep beaceo to ^opn 
loltb blm* 9t biblcb Pinkney bM0 Deep toeii pieafeo tbat 
be bao got (Ucb Eellgloos iperions, ano (O calleO to 
I^]apet0, ano tnbtle be awe at bi0 Debotlon tbep cofe up, 
ano bottno blm ano U9 detbant, ano tben Cotter came 
to tbem, ano ibeoieo tbem ttbete bis i^onep ano plate 
lap, ano tbep tandclit tbe |>Qufe, ano biolte open febteal 
S>oo)9 and Copboatos fict to tbe bonfe 5 ano upon tbis 
<Cbloence mp feif, mp 'B^otbee Wyide, Eeco}Oet, ano 
^{* Howell, Deputp Eecojoer, bein0 all oibo biece tbece 
Ittefent of tbe Lon0 Robe, ttece of S)ptnlon tbat tbe en- 
trance into bio ^oufe being 0ain'o b]^ franb, toitb 
an 3intent to cob, ano tbep making uU of tbl0 €n' 
ttance, tbus ftauoulentlp obtolneo 00 In tbe nigbt 
time to l^eak open Ooo^s, &c. tbis foa0 Xucgiatr» 
agteeable to tbe Ca(^ of Farr in tbt0 OSaoft, ano tbe 
Cale of ^h Lemott, In tbi0 l^oott, ano accojblngip 



6i. Murder and other Offences. 

tHnt mti tounii pUt|>, ano W) Juotmtnt, ani toete 

Gto's Caft br 9t 'i' ^'^"^ S'^'OM John Grey lieing inOtlteO fO> t(ie 

kUttnghitAp- dPuctec DC William Golden, t6e 3ucp founS a Spectal 

pcnicc. QetDkt to tlii0 tSM, viz. wt fiiiD tbtt tbe Dap, !»cat, 

~gnDpacetn tte Jlnliiainnit mtntfoneii John Grejr, tbe 

JPlttlinec baa a Blackfmich , ano tfiat William Golden, 

tlie petCon Miles mas bU) decbant, ano tbat Grey (K0 

Mafter commanDiii Vm to menli cectatii atampa, ttfns 

pan belonsins to tie Ctaoe, bilKcli&dUBltMOtoDO: 

9nD ttie Tain Grey bta Mailer aCtet tomtng In ODkcD dim 

tbe ran Golding, iDtiji IK (an not done it, ano ttien t&e 

(m Grey tOlO t6e CalD Golding, tjMt IC lie (DOUID tlOt fcclie 
tint, be DboulD (ttU in Bridewel, to Wc|) tbe fats Gol- 
ding tcpIp'D, tbat be bas as goas teiSe m Bridewel as 
recbt tbe Cats Grey bi9 Mailer ; Isbeteupon tbe Cats Grey, 
Mtbaut anp oibec ^iot»catlan> Ocuck tbe (aiB Golding 
iDiib a 9ac oc jion, uiblcb tbe (alD Grey tben baofn bw 
bans. uponlDbitb be ans Golding isete isoikins at tbe 
Anvil, anSWtb tbe raiS Uob) be blokebM atal,of tabtcbbe 
ties , anD it tbia be Cutset, &c. , cbta <Care taaa tounD 
apeciallp bj) tbe seQie of mp 'Sjotbet Wylde, ans } IbeioeD 
tbe Special QeiBid to all mp OBietbjcn, auiices of tbe 
BlSE'd Ventb. anDtomplLojBBrid^nCbietSalliceot 
riJi DMhtn t(l( Common peaa. 9nD me uete all o( a)pinion tbat 
>;8. a afc dtd tblo sus ^utDet. iFo} If f otbec, EPaOtt, 01 atbool- 
tpbcbcfoiejumsDei, tDUito!ceabiaCbiU>> Settant, oi Scbolat, tbq> 
«kx wtimjij, mufl so it iDitb fucb tbints t» ace fit foi Coiceiiiaon, ana 
^/ak'^'^' ""^ bitbRicb 3niitumenta aa maji RobaUp kfll tbtm. 
■Cil, '^. So\ otbettcire, unset pietente of coicedion, g patent 
^ hS ""B^ <^'* !>■" ^Wo, o{ a 9aaec bis aenant, o) a atbooi' 
and Wife, he maSeEbfsacbolat, ensa iBat Of Jconis nojttStnment 
(uMainiy Diuck fo] Cotttdion. %t IS Oil One as if be bos tuH btm tbiongb 
her with a Pcfflc tDitb a aiDOiS ; ottS inp IBjotbec Morton fais be temein> 
andkiii'dhtF, ti)cg a Cafe at Oxford affijes befoie Juflitt Jones, 
?™ J; ""J""- tben Itttce of aOije, inbete b Smith belnir tblsinB toitb 
1>« a uXnitX" infant, upon fome tiofs anOoec im»R bp bfa 
by Law mar 0KSant, be basinit a piete offtot Scon in bia bans, tun 
coifcft, but the It into bis Setbants xeiip, aoD it aias fusges (^ut- 
PcDie was not Set, austbc J^aiip tMcutes. ano mp tois Bcidgman 
an inihumcnt (ais, t)at in bU iiccuit tbtte bias a Qlloman tnsiaeo rot 
CO coticdt with- tancseclng bet Cblls> ans ft appeacts upon tbe Cbisente, 
''- tbat ibe Uckt bee ano Oampc upon bet iBenp , ans be 


. xt 

Murder and 6tUerO£^ces» 65' 

iuDgeQits^utoer: ano mjf 05m6ec T>yirden (am, fit 
turoaicl) a cafe^fojmn'ip fii Gioucefter ctccuf t, foi a 
piece of aton m b^umiiih oi a gteat Cabffil, tmtt) in^cli 
flF (^an p|otMit)l)»mai»i)e1laf», orenat SnStuniettt? of 
Cf^cafoit. aho t|iecef)Die \x^ a i!9aftec Stfltetf 6f0 dee* 
Mtft iD«Un0li^ tDft^ Cud) ttrtmrtf aa tfiote ate, if Deatft en* ^ . ^^ . , * 
(be,- tlge Latrqiall jitDffe it Malice ptepence, ano tiicte-^ 'r^. z'^' 
fflietftedtawte'of 5 H.4. c'^. tDWcl>«naa0^ ^«<f «n?cL£fc?«f 
one Boe0 cut out m ^m^tt ^ put out tfiK epe0 of atii^ tinewt - 
ortle lMit0>«ittfe^i^of>^iicrpiepence, it Qiall be f e- Ton^ 
lattp. af a ^mtu cut out tbt Congue af anotbet ^n 

HOIttiiitatilp, tHe^aill ^Ubspet^ it of Malice prep^nc^. 9uti 

(MBi^e one ^IpatvlHtlf tbaitcftlcnDiti^taftp jpioijoeatfoit, 
t|f I*ainfuii0etbit<;9auctp)epence; anp fit ^t* Moriey's 

Cafe in ^H l^oMiift laaaitelMiMiDpaU tOeHuogejaf^'tiat: 
tDO2ti0 ate no ]^)oliocation to leifen tie 2)ffence (torn i)^- 
fufi^ i^tm,lf one i^n %ai andt^tipoK (If toO2ti0 gpfltett 
tft&Mi; :':?)MUf if if pattnti' 9^mim id>c(iooiniaaet^ 

a»ter4UtiatanQffictoi cajtitfwv oni^ Ki^Bappen ta mtj . 

aim««»W««*WtftKcUt«iriy io»,i;bj&l36,al1BaC 

tiarvAft u«fci pitt» titf0= ett& ai- K«iroway {0 136, a. S£li?£^ 

mam anonpfoiceof ffwcatewfonteiXet^ dtiKWffb^Shfi^idte 
^ mo not intcnn to mW^'Vtt CMS (0 f eionp, becauCt as ut Mn^ 
tftepougbtco gobetn tbentfUbed-fiiitieftr'Cotreafon fn coika wmui. 
fiicb ttNip0 tlHtt Ikicd a (0fGiMientnee i)nf0bt not bappen. ^^ ^'"*' 
ano aiUppoO^ becanfe tbe iDoin (PidDbentute ia tbete JS P^^^^^'^'* 

It i0 bat qwftwentdte* /, : ;^ thispuipore. 

m • ' * 

9nii (n tiif0 Piincipal Cafe, upon Cettfficate manp 
^ttUtm 0( goon Commenaatfon of tbe genetai e* 
fleem tbat Gtey ban, a mo Cettfile tbe flUng, tbat 
tbo' tn fttixttxifi of Labi, bfa ^Si^ncrtDaa (^otbec ; 
pet it ttia0 attenoeo loftb (ttcb Citcumaancea aa 
mfgbc cenbet tbe petfon an (Db^ed of bta ^aitfifa 
<02ace anb pacboii, be bdbfng a uetp goob Eepo?t 
among aSiW obin Cotfipanp of bio obin Ctabe, ano 
anb of an bi0 J9eigbbo6c0, anb upon tbf0 tbe Ifting 
bM0pieafeQ to gtantbim bi0 Patbon; 

d 9c 

6^ Mmcbr and other Offences. 


Win tie Old Qaily^IllQl ntttt HiUtty 
SepBodi, Thorny Tiomibii tmot (•^tffetp 
fflQ murl^afllf Pf AUes Dawes, MD tt»r SliriPfOHIUI 8 

^pe^ia Ofri^^ to ttt9 4M^<ti viz. tint tbi V^h t^eMTf 

put mo&h- ^ l^ii» ^t^ ^^'^ f4Hr(i^itai'»i Hmo tiie rt(» AHm 

ling whoieini p^wes (^ttilf tietH f iCllf90) Ciiie in 9fi9 (ROlSfMIICf » 

tiK dl^Pavcs, •ti»iteliMlMitt!itiipffi«|Kecei!f3lcfli» 
UAIclfBiui iCBftc tti aCbfmiin^ irticftliBiiiiipMKi ffnb 
aptt IB? tftat fguM Hie WftH tfte WfiMyci tm. %i0liim 

Habs ant Hulk ifw^ m ^msfulMi ofi wc^^mlnib 

!(.: fai0pe«p,iiiifi»ri|ilifalMilHmtii>toiai«iaD 

dt^ l^itfim toiio cometbto pact ttim» (tftone tt«m; 
(n t^ flUngT^ Batne to keep t\>t ftins'o peace, op fu^ic^ 
tbep.^oe tioKcc oe tiefe fntettto s- fot ot^tBife (f > tun 
ace 0fiA(iR0» on9 a dtcanfliee coihi fw wt|<imetit to pace 
t&iem, pet t|ie pactp tt6p tt;fis()t(nff9 mairtWtbe com- 
et^ in afo of tiie^ ottiec lottf^ loiNmi De io fitbciiiir. utdeftf 
Covne (bci notice be ffomt ao oflQcCi^ tiiat^i^ fnao a Con* 
aaNe> ono came to pact tbem.: ftiD t{iat appeacetd bp 
Mackaliy's^aCe before citeOit ttbect in cafe^oe an arced 
bp a eecieant. It to necefltep to mate it 90mxnit tbat tbe 
decieont ten btm tbat be ootb>Qece0» fOi dft tf tfttim rap 
notbibff, but Gmnpon t(c man ano bOibftten bp bim^. tbitf 


ftfardter and 'ot j te Qftacet '-^y 

w Mt ^tsiuagm, .mtMr It'tt^at tftt tit i^rOAi 
i(iea(&tif6luioiDtimto l»B«ertU«) tnaiVBt AttMtfc 
U atn^ (imj (<)«« tte Mft f ( itttt vriti If dm Mng tte 
tttettf««ftn^tMoiit6tbnotiiel| Wi* fHUUMt 
(i OcteSliimaw taivumitbtfoff tot SfficiR tuMii 
M^ M to in Un kngu Ik utt actMlHmitefliliatmtlldt 
at tfoi, mi kilto am ttUU^oMci no in lOfMitatH 
° <iieita'sii3«c;Bii>4ttDavR3ntMt«|Mlttt*«niltti 
y, FCI it litli oot aipeac litctlKK it tt ifoMRl tHt 
^ -u«n iMcti to mttat. mt tDat dmcs (Dm aH;r tUm 
ntitebrt* nttM ahmtBitiii M> SattMOiH, iB ctattWI 
4iM ts MTP tHe fting'ftPattyftc.aiw (n ue Mb Kid » 
s Aljf VmflMCttR, MUt ia Uittt cHoittiQi tftttte- 

failh tifit if Mm dttt 9MI tqtDfl! a «nwn< mtatUi 
t unf DW! BOtmt ntuce ai «av •) nnnt iMiiiek 
Ml»r Burgljijr, iko' 

' ., noPalinbcin 

f^iS a l^etfcn mtfteSlstttimttKaS af QouR!, atAiheHaib. 
flcm ®iwa», t6(i) fs 'stagMti, tHm(^ttmvi»ttWt |"«>^ ■? > 
nmeln tte IDnib. So St 9m Httna Dotti^ dM tt ^flZ!'^'", 
4ttp:a«i BBottw mietmilm auvrnwuttli i^,A 
CM i&outc toe Qttec 10 btriKnatnii *alinnivbHfwiiicr.n£r "" 
a«ti««(iMaoiR,tU*a'MigMi^Po]piutt'(Re^am>auai hoUng 

4aaiiJfiitipalltte3MDt|tA- anHoolc. 


tf4;ii»iit to tic »mKt MRlns (ntaSadin teUMt ^.■'f^ 
iMjMMaSa iat»mg»e tim, Bi*dW»t|€ itt^ "^"""i^i"'; 

iMMt«M»iim»ttoidlla«9t(IMl'(aettal 8BtM« t4>t>ii^,GkL 

al«biaH*|i»ldlV^B«l«latr- .wa,, IheiT 

mult cither 
Noca^ eiHt'fn'f'ot>hani'iat|HlM^4-3l>raMBljrii«s'sbe u aOoal 
dto^ ltl»b»i tWttJtfiKttBayKjnftJailotWtcoWlflit,"^ ^Jl" 
)B4|f «l9iC flaidtd •«W«m fd aiMI, tteMlh Baynes 2?^"'S* 
0ale a«apM«M(l>titr niMfdut, at a Ctmtbcr fntR ;^,^e^ 
M•IIMllii^ttlSIltfeB«D«lclnmt bctnrtn tte ffiaHMttR, ,hc, ,„p„t in 

il»ttHCt te MM iBtlOeD attOfAIW 0untp ; inO ft ft fcuoi dread. 
l|eUt<l>dlt()StIiatllpttlt^tlt«RO( Audetfori, Pophaih,^<^nilfllealbnt 

ua Periami an»(te tttttOttoiBct am aetfeiini at tan '<>' ■< ■!> <^ 
tj«tep|t«8iit, It uw asttrt that tWfflDMna TOt8i«)>s°SS°','j' uX 
utfik eenaWr to ffooatata, bckaab tWtt hHii n» gdn- SSlfiSfii^ 
allwakiagoctlicvgair, tDOtttrwarHetiVitrtdfliMcain b^,.-, 

'SUCDlatp. Cafe 10 be no 


Nfonbr and other Ofiences. 

t • 

^i Vide Co. PI Cor. 64. ^aitt (fl t|^ Cflfe df 
Baynes, ft (0 tOete llltli> tbat It tm ttUAWt b]f tftem 

tltete Hfeettiffe, tbat tfiot fieattn0tDa0 (bd o'Eobtia? foi 
ttj^ct) lis tt00 otiSeD of tfie benefit of |if Ctetgp itf tit 
Statute of 5 E. 4; cap. 9. anD lDa0 (Kwrib u^cft lai! Ee« 
folutlon 31 1}olD cleatip not to be Lam ; fo) tlMt mat Stac. 
of s Ed. 6. c 9. i» onip to enlacge tbe Stac. 93 R 8. c. i. 
.tDbfcbmnonsftotbeetfttmeo took aioap Cierup fcom oicff 
ipiettoui fii&o tobtfo onp fn ttefc |Mt(it0, tb^ aiuie«i» 
Cbtl02en» f» detMmt0 befns tbeee» ano put to fKarioi 
^leab. iSottt tbat Stat, of s £d. 6. Qbatoetb t(KK altlM^ 
t^ l^etfowi tpbi^ ttbece fn tbe Q)onfe, lap in fome otbec 
pactPftbetKKift) ttbfct iDa0 tobbeo, ano loece afie^ oi 
ibe time,: ano ftt Wbitot bett tbe C(Kebe0, ano conre* 
Quentip ttwte not ffttfnftor, fir tbatdtattus mtUd 
abNip Clecgp fti tbat cafts rent nottuftbffanbfng tbete 
tnul! be a^ Eobbet^, fO) botb tbe Stac of 5 Ed. 6. ano tbe 
Scat, of a3 H. 8*.. f0 flgafntt Qicb 80 Qiall eo^r^en fn 

tbef t S)ttieiltnff pmSal^ aofo tbe laitfttf abnp or a Cofi 
fn ttiblcb iPf n ace bitoUnff, a0£^riie$', a m 
Ip lUtcenp flttb ni^obbecp, fOi Uccenp wtHOaeM 
to be a ftanbttlent takfnir abiap of anotlic q^an'iF tiWobv 
abobe tbe baUie of i id. tnitb an fntent to Seat tbeni, Poul^ 

ton de pace 1 a;,b. anO Stamford PL Cor. &4, a. IBoe Eob- 

betp 10 oefctibeb to be a rapine, tltat 10, a bfolent taktos 
onp tbtng ftom a ^an'0 ipetfon v anb biben it im appipen 
to cobbing of iMwCto, tbece nmft be tfte faime Ciccom- 

fiance of tOVX* Vide Poulnm de pace ia8< Stamfoid 
PI. Cor. %7, a, b. Co. PI. Cor. 69, f 0} Of neceflltp tbOie 

mufi be fometbing to ttfitngofQ a Hobbecp to a itKnifir, 
ftom tbat Wti I0 but a mece TUiccenp. anb tbot 10 one» 
viz. cte Laccenp fo onip ftaubttlent tttftDout anp amtai 
foice, anb a Eobbecp 10 bone uftb totct; anb tUo bUtt 
appeat bp ecamfnlng tbe natuce of 1l?ucglacp, ttbicft iff 
tbe cobbing a IpoufiB bp Bigbt, tdece mufi be fo^ce com- 
mittebi 00 tlie attnal breaking of a pmXH makc0it OBnr- 
glacpt |fo2iftbeDoo)ofa|>ou(iebeopen, anbattblef 
entec In tbe J9igbt anb fieai ^0000, tbt0f0onfp Lac- 
cenp, anb no 'Bucglacp, becanfe tbete bum no foice, 
hibicbi0tbattQbicbi>iS(ngniQ)etbEobberp ftom Laccenp. 
j^otti tbi0 foice, ttbicft ttif I make a cobbecp of a |)otire 
bUtkitt t^fit atatfite0 to titfte atoap Clergp, map eltbec 


I _' 

Murder and other Offences. 69 

b( on aoual biroMng of tie Voufe, 01 an 3ffiult tt|ion tfie 
PrtCon. anD tbeceCoit If (totnpoitp tome to «2tnfc in a 
Govern, oj otDet <IIlaualUnsdou[e, ant being tdeic tAep 
bieaft open a Doo) of anotbet Cbambcc O) dubliojD In tit 
VHM uMtb id find to t(e jFrec bolo, ano Oeal aioafi 
®aoD«, t)HS 10 a Eobbetp, ro) bbfcti Clergp tt taken 
atnap bp tbofe atatntcg. Xut tbe b)eatttng open a Ctunk 
02 IZvs, ano tatlngi aUiap tllnss lo no Bobbetp of a 
)S>oufe Wtbln ibe Statute, becaufe tbofe tbfngo ubttd 
mete biotien Uttc no patt of ibe IpouCe : anb fo libeUCe Ic 
IB In tate of Qlolente oSetes to tbe petCon of a ^on, 
ant taking auap ble lOoobo bitb foice. aei m cafe a 
Cbief cometb into a fpan'o Ipoufe oj aboPi tbe Doo; 
tetng open, aim affauin tie IponeS DSon m tbe li>au(e O] 
ftflop> anb takctb obiap tbinge bp aiolente,tbls lg ukeuiire 
a robbing of a ()oufe wtbin ttiofe etatuteo, but If m tfiole 
cabs be bao come Into tbe ^ou(e 01 abop. ano pjlbotelp 
Coin awap anp tbing. tlot dab been onip Laccenp, anb not And the Sm. 
&obbeip: anb tbW etpoation agteetb aitbtberenreaf £■*■<. 12. 
tbe ipatilament In tbe Statute of 39 Eliz. c. 1 5. to|)it6 «. =* 'I'm inait 
pounD« robbing of Ipoufes In ibe bap time to be tbe aaual "f "I ^"^ 
bteaking tbem ; fojall foimer atatutes took attiap Cletgp 2"^ tJ^i 
b4eee a poult m» robbeb in tbe Bap time, fome iSetfon 6 aiis rabUul 
being tben In tbeponfe ; but tblB atatute of 39 Eliz. re- offfeuib, uT 
tlteg tbe mKcblef, becaufe lELobbing of poufes uben no '» cxpaunii 
perfiin vm tbereln, biaa not fo penal aa Kobbing tbem ''«°- 
Ubenfome ]9et[on biaa tbereln, ano tbecebp baa ]pn- 
Oins took oppoitunitp to commit manp Kobbetieo in 
poufeo Uben j^eople mete gon abjaab to bear Olblne 
eerblce, oigon to tbeic Labour, anb beclaretbtbat tbat 
J&obtietp biao, viz. bp biraklng anb entring into 3^ng 
poufet at lUcb time, ano enatts tbat (ucb tabbing of anp 
Qoufe, ano Oeoling (ram tbencc Soooa of tbe balue of 
s s. tbep Qiall not babe tbe benefit of tbe Cletgp, tDblcb 3 
tbink la a lull ctpofition tbat robbing of Ipoufea ; in tbat 
cafe, man bt an aaual bteablng , tbat la , an aoual 
fo]ce commltttb in bieaking of tbe l>oute ; but in tbe otber 
calie tbat 3 put of robbing a i^an in bu poufe bp Dflault 
uponliM l^etfan, as bibtte a Cbief enters tbe foauttot 
atop of a $an Utbouc anp aoual bjeaklng, tbe Ooo; 
bdng open, ann bp molence cakes aUiap bis <BooS0, in 
tbat CaCt 3 (onceibe He Snbioment mull cicp]efs tbat be 
C bib 



j^ Murder and oi her Offences. 

wo affonfc fjimmn pot M (n fear, bccmife tliat Cftcunt' 
Sonce (0nece(ratp to be (afo to moke it a Eobberp ftom a 
i^an'o petfoit) ano tbetefoje 5 £U2. Dyer 134, b. 2)n€ 
being itanatn fo) taking of if^onep from tdc ]^erfon of a 
j3l^an bp ti)e QMgb toap, t)ao bto CtergP) becanft it iDa0 
not iaib tbat ^ toaa put in feat, anD tbe 'Book faitb quod 
lion eft robberia if tbe Ipetfon be not put in fear, aittio' 
tf 0000 be taken from dto Iperfon : 9nQ fo) ttat Caufe 
tDa0 tde dtatttte of 8 Eliz. cap. 4. maoe to take afoap 
Clectp from irtm ttibo p)iOtlp taketb attup anp il^onep m 
^0000 from tbe i^erfon of a ^m* 3lf €bieiie0 come 
into a Q>oufe bp ISig^t, ttie Dooj being open, anO take 
etoap ®ooD0, tlii0 i0 no Vutglarp, 80 batb been faio be- 
fore* I3ut in tbat cafe, if tfiep pot anp in tiie pmxU fit 
fear ano o^eoo, ano tAe atoap €0000, SMotttfottfbe 
tobberp of atDoufe, foiuitiicb tfft €bleoe0 are ouSeo of 
Clecgp bp tbe diaittte of 13 H. 6. cap. i. 3if tlie 3lnOia* 
ment be laio, tbat tbcp put ttiofe in ti^ i^ouie in fear ano 
Ojeao, ano tbat be ROOeo upon tfie COiOence, . 


MfJTingh, Af- Memocandom, Cbat at t{ie defl{on0 at tbe Old Baiiy, 

fitttie, biMj, after Eaftet m tbe tttientietk ^ear of ftlng Charles t(ie ad 
^!ii*iM^ deberat oiflRiiute Perfon0 tKrtitng on Eafter cue(Oap mo 
g^ jl? ^ COeonefoap nerc bcftie afbmbleo togetfier, ano leo l^ 
S'3k 1?<tfott0Oibointbep calleo eaptaino, anokaofng Coiour0^ 
down Baivtldf:. ^iz. ap2on0, &c. on 9tabe0, oient to iieoeral place0 on 
hourcf, and Kctence to pull boton 'BatDOpiioufe0, ano b^ak open 
bretking open j^^ifons ouo fct ]^{ifottee0 at Hibettpj ano Oabing actualr 
P"^- Ip pullli ooOm fome Ooufeo, ano bioke up tbe #)iGim at 

Clerken well, ano let out four p^iCDnero tbere, mere ^ 
tbeoireaumof tbe&tng'0 Councel, viz. Mr. Atcomy, 
Sirjeffery Palmer, i)aoingfl>20er to Roceeo againfl tiem, be 
Oiceaeo four 3noi(nnent0 to be p^eferr'o againa ttKm, tobo 
mere taken, viz. one Jnbfament againd Pecer Meifenger, 

Richard Bafely, William Green, anO Thomas Appletree, 

ano anotber Jnotttment agaiiiif Edward Cotton, ano 

tfbirO againft Edward Bedell anO Richard Lattimer, anO 

fourtb ogaina Thomas Limerick. 9H tbe jnoictments 
loere, tbat tbep oiitb otber perfon0 to tbe number of 500, 
nnknobin to tbe Suro^s, being armeo in a caiar like man- 
ner ttittb &mm* balf )pike0^ 9>albert0, long dtabe0, 
ano otber 9nne0 (Difenfloe ano DefenQoe biitb f oKe ano 


Murder and other Offences, 71 

atms unlaufniip, ana ttafcecouBp tOiEmUeD ttemreiteg 
tueaitc, ano teUcn OSat asalno tfie tun?, &c. ano ScS 
3 tolD ttem Kep {tan not Bone bell to make ro nianj) feiie- 
tal Siinittments, coj b; tliat meane tte ittfng's nEaiotnK 
looulli be bioten, titieteag if all 6aD been pnt into one In- 
nament, tbe eoioence ao to tbe mam DeOgn uoura babe 
been mtlte againd all, anb tben-tbe affembllns fn Cebetal 
placeg to tbe fame Intent bob maoe tbe mattec moje foal, 
anb ttoulo babe been aptlji giben in ebfbence agafnll tbem 
atltotiebme Sucp, ann tbe febetol aao bJtilcb eat 6 of 
C6em bib, uouio babe come In bettec ; but bobiebet me m- 
ceebeo upon tte inbWmentg as tbe; uete, ano after tte 
CUbtttce Blben againS tbe fouc in tte Sell Snbidment, 
Uben 31 came to gibe Ctteofon* to tte 3lucp, 31 tolo tbem 
ttat altbo' 31 UM« bien tatl sOeo m mp oun 3lubgment, tboc 
(net alTemMing togettet sti sua piobeb, ann tbe pulling 
bobm of t)ouCe» upon psetence ttep biece 'BalIlO^baure0, 
aw llNgt Ctealbn, becaufe ttep took upon ttem cegal 
jSobiet to cefoim (tat Utfct bclong'b to tte King b; bis 
juu anb SluOices to cojceit ant tefo)m ; anb it aouln 
b;a fltingenap ine miltbieboaa to an people to tane 
Out a nioe cabbie Uittout an 3inViament to Pioceto fit 
tb« iiiannet agalns all petfons JSHHibR ubltt ttep uouu 
call IBaUDp-lottfM, fo| tOen no ^an uete (afe, ttenfote 
00 ttat toap toe tte Cobetmnent out of tte ftfng'g pantg, 
(a it beUcaptD tte gctat piibitege of tte people, uticb i« 
aot to be pjoceebeo againt, but upon an 3inoiitment Stit 
{buna bp a 0)anb 3MtPi anb aCtet upon a legal Ccpal bp 
anottcc 3lucp utect tte l^attp accufeb uao teacb to make 
tu ttfence ; pec 31 tolb ttem, becauCe ttt Bings of tbic 
jaation tab oftentimes been fo metdfui as Uten fuct 
iDutcages tab been tctetofoje bone not to pjoceeb 
capitalip agatnft tte HWenbete, but to Pioceeo agalns tte 
DJCenbecR in tte Atac-Cbambet, being bulling to 
tebuce tbeit people bp milbet Uapti if it uece polIiUe 
to tteic Outp ano IDbebience ; pet ttat lenltp of tte 
Ufng m (omeCaCee bib notbinbec tte Ding t^en te 
~ bbi ttece una neco to pjoceeb in a bbetec bap, to take 
tttt coKtt ubict Uu uanameb bp Lab, anb to make 
gccatet Vcanplef, «t*t tie people map knaa tte tma, 
ii not banting Ci fat to tte lUetp of tte King anb bio 
people, at to let (u^ Ontcages go Uittout capital pu- 
nlQiment, bticlfs at itU time aWolnteip neceOacp, be- 


Murder and other Offences. 

catib me out (tVxefiait ttta a fielirtlfan taffen bp gatftet- 

In0 {people tOEet&ec upon falter pjatnttii tiian tiU tDas, 

Co; no tucti IprcCons u(e ac ficD to Dtclan t{)elc toftlteDelt 

JDeOgn, t)Utui|)ent|)ei>bett)at tbeji ma; effnt tftcfc iDe> 

Bex, t^n tliep Wll not Ofctt to go fUtt(ec, ann gllie l|ie 

Lam tlicinleltteg, atiB rttOtm all ttat oppofe ttea: isut 

pet betaufe tftete mat nn boDp of ibe tong Kobe tbere 

but mp Viattiet Wylde, tben Eecajbet of London, anb mp 

(elf, ano that tbfg iSumple mlgbt babe tbe gteatec au- 

tbotltp, 3 biD tefotbe tbat tbe Jutp Ibiiulb Snb tbe mattec 

apcctallp, niib tbcn 31 bioulb piocutt a meeting of all 

tbe Jubgee of England, anb bitat bias bone flioulb be bp 

tbeic £>pfnlon, tbac lo tbls JQueman migbt babe Ritb a 

SefoIutloR aa no pettan aftecbiatba Qoulb (abe teafon 

toboubttbe tobii onballl^ctfongmlgbtbebiacncbliobi 

ibep fo] tbe time to come mingle tbemfelbes uttti tad 

fiabMc on anp blno of fuib Ipjctences, anb tbeteupon 

tbe Sutp as to tbe fiiO font in tbe fitll Jnoioment gabt a 

apetlalSIecniatatblsiCSeit, viz. 

A Spcdii Vo- Sbep finb tbat tbe z4th of March lal, a great numbet 
aa at to M'f- bC IPetfons to tbe numbrt mentloneb In tbe Jnbtamcnt 
fimgir^ agcmMtb togetbec in Eaft-fmith field anb Moor- 
^^ and FielilsintbeCountp Of Middlefcx wtb 3tms mentfoneB 
<'"^ In tbe Jnbfament, on pieteiice of pulling bobn IBabibp- 

boufes tbatBafely teb tb|in>, anb bias calleb tbelt Cap- 
tain, anb tab in bis^oa^a ngltes SbmO ubliil be bjan- 
unett obec bis lt>eab, anb tbat MelTenger bab a piece of 
iCieen 9p)on one ataff, ubicb be Oourilbeb as Colours 
In tbe IS>ean of tbe iConipanp, anb tbat Bafdy, ano be lea 
tbe Companp as ibcic LeabetSi tbat tbepblb tbe like on 
laebnefoap tbe i; th of March, anb bete bieaklng boun 
poufes. Cbat Pererell, one of tbe ConOaUes of Mid- 
dlcfa, babing a Conaoble's dtoff in bis banb, came to 
tbem Mtb otbec jperlons to ain btm, anb cbacgeo tbcm 
to oepact anb keep tbe |9eate, anb tbcteuponi BaTely putb 
bis 9bio]« fltttck bim, anb umunbeb bim, ami Cebecal 
J^eifonsaflembUbUltbblm, ftruckbimbobm, anb took 
abiop bis CMIIaUet Staff. Cbat tbe falb William Green 
biM among tbem casing op bis Cap, ano bollobiing bittb 
a ataff m bis banb, ann tbat mbllO be mas amohgt tbem 
be UMS knocken bobm bp a pntp or tbe Itting's aoinets 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 


Murder and othir Offences. 


ttat come to twpicA) ttem, aiiD tM0 tden taken. €6at 
Bafely scutfc ac tbe ^EnQEii ttat leo tliofe SolDiecs : C^it 
ttie aa AppUcree ttiaa amdngS tiiem M^ >aapeti> 
anottiat tBe Gca tliat Ocuck at PevercU cue €mmbU, ano 
toas amohgll tbem at Burlingliam's ^oure at Saf&on- 
hill in tbe (£ouiit)i ot Middkiex, anB pull'opjn of tbe 
|)aurelramn, anbtlie nctt ipaufc to ft, ano Rcuch at one 
tfiat amiomlttD Ilim to be quiet. 9n9 i( on tbe UAole 
nattet, It l^all leem to tbe Coutt tbat t|ie!> ate tjuiltp oC 
tbeOltrenceuientianebintlielnoiitment, tbeii tbe^finD 
ttieRi®uiltp, &c. 

a>n tfie zd. SniUiritm an to Cotton alone, tbe jutp Dfo Sprciat Vanit 
GnDtbat at tbe time anD place-incntioncB in tbe 3inDla-airaastoC«»».' 
went, a gteat numbet oC pccfons, to tbe numbec nientf- 
on'D intbeJnDidinent, metiagetbet acmeotpitb Sba^ga, 
lino; Doun'BatoDcbiiuta, anDbanaClotb on a Staff foj an 
CnOgn cactleo befoje tbem. ans tbat Sir Phillip Howard, 
toitb a (Etoop of tbe 1X». ®uatD, founD tbem armeti In fucft 
renitious manner, anD tommanneD tbem to Dirpetfe, tbat 
tbep temCcD to to so, ano tbietD atones at bim, tbat (ome 
oCtbemenqufteli tDbolttnag tbat leD tbate®uattis,ttiEietbec 
ft loas tbe DMe of York, ann bemg tom It uasi tbep 
ptefcntip tbieta Stones at Sir P. H. uibo Its tbe tMiCe, 
antfome of tbem Cam tbat unlefg tbe Ittfns ttouID Bide 
tlem llbeetp of Contdence, May £>a; QaulD be a blooDp 
tap, otbetg bin Mil tbe ^uatDS, ons otbies felD, tbat 
tbep looulD come ana pull Solon Whitehal, ano otbets bio 
tbepUoulD be mitbtbemat whitehal, (tbe l&lns's Capital 
ipalate^ anti tbat tbep eaten not Co] tbe ®Hatii8, fo} tbep 
mete but 3 o; 300, ant tbep coum eaGlp knock tbem on 
tbe OcaD j tbat ibep continue!) manp ||)out8 till tbep iticcc 
MfpecfeD bp tbe ®uaciis. ^bat Cotton isbo uiaa inciiien, 
taiatf one of tbem aflembleD in tbio mamiet, ans tbat Cot- 
ton mas amonsit tbem tbe neit Dap uben t(ep mete alfem- 
bieD In tbe fame mannet, ant baa pulUng Doun a pouft Spcdai Vudidf 
In tbe 19acllt of St. Leonard Shoreditch In t|K <CsUntp Pt °" *' *'"' ■"" 
Middlefcx i MD it on tbe UftoK motta, &c. tM^MMi- 

On tt( ttfCD Sntlttment astftdl Bedell anB Lattimer, '*"'' 

tie sotp Sns ttat tteoap ann place nwnttoiUD m tte Sn- 

Moment, a gieu numbo; o( i^ecfims ta tie nmnbR men- 

tl Konn 

74- Murder and other Offences. 

tfonet in tU 'inwamtnt mmta at fn tlie JnDMmtnt, uo 
BKtt timet|)et In ClnkenwellGrccn In tfie Ctouiitp of 
Middlelex, on pictencc of bieaUns open &t(im9, mi 
teleafing t^iifoiiecg ; ttiat one or item ttbo tiao a fialf pite 
IntfsIianD, otoncD^imftlCtobetlKlceaptatnj tbact6(p 
came To alTemblcB uattW to a place tftece callen t{)e 
Btm l^jiron, being a publlctt )9iffan of tte Count; oC 
Middlefex, anb t(icn ano t&ece fato, tiiat tbe; came to 
feantl Coi l^iironettf, ano biaite open tbe Pilfon Dooas, 
anb let out fouc piUonetg , tbio biiieteof biete committeb 
tbltbec fo; felon)), anb ibio Co: otbec SMiacee, anb tbat 
tbep being cliatseb to bepatt, ccplieb, tbepliabbeeneec- 
santglong, bucnobittiepvioulb be bailees ; teat fame 
liefng tatien, tbep ccjieb one Hie ano ail ble : Cbat Lac- 
timer ttaa amougll tbem, anb attibe In bjeaitlng at tte 
l^jiron, anb ma mltb tbe cell In tte OjKon aCtec ft ttiaii 
bioken open ; anb ttat Bedell bias ttece, anb being put* 
fueb bp one oCtte Itung s aolblecs, callen out to t{ie cea 

Spcdaiveiiiia oC tte Companp to Cace about) anb not to leabe tliti, ano 

un i^mck. If on tte taitale, &c. 

4Dn tte fouttt Jnbfament agalnS Lymetick, tte 3ntf 
finb ttat tte Dap, ?eat, anb place In tte Snoiament men- 
tfoneb, a great number of pecfone to tte numbec, &c. 
sffembleb togettec on pjetence of pulling bobin of lEabibp' 
touf^g, anb being acmeo prouc in tte 3nbfament, ttep 
marcteb m laaclibe manner, anb tte falb Lymmetick 
leb Item as ttric Captalm biltt a Club In m tanb, ano 
mt obineb bp tte iCompanp to bettefc Captain : Ctat 
tte fain Lymmerick tab tte falb petfong to tte Ipoufe of 
Pecer Burlingham, anb ttep pulleb bouu tte falb ||)oufe, 
anb beStopen anb took abiop Olbecs Coobg of tte falD 
Butiingham's, to tte ualue Of 30I. Snb ff on tte uitole 
matter, &C. 

9nb fn Eaftec Ztm foiioWng, an tte Jubges met at 
mp Ctambec, ttete being iten but eleben. 9p laid 
Bcidgeman, uto uag Ctlef JuSlcc Of tte Common peas 
being ttentoib Keeper, tte Jubgeg uete mpCklf, Ctlef 
. Sunice of tte Kfng'g 'Bentt, Sir M. Hales tte Ctlef 'Ea- 
ton, anbmp'Slottet Atkins, 'SlOttfcTwirden, J$)atiet 
Tyrell, ISioettt Turner, TBIottet Wyndham, »J0tt«t 
Archer, "BjattetRiiinsford, 'Ejotttt Moiroo, anD %(0' 

ttet Wyid. 9ag 

Murder and other Offences. y^ 

%M on tie fDWe nnttet I6e CifeC 'Baron Hales ne- 
llbeceo Ho DplRfm, tftat line Mas m Cttofon fti tde 
tale, becauTe tie bin tW tie Sat. ■ Q^Mary, cap. iz. ie, 
ttiat if anp ipecbng to ttie immtm of enellie ai mo]e aF- 
letnHeia tbelntent to pull MUn £ntlo(a»is, Sic. wtt 
rojce, ano continue togettei an |>ouc aRec ^toclamatlott 
mane to> tftelc Bepoctuce It Qiall be jFelonpi onn iC tM 
aoiong bat been CceaCon at Common Lalo, It dab been to 
no putfafeto make tt felon;. 

'Bit all tde otfiet Jubere* anlteeten, tbat tdig bag t(e 
Cbiealon mane bgi tame3luDgeg m tbc Cafe of Bradlhaw 
■no Barton, bHHctl iBtepo)teb b; Popham In tni! Kepoite, 
p. 11.1. ano i))ete (t tM0 cefolbeb, tbat If an; ]^et((ln0 
iSitmbien bKtb foice to alter tde Labig, oi to ret a pjfce on 
aiouau, 0] to la; Uolent danog on tde ^agigcate ag 
m tde tpa;o2 of London anotdelikei inn uttdfoite at- 
tempt to put tde tame In Srecutlon, tdig ig Eebellion ono 
ereofon at tde€ommonLabi;anbtde;tderet(rolbeOtdn 
tiat etomte of ■ Mary biag to be Intenbeb mdece ]9er- 
(ong to tde number of ^Cbielbe oj moie pjetenbfng an; oi 
all of Idem to be Infueen In patifculer, ao b; fieafon of 
ttefc Common o; otdtr Intetea in tde Lanb fncloCeo, 
ano tde like, afTemHe to pun it bobin foicfbi; in cafes 
tuiicte tdn* tHibc an Sntetett, oi todete in pactirolor, tde; 
•Kannojieb oi Etiebeb,tdat U not Ceeafon : 'But in cafe 
Iteic an Boetd senerall; to pull bobm ^jncIolUteg in udlcd 
tde;, ot an; of tdem ate not pattlculail; concerneo, tdig 
Sht K ft be pnt in ffitecution b; fojce ig Creafon 
at Common Labi. 3nb It toao agteeb b; ug all> 
tdot tde Scat, of I) Eliz. todicd maketd tde intention 
fnman;caregcteafon, eitenog to notdtns, but bidete 
if tde an dan been bone tt dab been tCteafon at tde 
Common Lab). 

ana t&etefbit all tde rel> of tde Snbgeg bib unanimour- 
I; agree that tdig riOng Uitd intent to poll nouin 'Babib;- 
toaftg M geneial, ot to Iqeak open pjlfong in general 
ma let oat Piifonerg, ana putting tdeit intention in et< 
t«t)oiit!fo]ct> an; a( tdtfe insanctg ung a te&ifng 


j6 Murder and other OfFences. 

mm asafnR tfie ains, anB Wt VxtsSm at commoii 
iLatDtDlttlntlieDeclacatfcinof ttcSrac. of ■>.% E. 3. ana 
fm t(at,lieniie8 tbeUefoIutlon fnPopham's£UpP!ts befoie 
tluD, be canODeteDt6etareort!ieapp!entice«UepojteD 
In t6e feCOnD pact of Anderfon's EepajtR, pag. 4&;. 
Uiete it lDa0 tctoiaeD ttat bp tisi atatuce 0(13 Eliz. sf 
anp intern) to lebp iQllac fa; an? tljing toljicb t§e €iucen 
bp 6ec llatDB ann juSice onedt to 10, ano teCoim In &>• 
Setnmcnt m iQueen, tblS fliall be an intengnicnt to lebp 
tiaat asainlt tlie Aueen Wtjiin tbat etatute at 13 Eliz. 
9nD a8 me faio be(o]e, nothing can be Cteafon bp tte in- 
tention Mttiin tbe Statute toHcb ban not been Cteaton 
bp tbe Common Lam, iC it 6ao lieen aouaiip put in ete' 
tution. 9nD (ce tbe tame 'Soofe of Anderfon fecona 
paet 66, ono bp tbe caie o( Ceaecal pecbns in Oxford- 
^ire ciQns to pnll Dolon 3ncla(uces in senctal, teroIbeD 
stcoiDlnglp, in isblcb Cafe It baa alio tefolbeg, tbat if 
anp pecfona tiCe ano aifeoible togetbcc, uiltb intent ta 
leup iOLIat, tbe 3iu>llct0 of tfie Ipeace ano abeciffs map 
tifefojce to flippieCs fucb EebeI8 bitbout anp Special 
Commiaion oj teatcant, ano tbis bp tbe Common Lab : 
9nD fee Poplum'siaepaitEi III, ano a Kefolution of all 
tbeluDgeg, 39 Eliz. tbat anp Suffice of tbe peace, Sbe- 
rilf, 0! otbet ®agll!cate, o) anp otbet Subiea of tbe 
£Ung map bp tbe Common Lob acm tbemfelaeg to fup- 
p)cf» laiota, Eebcllionii, oi celia enemies ano enoeaSoucfl 
tbemfelliesto fuppiefgfucboiRutbecgoftbel^eace: ISut 
tbepfalD tbe molt Olfcteetmap baa foi ebecp one toatteno 
Gnb affintbe JuSlcea in ttitb cafe, 0) otbet ^Iniltecaaf tbiltt. 
in Doing of it, anD Cook PI. Cor. 9. 3|f anp lebp QIac to 
ttpuUe dttangeta, to belioet ^en out of piiron, to ce> 
inobc Councelio!0, o{ to anp otbec eno pietenbing BefoiK 
■nation on tbcic obn ^eaoa bitbout Sliattant, tbio ia a 
letiving of tBtx againtt tbe £iing, becaufetbep tooli 
upontbemEopaiautboiitp. SnD Moor's Eepoits, pag. 
610, 611. in tbe cate of tbe iIEatI of EiTex, in bblcii 
amongii otbet tbings it bat tefolbet, tbat bta attempt 
bitb foKe to temobe tie OUtitn'a Coiincellois inia Mb 
Cteafon, ano likebue tint tbe Cati of Soudumpcoa, 
iiiba aobeceo to bim, ■Ittio' le Itntb of na otbec pupate 
oftbecEaclofElTex, butapifliatefiaaneiagoitiStgaK 
«f tbe txmxit dnumu, i>et tUs (mm Vceaim in tiin> 


^« ,.'•■ . ■■*. 

■■■■ I I I I I n ■ ><■ 

Murder and other Offences. yy 

r^ 9(t of (lie €. of EfTex befng RefieHion aitn Cteafort, 
4ino fo (t tDa0 alGo Eefolbetr, tiiat all t(K>retDdo tuent to(t& 
ttmontof Eilex-houfein ato Of (tftn,fc 1080 Cceafon tit 
tgepi, iDtKt^et t^p fuieto ahp t()f Rg of 6I0 Sntentoi 

not, anO Ceo. iftpanp. 583. 3ln Beoftcad's Cafe, (c 

.ttia0 tefotioeD bp aU tbe 3luDge0,U)at ffoins to Lambeth 
Houfe (n CiEUiiitfce manner tttftd O]um0, aiiO a multf- 
tttOe ao (n tbe 3lni)((tment« to t()e numiirc of 300^ &e. 
to ducp)i?e tbe Arcb-Bifhbp;. tti)oiDa0a^]it)|>€ottn- 
celloj) toatf Cceafon. ano xly, ft toao reCDloeD tgac 

t^ SlUftfceo of Oyer anO Terminer, map Ot9 enquire 

ano tep ]^)t(onet0 ail in one bap* sdly. 3:t 1000 refoi- 
tKD, ttHit ttie (qeaUttB of a ]^tf fon togetcfn Crafto20 
iDtte (n oiicance9 ano caaGng tbem to oKcaite, load 
^eaOin^aUiK)' tbe pactfe0 om not knoto t^at Crattoj^ 
fDcre t^te* 9no to to bieak a P^ffon miietii^ jTe* 
Ion0 efcape, t|)f0 (0 f elonp, tbo* tbepno not itnoto 
ttiem to be m^]ffon fo) (ticft ^ence* Note, (t^at 
jaefoitttf on 80 to b)eafc(n0.a|9](fon tD|)etefelon]Bf,&c. 
acemttft9 (003 tbtnk) be (ntcnoett ontp inbere tbe 
antent ioa0 onip to b}eaft open one]^}ffon annno 
mo}e» CQ2 tf tlie DeGgn tDa0 to lijeait open #jifon0 m 
genecali ano t1)ep puttl^at (li Ccecatfon 00 to on^ 
]^on, tbat 10 IHgli Cceafon acco{Dftig to ^ 1300M 
lieCoy citeU) 13nt t^ on tOe tfbfoence it mns be 
nobeo t^t tOeft 3bitent UN10 W^ ano bpfticD ptoof 
80 (Oti08et6 tde Jury. 

t t 

WBi t^ asufolution f n genetal, toe ttent to coit< 
fiDcc ttie partfculat ^a(it0 a0 tbep foere founo opon t^ 
itfketal dpecfal.(IXecbi(t09 ano t(ieceuponftiDa0asreeti 
bp all of 110, mept tbe C&(ef 'Baton, tobo fofb He 
HoabteD on tire main, tlKit ao to Meflenger ami Baieiy 
in t6e fittt aetQbt, ano to Cotton tn t^e ftcono ^eci* 
81 (^ec0i(t i ■ ano ao to Lymerlck in ^ fourtb dpecfaf 
Oetofa, tbat t()e mattet aoit toao found agalntt t^eCe 
font, toap Oig^ tCteafon in t(iem all, ano accoiofngip 
tliep bab aubgment, ana uieie ececuteo : 'Butaoto 
Appletree In tbe fitft dpeclal aetoitt h anb 00 to Lac. 
timer in t{)e t^tb Special aertna tbete b)a0 biffccence 

i^ in 

■■■ — ■■ '*' ' ■ ■ ■ '■ 

78 Murder and oAex OSences. 


■■ i ' > ■ ■ 

(n iDp(n(oti tmoRffft fw> ttftet^ tte (HecWrt !i»0 (of- 
fictetitlp faimtp asatuS tbtm to iutiBe ft liigfi CceaCda 
01 nor. foitefiii0tOeCttce'Bacotiiiiftoiiia9tt0(tinS 

all, IRF 'Bvnfm Atkios, TyreU, Wifidh«in, «tiD Wyld, 

iefD ttat ttie QetDid tuns not (nffUfint nseio&tWt 
pw m to fiue 3tt»Biiient tbat tftep nieee sufltp of 
^Kdfon, HmAt tbey (UQ it man not ecneflp fowo, 
tiKit tbep loete aimng ano affifttng: 'But mp telf» ibkw 

t^C Turner, Twifdca, Archer, Rayoaford, anO More- 

con, tlHittgtit ttfi lOnm 00 ft toaa cannD agattiS t^em 
t9 be as ^1 ana ptafn aa anp of tbe eeS. f o] ttntm ta 
Applecree, tge Qttm fittt finiw In ffcnctaiy tlNtt tbe 
nnmbetftt (N anoiantent loere aSicBitiieo* atto tie 
anafcrminti taitdan fntm topuuaofimmafe{kiMl»i$ 
tiiat Bafeiy ie^ tbctti ao tbefr (Uptofo, tiiat McSengK 
&ao a ^{?en anon tvos a dtao; miicb fft timtism 

80 €o\im§ , ano tden tiatt; Appletxoe , t|t ^tOm 
nott f n fiiit0fon> taa0amongll ttem tot{» tbi Da{i«» 
ano faajl tfie fitft tftat flcucit at Peverell tbt CoMbMg^ 
anonwaamangStleiii atQnriinghain'siMiiIitatSaftuv 
hill} ano pniro fact oc ttMt fpMk ooiw anotfie nut 
toa01i^ ano Qrucfcat one t^aomontftuDtftnto ft< 
qufct > fa tiMt (Mce ace Ccuetai aaa oc foye fouantobc 
aanaOF cammttteo bp 6(m fo pucfnanceaf tM Daip^ 
ano tben tdece fs no neio to fino bfmto be afoiiig nm 
tf6<Mn0) ft! ttat danft iKCafo m0 aMp necoOif t9 
Ik couno tobece tbe ancp fino a peccpn \n» tbneomoiv 
tOem, ano fino no pactfculac atf of foice oone Op bfin, 
but onip m 1?»iinct, tbece ft f0 necefllicp tbat tbep 
tino be Mmwknt amf nf ano ofiififng ; anoft} tbe 
jam gUqteta me beiotbegecotetobe am aiftngafM 
^-accimer, becottCit ft bKi0 fitfi foono tbatibe DpoKff 
tttoetta0 aimU)leo 00 fn ibe Inofttnent) on netenca 
of b}e«Ung PtfCOno anocdeafiog ]^aaac0 fn fseocim 
fR^b 10 asceeo trail (escepttbeCbKf IBaton) ta 
be CceaCw > ano tben tbep fino tbat Latdmcr tarn 
amongft tbem, anoaofbe fn tbe toeabfng open tbe 
PlfCon at QIarkenweU, ( tPbece 92fG»nec0 , (one 
foi f elonp anootbct0 oiete let looTe) ano tbat be tfm 
tmt^^ cefi fntbe p^C^naetec ft laaf btofcen opnv 


Murder and other Ofiencei 

anQlo w-9atta» upon dfnit ^t sltdo' Ut of 110 
mere toeli liitislleo In wc 9ui«tneiit9a0 to c()ein, pet 
tol^ett 31 ivaiteft on tfiz lUof, 3 ocqttafntco (tfm t^t 
tdere 1000 fonK iitfGttetice in Dpfotoit «i to cHoft turn 
uiion finoing of ^ dpecuil €UcDia < anti altfto' tf^ 
gceotcr mtmlier of tio toete of iDptnion, tfiat tDe (Her- 
ma 1000 tticii foitnti 00 to tftofc alfo > pet 3 intteaceb 
Vsi q9a|eapto,moite net of clitt wSetoicc in iDpinion 
to QieiB (HO $!9erfp toMtoo cbem, t|ie cat^ becanre 
loe b8D ogr((^ tliat ao to font of ^em tbe OecMtt 
toa0 dearlp sooq as to pioceeo to SNt^smcnt againtt 
t^m, ano ttiat 31 {)opeo toouiabe eirample enougb to 
Oetet ottier0 ftom tile like PiaoiceB 9 ano beOoeo it 
iMttlQ appear on Inftaiice of tto ^alcsp^o gteat {{^cp, 
t^t ^ tnoolD not ptoceco to tlie laS cmemltp againf 
flap, iD^r tbne tta0 not a fitll conotetoice of all btei 
itaigm tD^cb Iil0.i|ia^ Ump pleafro to take nctp gta- 
doiAF » ano oidoco tnc to pioceeo acnoofnglp , 
ono ^ t&fp cfDo tone QiorcDt "But 00 to Green in 
UH M apeclol eiftoici, ano Beddi in t|e tlKco Re- 
ctal ^ctWtt lae all igceeti tftat t^e QicOlit imo not Ml 
wsimik M( to tlraifiai 110 toM^eit cccofonin t^». 
(fcanfit tba tiaMa onip Amni tiiat ^ iKte ptdnntt, 
«^ $iiO0 nd iiacttcoiai ^ of taicc comnftteii bj^timy 
ifif^tfti^ not Sod ttat t^ tofce atttng ana aAQlng co 

fnc(^ iMlilitefKlp flitf; a£ cuHoQti to ftejc ant fsftctM; 
^fiFlvtc.aWiiC anB aOMq; t0 mattic of f aa* toM 
oiipt to Imeciiifip ftai* bp m J»m anu not fee leK 
to4vi itpononptoiontaeie smpNcatioiv aniaccoiilnii- 
19 tlielJt; tjlio lien DfOMBco. 


*» If 

•> 'H 

. . I, 


• . * 



• - • • ■ - - ■ 

I €W€iil(Bfii<Mt^ Man mani. 

^ 9gm VMRtleili tiDo (REIifKO, one In Frtocq aoi ani^ eth two wives, 
tiiec i« Efligitfid, tPtntftet Jut intefet be inauieii ano ttp- one at Frami 
'ea CO) t^ f atonp bete in England ^ an^3i to«k t|Mb ^^ j*^^ >" 
mffetenccji ttiat if no flcft macttoet idm in France, . anb ^S.A.r'' y^ 
tbe fecono mactiage, Wx^ mafcett t|)e iPetonp, bias in ]^v be uv^ 
England, ttien 3i biao of €)pinion} xw be mlgt^t be tn- hdt. 


So Murder and other Offences. 


.XMtn ano ctptQ dete 6oift, atiD tte 3lttc)^ tnfsdt on 
: csmtience fMO tji» fits ^attfage (n France, beiitff a 
meet tcanatojp^, anii,^DiPff not^g of f elonp tti 
it ; ano otic Juries afUaHpfino TucD tcanato{p aag, tW 
.tf)ep ore Done in a f oiefgn iGlatfon ; isat if t6e ficft 
i^drt(age ttaa in EngUod, ano tge (econD in France, 
tben 3 tDO0 of €)pinton tie coulD not be tcpeo fOj it 6ere, 
becoure tbe 2a uibfcb mane tbe jreioni», toao Done in 

Divttfity. anotbec tt^ingbom, anb f elontes bone in anot^ icttng. 

fr$Je 5;irr/!» s HQQ,^ g„ no^ l,p ^^ comnton taiD ttloble ^ce in 

Rqports,/*. England. Quaere. ' 


Ceantofeiting 05? cotttttetfeiting t^e ^eatdeal,ttifKit(l^ilibe Ctetf^ 

the Great Seal, f^ jj^b tobat n0t,dee ^,40. 4^ 

E^. €b( Stbbot of Brewor!s Ca(lr,4DbO cauftb fib CiW 

mopgn to ra^e tbe name of one ijSannq in let* 
,tet0 ]Patent0 mibet tbe ^mt deal> am to ptit fit 
anotbec $|^nno|inSeab. of it, anb 3 H.4. Fbl; zy. 

3 7 H. 8. Br. Tide Treaibn. But after all tteCt 'Bo^fbt 
GMTfc Le^'* bHI0Oeorge.Leal$.e's Ca(^ a Cteilt Of ^i^eVCtiaiicenr, 

CaftcooconingiDbo foineb tbio clean pattlmenttf fit (bt teftetis m^ 
the abofe of the (eot0 (0 clofe togctbecibiitb QPoutbgteiD, a0 t^ep foere 
Great Seal, tal(ittfo)onf, tbe optKemoS being bccpt^i anbbm 

^' ^ ^'^' ^ ^^^ label tbjoufl^botb* tben uponvt6e niiiKtmoirlc 
c«b 12. A<p. jm|Qteata» l^atent) anbgot tbe (0)eat dcaifittt to tie 
^ ' m>M$ fo tbe Label anb tbe deal tttceannei^b i^ 

,bocb ttie $>atcbraent0,ttie,imt bQltten f(( H^ umitk $ 
tben be cut: off ^ gleueb #ftiet0tottiib^aboUt, anb 

^ok od tbe nnpetmofl .tbio .pKclmmfCftftt^cb tbe 
ttue l^attent bia0 bi|it Cram tlie LabeO ttbtcl lbtt| t|e 
^2eat deal bib mil bang to tie blanit iparc^ntent, t6en 
be bi^ote anotbec caift patent upon tie bian& Parcb- 

. J9entanbpiiblifl|)'bita0agoob]plateifit9itbtbe€lue- 

; fiionttiaorlobecbectbto iDffence ttiao Utiigfi ^teafon 02 

not } 9nb it bM0 ceiOlbeb bp all tbt 3lubge0' of England 

tbat tbi0 S>Btntemfi not Q)tgb cceafon^' but itbia0 j 

berp gteat .^fP2ifion«. Vid&Hale PL ex la 

■. ■ ■ 1 

•■■•■*': i 

9 ia«- 

Mitid^aJi^MftrO^a^M 8i 

wti wm^tii vamvt «b> joum Amtuce n jhis i< not 
tmiMtmifn* ««* «« nwflw atst «»«, l"."^,'" ■'«= o- 

fti(«B.MkftrUMfnB, anil tlii;.gK9ii)nnct6g«|i;£u,-t„b- rZ 
•t tttAuiitMK> «Mf(«n«taIiin wd tviuoi fsatpoiui, beoufe 

tWfJKItelJMMft aM>»b«tW4i))!befC)WlitMir>idl0CQnie 
ttt(ieAMHin> .- .'-: . i i •- T-. if'omMr.Sfljf 

.. ,- r-.-' :»9tKtjfUng,Soa 

"'.. '■'■ , ; ■ •^;^^vi■•. "J : , TO ihc Chitf Jit 

Clifs Cafe is bi tttt'.IBDiik;:' «plinmi'UDg»''"^' 

peas, in; Qeic tijcn 3uDge «i Oc lltlas'* ■'Seicb, oat 
in; revOjK Wyld, tlien E«W>n «E l^mtan, «'i 
aeffiontf In tlie Old Daily, MM ttKR :tt|t lit mm of 
a>piafan that tbu tma najMwy> tniife t^pwt; 
tan a fpcctai OioiKtt; in ttflBomsitftUt tmnaa, 
snD Ca tdete couId be no MftfvUt oitt tt«e t{iait 
taulD tie no jTeloni) wtate tien Wt no Cc(ltiari», 
IS m» teroitteD in Hoimes'f Cab, Ma ftttwaw 
oum l^ioute, Micli W» qiKOtMii M^e ft Wnt m^ 
tutttet, ano actotDtnuir tfte MMet tw b; m ittR 

: .'Sutttfon wmCR^MMtwatAttt t« be • 
eate uoit&i «f nut <ignaieHitHn> tOMtfe /Stttnk 
tbeOCarein t|e^-f«f)t,|tttlaM4ltKatia(m> 
UoCiiuncU K(n[<l>«>:l)ii«lie-3imi«itll'taeClKquet< 
Ctiamtier, anb. bpttwntibBwB ra ttfdonti, fa* 
ScougntattttaBrti CaCewu pub 

' etetetbeCaCetu)!, onetarstiiinttiitlianotttcta 

MtCliCamepaclUI 0( ffiooSS IM lim to Saiithampton, 
anaDeIluetet6ttie®i>oD«tat6(4tiKtUx, ottn be cak-' 
(titbemaniicattiee tbemtoMuttetPtci. aniitbete 
opens tie l^ac60, ano takes JJkCosw, ans biliialies 
ottbem to aiB vun «fe aiio ittcJDtttmoti tmi) tube- 
9 tbet 

8 % Murder and other OflFcQces. 



ttiet tfKit tM0 ipelonp o) not ; anti tW ft tma objetf- 
cD tt)at tOe6ooD0 tnete bafleo to ttie Cattiec, onti ttne- 
foit tfutt cotttD be no ireloni», tbat tiw0 agteeo 
senetaHiy to be 0000 Uiui' 9nli ft \iwi af fo obieaeo 
tbatananoftfmenfasafnS one tbat be felonice aipor- 

cavic fiicbt 00000 1» not G^OD) bttt ft tmtS be feionice 

cepit & afporavic, anti in tbat €tik tbe tokfng tDa0 
lauifbU petfttDa0te(bn»DtbatftU}a0jreIonp, becauGs 
bf0 (ttbfltqtient act o£ cattpfng tbe tfootw to anotbec 
l^lQce, ann tbete openf ng of tbeni) anD Ufpoang of 
tbcm to bf0 ofon u(e, oectacetb tbat bf03lntent oifgfnal- 
Ip tDa0 not to taiie tbe 0OOQ0 opon tbe 9ffteement,ani» 
Conttflit of tbe patt|f» but mAf toftfr a beflgn of f!eal- 
fttgtbem. Atom tiiecbtni0 tbe Cads in CiaefHon f0 
mttcb fironeet t f o) fn ttmt, tbe ]pattF l^imfirif cornet^ 
to bite tbe Lobgfn00 ami <9ooii0,anMibttt (^aCtet tafc* 
etb tbem atoap, tbf0 beclatetb tbat bC0'fl)|f0fnaI intent 
1080 onip bp tbe bfcfn^ of tbem to gfve bfiiifirtf tbe d|i- 
pojtunf tp to ileal tbem, ann (0 bf0 tMt bMnff tbem f0. 
In fraudetn Legis,anti ott^t be t^M take no asbantage^ 
Co. Pi. Cor. 64. dome unnec pretence of a Eobberp 
taife a fme an^Ctp) and tali a Conifable to Cnircb a 
iHiuie m tbe iQfBbt tfme, anb tbe Contfibie comingr, 
tbe ODtonec of tbe l^fe opett0 tbe £)op|, onb tbeii 
tbofe l9etrons bmo tbe ConSabte, anb tboGs in tfije 
9>oufe, auD cob tdemt tbf0 i0 1i3ucglatp ; becaufe tbep 
piocureo tbe O002 to be openeb to tbem fn tbe SBigit 
bp f caub : do f n tbt0 C<ife, tbe patfp bieingr fbe 0otife 
bp ftaob, imip to babe an €)(ipo)tttnftp to fteal tbe 
eoobo, HsbAI not take l6eneSt of tbiK ftatfo, Sinn 
$a^. Lee toibme, Cbat ft batb been eeColneb, tbat, if 

one come into Smithfield on pretence to buy a Hbrie, 
and Cheapen one, and the Owner giveth bimleave to take 
the Horfe aiid ride him to try his Paces, and then he tak- 
eth the Horfe and rideth <juice away with idm, this is 

Felony, ano (0 ff one beitbee ^wm to a potec f» 
London to cattp to a cettaf n place, anb be taketb tbem 
ano cactfetb tbem attiap to anotbec pact, anb tbete o- 
penetb anb bifpofetb of tbem, tbf0 folTeionp 3 WifSi faff 
Cafe feemetb to be ttiatranteb \X2 tbe Cafe before citeo 
oat of 13 E 4J>7ote, eiKit tbe b}eaitfttir bpm tbe pclur 


•• ■» ■■ mrmma^'^^'^ti 

Murder and other OSeoccs. 8$ 

and oKpofing or t^ ^oow if ncccAi; ft fM t(e fti* 
tent of dtesUng. 

Tdut a mami at tfte Caft put) i ? £4- 9- 1>. Cftat ff a 
Catciec iwne a Cim of moot oettiitteD to dftn to cat- 
tf to (Uti a pace, aoQ be nenet catt|> ft txit fell ft, 
all t|tf0 10 no f eloni> ; imt if ^ o^ato mtt of ft ont 
aboue tbcdlaliie of CioeUie pence» t|tf0 10 f eionp h % 
im not tee indp tbe DIQioM of tbe inliole IboolQ not be 
tf elonp al(d« 

oeat tbe Cafe tbcte put tt, acaetfeetioetfcaecptbe 
^ooM to tbe place appofnteii» anQ aftee take0 tbem 
aloajp ano UQioietti of tbem, tbat tt fOonp, becaufe tbe 
^acgaln f 01 bt0 (ufngiinff tbem tnaf iieteratfneo loben 
|e bioogbt tbem to tbat place appofnteb>ano tbe poSef* 
Oon tfiea 10 in tbe Ottt Mnec; 

a man babfttg aDioetUnir-boofe let0 aCeHat, ta 
ttbfcb tbe l^alTaise 10 out of adtceet ant a QTbambery 
to J. s. ano be lietb in tbe (Cbambet, ana tbe Celiac 
10 hioken open In tbe Bigbt. Slf tbbi be OBntglaciif 
31 tbonebt not) anatoob a minence betbtfKt an Sntnate 
anb a MbfOeoiMittCt, tobttb 10* ttbece tbece ace ftnecal 
S>oo20,ano oneDtteHingaainllp atdfbeo ano ftpatateb 
ftom tbe otbec» tbete ft 10 TBrntfiatp, ano Iban be lafb' 
tffi bieabfns tbe Ottdlfng ^onfe of iltm iDbo biceb tbe 
bfttfbeb pact. lButa0 to an inmate tobo gi»tb fn at tbe 
(ismeiDoo), be fofn tbe JSatuce of a Lobgec» ana ff 
bf0 Cbambec be fa]oben open, 31 tboagbt ft 'Bucffiacp. 
9ut pott moa lap tbe anoimnent f 0} b^eaung tbe 
DttieUfng bottfe of bfm tbot letit, ano not of tbe 3[n' 
mate, becanfe 31 tbougbt ft toaa but one Dbieilfng* 
bou(e> fn cafe tbece be Ctoentp Slnmatea: 9nb tbo' 
tbece be a pttttate Contcaa betmeen tbe |^actfe0, tbot 
batb not feoeceo tbe Ottiellfngbottfe, fo aa to mebe 
tbem febecal £)ttiellfn0'booft0. foi tben, bibat neeo 
tbat bfSitcence of 3lnniate0 anbbtbibeoit>oure0f fcq ff 



«,«• . a • ^ 


not^ttff from m ot(iec. Xut ^h Ltt-^fflteOtfttttft 
tnfg^ De AOUftii of, becanfe tie foUO t^fc u(e ^otb teen o- 
t|)etfiHfe,anD ^ fafo tliat eire,i( tde Eoome of tjie Simuite 
totrte oeii^tyea tiolmi iflMi tic: tOc JMBIbrtfiM^tlqre 

tfs tnit #tfi iltdDt06iatl4i^«6tinmtt*tii»3MMti 

flDionet $ ono tt)o' t^ 3lnmate tKttti an Sntiici asiiiif 
tde €>iimect(Hit foOl not btue to male (t t^ ZHoelKng* 
iKHife of tue 3inmate« 16nt c^e Srtbftraienc mnS be fo; 
IQirglfBPk ttMM«Q)e«)MllR9^oit(i^9ec^ClDn< 

no 'Burglatp, fot tt f0 ftpm^ fti^tlixftiMBMb Mi 
Bctuallp fetieten from tiie Ipoufo lip eiccf uung all Com- 
monf cation toitd t^l|onft,no paflUtg being betiotot tbe 

9(«A lie ttifttbr^BnimioNtlKllkilOl^liocbM 


iwiiit CMi vtJLet firni ttiniBiic be mmwmmmi 

f«lite«iOncetbeiate ftrc» ilbttf^fmkmibmniW 
^tbtbe2>ttciUng-b9U(i («<Dm0t(irfetei«iiUii«ir 

ILoomii mill! acai t^efr Coiiiw, it mmibe' ftm ff ft 
Qiooib not be^«!siai9* • icoi^ 31 fiipiilBf eloop fir 

t|p2MMu;cortbetioii(^ff be MN tbci^<0oiO09 but 
tfl<»afce ft osiitgiaif to HMt bW nm^imXti <n fitiB 
tb< Miftte Hi t fiippofie, tbat amiot be/ anb 31 fin- 
l!pCiBjett(ngQrcpig(nB«tafaft4i|^erfiMM^ lotbnot 
im&e lebetalifoufiMi if i^p«li go fii at I^Ooor tf 
tfm loba .letitbiub0int0> 4nio c^mifitriimMtff. 





I •lI#]Kl>i 

— " 1 

Vat otMBiCt ft f09 ff a man OBfKt fMne Booiw ftom 
<K0|XNite, atio make anot^ Dooito tM Eoomp* 
ano to mm m ^^fwta, ttat tam» pact tt tte 
VanOoitdoitCe of M tttio (M ft, ana Ct ttisot- 
fliatp if ft be Wun opeti) 9nB fMI te UtfQ fii, 

fin bieakinff t^ IM»elUttg^an(i( or tmi toDa (tfceo 

i|^ pait< 



f -r- A 

^lixl j"*r?o i 

■I ITX--' 



■ li 

i^ I 

,' V >]rii7v 

J Ll 



. « 

- \ 

» ■ • ' 

..) rti/Ti ^ 

fi • ill •!• .'• 

» f • »■ 



^ I . li .. • ' .' 

,. •» «i»iill**' ill 

¥ f 

. • * ■ 

. . * . < . ■ , . , , t . :• ) i 3 * • ■ 1 

I I'*'. » ''I > ' 




941 MwdfarJmdiotfaiyQffixKiBi 


• • . -• • • ^ ■."• ■ --* ■ - J I.'-; . . . . .''^■*iv# 

- • . • . .1 • • 

Term. Mich. 

15 Car. n. in B. R. 

Sir Charles Stanley's 


Ttoli bano-f^IR Charles Stanley and Otie Andrews, fgere 

yiilf?'^ ^ ^'fP*^ "P<*" «" awiiWment of 4^aet. Cbe 

la£]&£r^Lj ^^*S^*» «« Charles Stanley ttW attefilDfbp 

jwwc tMpg. ^^^ jj 3 jjj^^ jjjj^ enoeaiioiiceo a Eelicue, atai Qxit 

off a paol at tbe 'BaUttf, ano tften uie ^BaOlff cloftli 
!o(t& IKm atin caft 6(m noton, ano aftet Ciome of W 
0nDant0 ano otl^to io^ came m 9f D of M. &U(eQ 
a detoant of t&e n^am^ todo came to Sio of tDe 
'laaOfff : 9no ftt«i0 Refolwo tip an tlie Comt> Hide 


I i l»l 

Maidsri^^dterOffisnoei;; g^ 

K nmeBtttibiilMbtt, mo tun after 4iitfe •( UtT'^i^J 

i|i i»M tot : fBamiTt : n mf tJffit mvitfb ' «i dtt 

ail gmitf umatmtMmw iHMin iri it in tiM 

Bmoke SeA. »9 ;f . iC^e "MV Dacrcs an» MaiifeU^ aHl 

«| caai»tiMatBMlp-t9PM ma 
iFoitHf , ano teins teOif en, one of tbe Companp laieii 
tOe Loja Dacres iiia0 a gteat toap off, ana not pierent, 
6(l(ea a man : Suageo sputaec in Oim ana alt toe reft, 
ana tOe ^ota Dacres toaa Oangea* xut ft uiaa agceeo, 
tOat ff tt)e pattp toOa fa atreftea pfeioa afmfeif, ana 
malted na EeQSance, fxit ocaeca enaeaaouc to tercue 
turn, ana iie ootO na atf to aeclate afa lofnfng aifta 
tOeni, ff tOoft ttiao come to tetcue t)fm afU anp of tae 
^ilfCG09 ttifa fa ij^tttaet fn ttiem, bat not f n tbe ]^actp 

atreffea. IBut fn t^fa Cafe dft Charles Stanley bp fbaot' 

fne bfa i^fial, baa (ofnea fn teOSf ng tbe ^utbo^ftp of 
Late,, ana tbfrf fo>r »man being (lain in tbfa 9a, ft fa 
^tttaet fn bfm« 9na 00 fo) Andrews, tbece aiaa 
no ebfaence, but out of W oam s^outb ; fome af> 

fCOtttfe aa ff be baa fbot abet dft Charles Stanley fn 

9fa of bfm b)ben be aiaa aottn, but tbe ebfaence to 
tbat tDaa Ofgbt* i6ut ft aiaa agceea bp ua alt, ^bat 
ff a man be attef!ea, ana be ana bfa Campanp enaea- 
bout a EeGcue, ana bibfle tbep ate figbtfng, one bibo 
ftnobia notbf ng of tbe 9tteft coming bp tbe biap, goetb 
f n 9fa of tbe petfon ttibo fa acceffeo, ana ajatoa W 
dbioto, &c. bete ff anp of tbe 'Baftfff^ be biff ea, tbat 
IPettoalabo fotnea fn 9tD agafnft tbem, tbo' bebfo not 
Itaain af tbe 9tte(i, pet fa gulttp of ^utaet. iFo) a 
man muff take been babi be iofnetb fn anp unlataful 
9tf aa figbtfng fa, fo; ff be aotb, be fa gitfitp of alt 
tbat fottobia* 9na ft betng {^utoec to kill tbote aibo 
come to execute tbe Laui ; ebetp one tobo lofns f n tbat 
9(t fa gufttp of (t^utbet, ana W Sgno^ance Ml not 
e»ufit bfm, bibece tbe faa fs mabe ii^utbet bp tbe 
tm btttbout anp ^alfce piecebent, aa fn tbe Cafe of 




Miudet andiNbia 

|l«l »W 

mieimtt 6git « Diiil> Am tmgle tlbcp are fiBtc*: 
fag,, a mail ttbo f# aoma&ucD tPit^ one oC t|peiit|o(» 
«[( aao tiMi 6tt paet anft iaaetd tde otftetf . 4tt 
(a ilNtdet in tlie ]pait{ ttlio . cane ttftb 98ifce p^ 
aeaba ca Mt ; fiat ft fa tnt aoanflanabttt (a ttnt 
Hlo came ta fifa 9fD, (KcanliK tn trtn tfiece laaa aa 
aftoKrg- ant aa ta fittn ft laaa a fiamea dans* fluji 
(cce tfie Lan natfi nat fmpiip ij^lfcei aa ft uatD 
fa efiei% ene iBia cefiic^ t^ CKcucfan af 9t 


.» 1 

• - # 

••• • 

k ^ .1 . • > 


p ■ t 


Term. Mich. 

8 WUL J. 

Lijle's Cafe, in 'Banco Regit. 

AC tie Aflizes anD CSaol-deUvcry tetD fid; tte COtttU 
t; Of Cumberland, StCarliile, i ; Aug. lad, befaif 
Sic Edward Ward LoitI CitCf-'BatOn, anti JU- 
Met Tunoo, Thomas Lifle ^eai mg fntfaeD f02 tlie 
igSUtlHt of Richard Aimftrong, upon lujlici 6C tlia# «t< 

ufgnen ma tcfen, ant conBiSen oC SjsanOauglita; 
wtto. Smmeiiiatei? aftec, John Armflrong, ^jotliet «( 
lUchard, put into tfie Couct a 'BUI ot appeal fo; #nt- 
lut, ant aa t&en pja; b; tid Council, Ctat t&e 9p< 
ptal Qiaullibe teteitieaanD fileti, ans ttat Lifle ItouID 
seimiucblatets attaiened tjetcupon. icaSetetipoitj ano 
bcfojetie appeal tDaBawaisncD, Lifle Bio Bcmami tje 
ISenefit of W €iaevi anh tgen m -Bfii at appeal 
ft; tte Council of Armfirong inasi teao in open Csutt, 
ant Lifle Sin appeac teeteunto, ann piapeti to be bailes, 
tut tefubt to pleao > uponinticbde uadtttnaniieiito 
tfie £aoi quoufque, &c. 311 tabic!) p^oceeUns uas en- 
tttn upon tbc Eecoili of tbe smuatnent of SlSutliei: 
aitti t(t Conwaifli of ^amiausbtet, am laas tetnc- 
art upon g Certiorari into tbis Couct, ans tbereupon 
tit SBffM of ^ntotc bad aid tetucneii but upbti 
' ttt KnoiD «f tbat, no mention isati naBe or nq; 
PtotetlKiiv. Lifle mas aiCo btouMt to tu.'Sat upmi 
ottatMHtammfttaitotieMaiaiarea, le^fitmigei 

■ 9 8' M 



Lijies Cafe. 

to be batlenO but tlie Court ntn not t^fttk fit to Iiafi 
%ixa foi t^e p^efeitt ; fo^ ft befttg tte latter^etili of tire 
^etnt, trio ao^ottcn t6e confioetatfon of ft to tl^e nztt 
Certti; ^ totfeo t^tne Lifle defttg b^ffj^t tat^'Bar 
bp Eufe tfie Coiiet |Da0 of opfnfon tiat be ttifgj^t be 
baflei^^- Ci^ ftttioftfoti toan, 93{i|et|et one conbf Sen 
of ci^anflattglitet mfgbt be bafleo befOie be ban bfis 
Cletgp f Cbe Cafe of Dyer 297 & 41. f0,Cbat be cait« 
not be bafleo s tobfcl map beaomftteo to be lata, fn% 

tbO' ^ttStceiet of Oyer anO Terminer anb Gaol-delivery 

mfgfit not bafl fnfucb a Ca(i^, pet tbe King's Bench f 
Itof cefitaftteu (tomtiafifng is^ tbe fttatttteofTW:c.i ^. 
% Inft. 18;. but batb a Ifbettp of baflfng ^ tbe Com- 
mon-Law, f f ttie petfOn be not attafnten* aoo 08 foasE 

it none in t^f0 Coutt, 10 Jac. Coke's Entri^ 355. Upon 

tbe Ifite ConbfSfon of ^anfiauffbtet, upon a €:tfal at 
tij^ '^ac : C&e Court, tottbout callfn^ tbe partp to 
mmx^ toit tftne to aa^tft untfi tbe n^€fritt> 
Bafleo t^e |^;l(imet tden to appear^ ^eter^iaituBE 
anoieii^baP) f t najif queftfoneo, QDleti^ tbe court 
IHoulb can \j&% to lutofD lobat lie coulli (^ fob! 
^M #ouiii not be gfden agafnff |fm, anu fr|< 
WimS^ ti? 1l5enefit of yet Cler0p» aUofD tt to |fmf 
^ after ^vsument at t^'Bar ft ^tm refismeb^Hiat 

^jiafinuch as there was a Record of Gmvi^pn retunie4 
IP the Kinjf Bench^ the Court ou^t to profceed to Jud^- 
Qij^t thereupon, tho' there was an ^peal returned to ber 

For thcfe Reafons : 

I. Cbo' He 9ppcaf lam not tqtanp tifC^otrtinu^ 
W- \f^ on ettfience, pet ft \m toft^ut ttap ^ fo; fi?^ 
lug comxsenceii at tie Gaoi-deiivety, ft lah no mtk 
vmSit 09011 ft) noa titli!i»ti tonfo ft lasne aiti^> tbinQ 
contfniuinte can ^ tfilen Qwm one ftefliani of Qaou 
4ej|iv^ taanot6ct> ^ttt ftom one bap taanotl^ ti 
imi? be> f( t&9t defilonbe ab^onnieii, torn Qot^ iffit 
in t|if0 CaC^i but all p^oceeofnirtf upon 3!n« 


M » • 1 '/ • » 


Lifle*s Cgfe. ^1 

irtSmettts^mtn flppeai^ commeitcenat one Gaoi-deiiveiy 
ittti^ ContiiSfan0 titcettpon, are iwtetniitieihiip t|at 
€leSIon, Co t^at t|)t0 appellant ann appellee |at>e m 
Haf to an? Court > aim tie appeal befng remoDe^ ^ 
to tie King's Bench, t|e partte0 %9M{m no Da? <n 
Court) tie onl? tneantf to retrtetie tt, id, fo^ tie ap> 
|»iiimt to fome Into Court, anti p^a? t|at tie ^ 

Smkt lelnsp in cuftodia Marr' ma? be attatf Reo > ana 
' %t 1080 not in tie ^arCNirsi cuffod?, taite J^eeftir 
againtt Itm, 9 H.4. x. St. p. c. ^f i. t»|ie| tHa? le 
Jione at an? time* O^ut if tie appellee be tieGrou0 to 
te Hffitlac^eB of tie appeal, tlen |e eufit to rue a 
Sate i&cias affainll tie appellant, ann if |e doti not 
9mm iCtonfoit Iftn, St. p. C. 70. a. b. jTront^ lenee j| 
f9 to le contHiBeti, Clat tnce tie apoeal H iMtlottt 
ia?, ano cannot be pioceeHeQ upon umefti ttWi»k in 

8e manner before mentionel]i,t|erei0 no reafon fb^tlt^ 
otttt to take an? notice of ft, but topioceeB upon tie 
Concision |89 upon tie ^nuisment, a0 if no^peal 
^an been commenceo^ 

a. Cle Court, 00 tie matter Canti0 ttpon l|ii»Re^ 
tnpi Ottsit to pjoceeo upon t|e Caubtaioirr tvk |t 
«»i«ar0 t|at not onl?^ tie sinBfsment lootf-jpieiptretf, 
Wtt eiien t|e Criai antr ConiiSKoir of $pan«ai^i;|eer 
tm before tie appeal eotmnenee^ ; aitii tierefo^e b^ 

^e ejCII|ef0 tOO^ of 3 H. 7. That in caTe of "iAatdtt^ the 
Murderers Ihattac itoy time be arraigned and detemuned 
ai the King'% Suit, withm the year^ wiehovc carrying for 

an Appeal. m^Ai t|e 3in]rf8ment bedtff p^oceen^ npe^ 
mar tie part? trieo befinctleaifeat commeheeib tie 
Ithmrt of QaokleUvery ottglt to Betermine it^ fof Ho^ 
tie anieal iRterpofesf affei^ CowniS^on, an»befi!^t|e 
f^ottirts upon tie SM^wntt (0 caiieii to 3lHii&men|» 
f et ttie Subprntt upon, it |st| relation to tie C8l^ 
fiiSion, ano on tie gibing of it no notice (» to be t» 
ken of tie 9l9eaij noii^ aitp Cntr? to H onErcoio, 
t9 littHo; tie Court mmt 8»ing 3itti^8men^ an^if 
^ Q:tial tnajs laloftil, tl|3lutigmem tber eupott'iiRii 
Um W«aiM§U^W»«| itfDOtjnibeint|e.pp.«Ber of 
t^perflnt b? putti^ftt an* appeitt to vtnoer rle* Sl^if^ 
Vi^^swAy ttlfd (0 contrar? to tie 100^0 an^'fHteiil 



.. « 

nx Li//(?'s Cafe. 

of tf)e €>tatutc i foj ftippofe tlje CotiDiSiott tan been 
foi ^ntnct) t|)e :SuiitSmrnt beinnp \et\l comtnencen aitD 
Pioceeneti tipon, tlje fuljfeiiuent appeal caniibt obttcuS 
Slungment, but tbe Court ougbt to conDetnn tbe t^iU 
tonzt, otbcrtDtfe tbe @>tatutc of 3 H. 7. td not obfec* 
])eD, ttbici) tequitejS not onip ap^oceebtng on tbeSn* 
otstnent, but a Determfnatfon : 9nQ tbe dtatute 
tDouIo be 00 little obfetbeb if isuogmcnt Iboulb be te* 
Cptteti upon tbe ConbfSton of ^anflaugbter ais itpoii 
a Conbtsion of (pucber* 

3. <Bp tbe Common-Law no Conbif^fon ci Acquittal 
coulb be abofbebbp an Appeal tntetpoang befo^jtupg* 
ment : but tbo' Jubgmcnt ioa0 tefpiten, t^ JDefini' 
Hant in tbe appeal mtgbt pleab tbe Acquittal 0% Coit« 
HiSion bim in 'Bar to tbe appeal, St. p.c. 106. 16 £.4^ 
II. 45E. 3. xf. 4 Rep. 45. Wrote ann Wigges* againS 
fDbicb tbere are but tfoo Cafe^, viz. 17 Afi. p. i. uwh 
are contrabiSeb b» tbe 0ptuion ann €)brerbation of 

fi. tic. Appeal 5-5. tbatbeclareiS tbe Common-Law tO be 

contrary until 3 h. 7. Cbe otber i0 Dyer 296. p. xo, 
iDbicb i0 fo berp (irange, tbat it cannot amount to tbe 
leatt autbo|itp« Cbat Cafe foais, viz. One inbiSenot 

burner tDa0 COnbiSeb at tbe Gaoi-delivery of Newgate, 

ami befb^e 3lubginent giben tbe dBife hmsU an ap» 
9eal; to bibicb tbe Defenbant pleabeb, tbat ibe bA 
ta&en anotber ipudbanb in a jTojeignCountrp^ ^]be 
matter reifing about a pear, tbe 3in^i&ment majer ee> 
tnobeb in b. r. anb tbe partp conbiSeb calleb to 3iutifir< 
ment upon tbe 3i»bisment, anb be pleabeb tbe appe^ 
li^enbing > to fobicb Nul ticl Record biajs pieabea i 
but aftetioarb^ tlii Plaintiff in tbe appeal biais iSott* 
(Uiteb, anb tbcn 3iubgment of Oeatb biasi giben againS 
tbe Defenbant« Obferve, Cbat Cafe in left toitb a 
Quaere, anb fo no 3iubicial Determination &» to tbif 
l^oint, fabing tbat tbe ^an biais bangeb« 

I. ttbe Court gabe no Opinion concerning tbe Tufil 

* ■ .■.■•■.- 

X. %t iiotb ttot appear (obi ti^e Plaintiff becakiui 




Armilrong verfus Liile. p2 

iTo^ tfeere toati not anp pppo^tnttit!^ f^2 it, tlmfiiie 
ft tDa0 trcesulats foitJ^e^leatoadMrcotttftttteiibptlie 

CocDorari » fO{ all EetnoDaI0 of CattfeU ttJUm Certio- 

rari's oetecmine tt)e plea; tletefo^ tirat €$Xt i» xm 
autliojitp, but onip an Il)f(i02|p of tuliat soais none i fipt 
tlie man toa^ toell conDemnen ann t%tt\mrt tipoti !C^ 
ConntSjon, ami t^oie dctuplen t^en mane fpece t»t!p 

jTo^ totifcti EeaCcinjs tbe Coutt otli actafg-n Lifle up« 
on t^e (2^.oni)iSion of io^anaaugrbtet, ann ^nemanoeQ 
|f0 Clctgp^ tDDicbbein^ aMofoen to.titm, ^ teaQais 
a Cletit, and loass burnt in tie banii* 

Arnmrong <i;f r/^ Ijfla 


Mich. 8 W. 3. Rot. 5<$y. 

IB tbe appeal of ii^ttciiec befioie mentioneiiy tbe 
Defennant fuen out a Sdre fiuaas- againft tfie 
l^lainttf to P20toute W ^ealy tetomabte Qjundeik' 
Pdfch' ; at fnbtcb iia)» tbe Plaintiff appeateQ? an& b? 
W Council at OI5at tim actafsn tbe appeal* 3it beins 
Piapen tbat tbe Defmtbant mfffbt anQuet tbeceunto, 
tbe Defenoant pleaoeo tbe 3lnbfSment> ami ConliiSi' 
on of ^anflaugbter at tbe aiR?e09 tnbicb foatf temo« 
Hen into tbe King's Bench; amitbatno3ittQ0menttMi0 
tbeteupon ffiben ; ann tbat at tbe time of tbe Con* 
DISion be toa0, ann utt in a Cletb ; ano tben p^apH 
W Cletgp, ano oftereb to teab atf a Cletli if fte 
Coutt fDoulb babe abmittebbimtbeteuntos ann tbat 

aftettoatn^) on Monday poft Craftin' Pur* Beatae Mftue 

Virginis iattj being nemannen bp tbe Coutt fo^p IWV- 
ment fbouin not be giben agafnlt biiii> be nemanneQ 
tbe osenefit of Cletgp ; ttbicb being allofpen to bitib 
be tean ad a Cletb^ ann foass butnt in tbe lann im 
per Recordum, &c. ftrftb tbe uHial 9berment0« «nv 
o0tQt|eirelottpann$0tttnetpleanenNocGuiky. C« 

'Bb tPlid 1< 


P4. Armflrong verfm Lille. 


Co Wt^ )plea t^t laiatntiff nuttie a frttiolottjs 35lepIC' 
f9tl<n, itm tie IDefcnsant t^eteunto iiemuaietu 

de flltt«C<0tt lDa09 ^l)eti^er t|)tis )^lea load agotfi 
VacC0f%eajppeaIf aitu it magei tefolDeH bp tj^etotole 
C«tt^9 C^ tge Defetfbant iiefng conDtSeu of $99ai!< 
iaii|[%C0r, atiB allolDeti tfie ^Benefit of Cletsp, atft 
teiftitfg m a Cletit 9fB bat t^t appellant of W ^ 
peal of ^utnet* 3nli t^o' tlie EeafottiS gttien in tiit 
farmer Cafe map be fufttctent to luSffie tw EefoItttf« 
m ', ^t Utanp ti^ns^ ntap be fit u be atmeti fo? Crar* 
Her €jrpUcatfon of t|t!S matter, tobtcg batb fo^ « 
ioitff time been in mucb obfcurttp, anti laboured itii< 
Her tierp great Darietp of €)ptnton^ 

I. Cbe Conbt3tono^ dctiuittal upon an3lniitSmeiit 
of burner oi ^anflaugbtcc luasi at Ccmmon-Law, a 
gom l^lea in l^ar to tbe appeal* iToi tbep^oceetiimr 
upon tbe 3iniii9ment map be legal, tbo' tbe appeal toajt 
tben penning} 9nli if tbe partp conbiSeH C^ouio bane 
^ao SuQgment of Deatb giben agatnfi bim tf be tnajt 
no Clerlt, tbere id t^t fame reafon be (bouin babe ^ 
benefit of tbe ConbiSion anb Clergp if be biere a 
Clerft* Cte liite if be be acquitteb » fo? if conbta^ 
le flfioitUi ftifer Deati^, tberefo^e if acquitten befbotd* 
le Qifcl^argeti. 

C« t|e autbo^itfeis before titt^, tbefe map be a!l»> 
set, F. N. B. 1 1 5;. h. tobere an appeal of a^uroer toajt 
Oepenbing, if foitbin tbe pear ann V^t bap, tbe 3itt9f< 
fed of Gaol delivery biopioceeH to ttptbe appellee ope 
en an ^nbiSment of ^urber, anb be bia0 acquittik 
lemfglt'babe a Wxit of Con())iracp, tbo' be biaisiiat 
trieb iwon tbe appeal > bibicb coulb not bat? ttm 
inaitt^ntetf tinlefg tbe acquittal upon tbe SnbiSmeat 
baf been a perfi^s anb ablblute Difcbarge of t^z €>f« 

fence, xi H. 6. i8. Fitz. tit. Conipiracy 6. j H, 4. jy. 

Hsd^ «4^:t!D|9t an acquittal upon an 3!nbiSment in a 
'nt 'Bartd an appeal of ^urber* %U reafon fobereof 
meie ftronjif in tbe Cafe of an appeal of Deatb tban 

'anp' Otl^er appeal, to wit, of Robbery 0| Larceny, 

"v^Ht^ an acquittal ttpon an SnmaNnentHianRi l)e» 

Armftrong verfm Liflc. 95 

fitm (0 to tdi0 nap, a gam 'Bat) St. pi. Cor. 106. jtoi 
t^ appellant feeit^ onip EeDenge fo^ fUe S)eat§^ oC 
d(0 anceSo;, fottl^out teffatu to tie publfcftt 'But m 

mt'^eal of Robbery 0| Larceny, ^t t$ tO ^atie Eeftf* 

tution : tittt it a pecfoit lie mutneteo, ti^e Sting p2QCe< 
cute0 to datie an Cjcample of 3!uffice mane fo^ tlie 
dafetp of all W l^eoples beanesi, tge l^fng f0 moie 
concecneo in 3lntereff, being to babe tbe jTo^feftute 
0f all tbe ^0)110 anQ Cbattel0 of tlje iDffenQet) anti 
t^f l^ear, Dap, ano (KQiafie of bisi tanti0« 

ann tbo' tbe ip^ofecution at tbe ming'^ ^uit toatt 
fte^uentlp tielapeti foi tbe 'Benefit of t%z patties ^p* 
peal} pet tbat toad not ex ^vifione Legis, but meetlp 
bp tie niCctetton of tbe 3lutige0> fo^ tbe mo^e effesual 
j^^ofecutton of tbe Dffennet, bp encoutagtng tbe pec« 
fotts! tobo toete mofi concetneo, ann tberefo^e ioete 
tbougbt to be moff Kalouiei tbetein. %W appears bp 

St. PL Cor. 107. Fitz. tit.Coron. 44. ix E. 4. tDben tbC 

auilice^ bio agree, Cbat tbat coutCe of oelaping ta 
p^oceeQ on tbe 3[niii9nient loitbin tbe l^eat (boulb be 
ubCetbeb, fo^ t^z falte of tbe parties appeal, tobitd 
!oa0 ftequentlp piaaifeti before, but not fo fitmlp effa* 

blifl^eH until tben« Hale pi. Cor. con. to 40 AC p. 40.' 

^ttt tbe (ilifcbief tbeteof being in fome febi peant 
petceiDeo, occafioneQ tbe tnaMng tbe d>tatuteof 3 H. 7. 
tDbicb aboltfbeQ tbat Ltbettp tobicb tbe Hlubged ttoit, 
anb obligeb tbem to pioceeo upon tbe SnliiSment at 
anp^time biitbin tbe ^eat, anb upon no account tit 
tatrp fo^ tbe appeal ; anb to encourage tbatp^ceeb< 
ing, fabe0 tbe 'Benefit of t^z appeal, natfDttbfianir< 
ing tbe attainbet 0^ acquittal, etcept toben Clergi^ 
\m bab ; fo? tbat Cirception id to' tbe ^utbiefn of 
tbe statute, anb (befojs fobat tbe tato m» befo^, 

viz. That when Clergy was had upon a Convidion or 
Attainder of Murder upon the Indidmehr, it was a good 
Bar of the Appeal before the Statute. 

%t iti tnoff true, tCbat if an appeal tva^ fMI]p 
biougbt, anl» penning before tbe fMne auttici^ befto^e 
iDboin tbe appellee b»0ltnii9eir, tie Conrt^ttgbt t» 
f^oceeb vatber upon tie Appeal tlim t^ indi^meiii^ 


p^ Armftrong verjm Lille. 

becauCs of t^e antecett nt ttie, appellant, to^o in cafe 
of Robbery ou0|)t to i)ai»e Keffftutfon, lolitc^ upon an 
3lnliiStnent befoje ii R 3. t^eceulli not ^atie; anQ to 
an appeal of Deatd tfie CSlife oi ]i>ett mtgdt ^tieei;« 
ecution upon t^e Suogmeiit {notfof tftif anotngr anp pac« 
Hon) in Eeiienge of tde anjurp none to tet o^ |im t 
43nli t6e piefetttng tfie appeal t&en penoins, to t^ 
3lnlii8ment, foas no butt to t^ePtAltcit Sufttte of tie 
minffoom; foi tf tfie appellant foad BonCulten, oilito 
teleafe ettliet before o} after attatnoer, tlie PioCmu 
tlon foa0 oeDoltieo to t^e i&inff, toto mtg|)t cauft 
]^20ceeiifnB to be upon tfie appeal, ano execution to 
be ban upon tbe 3luiicment« 'But at tbe Common- 
Law, if tbetetoad a default of jfteC^ duft, tbe appeal 
foajs loft, if tbe Defennant nio pleao it in Abacemenc. 

Vide Stac. Glouc cap. 9. Brad. lib. 3. 139. xInfL 319. 
Qui appeilare voluerit, debet iile cui injurac^ fiieric, 
cam cico quam poceric , Hucefiun^ levare, &c. Cbete* 

tm, bp (Ucb a negles of jftef^ duit, tbe Ptotecution 
belongeo to tbe Ifting to p^oceeo bp to^ of SnuiS* 
tnent* I3ttt in tbat cafe tbe appellee, upon an ap« 
pealcommenceo affainff bint, couionot talteabbantage 
of t^e toant of iTtefi^ %}x% unlef0 be bab pleabeb it» 
anb in an appeal of Robbery oi L^my. tbo' tbeDefen* 
bant bib not pleab in Abacemenc^l^ toant of jrtefb 
duit, but foa^ tbereupon conbiSeb, pet tbe appellant 
cottlb not babe Eeffitution unlefd tbe 3incp m finQ 
tbe iTtefl^ dttit* 

OBut great €lueiiion batb been mabe, tf tobat Vmxn 
be aecounteb a JTrefi^ duit f Vide Sc. Pi Cor. Us^ 1 66. 
fobete, upon conObecation of all tbe 'BoiM, it i% 

fi^ttleb, Thac it is not capable of any certain Definition, 
but muft be determined by the Difcretion of the }u(lic«s. 

iSobi if tbe ]^actp tobbeb, be not z,i teabp to piore« 
cute W appeal, befOte tbe Sufftcetf of ^aol Deli* 
betp, ajs tbe &in0'0 (Dfftcer0 ate to pioCecute an 3ln« 
bi&ment, onb tbe 2)(&nbet be in ^aol ; o} if tbe pac- 
tf (ball cbttC^ tatbec to p^cute upon tbe 3lnbiS« 
ment > tbitf iti a negles of tbe appeal, anb a befault 
of ffceOidttit, (b Cat a0 to beStbe Piofecution in tbe 
Wxdi i fb| tbottfb it i0 beep teafonable to prefer tbe 


Afjflfliroog veisfmMM ! pj 

%«eai.tin<ie3UlSBienu iwt ittte cm^le no ice«CM 
td ^Ok jtSfttinff's^saacuttoii b; ang.siei^ mtu 
to tteiPatt; t!iat:4aniD b^ne W 9imtt>i,.M,Uftn 
Gi% tf atonj) time tte Cmtt utn piouen ute«iMt> 
anoiannnt , infttn «n appeal tnaii otpeniiiRg i rrSt; 
tnua be piclUtneti, ttat tte J^etan fnfttteKloat^gr; 
li'sent o; Jaemife fn t!)eP!'ofiKutfan of t6e appeal, o; 
ttiatttie appeal tDa0con)ietuiaa?1b!ongtt tmbOcHStle 
ftins'0 ]9iatMutfon, tobftli fa t&enwuijin SuIq^k*^ 
af Lata, as ft nane tgas ^ng&t. at alk< «! tiat -t$« 
pattp nit cdDre topjaceet upon tte Jl.nbtKntenttg' 
t)et t&aw tie appeal, ans tlwrefo^ «t tie ConinHn; 
lain famTe of Deat6, anQ ttt% anbitg^^o t6(i%ii(' 
allotietirelonp, "it oneftece tcfea ana atquttteD up- 
man anuament. fC tjiepetanttntuteti did mn^w 
appeal, ans tlie SMfimuint UD pleat) W. acquittal, 
tlie appellant coulD not teplf ttat 6e iijaugljt tig ap- 
peal 1^ ftetli Suit; fa; tiat tmniio ))e to atcaigutbe 
auOice of tte Coutt fn a matter ttnt \s left to be 
ttfea bf Ciamfnatfon; ano to be betecmfneo b? tte 
anlifce^i foi tte 'appellant miKtt bsins W appeal 
cottemmoii, oi it nail;, ctoofe tattect«:P2ocee>u9> 
on tte SiUilSiiient*' .: 

X>b|>:'Xat ttete is an iA(eaion ttat bem plauli<' 
He> WWa, ttat befoje ttcAtatyte oC } Hen.7. ^ 
Coatc tBM oiiUeett bp LaiD,i80t to ptoceeli,,upon tte 
anniaiiBttt of ^ucoec bri^ isk 9eat ano a^S)ap,j 
fii|4ioti8t at Common Lab),, tte S^tilant bias to 
makeMt auft^ pet tte atatnte of .Glouc cha^ $. 
tatt eilxn a f eac ann a t>^> to tie appeUjWt^^a 
tiinstis appeal, b)tict fe fnl^»Dof; qi^^uit : 9nD 
tletefOje Mietettete bias fttt|iauft,tie Couttouslt 
tatiec to,p!aceeliiq)on:tie 9mpUk^miWi^ti%n- 
UBment. ann Snee^tteJ^aaBiKttXMtl «m rj^ 
to b;itts tin appe^j ti<t(W« iXt fHHmm inwta 
to t<m nnta ttat Jfnuiie npfi^i - ; 

Refp. Co tifs 31 antbet. jritlt, Ciaf tie Stfnff, 
as to tf«9!oretntioD it notiol4t0«9i bg «rMM!B«i in 
tle90tat(, tutioni; tie DefBi»ant, fi, fpe amm 
ttJQOimtrttftifn .tie ^gm^im tiir^i.vts vli«> l> 

„ ■ ct ab««. 

^ Armftrong ver/us Lifle. 


t|i'9tattite mt mate dn tie mmancemettt tf 3itt« 

iNancMi ftom it, tiat tie Deretnumt coum not 6e 
tuftQ ttj^ tie 3|nirtSiiieiit foitliit tie fear, it fooalt 
teirt^ nmcl ta tie nela? of auitice^ 

Refp. %. eeceiiMp it appeatis, not onlp jbp an tlo 
'3MM ieCOje nutitioiteti, tiat tie not p^ocee^in? nii. 
on tie Snttfiment vm omp an agteentent amottff 
tie SttBgefi tlewmimf f lot tie recital of tie dt£ 
tttieof ) H. 7.^t| not mention tiat, t|at nmf 

tmM^umiVat on!|» tiat it tiuuf ncto to mtif. 

&c^.). ^tMh ^W 90reeniettt of.tle SitOgesr 
pHiMtjf l^fWi t|at if tie Z)c(iRi«ant lao leoi tric» 
«o ac4ufte0( 01 confrfsem t|at monio |as» ton 
a i^ tar to tie appeal, ot|er«ittie mtnttaff m$ 
to no pntf ofiB» 

ReTp. 4. jTonrtlHP, Cle DeGmnant in tie flnw 
coMUnot IMOer |i0 beiiqr ttieii upon tie anoifitnen^ 
fO) |e cottio not pleao tie appeal upaMng, e^dec 
fn lar, o^ in oelap of t|e Crial, 43 E. 2. x;. a. 3 1 H. 
6. f I. iRoSB, if le loao trieo antt aciofttefe upon tie 
anHfAnent, ano Bet Honni le iiaUe to tie 98tt^ 
9,9pm, Hn %m tmtt le mite in ^eoporop i (b tim 
tMsl tie Suttg^ ittn lean Ininrp to t|e anpeaaac 
am ti^ir tie #!iCo«ier itpon tie 3iniiiStnettt» eitlcc 
wtim tie loear, tn penMns tie appeal, OiHici ^ 
not 10 le i^ppoftlO fct tiat onirit not to aSett t|e 
^hnpene^ lD|o couRinat pie&ent lis leinff tt^* 

Bint iRtietteitfittetoleconlioerelbiBlctler 
gejDow t tyjD eh» tie aHofc fag of Cieegp, lo « 

PI0uicr -enilfiNt w if ^Celme WtKn tie lotefit sf 

ft* ano if tie Conrt Honm teCjirtte tie aUo&iante of 

Clergp, tBiat tie conGeqoence fDonlo le* 

€!|e ^Cofirt ottglt not to Map tie 9mf |» 
^^leneft of #i^ie^i fmUmmt^M 

^W.tipible^f'it, mbb.w9g. SnxklVtMtWmMmL 


Arjnft^ong verfm Lifls. 99 

jicQ, %i muv wat be inip^opcc to cniiuice (jotu gig " 
iifffU oC 6.:'>imo; CIci:gt> afD commence. Secontlp, 
1f^^ La^hcn ciiiiic ta be intitleti to ft. lt%i» 
xikit itkiii oi> an ei'.ccoacjjment at tlje pope upon 
tttCtinpajai poBcc, in tljctdjalf of t6e Clctup; 
Mo^' 't!ie l^opc t'{ (jis CcclcflaRical Conatcutioitft 
na 9A muc;; r.^ in Ijim lap, ccenipt fcom tlje 3lutiC> 
liflUon 8f lap Ijitigcs. Cljetefpie, tljougfitliettiljou 
^OW fff tlje CIccsji Qo))) upon it, as appeacs b; St. . 

Ax Cier C I ^. t^at Clcriciis coram Sccuiari Judice JU' 

tlicaii nou debet i)i cafe Of Life o; ^emliet > pet t^e ' 
Coiwv^I Conctg bia not i»6a1lj> pieln to t^tfl 3m- 
iMtioit, but i^nl; in pact, ann qualificti it in a sceat 

I. Vim UrpulD fnua €\ttii fa; iTelapfcji, $tni 
Cciine0 a« iveU »i otijctis, ans pjoccrs tiietcon, un< . 
tfl ttt S)V)ini<ci tib Bcmann tijcm. 9nti if tljc S>tai- 
xaxf (Doula mt aetnann tijcm, antientip ttie itAnt'i 
C«uug tob no notice of t^em; liuttoaulD p^cees to 
CanUiafon, at^ojnsct ana Ctecution. Sno if tje 
2>;ainacp bib (laitv Clecitg befoje ConuiSion, tlien 
an Snquiritiiin fff&i taken, uilietgec tiie pact; vm 

^Ufitp Oi tlOt, uc iciatur qualis Ordinario dclibcratur, 

anb if aciiuit^, aifcliatgcb ; but if fount ®uilt?, 
t^n belibecea to t6c Sijbinst^, tolia UafS to pjoceea 
to Pucciatian. C^iS piiuileuc To ceffcaincO ana 0|- 
aeceb, bias conficmea ana eitabliKeB bp tie Statute 
of W. I. cap. X. ana tijcteljp became an unaoubtcB 
tistt to all Clcckdi teCfcI) teas conficmea ana allau- 
a bf aiaecg acts of petliament fmce. leuc tjicntge 
jDjalnacp maiS to pjoceea to aep;iue tbe Clech of tii$ 
Cfiatactet. ittjecouia not pucee, lultctcbvfie became 
a meet Lapman : JFO? ti)ougB at Bctt tljc CIccBp ne- 
an fntcnaca tOat anp ibouia Ijabe tgat pjibflefc, but 
^fe iDlio bicte in ipolp t>\tia» i pet aftettwicas tticp 
eitenaca it to tljofe ttbo ttne not atfctip in ©sietSi 
but laece efTiDants to t&em in aolnc Dibine 0Sic«. 
act Linwood 91. Ciiat t6cp l^ouia baaet^e pjiailege 

flf ClecKP, uilO 4aa but ptinam confuram, tnlicb fot 
Hii metaU tuas t^e Cletb tgat Oing o; fet tbe Pialm, 
i^w^ compie)jenaeaHtHiect|etDO}acicricus, Lm- 



1 00 Armftrong verjus Lifle. 

wood 17. do toa0 t^e Dooi'l^ec of tU C^uccli oi 

decafttCe tl^e Cempetal Coutttf HfH not reaoflp anoto, 
occafioneti ttie complaint of t^e Cletffp, ad appears 

dp tie Statute tn x; E. 3. cap. 4. C^at Clerks Seca- 

iars» &c l^au been D^afon ami ipangeti, tip tde afoam 
of fecttlat 3!uli0e0 > in p^eluotce of t^e jFeancKf^etfy 
ann in oppoOtton to tfie furijnitSton of upolp C^ur^* 
C^erefoie it mn gtanten tip t^e &inf;, t^at all m8tt« 
net of Clec&0, m loell fecular ast Eeiigioud, tuiicfr 
Qouin tie conDiS before ceculat Sufiiceis, C^tiulti dalie 
tgat pjiDilege ; tol^icl^ too^Q Cletk in ttiat dtatute 
latb refetence to tte Canon lafo, ann iieing: thane 
to effatiUlIb a p^tDiiese claimeti tfiecetip ftiad ejtpotthn* 
eti tip it) toi^ici^ incittOeti all ttiat toete of tiiofe inferf* 
o; fl)|Qet0* Snn ftom ti^ence it id to tie oiiOnrSieli, 
occadon load talten in aftet'tinteis to altet tf)t me* 
t^on of allofoing Clergp ; Co; at tlie Common lafir. 
If t^e i^attp ban not oemannen tiijS Clecsrp tiefo^ 
ContiiSton, de loft it, St, p. c. i^ i. Prifoc C|»fef 
3loffice of tie Common Pleas in t^e time of H. 6. mane 
Hh alteration, aho tooulti ifj^ttft tige pattp intrfsen 
oiappealen toanftoer to tie jreionp, ann after €onU' 
fiion upon W nemanQ alloto |im W Clersp, foKcfr 
conrte W tieen eder fince obferDeo, tieinff srounneii 
npon tie faib fi^tatftte of x^E. 3. cap. 4. tbat allotod 
it to Cleritd after ConbiSion^ 

' Boio tie nert eniiuirp foill tie lotn meet lapmeny 
lobo ban no relation to anp (SccleCafttcal c^mpiopment 
eametoenjoptbidP^ibilege/Ht id to tie itnotDn tbat 
in tbofe napd fefo toere ti^en to literature, but t&oie 
mbo tDere asuailpin €>|tierd, oiemicatenfoi tiat pur* 
pofe* ami tbereCoie tbe foap of trial tobetber one toad 
a Clerk o^ no load hp Eeaoins, of tobicb tbe Court 
toad JttOffe, ann not tbe €)|0inarpi fo; if be coulo not 
Bean tbe Court fbouin not ittliber bim ad a Clerlt, 
tbo' tbe Dtninarp Htb claim bim« 9nn if be m Eean, 
befbottin be allobieii ad a Clerit, tbo tbe €>ininar2» 
tefuien Utn. mt- S¥. nSd 131, 131. tobere tbe 
ISoikd ate qnoten^ Vbebarietp 0^ iDpiniond conOnet' 
en, ann tbe lato fetten» ^tinreantng being tbeii^ 


«- v%» •' 

Aimfliong "uerfm Lille. i o t 

Df tttol> aHttoc a 9«« torn « Cicrt <« not) mftfi' 
Mit iwtlKt enmfn^tlim into an; «tt^ 4Mai(ftcuf«ni 
all9K(bn8 ttat Co awisiieii ttemTeltted bf trtging 
iKtt RlUicea to be i^etW, tujifeg (0 an equftaUk 
(iMttuSiMt aC tbofie i^utvtcs, ttat laabiWit aim 
fftH)»)> tiat Piiwirge, becaufe tte; met; n^aM 
Coutio a ttxti; ;M))fn0 {o be €Ut\$. 

91a fiirtbK, tie «Q«9in( eietgii la tt!i<«m tiat 
tmtti Kras, Ceewni i»rp met in tmm »f t6t 
Clecs;, fn piefetUng itd dncceSion, b; MemgttnB 
Cttcti uta meet callable of teteiiifns an? Oisecsi, alien 

sinUKK newt w luff muMep to> being Cietgf' 
jntN iwt^m CtfonUv. OMclle Sill in foice tber 
tmtMttitmt^ aw 0iSetli> flRtfl « Diueaiac 

§t(i)iii»eii tfiemifiiMi ^MrablecanficdSbiaof tto 
tatittee in not can$afits ttrMiefitaf ifietgpta 
tbaCeUba b>ete asuali; in jD^tiecsi, but tDda inete ca- 
pable of tbent, teceiiieti csnQant apniMto anti 
allouance. ®ee 4Heii.7.cap. n. ttatcaMa, tiat » 
luc; lc)ccran not being tiittljin i^ol; SJ^iW] 4*tMC( 
-tan tlie benefit of W Clf cgv, tiom sot ;ia.0iltt> 
;tes to it at an; of^ time. 9Bb t)ir fi|i« fll Ha* 
tnane 4 Hen. i. loticb Xai s^ucncte, ftobiwtafi&c. 
etduDes all l^ttonti fcoin tbe bentCt *E fSitttf 
(CletUs in ^>oip SDmecg cjcctpteoO ipUtbialaetawo 
offence totbe CIceg;, because tbe cMfinittosjCtIt 
mw $oI|> Ojoecsi, toas conbnco .» tbt giiaac 
jDjnecs, as Deacon anb ]^;eebiteri- CMiaUiig 1 
xmlp Lap-men, but ail tlje infcriotii; iPlDeta, 
i^jDecici ace not accounten Cacce).. ' Aat. 

wood 5)z. £0J tl)ej> {tab Oltl? primam TonlpcWI. l*Wc6 

cauCeb tbe abbot o( winchcomb jntt« taMan#»at 
Paul's Crois to iniicig)) againft tbat a^'i aMt«MM9 
tbe foice of it ngatna QioCc oC tbe ittfettoa?lM«UtlK 
Clug; infiiteb, ttiat tva minores <^tm nKJ<vi»lQcdi- 

I«s fuece iacri. giee KeU 180. tttC WMt MlMK itC 

tliat niattei:. 1 ; • vj . .1 , 

,v , : \J ■- ' '■ ri'^iHr* 

etat tav'tntiib ttot (ogiv jtoat, tinK JaA^ 

IPitantBe of CIng; Once i; E. ;. nott apyeae uitt- 

Z> » aiit 

101 Amftrong wr/ij Dflc. 

out conttflUfctfon fi? ottr 'Boftti) id|Kc& aHommce 
ttefiet mas connetmten in I^acIUitnent, o^ cotnplatoeli 
df 80 a ffcte&ance ; but tatl^et appjimeo of« atOi tie 
S>tatute of 1 8 Eliz. tiefttff tnane, ettennjet to ell ]^er« 
Cnm, ttiat at tiKit time mete amnftten to tfst bentSt 
0f CletgP) anti tttm to U miimtn to t^e iDiitfinif; i 
to|)eteti]f edetp J^etfon, a0 Kiell laj^, 00 dpfcitttal, 
l^atl a ttgtit to t!)e benefit of tfiat statute fO| tl^e 
fiftft SfSsnctf fti tie fame oegree atf ^letgp'iiiett i^ 
tbegreateS fl)2tier0 ban iiefii^* ^|e Statute ena80 

. ♦ " « 

■' I. €)ne tbat Wl be aumitteo to tie benefit of ffy^ 
Ciersp Mfcl f0, ebetp one t|at oemaniHi it ah^ 
iaeaii0) i^ll not^e nelitKteii to t|e 2>|0inarp : ^itt 
after teabtnff, anb burning 6ttlcl)anii fi^all be le(f« 
lieteb ; folicl amounts tOy anti |at| tie t&mt efCes 
80 a purgation befoie* vide 5 Rep.115. Foxley'sCafiL 

■ a. Jit tie 2)ffimce be |epnott09 tie Court in iiiiin:^ 
tioii map infliS an? ot|er ^unOBmenty not ejcceciiitf 
n^ lieaftf 3[tnp^(«Bnment i mieceb)^ tiere i0 no tm 
left 0P|>t|e Com;t to erduH^im from tie benefilt 0| 
W Ctergp, nponiDitcl pi^Di&large lepenb0* ^tm 
if it be Co |e^ott0,' tie Cmrl^glt to pioeeett w 
sularlp ano gibe |im tiat a^bftfimal PuniQmiett^ 
tiai tlexato botl bireS^affi^Ctecgplab* dotlat 
tie Court i0 bounn up tir#at manner of pioceebingy 
Itf^i^tie statute |dt| jpfelictibeb ; but toremann 
lim- t»i«aol fvttilOttt BOit^: eitler, ii iDitlout itiiv 
lESIatrant, Btiie 1^ S^etldiln jtatn, anb tonteati^tMit 

«ll^ to x8 El. liHO ) Hen;7i but tO tbe if Ed, ji'Sffx 

^flcital Uleteof^ tom^SMihe fDa0maQit|atCient0 
iteittjT'Kttainteb itferl^ remanb^o to ^aolupon a %tti^* 
gefiioKtiat oti^ matter0lBere agaihlt^em ; vet ^t 
£at»1M]r, t|ar4|0fit:€feiflMiottIb net be remanm 
to ^aof, but miXmif artaijirneii of ail againfi t|emr> 
'4t|ei»ift irnnuniMitli^liriibmb'totle'l^bittarps 1$ 
tiat |e ougit not to be kept longer tian tie fomt 

4W^ C '■■J'. ,,Jj 


It i0 not enough to (iip, Tli^c.^bcra «i^ is an ai>- 

^lute Acquittal, he upuld iKiiable to j^^i!^peal, then> 
jforc much mor^ whece beif^onyi^^H jpf MaaHaughcer, 
an4 acquitted of tbe Murder & JTp; firit, t|^e dtatU^ 

3 H. 7. mailed ^fni liable in tte one Cafe, annejcempt^ 
idn iittbeotdet^ 

, .. %n manp caCejs a Conbictlon ann i)abing Clergy 
<oniittce0 mo^eto t|)e ^afet{» «f t&^ #;teet: t^an an 
fltqoittal,- (01 it t^e t^jiConet loete conbtctel} ano ^a^ 
m Cletgp, t)etoa0 toerebp liiCc^argeTi of all Cttttuis 
committeii before Cletgp fiab, until SEliz. 'Buttf 
^ bat been ac4ttitteb> be ioajai liable to anffnet fo^ 
4ttip o^e(0 committen befoie bbs acquittal, Dyer 2.14. 
I And. 1 14. anb tbo' tb( Clergy be taben aliiap fk:ofit 
i^tttbety tPitb ttb^b be isi cbargeb in tbe ^ppeat^ ]«^ 
tbat mabe0 no alteration > fo^ ^anaaug^tec i0 tif 
Aimt S>f^m^ ottlj»lit^^ng ittCtccumffan^jsanb. 2>ef 
jiree; ann at ti^ time of tbe making tbe d>tatute of 
3.H.7. Clergp mijKbt be bao fo) tbe S>ntA^W\9» 
tbe €)tbet > anb tbe tUbfequent dtatutejif-of xj H..9* 
«$ I Ed. 6. babe not tbat effect ta to bitibec bim 

^Ham bftbiiig W Clei^ fo^ anpiDffi^ptefio^ftBbicb be 
:^a0 not ecciubeb from it* JToi it ttioulb bei bec|i 
grange tba^ tbe r3iH. 8. ci.^^o iEd.6.c. ix.ibouibbilf9e 
Iboti^ tmiDftmnttih ^^ i>P tubing {ibiap Clergf (si 
r^urber$ t«bin¥ec one ftom tbeeniopment.of it tbat 
i0 omp fbunb ^iltf of ManOaiighter, .tbo' op^ealet 
Murder > ano lecoiuUy, to put a ,^att fi^on anotbet 
Crial foi bid life, biben be biaiar before in bii^get of 
it> bibicb id contracp to a d^artm of ttt Common- 

; 3. Co fuQiettb, itfe. SibMmkbf Cl« toJobe 
:abup a^an'd 2:>ef^nee,b)bet^ebemigbt9«rlient;tbe 
.being conbicteb of ^iimyfii6iifi^nU9immn^9P 
,|im of bid €ifrap^)|pfe;ttoQM»$tonbiRg tleii^ ^tfif 
tttted of 2.3 H.S. ann I £d.6. if ^imbabbeencotib^fH 

LOf anotber Manflaughces 0| Lar«e^, mtt bRtt hi» €UiBf 

Sh be migbt babe {i^abeb clK|.&:Coovid^iqtt-anbi ZVbmr 
' anceof Cletgp in'Bai; of ^^niQtooeai 01 Snfeifitmenitf 




Aimftibng *ocrm Liflc. 


Clcrg? if contiSeur, Dy«r &14. otA s m. de cccf- 
t8l of tie Statute (lefM ^^ tit l^aiB 1090 toj till 
alteteoii? tiat ^tatttte, t^ l^ tio confinicNon cor 
metto to tlijS Caft) lecaitft it i0 tie fame flHiBnice* 

Cle dtatute of 3 H. 7. i0 fieDete in oiettliofBiRi 
a iTunoatnental point in lam, in fubjecttng a S|3att 
t|at i0 ac9altte(,to another Cm!, Wcl 10 putfins 
M( £ift ttDice in oangec fOf tie nrnie Crimea C|eei^ 
f»Vi tie piiciiefD of 3 H. 7. ott0|t'to le talten Wsff^ 

I. ^^att& t|at Ciceeptioii ^^2eCn^e0 tie meleiK 
Slislt tiat a 9^m |ao, anB 1^ ^Benefit- of €lei|gt» 
||8^ leen tilaaiftf ejneMieli 19011 tie confituction -iC 

IIIJ^<Aa«fParliainenrllKllie|0| «|e!^2eCrct»itiORiiif1|t 

tClevefo^e tie tonKttictioitjf t %.-%', H^ xhst W <foc« iik 

cv«raMan is tccordc d to tanv ycm, ^ "i^ inumdi 
tiie Ordimby'^ Brifoner, tho* r eni ai ded fa tke 
•ad 4ie TcnmjDtfd; Gour liath vodiiiig moie to 'cb 
wUb him. iSJr. ?V. Qt. Kn. 

X. 3tii#^eH|^])fle0e, rifldliclno 0t«ti<mi >g l» 

In an Ad; of Parlianeiic |a!ie %een COMtni^ to I^IK 

«it«X&noec: fD|mf(^ if a iNut le tRiMle FekM^ 
i!» » 0t8tnte mierein are tiefie ^iqiii^ HO^, ^viz. 

1Eluc4ieOreiiderfli«M.lfiiiierPaiiis of Death, 9lB^lll#E 
•Cattiteof X ]^. «H¥ely«|sw9;>e. fet l|i^^ 

HSR laie^ Clerg^ Videj&lb'Tj. aifOtnatOKMlvc 

' •< ^ ./ J 

I I ^ - 

3. do' tie appeal be "ttttaeici ^ tie 9ppenaiit» 
pet tie ContiiBion of ^anOaugltet tipon an JnOiS' 

immt, ^^foff tiecjipeai; wniieigfif.i^^ 

lie a 000 0l5at tlaeettnto^ Vide 4'liep. ^i^mxi^^m 

Vigg,4D|te| latl^lCliaMlM'Vte. IPbefere'PleafiM 
^ be kith his Cki^.-ite. 'Kfiltl imiKISlttt t|ijai*M' 
^ttmSiOtt, ^c If the !ilppeal he in^ iame^eadinefii'lo 
lie ttied as dKlndidMeiK, ^rit'jM^htto ^^^rafemfd 
i» k; hut if not, the iDdiftmem>i«(iy^€epf«c^ed vp^ 
«iid the CottKidioim^f ItMlaUghter wiito^fgy WlVe 
'O'fiood Bar to the Appeal. 4. 3f( 

Armllrong verfus Lifle. i o ? 

4. 3lt fit fit to conDtiec totiiit tte tonfeiiuence toonlti 
U to tlie Cefentwnt in on appeal of sasutiec, ir lie 
KB been tontnleo of ^nOausiitec, ant ttt Cotitt 
^oUKi not call Dim to juDgment, atietei; ie tatilS 
hot Iiatre tte oppoitunitp of setnanU ng t6e iBeneGt of 
%ii Citcg;, utifcti te i9 not to tiatie toitSotit iie<naiU)< 
fngit, Hob>iS9. SearUntiWiUianis; ojatieaft^ if|ie 
IMtemanwii ttenstnefit of W Clecg;, toD noaKe- 
tt|li mate of (t : Firft, ft tooulii be an appnent fn^ut; 
Bone to t|t]^uUf(k3ltt<KceortCefiilngtioiit,<(tnotp;a' 
cettfttg to juDgment upon a ConWSion, unlefit tliete 
lie fome teafon fn point of Lata appeacfng upoh t^at 
SecoiO of QContieifon ttiat ma; (uftifle tte Coutt to as* 
mfe annconoatt. idly, 3t ttoulii ie a gteat aUtoUtp to 
tt; a $@an in oisee to 6eng if m, ano vet f f tie (UetiifS 
ie Oict tliat te ma; te faneii, |)e Qian be teptftteli of tte 
Sttantage t^eteof, aiM (« to (tAiest!ielffeof« 
4$an to tie acbfttat; DiQiolItf on of tie Coutt, tlo' tleilt 
It a Lam tip toiicl le mfglt lie fastti OBut t6f« tela; 
of tit Court dall netet tutn to tit JDamage of tie 
]^ttOnet> f02 if le it a petCnt tipMlc of tatfng W 
Cietg;, lemav pleat tie ContifSfon of^anflaugltet 
upon tie Jntfatnent, ant tlat le Mft a Cletk, ant 
tm teat; to late psapet W Cletg; fir'Teat of tie 
3iutgment, ant tlat tie Contt, bftlaut gftfng llih 
anoppoitunftp totrmaHtl(0 Cletg;, tft temant liitt 
to Caol > foutetqa; oitottlit otUie Coutt, Aottaftl< 
itantfng tlece mfglt te caulie of tonbt concethfng «, 
Qiallnot pieiutfce tie pact?, 4 Rep. 4^, 46. Burgh ant 
Hoicrofc's Cafe i» fuil fn point : ciete tie pattp tiait 
taliet to sutgment, ant tftpjaplffiCfetg;?, but tie 
ailottiance tleteof ttatf te^tet b? tie Cottt upon a Cu- 
ria advifarcvuk; petit tmiaisetEieBuai to ifm, anaal- 
lOUet to be ai goot a piea fn %at to an appeal of 
^nttet as if ft-lat been ^llotiet to lim, becanfe tie 
tcQiiting of it UiiCtle^S oftle Coutt. %t tnoulti be 
iiiotitetfui ficemge, tlat t|e: tela; of tie Coutt in one 
Cate Hall not be a tamage to tie partp, ant fn tie 
otiet it Qonit. Cle not calling lim to jutsment is 
as mucl tie ttiap of tie Coutt in one Cnre> ai tie 
tdftiting tie Ctetgp in tie otlet ; botl ace as mucl 
Wttont tie letter, antti{tiintlefamecE4uit;ortle 
aa*f^<ittie<Btatiite. ee Clefe 

1 06 Annfliong ver/tu Liilc. 

eieft SSffteti tern t» aafia tW pafnt «etp c<«ati 
anB Mns fa o^Wone, ft it * gtnit tnonliw t(at elm 
ai; iiueefon ftaiuii be mne of ft ; ;et ft is moS «(«■ 

taf 11 tiat TotUll, Yaidly, & al', loete f n 1 8 Car. x. tttfQ 
ftf Kent teBlje t^e Lsia C|fe( Suflfce Bridgman bt f 

S^iimt, anti tonafctcn af {j^aRffauK^tet, aia 6e (» 
atta tiem tie 'SeneSt of ijDletgp; ugoti aitfci m 
9ma li)a0 bjouglit in tbe Kiag's BcnclC aitO t|e pM> 
tieai f leanen Not Guilty, anti in^e tcie9 again, Kdj^e 
tten CJfet JluOice, Twifdeu, Wyndharo, ana Mooim^ 
pOfcef. mtitlin tlie; tnece atwalntco, iaiti t^a«> 
mtftiB to p»Cjeea to lu9t;nmt at tfee miitg, n* 
^fli'^)*il9ae<f£it, ?ot6n»ta»e«e. . 

Jfnce VmOmWitiim Wtetg otiet <ftt(tt, 
6 fn m iatM^fsa mtt ^mwt if all tfte mm- 

t$ of Eoglawi, Th^c .the Coun nghc ddby th^ caU«« 
the ConViiS co ludgowqc, to via&t ium from Pi'^l^iaK 
his Clergy; especially if ^y Appeal were depemfiug bo- 
fore ic was allowed, in ordet co make the Defefd^ml Ufl. 
able CO the Appeal. IDnc foae tfie Cafe oC Gorioe an 
Deccing, lojiete t|)e Defendant fleancD ti>j$ CanwRfon 
of {panflaugtltet ujion an 3intifament, Thac be w<$a 
Clerk, aod ready atul deCrous to have his Clergy, if tjio; 
Courc would have called him to his Judgment. C^flt; 

l^lea tnaii oset'tulea, anh upon iits isiea otiet, N<iC' 
Guilty, !)c uae tcfen befoie me, Paiih. iW.&if, a^ 
Nifi Prius in Middlcfex, aiiD again coniiiScS of qSMK 
flaiiglitec, ann tljc biitnins ot liis dans ion@ pattonA; 
3 tifD not i)cat tlje Rjafons ot tdat Jusgmcnt, liiitj; 
fuppofc tdat JPjEccBEKt ot Tothil ana Yardlcy, atbit. 
Has mane bp Co Eceat a (@an mmf Lojo Bridgman, ttlW' 
)>o[rfbIj> inisiit bait onl? to base tbe point folenntoi 
fettUD ano octecinineb, anbfame otljtt fnbfequm od. 
nances fn (lutfuance tbeteof, tiiD p;ebail : o^ti Ofiy.' 
btftbftanbins Wjat liaii been fop^aaffeb, an)t «(iii(ir; 
biatng fo foiemnii> tEfoities, ine nib, upon tijcJQ«QM> 
befoje mcntioneo, tefoise. That tlic Dt;fca<imt:US<(ta 
Flea tq the Appeal w^ a good B^r, anb SAbe Stttiwnm:. 

fo} tte Sefenbant. ;.. 

Armftrong iMrfus Ijfle. 1 07 

* ■■ J.. .... ■ - ' ", ■ ^ 

jTuim tie ^attec of t|ii» D^ate ma? ke Otaioii 
tleC? Cout Con(Itt6«tui : 

:i ■ ■•' 


I. 3!fanefieitatfseii0C$puciiecmttit|eeatpanco» 
tifsen of $0atti;Mtsi^e, atm tie Court tout not cam 
iilm to SttOBmenty but continue lim oner to 4nio^c 

Qaokdelivery, ttpOH a Curi» advi%e milt de Judicio,&c 

%m appeal of ^uvftsi^ <w tt^ouirit, |e map plean i^fn 
Cansisowi an) j^ i!f fiw a <^terfc ami f eaiii» to seiitt 
iftleCjoiujc^Miwm^^iiiofBedtim* ^~ 



» tsam tie in^smeiit tm^mmmix^^m^ 

iimltec an» iSifeal^ <(e temf«re» fntt t|»iKinifs 

B^ncb, tlat ((f^t i!$|MIII|»^ ex C^okv t0r' call tie 

lint]? to 3lu^ettt, atSA iCIe pia^ltst €Iettnp»:ttf «l^ 
am ft ta<limvano P^iG^iildntoletont iir^ |aiiQ« * 

: |. (Rt(i^1»t tie (llllte $eflipnR 0^ Afl!ttS>t|iOt df '«t 

loi^ameac and an ik>p^ nepamidO) tt itanioft: >|ttt 
^'piOce^Hjwntla^pB^^a, tftlaHiirfnilo^tilMii'lR 
tie Stat. 3 H. 7. tiotliligit £o)MOcit,.veB|.t|0iMidtii:^ 

That there ihall be no carrying for the Appeal > lUt ft t|e 

Appealje teai^) it auslut t9 latwciile p^eSee^tcri #et 
iftle Cout^ HoumriKWt^ tft tirtle WORiee upon 
tie SiniiiSihettt, before |e be VcMiimn l|ci^^eal> 
anH |e be conSii9eli of a^anflaugltet, ann |at| |i0 
CletgP) it toiH be a goili I5wc to t|e appeal; fo; t|ete 
map be a iuff caufe lax tie Court to prefer t|e India- 

ment tO tie Appeal ; 00, 3If t|e Coutt Hall finti t|at 

tiete in lilte to be a faint n a conenoutf P^ofecution 
of tie Appeal, in o^tiee to acquit tie pattp > fa% tie 
anteteft of tie Ccolon, anti tie falte of publick Su* 
ifice, tie Coutt ouffit to tcp tie l^iifonec upon tic 
indidment tat|et t|an upou t|e Appeal, t^\ otletfouie 
tie acquittal upon a faint ]^|o(i»ution toill conclude 
tie Mm* 

' 4- 3lf upon an SntiiSment of 9^vit\Kt tie pactp iji 
conbiSen of $|9anaau0|tec, ano immetiiatelp after, at 
tie (ame Gaol-delivery, t|e WXfz 0) |>eir of tie be* 



4 0i 

Armftroog ver/us UAc. 

ceaCeo l^all put in an Appeal, u in moft inft foi ttt 
Cotnt to call ti^e Conirfs to 3iuii0totent upon ttie in- 
didmenc. ano to allofp |)tm ^ Cler^, before |e iie 
put to onfinet to tie Appeal, ami t^en tie map plean 

tie Convidion anH Clergy in 15Bt Of tfte Appeal ; fO| 

tio* it Ut^t fame Semons, ano tie Appeal |at| reUM 

tUm to t|e firft <iay of t|e Seifions 00 toell 30 t|e In- 

didmenc, pet t|ete tieing a Eecojo of a ]^20ceeoins 
upon tleindidmenc, it in pleaoitlle in 'Bati ano maf 
i» atecteo to lie tie feme oap lefOie tie Appeal torn* 
menceo; o^ if tie Appeal le commenced leCo^e tie 
Crial> if it appeat0 to t|e Court tie Convidionipatf 
iiefiQe plea lOeaoeii to tie Appeal, it in fuffjcteot t 
goii wmita^l^nifi fnoiseo of ^utoeC) anottfeii^ 
Ann conttfSeoof^anflanslter, oi acquftteo, ano at 

1^ fiime S:fiions 0} Aflizes tlete f a Coroners Io(]iic^ 

lemap pleao liit fOnnec acquittal oi ContiSion in 
!6ac of tie otiec > Clo' tie CoutDs nolo ufeo to pie< 
Dent tiat CrouUe, 10 to clarge t|e 3lutp foiti fmtf^ 
anquifitiomK at tie Dmie time, pet ancientlp it m» 
0t|eiloi(e s ano if tie Couct foin not allofn tie Con* 
ftis of i;9anaao0ltei; |i0 Clersp, |e map infift npoit 
ft lefo|€ |e anfioet^ to ^e Appeal. 

Mtte, Tbe& Realbni were not folemnly delivered id~ 
Cmucc,. but afterwards were put in order and form 
by the Chief Juftice. 

* » 






Term. Pafch. 

I J W. ?i 

Rex vedus Tbmmer. 

Coram Rege inter pladca G>roii£ Roc.2^. 

PLummcir tfte ^^Cintec tm ftOtfSetl dt t^t Wittt 
lem fO^ t^e Cotmtp of Kent, X9th. of July, 
II Will 3. Cl^ atOtfSment ttta Unt^ t^at John 
Glover,^antl BenjpminPluininer tite ^lUbtttttj 9X0f OtbKfi 

13 March ix Wii 3. oOi Of ^aifce fo^dottgpdc malie 

an aintit upon John Haraiog, attQ t^at John Glover 

(aDftiff a cettatn Fuzee in W |)anli c^atgreD foftd 
^unpotDtiec ano 'Bullet, HiO felonfouap, twiuntatflp 
atto ofliUf li^attce fojetlotijsi^t oift^atge tbzUmt 
aeatnS t6e tatQ John Harding, aito t^ecebp gatie |»fm 
8 tnoital COoutiQ of fo^ictiibe tniiantlp ofeo* ami t^at 

Benjamin Plummer t^e Plifonet; attH Otliettf Of t^tlt 

mnict fo^et^ugtit, niQ aio, abet atio afliff tge fato 
John Glover in committing tbe i^uroec afoaefoOi* 

Benjamin Plummer plOtteO Bot Btttltp, attO t|ie SlttC? 

nm finQ t^iiS dpecial dXetoiS) viz. 

C^at Jofeph Bevtrcon mH Uttl; appOittttO tO &t;e 

ano appiefeettti all (ucd cao)l of tde gtototd of t6ls( 
i^ingnom, tliat C^ouOi be cattien to be trattQ^iten in* 
to pm^ bepottn tbe dead, atm alto ail (Ucb l^et* 
fond a0 fi&ottio caccp tbe CSIoil in o^ec to be tcanitiai' 

teOt 9nli tbat Benjamin Plummer, Johji Harding, aoO 

if f otbmir 


McO! Rex verjtts Flummer. 

loaD 3 Dlireg Bft!) «M|t ()unli!ea pounos of mt 
at ttiefeHK||te»gla*i, iieffttfwPttMQMijt i 
toto FMh*.' aM>7oiei*Be«ft*i%aWftf'nonlc tiee 

at!ier0 ^<iCt Bixsas ace unknotDR, to tlie nutniieraC 
efSbt Ipecfons, tlie Caio 13 of March about ix of tOe 
Clock at nfgtt, about 7 ^fKS ftom tiie Sea, nfn 
Mfeg Bft!) «M|t ()unli!ea pounos of maA 
" : ft 

or, came tsfts Uiiece btnetj^etfons to bis anoantc^ 
to a cettain lane aboat 7 9^i\ti DfSant ftom tiic 
eiea, m ojiiet to Ootf amtlKt^ tde Qaool fa fntenM 
to be ttanQioiteb, ano placcD tbemfeifiev fit nitimt 
places ab out tbe lanes jifflJofcphBeTaton ufti M 
tfofflpsBpTJanftB WTiP'n'WTBiiin w^vsm,ttt- 
nounceo a matcb ilBoiii agtees on betuen dim an 
tis amnants > ans tbmupon all oc tliem ufet tieie 
Htmoft enieaMW it R^ettifSNot, vietenpon mk 
of tlie efgit pecfons in company tnitg Bemanun pium- 

vaw\"V^Sf/t nSffft im ImMMMIj Vtf fbfift 4n l9e"Puiec^ 

anD tbeceb; Din Mil tbe rats John Harduig, be(n0 ne 

tMt vemti VI tvRmpv^ttnB vst -fuflii > Of 
miktA » WeO. / ■' ., ; "''' , "> ■ ■ - 


BfujH/uiii JNtmier be guilty of the Murder a» diii^ U 
tht IhtliiStlKii^ Or ib Unch as of the Oeach af'jMt 

Vt 9tit i|K! (tflft fiiae ft»lti«|tiiS«sMple,M 
as to tjfttn; it ta fpofnt, (t ttflo tAAittHft(Mi> 
itiMt H^eccms I6<n iMDeii a «HWttftp ttf OHM M il» 
c^ ft to be ttMtQKilteD s «f (bWct tBe filttiil S)RKtt# 
DttWne fntkKiginitei MD m ttit M0|t4fMtt«jt tM> 
mete tRct;fn$ t^e VSm, men M opt><>re) iwu to tt> 
(^ebenn t$em, anB tse? inlet fn « lanej ahs H(i«i « 
SEIatci Etojo ijiueit b? tbe JittnS'B Wtett*, Ate«r 
tbe ete&t l^crfons Ojot oS a Fuzce, anb ktiieb aso' 
tBetof tiie ctufit pEtfong, msetfttt t6e«tjtaini(ft& 
«B!lt (bcObcs l)im tfjat ftot »*'tte**f) » f 
»r «« ^OTSn of ttrc pttfon (tefitf ' 


&SK, mi^slHmnmkt. m 

■' opanttM 4iMi«R%B tt«aii»^tii|«ii« fentiaaf 
finten, ami me ote alt of a>;fnfain, ttot BenjaiitM 

Flommcr ffl not Sttflt? Of t&e ^UCDet of Joha Har- 

ai8g. «it4)%ait«>«r't!)e]|ia>Ewem;uixe smmim 

■ %% MtgVtt opiml «!• ^ flMfitff tC tiu «;!> 
cfal Qettifa, mt Glover o; tge petbn untHdtftt tgul 
aot off tbe ®un, uo Bfrcgatge t't asafnlt anv of tfte 

ifot^ m&m, tilt ft uHiAt te tt! melt tn»a» 

MjaiM^yutpOft^ tPMIs!) v,im m iiaRiCfiItt: cfti 

KAtitlat rtt'Stmfiias trtftJatBcti asaiiiffHjc»his')t 
CitKt?, ann fo it mfslit ceafonablp be fntentieli^ 
jMUMtting tSep Btte all armcB, aim in pjortxutfon 
iff an *hlatiifiil nSf in t%t nfsbt, Wjitt tjtp Beflgneft 
tt )ulKSe and maintain Vf taiu ; efpeciallp mii^n t6fc 
^ttn teas lliot off upon tjc laattfi rajojii ffiscn, tbe 
ftttftj SPfRcers tttte titBcaSoutinn: to aefje tSt 
IBwf; ttSe Jilt? t1)et«ipan misSt inell ttase fomnj 
fiat i!ie Fuzce ttia» BfrcljatBeti agatnit tte ftfnn^ 

)^»ks s bit ■em tmm^ mv«mm:^'im 

t^, tSe a» (tnened to ttgat ti«; mytniifOi v^ 
tf>e{»4 anit aie not to jiunse tie jLatt n^n eMflniK 
at a JTMi »M te^btt tse sas ais ft fii fbfttts. - ' ' 

CiettAlje %ij( fit ()] cattOMt fti mitM*. tank 
aim it t« in tie Ipatt? tsat tgot off tie &m ttat 
igneii Harding. 

X. jbiitt M tut HC lif tl> Cottj^aii^ tililt tttct iiif«ir 

Km Wilt a mt^*^ in m mit « (t. '>'^; ; ^ < 

I. »e (DO!) Min aii tWIUtfiii nntini aAk^-tflMi 
IH jbtKRiantedik^oeiat^ttitetittef uitt afdMM lO^ 
« tit »(tis'« SDtftetit tiikt icjMiie M tm »mm)m 
iM&nitton ot tsat mm im^momm'm- 

fibta at t)fm to kffl m, ttit iMttHi t«H\itt MM 
BTit iU no lets a «!9*»t tta« « le |*»*(Ht»Jte 
IBttOm fnttnoen. Djtc US. Go*^.*si. Ptttedw* 

'T Com. 

(ijoiii^474. Saunder^f Cafe, : 9;^q». 91. Agae$ Goc^s's 

iSAxx I. at not appeatiiiik t(at |e utO^^atgen |^ 
Fuzee asaftift x%t ]&fnff'0 fl)mcet, 3lt in^ be t^t ^ 
oatlacsen it eitfiec out of (Otne p^tiocation Qrom 
Harding, oi foflfitttF out Of (Ome pjfce&ntt ^9Ufe 

• * •»•* 

I. %i feeiiMt to me igacH upon a Special 
to coniltue tdat tie Fuzee inent oft dp accOient, .iNlJt 
it vem\A unoecfUDDto iie tioluntaep > tlougl e&eii in 
an anoiSment foi it^anOausltet it i0 cequtfite tift K 
^um tie anettli t|at le otCclatgeti it noiuntamis 
but ftt a (Hetois it neeo not tie Co aUegeti, but % 
raping |e Oio it muff tie unoetftoio to lie mitb, an^ 
not againff W toill ; fo^ iPbete anp one upon ani» 
billing of a ^an t(( to be OiCcbacgeo bp an inbolun- 
tarp lulling, it muff be (0 fOt^tb, loitbont tobicb it 
xoaaSi be unoeeffoAi to be bolnntatp; fO^ a ^an belns 
ii Itee agents if be be fOunb to 00 anp ^, it muS 
be Hippoiisii to be mitb bi0 biitt, unlefd it be (]pedal> 
i^ ^nb patticulaclp fonnb to be againff biiS mill* 
tltbecefoie toben a $0an i% inbiSeb fO| a tioluntaif 
iilling, if be bib bin tbe ^an bp mifabbenture, tbe 
(fecial Ciccumffancest of tbe Cafe muff be founb, tbat 
It map ai^ac to tbe Court to bebp acctoent* 

1. ^ut iXL tbe nejtt plate, (bppoiis tbat be tbat 
Ibot off tbe Fuzee oio it ottt Of ^aiice piepenCeb a« 
rSainff tbe #et(bn Oain, bibei^cbp it tooutti be ^vaSitt 
in \^Vl^ %^v\ tbe queffion ttill be, bibetbec.tbe reft 
of bi0 accompliceit i^all be ab)ubgeii to be piinci* 
F{nl0 to bim, 00 9ilKC0, abettoiis oi 90iffet0 to tbat 
'i|9ttcber« 9nb bie all bem tbat tbep fooulo not be 
I^ncipal0« ifoi tbougl tbep are all engageb upon att 
tmlaltifU19S, anUfPbile tb^ biereaSuallp in % tbtj» 
ijfilucbec isBi committeb bp one of tbe Companp fo jen< 
ffageb, pet it boe«i not appeat to be bone in p^oti^* 
tiott of tbat unlafo^l 9ff, but it map be upon ano* 
^ec account, anb tbote bibo ate itt tbe unlo&inil 
9ff> ntt bnobtfng of tbe bepgn of bim t|at ktUe> 



. R ex fDf r/wi ^Plumnadr. tt^ 

$^i» IWItioo tgat l^sta b^ett meiteo^ iDat ff tioit^ 

tliem !til& anot^ec> it ftall lie.Q^wnnatn all c^e teff^' 
i0 t^rr^ .tt:ue ; but ft tnufl tie atimttteii tttftl^ (meal 
qtiallficatloiiiei^ iFtjrfi* CibeStiettiij muftfmbui<tflf i^^g 
tnaltctou0 tiefign of t^t partp fttufnir ; && tot tit 

C*4 ^ttamser of- a fatRieo taller poft ttd;^ Ai^fbga 

89t-oHU^tAiixiit^m^it H i^tttnet in A. 14 Jiii^; 

• ar iHfi^^.$n Me OtiPaft ft iieat a pattiatI«tlpet:Q)tt- 
^njti Oft; lif tbm Milt t&^. ai;e tit pioreeutfon af t^ati 
iin)afDfiilJDeO0n» out of ^aitce lie dan to anotDer of 
|{0 Cotnpanion0 finBins an oppoitunftpmai^ |[)f m,i]^' 
leS ace not concetnen in tist guilt of tlie fas* ' 

■ . .• •■ -^ . ■- • ' ■? 

9t t^ ^eiftonjai. at tieQMfAaay; Decemb^ id<(4.! 

Ciie Cafe upon tltei^fifdeate tmi Clatf^e deftre^- 
tat^ of dtate mane a COarcnm; to ap|i9e9Mii nmeeiif^ 
Ikit^eSed ]^erfon0> tolilei) .ipatf otteseitrto ft ^lOIlii^t 
IpeC) NIo 6at)ing notice ttat t&ep'tiiete:ir%ni^oiifi^^ 
neOteD feuecal Soioiet0 to alTiif tint in t|)^ aip|Qt9imiM« 
tnff oftliein, ^ut in tlie Doing ti^ereof tl^e? b|Ole^ 

Sent&,e|><n20} arm (ionie of tfte doioieed HOteXiottne^ 
'imtii, %t ma Wti ttat t^e ioaactant ti^ p^oiaii''* 

cen iua0 not fufftcient to b^ealt open tfie txaia of t^e 
ptmit tpttliottt a Ci&fi 2>fficec* &tcontAP9 ^toug^ 
|(»e bieaitingr open tU Dor; fnusan unlatoful 9S, e^ 
Uri^ict) ail toete guilt? > pet toajS it JTelonp 0ttl|» i»' 
tllofe t&at Hole tlie ^0)00, oi knetn of: tie nefign of- 
sealing, ano con&nteli to it ; but ttot in tge irt^ft - 
tftat foere concecneo in bieafcing opentbeDo)|0 : Bi» 
tnoie in tbi0 cafe can tbe tttt of tie Compan? be init- 
io be guiltp of tbe iUlUng of Haidihg; tmlef0 iifi^ 
imeio of tbe petfon'0 lie0gn to kill biniv r ^ 

I. Cbeltilling muft be in ptn&tanc^ ofiliat4iDSaaii( 
fUl 99, ann not Cdllatecal to it« 90 fo; tbe put* 
pofe; 3if Oibet0 come to bunt in a Park, ann tbe l&eepet 

^ g com< 

y I J. &CX <ofr/Mj Plummcr. 

OPmuuiM tCvm to ffatim ant ceastf t|em i If one of 
tif Companf fUH0 tlie fteeper, tt t0 not oi^ gNf^ 
^ in Urn* but in alltle tes tiien piefent, tltt came 
won tliat oeOgn) fini it taa^ Bone in putQiaftce of t!^ 

tinitfMtt ^ % Roll.! to. Palin.3f. t^eCafe of Woc^ 
QMil ant Tiiftram. JU)0 Dacre's Cafe, Moor. 8^. 

OI$Bt fitppodr t|at tief comfttff into tfie Park to 
|Htttt> bcfiqe t|e|» fee tte Iteeper, tl^ete fo an acci' 
feental f^ttaceetdanpeniK atnonsift tftem, ano one MUtf 
^ otder, ft ttill not iie ^tttoer imt (^onfiansltec $ 
90. to tl^ teft t^t iDece not concetneo in t|at€lu<ct' 
tel it ftif U not be jTelonp* %o if one itilljs Un Com* 
lanion u|on a fom«f malice; ttz ot^em Mn not f» 
eoKcemeB in it> t^efoie cannot be 9iietto|0 becaofit 
ffemnsetd to tbe neagn* 9nn t^at fo^ ougOt ap^ 
mtn wiglt iie tl)iiB( Cafe, fO} m^ ^^ot^et Gould t|at 
ttieo tbi« Cand^ infOjmi} n0r Clat tbete i»ai$ (Ome 
teaficin to beliene tbat lie t|at oidcbargr'ii tbe Fuzee a* 
gaittS ti^e ]^ec(iomE iiain» oio it upon tie accoont 
ttet |e conceiUtt tiai 1^ otiec M letcaieo tieir 
m^pis ant no totftt it toaii c^ntiec in lint tM 
llot oif tie Fuzee, Int net in tleotletn mUta fp»f i» 
Itt pnq^fi^ fo{ it toait not oonein p^Cmttion of t|at 
uninlifiii as ; inrt if |e IQQ CNt oflt |i0 mn a^ainft 
tie mus'n iI>fScets(, ano bp accioent |ao fcifleo one 
or K0 elM l^attp, aH tie teft of t|em tteitHi laie 
Utn abetto^jEi ano ]^|incipals(. 

• • • 

Dyer i%8. p.6o. Z.W cafe i0 put A. ant B. ate 
0iltin0 toffctlet ont^ol nnlice piepenfini, c. comeji 
t« pact tient, ano a. m» c. t|i0 ift Sj^toet in yl. 
Qno (ionie faOi in a alib, but tie ma^oimnnbctr loete 
of a conttatp opinion ; ttn tlongl b. itia!» engageo in 
m umaiaatl 9S an utm wi^a. pit tie iming tfCf^ 
A. toao not in pnttemtt of> but Collateral to H, but 
tie Itittns of C. im A. IMHI IJMoer, becanit |e Itii' 
let one Ooins |itf I>it|t ibKcI^ nan enlealKnurfng: t9 
keep tie ]^eace > ano toonio labe linoieo |im from 
mim B. avainft|i«oiii |e lao (police* 

3. Clett 

■ ■ ■ ■ i 1 1 ■ II I ■ 

Rex wfus Vlumtasx. 115 

j. €^ttt « miotic omOiScation ^C ^« Btiirj 
Uaf» ImU tntite ti^e itaiei; ta be a ^ttt^er, iis, ^at 

t^t UnlafoCktl 9S OUg^ to be deliberate. jTo^ if ft be 

fitaoett, a0 itpoit an aftap tbat fuuienlp falisi out, and 
t|epactie0 arebfbioeo amongst^emdrtbe^ ano fall to 
Ivbting, ann one Mus t^ otbec it in but (^antlau^b' 
uu do if upon a tmm aiftaf tbe ConMIe o^ o* 
t^ IN^on comeis to lieep tbe ideate, anb (Ome 
knotttng bim to be tlie Conffable oi pecGm comins^ 
to leep tbe peace fball m, |itn< 3It i0 i^utbec in 
l^im anb all tbat afftfieb bim in tbe boins of its but 
in otber0 tbat continue tbeaiftap, anb imebi not tbat 
tl^e Conftable, o^ otbet petfOn m» coming to Keqi 
tbe peace, it iPill be no Crime : JToi fitfi, t^oofb 
tbe Conftable Wt come to keep tbe peace, 3t i0 ne^ 
cefCu; tbat ti^e pattiej^ engageb in tbt t:umtilt jtobe 
notice tbat be comeioi fat tbat putpofe, ot^mitt tie <ii« 
ling bim biiii not be gurnet, but tmif (i^anOottftbtet 
In "Hm tbat InlUi ^im, anb in confequence no Ctiiilt 
in t^ petibnsi tbat m not bnotD f^im to be tbtt^ 
w» m not contribute tofoarb0 W beatb* at tie 

Seffions after Hill. Term. 19 Car. z. Tbompfon mttW 

0^ toece figbting togetber in tbe |>ou(ir of 
S>aws, bfbo feeing tbem figlting came in anb ei 
Dottceb to part tbem, tbereupon Thompibn tbiuft a< 
ttai Daws, anb tbiebi Urn bofon upon an 3Iton in ^ 
€^imntp tDbicb bioite one of w Slibd, of tobict %t 
bte^; tbiiB otwn a dpeciat (Verbis toast belb to fxt 
ot^ ^anflaugbter, tbougb tbe peace lam biobe, antr 
tbe perfon flain came onip to Iteep tbe ]^(^e ; anb it 
it tbe fame if be ban been Conaable* 'But tben it 
1M0 reCoibeb, tbat if tbe Conff^Aie 02 otb^ Perfim 
come to Ut9 tbe peace be ftilleb, it iantttt^t^ tttttt 
tbe petCnt tbat bia0 "^itn bo imobi> oi be amuaf nt« 
Ob tbat |e came eo) tbat putpoft* Cberefoie )r 
ougbt to darge t|em (n tbe sting'iv j^ame to tee|^ 
tde peace, fi^ otbetitiiCb tbe pieti^ figbting m«i 
tljinit be comrtb in aib of tbe otber ttttb tmta UUf 

fltobting^ anb MackaUy% Cafe botl not offpofe tbbll 

but agrees toiti it in tbe teafbn tbete gibeir,- l^iitr 


4|^ Kcx -wr/w Etummgfc 

is in ttjtfe fooiae, viz. oaten an (DSicct a; ^fnfSec 
«f tie jftins atcea anottn. fn ttt mmt a tte imsi 
'^'^tmitcetUimiftS oette IPoice to ket; tte 
pe^te (n tte i&me JEtawe ; 3f mt xmmimaMtti 
:teC<t anil kin tteOfftett, ft a ^ncter ,-'»« ff te 
%t tan not NOtfce ttat ft mt tte XiiBtet^ ft iii oMif 
'^anHaiigttet fn tfm ttat liftteD; l>nt tten fi; tw 
Tame t^abn tte attece ttat ate fn tte aftap, utftt 
ica^tbtuh, liiti cantfnue fn tte aota;, tuttft «f{ 
«efltt'tte ConOalite] ft tannot te^pucietoj Mini 
aauettec fn ttsnt, (at tteic aa cannat te mma 
tattlet tlan a tjeatt ot tte jptate. ' "' 

: /Bittt tiippore tie Bfat 0! tte ammU; too iiten 
lielttihdte) ann tte; sefisneti toins an nnlati&d oB, 
m mt'ct tte; ' ace opporen if tte CdnSatile Oi an; 
sttec l^etfoU) ant one ktils tte @et(an appolint,' it 

IS ^UCttt fnall, Moor 87. Dyer ij8. but mfiitU' 

lafnaiip put fn Lamb. 243. George tame wtt utww 
JpnCone fn aEfotous mannet to tte (>oure at B. up 
eti tte accotutt of fefjfng Came em», ana uBae 
lien fonte angt^ £>peecteti, a mfnttwiman or ttem 
tott tcaDelifns fnlfffetentfp tettoeenttemto oppeaft 
ttem, ias fuinent; ftcfcfcen fn tte peta bftt a 
JStone tt?oton ouec tte ffilati big one oC tte deciwMS 
oC George, toteteoC Qie aftettDacii0 tifel), ann bf mutt 
ttesteatec opfnfon at ttejuoseti annittfng'; CouU' 
eft, it me tela to l>e i^ucaet fn all tte actomplitttf s 
ivA ttouBt Qe tame as a dttanstt onD ioaii fntftv 
fetent to alt, pet tte; came Uftt ^aifte aerafnlt a 
ana fn putfnante, ana fn emutfon of ttat Slot tte 
tiOoman toas Mliea. 

4. 9e tte unlatDful aa ougtt to te aelftetate to 
ttiake tte kfllfng ^utaet, (0 ft ouctt to tre Oict an 
^S M mas tenato tte twit of anottet eittet, fmnu' 
Bfatelf, 0! b; necetfot? tonfetiuence. 3f pecfantf 
ate in a Eiot, ana 00 aiitt offenBae atms, a; aiitt 
ClulHS ana ataaeis, ana in ttat Kiot one of tte Com- 
pan; kfiu anottec, 3t is ^ucaet in tfm, ana fit an 
tte tea ttat ate engagea in tte Efot, ttougt tut ' 

iigteteon, Dal. tSo. Br. dc Corone 171. St. PI C 401.1 
■ " " Hale 

tle.j:i, j7. 'But iC iuci unlaiuful aS aatif not teio 
lUeliiatt:!;, a; I); ttueSacj) canTequatce to ttc ta^ 
'i'EC of andtSKj tSo^. Dwtfi ' ejito ijerttip, it i» to 
^anflaiigfitet. , ',; . „ - 'V ' , . - ; 

SSaititls at a Dect m anotSct's piflt id'an uii 
Jastful 83: If t(e actotn slancctlj aia Ulls'a ^a% 
1818 is but ^annau!fl)tec, toljiclj istoiittatpto jinflj. 
5«. tftat ijains it to be 39utti£c: Tout JLoJB Hale 31. 
Ciitl) iti0 but^anaauetitec, austdcteaof tbc (Sam- 
]nn; fntli lie nuiltp, 'tat tljeg tsete an aiiettajAto-tte 
unlaiofui aa.; , ,,; . ;.,,;, TrJ 

«8c DEnsit of Boiitg atip a? malics it aeiitireatei,- 
Bttlj (f tSc jFaa be oeltbccatc, tjo no butt to aiip pctj 
ton can lie fojcften, Jet If tlje intent to felonious, aim 
t!jt jTaa neDuneB, ifcitoimittcn, aouibliejFcuinp, ana 
in pucfult tijeteof a pcifon IsSillco ljp,iiccil)cnt, tt 
mill l)c ^utiiEt in Mm ana all jw ateompiiccjj. 3a, 
til tU Putpali : DiBets pctfons deHsii to commit 4 
"Batglacf, anD fame of tOem ate fet to tnatc ji in a lan« 
to Sinnet an? ftom goini; to tlje pmU to iwtctrup^ 
tijem, if anp tomes in tljctc toan, ana tjofc tijat ate 
tolteep loatcft Mil 6im, tWz ttat ate Tent to tob tlie 
Voufe biill be guiltp of tjiat Quebec, tit' tjie; bo not 
taminit tbe 'Bucgiacp. 

Sio if ttbo s@en babe a beOgn to teal a ^en, ana 
one KoitS at tbe IDen fo; tbat putpofe, anb a $@an be 
Mlleb, It ii C^uibet in botb, betaiife tbe befisn Ibffit 
felonious. Sio is Loib Coke 56. fucelp to be unbet' 
Oob, biitf) tlat biefecence; but uitbout tiiis bifCecence, 
tune of ttCBoiks quoteb in tte i)98tsiti>' biticll ace 

3Ed.3. Corona; jf^. iH.<(. 18. 11 H. 7.15. bO Uat' 

tant t{at SDpinion ; no; inbeeb can 31 Tap tbat 3 finb 
an? to tnattant mp Opinion, but onip tbe Eeofon is 
iubmitteb to tbe 3lubgment«f tSote 3lubges tbot ma? 
at anp time beeeaftec jiabe tbat point )ublciall? biougit 
iiefase t&em. 

Cleft tlifnsS3l't8oug|t (it to mention, tso' fome 

oftiem ace notfucb ^imiStg ftom io!ilc6 t6e Con- 

ffi clnfoa 

^i& ■ Vi etittr /ui ?kataaet. 

ifuilffi ttm^ fit ifkASun map be BiatDti, vet 
„., JH •mt #' Wfttttt m CSsttn aim Eeafirlt 
WttiV mr#iJH' 84iCi t», CDat tljo' tlje pettKiti 
ttat Qot off tte f ujte agafns tiie pcrfon Oatn wa ft 
maliclouflp, mrtMUtmVfbt S gutBtt fn|>tni, yet 
f ^e citf)%ts not wlinbbift' of &iC0 OtflStt AQVtitS ^at 
#rtion, cannot At MniVgnttoteaanftmtJBttt^ 
*ff!iati0nttet. ' 

"- Sdcdndiy jf it iw apptareO am ttt SttntB ^ 
^be ittin mt bttn itftciiacseB agnntt ^t &aif« K 
ficet, anD dp acclDcnt Harding, one of tte tfonqna;^, 
iiati bicn ftillcD, It mouiD gatie. been 9nclet in tte 
teiF, br(i!mrt it mag bone in pulfiumtt oftftiitSMlBit, 
"Weft tuas DtJibctate, anb fn ttt pjotettttion iPlettW 
iitt anO ^ifctiief mfutit enftiti ano tWt beinirtft: 
jttijet is an etiibcncc tijat tfiey W» fntenn to motn. 
tain ttitft unlatarul Scflsn tg Stmt, tt|> ttat t^t 
fttoting tfic <Sun bias asalnS ttt £fitdttt tat ttjtt 
hiotttt btins onip euibcnee ittigtt; t$ tm 
htctt tottfioettti b; tlie Jut?, Mt Ole M WHU tm- 






In thie Qpceas Bc^ch, 

I • 

Ae tie fikcffiowi tir t^t IMce iM» «t GiiMJliftn, 
Lbodon, «t t|iB i(ft •( Joty, ill f|^ W^ ftm 
if tie wueem John MawnMge tf Loa&ii ^CUT 

HfuiiiiBttrt* foitlfitittt|c1iroeiK|<r;aiie^ ftifie 
fiwtt 9e«^ >|e itfn WoirtMi^, Monnitll^ «ieo of lei 
Mattce €aie(tiMSlt» mike nt aiOHrtt upon WilMam 
Cope ecne, atfd Ml a mmfi mt He left fi^ of 
Ifitt oeieaSy iteit tie left iMv Mi %im imt tm 
9feMf» IsOtfitjl lUtt «|ccflHP 8 #M Ol^ 

If t^ ftH WWiam Cepe Ml teiMlttF «^» Vmtb 

atfUf SMuiit liitv mttfneei to tie Sntfeeid of Qaol- 
ddtrety^^ Newgate, |e iMii ae^itfiiici t|«retimt^ 



t%9 Regina ver/us M^wgridge. 

The Jury found this Special Verdiia: 

in the To 

thcre» ^4£'^ . - — 

And thxjtbu Mawgn^ge \vas then and there, by the 
invicacion of Mr. Ojw, in Company with the faid WiSiam 
Ctpe^ and with a certain Woman of Mr. Cope's acquain- 
tance, which W«g(0t>y ^J i g fa t i j^ jfhen afTronc, and 
angry words pa^d fttween mem in the Room, in the 
prefence of Mr. Cope and other perfons there prefent, and 
MavpgriJge there did threaten the Woman; Mr. Cope did 
thereupon defire MawgriJge to forbear fuch ufage of the 

upon Mawgri^e did continue the reproachful Language 
to the Woman, and demanded Sacisfa^ion of Mr. Cope^ to 
the intent to provoke him co fight i Thereupon Mr. Ccpe 
told him 'twas not a convenient place to give him Sacu- 
fadlion, but^4c.^noshtMinre-aB^^^e|lK'wQpii^be ready 
to give it'tbtiim, 'arid in the mean time aeifted him co be 
more civil, or to leave the Compapyj Thereupon John 
MawgriJge role u^, and- was gra^oiit of the Room; and 
fo going, did fuddenly fnatch up a GlafsBotcle full of 
Wutp.thcQ i^^jMti^1if)o6; dib Jabk;-:and^i<}t^il^ tUfcw 
k,9t I^rhB.^ifliI\^,.G^/.aiill d|a:(niQitb.flxnck.hiMb- 
9P-,fb9.liwdi *M iwpwiiiaidgk>tt^'iMup'onj[i*Itfaom-any 
part of hif ^nf^jQ^iovnC thd 4liaob£ one '^^emMitfiii^ 
notwithflaqdipg i^i^^Q>vour u&dhy the &itl MartAf- tA 
hmdxxJHoMri^ ^/ofxti^it^iig Mr; €ope, > ^nd g2re Mr. <>^ 
the WQUBain'tho'^duixrtenr mtntibocdf^rwlj&eof hc< itti- 
^^Lntly^ied. Qg| IM^Ufy do iimhcriagr^ ^[Ehai: imntiedit 
jtc^jj, ;n a l(ffl«)fflBH!Pf W>tv^*vceoiftft'g»!i<^f'sdta«i 
ing his^wocd an^ the gliding. to^M^'^!'^ ^^^^ ^ ^*3^ 
Mi.C^difi-^nC^t^^ bis |!^hair where l^fate; and cook 
another'Boctic that then flood upon tho Tattlil'^tfad.t^IJiftf 
it at ^dwr/ii^e, which did hit and break his Head j That 
Mr. Co^e had no Sword in his hand drawn all the whiles 
aodthat after Mawgrit/ge had thrown the Bottle, Mr. Cope 



Regina 'D^ryM/ Mawgridge. izi 

Ipalee not. And whether this be Murder or Manflaug^- 
ter, the Jury pray the Advice of the Coim. 


a nap tietng appointed foi t^e Eefolution «f tge 
Cotttt) atto tde ^atfi^al tequcren to bifng tU W' 
Umtc to tO( OSar, tettitneti (e toaa efcapeo ; «i|tei^ iie* 
fns reciQQeO) t^e Chief judice 0ai» t^e €>plnfQtt of t|e 
3iilige0 in t|if0 manner : 


This Record being removed into this Court, the Cafe 
* hath been arguod before ail the Judges ; and all of us^ 
, except my Lord Chief Juftice Trevor j are of Opi- 
nion that MawgrUge is guilty of Murder. 

^W W^ ^tVL a Ca(is 0f ffceat ejcpeaattom 

ttlitf QtiltnSton Iietineen Murder anO Manflaughter 

onip, i0 occaOonen iip t^ ^atnte of 13 H. 8. ami 
uti^et dtatutejs tiat to)it afoap t^e 'Benefit of Clergp 
ftom $;9utliec comniitteti iip Malice p^epenCen, foj^fcl 
4dtattttej$ ^ane been tie occafion of manp nice idpe* 

Clie fooio MURDER tie( itnoton to be a Cetm o| 
a Defttfptfon of ipomfcftie contmitteo fn t^e foo^S 
manner, to^tcl tiet no mdere ufeo but in xw 3Ifianti> 
ano 10 a tooao ftameo bp out Saxon anceffoi0 in t|s 
IGleign of Canutus upon a patticulot occafion, togicd 
iippeat0 bp an uneonteiteli 9utbo?itp, Lamb. 141. 3[n 

tbe ]LatO0 of Edward tbe ConfefiiOl : Murdra quidem 
inventa fiierunt in diebus Canuti Regis, qui pod acquifi- 
tam Aogiiam & pacificatam, rogacu Baronum Angliae re- 
miiic in Daciam exercitum fuum. Cbeteupon a LattI 
lDa0 maOe, Thac if any Etigli/b-mSin fhould kill any of 
the Danes chat he had left behind, if he were apprehended^ 
he fhould be bound co undergo the Ordeal Trial to clear 
himfelf ; and if the Murderer were not found within 
eight days, and after that a month was given, then if he 
could not be found, the Ville fhould pay forty fix MarkSi 
which if not able to pay, it fhould l>e levied jufon tjK 
Hundred. Bra^on i xo. a0tee0 foitb tbil^ ^CKmnttr 



1 2 a R^nia : verjus M'm^aAgi. 

Danes, pet William tf)e Cottquerouc refitfieti ft to\ t^t 

deoctltp. Di'^ Normans, aiE( . a^pSflpSE tip.^ KftttHy 

after In^, ^ c0iiSniieD>lltitt0>Edwatd tipe Coofirteoi^ 

la|90«. ^9'Heiny i. amtp pritno. Regain ttftedoatlKI^'" 

&l^4)i0 MttiCaif apiwatft in tiie aumtitti mi^aheaiih 

eSabttC^e0) That if a Man be found fl&iny fae iboaki<MsC 
taken to be a Frencb-mzn if it was not proved that he 
was an JSW^^yJ^man, andtthe Countr^r'Was.'bouiul toieo- 
quixe wh^tbec the. pedbn^ flain . was anBa^^-tnaxkot a 

Coioner, anumwnen^tt^eJttlttmi'iiiEiyre^ anQlf 
tge 3lutp founn (Cm an Engliih<nian, t|en t^t CotmtrjP 
mti toiWiiitfclmtge&» tD^!)j.afiitDQ]K£aiieftEiigO(fete, 
ann t^t SufttceiS in Eyre toete alfo hounti to mpxict 
t^eof) jtKtil tiie ^atttte oe 14 E. 3. tB|i(|^ an-ftV^ 
nWw(f Qtteo m Stamfiirdy tM0 abollilxiiu 

l^lh^a mtfltolie UIMII tU^ ^tamZ' of Marlebrklg» 
t]3l'M9ii(|t> tO^ifd J0 capuxd. Mucdiuin de cetera noo- 

adjudicatur coram Jufticiariis, ubi per infortunium adja^ 
dicatum eft, fed locum habeat Murdrum de interfe^is 
pesiFelomam tantum, &non ahccr. ^ifi fiatf not made 

Upon a fuppoOtion ttat de tdat Utteti tde petfon flofn' 
hH tntjKfoitune Qoidti be danseu^ httt onip ta tt^iMxh 
oi tatdee tO: taite off tde Biffoi of t|o. CowKutottc'if ' 
l^tO) tdat tde Country llottiti. not be comp^left to^ 
fitti^ out tbe ii^anfiattjB^ec; 01 ff be fneee finino ott|» 
liSiQiotmi not unbergb tbe ]^enaitp oC tbat Laso* jr«| 
as( tbe lain ffQb, oj toa^ fntecpieteo before tbat dta« 
tutf) it a #an toaiai foun& to be itain^ tt loajBt ^Koa^ 
fntenQeb, i. ^bot be bia0 a French^matu z. Cbat* 
be bHHS ikilleo bp an Engliihruian* 3 . Cbat Miin« fxam^ 
^tbet^ 4- it anp one ina» appiebenoeo ta be tbe 
^iKtiereC) be foa0 to be ttieQ bp jTice anocsiater, tW 
be bllleb i)im bit i)9ts(foitune> tobtcb foaii ejttenbeii be* 
pottn Eeafon anb Sittfttee in fabmtc oC tbe Nommns .* 
/But tf an Englifh'raan mti btllen bpit^tj^foitune, be 
tbtt bflieb bint tuais not in banget of Deatbt becaute 
it bia0 not JTelot^^ jTo^ faftb Bradon (tobo to^ote 

t&e lattet»enb of H. 3.) fo. 136. He that killed a Man 



Rcgina verfus Mawgridge i i ; 

hy Misfbrtuoe, was to be difcharged. ;. %t tj^e f^a* 

mlUi fMjt not tft&en, tf^tn t^e €mnttp mst to be 

mttU^* 'Bnt hj^ t^t ibmutt of M»rlebridge» U <t 

M fmofrnt tfiat tf^e petCon fiafn ioa0 aTrenchtnan) 

wt be amercer ff t^e ^tattmjftt m^ not taft^t; q] 
if ie ttete taken, |e f^ut» not be put to bi0 Ocdcai 
T nal. C^0 Cmniet to be tbe tnte tneanins of t()at 



n5ttt, fecondly, ft tofll appear to a ^m»m*.»vh«»«ii, 
Cbat befoie tbat Statute be tfiat bineb an EngUih-man 
oer infortunium bm0 nebet fn an? bangec of Deatb s 

ib{ t|f0 Statute of Marlebridge bmiBl maOe ;i H. 3. ^bt 

9istate Of Magna Chaitabia0 confUmmate 9 H. 3. anD 

tiBt fUppOdnS, That every one imprifoned for the Death 
of a Man, and not thereof indided, might of Right pur* 
4k the Writ WSr Oi^ ^ ^M i and if it was found that the 
Boion imprifoned killed him fe ikfeiidendo^ ot fer iwftr- 
lianteMf, and not ht ftUniam^ then he was to be bailed. 

f|l|fc6 fbebtf tpat be bia0 not fn banget of Deatb ; f^ the 
In if be bdb> be buwio not babe been let to OSaQ^ wricirf#- 

X Inlt. 4x. Cok. 9. 56. Les Poulters Cafe, Regiftcr ""^ * 
133. b. '^*** 

^erebp 3i Itbe gfben a tnte Account of t|e fenft of 
ti^e bio^ Murder, tbat It \M^ tob^n (firs in t^ time 

0f Camitus) a Dane, anb f!nce (fn William tbe Con< 
^uetottt) wm « Frenchman biajs bfileb ; foi, a0 ft 
1MM f^en QtppoffB fn tbetfme of Canutus, t^e E^gliA- 
men faten tbe Danes upon tbe account of tbefriSIa' 
tfon t|at bab fuboueb tbeni, anb bHmlb upon all OC' 
ufisM ftefc tbefc DelitttSfon, ad t|e2> bib of a conO* 
Betable number of tbem fn tbe tfme of Etheired, tbe 
Sttoo i!ifn9, tbat pjecebeb Canutus nert fabe one ; (b 
tbf Cotnnerout liab tjfte fame teafon to (bQieS tiie 

WdlXt of liH Normans. 


ST^TF?^ ♦ r '<*..-iHmmm»i*mi»''» • ' ^-K^^m^niimm--^ 


Regina verfus Mawgridgc. 

■ . — - '. .., .ui' 


Lamb. 141. tfie ftctet 0} tttfintoutf ktUtttg Of an? otbft 
ajai tDell ajf < foiefgnec tnas; neclaren to be Murdv; 
Bradlon uo, 134, 135. ^utbet f«i tbui$ nefinen, tjst 

occulpt hominum extraneonun & notorum occijdo maau 
hcwdinum nequicor pecpetrata. Wiit^ fobtcfl UStet^ t||C 

0tbet oio 0500110 Of Brinoo attti Fleta: ^nl? in cafe Of 
a jToief gnec it toast penal to t^e Counttp ; not 9i 9 

Bejct) it ma? Iif necefllicp to llielD to^at (oaiS to^le 

unHetfiOItl b? Homicide 0} Manflaugbter. JitaStoff, i^bo^ 

I&I. mention^tde tpoifipact of ity&li^^i^ a voiiuitagr 
Homicide, oefincn in t6i0 mannet: Si. quis/ejcoerca 

fciencia & in a(^ult;^;pr?meditaco, ira^ vel o^jo, , yel cfliift 
lucri, nequicur & m felonia, ac contra Pacen^ Doi^Miii llcr 
gis aliquem intexfccerit ; %t one fenOtDinglp, l^ill • b? « 

piemeoitateo aiTa^ltr bp anpt oi i^at^eo, o} m Vif 
ctefake, (bouio lill anotber, tw &>a0 a<icountei^Maa- 

flaughter; %t it b^Oone clancuio, (^itbJ|ra(^oajr iti|( 

Murder : ^bat loa0 all tbe btffetehce ^oete tn^ b^ 
ttoeen tbe one ann. tbe otbec. 

3lt appears, tbat fince tbat of Bradon tbe ibotton 

of Murder i0 ttlUCb altece])> Mtm tommpmrfff ;^II' Ho- 
micides, tobetbet p^is^atei? 0^ pubfitlop'^cot^mi^eibaiC 
none b? Malice p^epenC^n* saftblmagtieectr^caiii. 

PL Com 8. b. At this day (^foitb be) am^nmay define Mur< 
der in another matuer than it is deHn*d by Br^^iiy Brittm 
zad Fleta: If any one of Malice prepen^d doth kiilaa(i^ 
ther, be he Engli(h<mab or Foreigner, if feaetly or publifidy, 
that is Murder; This wasthe definition Ibi^ beiQi?e^4' 
making of the Statutes of>4& 13 i/..8. and tlie ic^ 
Statutes that took away Clergy. Co Oefinf-^urd 
tbete RtttCE be malitia prjecogitata, ao aifo mifrorafj^: 

00 tbat if an 3lnbiSment be tl^at tbe pact? mur^^k, 
ano not ex malitia prxcogitata, it iti but ^attilausbtlry 

Yel.t04. 2Cro.i83. i B;il. 141. Bradlyanb Banks. 00 
if it be ex malitia prarcogitata, ontittinff murdravit, it 

i0 but Manflaugbter, Dyeri6i. pi. x6. -~ 304. pi. ;^. 
Vide Stat. 10 £.3. cap. z. ^bepatliantentcompIaineQ 


H ogj^^^r/w Mawgridge. 125 

fmmx& l^wMtwt of ^anilaugtrtetjt mete fin^anteti fo 
eafilp ; t^e as t^erefoie p^o|)fl)it0 ti^e gcahtf ngr tlieceot 
13 R. X. tecttert iiieOime ^ift{)fef ann great Damage 
^^ ^reafon0, ^uttier0, &c. becaufe pattiottd l^atie 
ttzn eatAp gtanteti x Ctietefoje tf^e as Ootl^ p^otitue. 

That if a Chaitet for the Death of a Man be alledged before 
any JuiUce) in which Charter it is not ipecified that he of 
whpfe Death, any fuch is arraigned was murdered or (lain 
by Await, Affault or Malice prepenfed, it /hall be enqui« 
red whether he was murdered or flain by Aflault, Await, 
or Malice prepenled > and if it be fo found the Charter of 
Pardon ihall be difallowed. C^f in a plain DefCtiptiOtt 

Of Murder. a0 it tDa0 tattett to he accoiofng to tdecom* 
ttion unnetftantif ng of mtn* - 

e&et 0nce t^e ttillfng of a ^an bp affault of ^a« 
lice pjepenfen |at| been allotted to ht^ttnsti anil 
to comp^lienti ti)e otl^et tm fnfimtcesr^ "JButhixmtt 
tdat toap of itiHing bf Cotton Hio not come mmec 
tie ancient nefinition of Bradon,&c. foj^ic^id faio to ti^ . 

manu hominum perpetrata, ^ Of tdi0 Statute Of 13 R.x. 

Cl^etefo^e bp tbe statute of iE.6. cap. 1 1. 3it loaji^ 
enaSeo, Cbat loilfui potfoning of an? j^etfon fl^um 
to acconnteo toilful ^tttoet of Malice pi^en(i^; 

iDne tbing mo^e i0 fit to be obCnDeby ^bat in all, 
jnHiSmentiS foi ^utoet a ^an ijs not cbatgeo pofitibe-. 
Ih tbat fit bib ^ttcbee tbe petfon flain> but tbat |e 

ex malitia przcogitata, in ipfum infultum fecit, ac cuni! 

quodam gladio, be gabe Utn a ^ounb fobeteof be 

bieb t Et fic ex Malitia prsecogitata ipfum Murdravit, COi 

tbe ^tttbet 10 cbacgeb upon ^im bp tiap of concluii' 
OU) anb a0 a confequence ftom tbe antecebent mat* 
tet tbat i0 pofitibelp allebgeb* Co come clofe to a 
€btate of tbe piefent quettion> 3lt botb appeat tbat 
Mawgridge tbiefti tbe l5ottie at ^* Cope b)itl)out an? 
Piobocation giben to bim ; fill tie biffecence bia0 be* 
tloeen bini anb tbe (EQoman tbat bia0 tf)ttt in Com* 
panp, anb bi0 bebabiour toa0 Co tube anbbifiafifUl 
00 bib inbttce Captain Cope to befice bim to leabe 

!& b tbe 

^1 i% ll> 

i%6 fi.€gina verjus Mawpidge. 


t^~Snm« V^tte tzfvmmAfti €mit t» Urn, mm 
titte fxB m petmiflioii ; tW Cope mistt teaONMHti 
Ho, Wei coum be noattfirto piofiole Mawgndge 10 
tna&e tlie leaft af&itilt upon ^m : Cta^iea Ml 
iwatttain tde(ie tliee )doationK« 

I, Cliat tit tl)i0 ca& tiece i0 eicp^ ^aifce tf 
tie ttatute ann ntattnec of Mawgddge's tii^ototeg wk 
bottle) atio oaatoing (10 dtoo^o immeirtateli>» tteie* 

x.dat Mr. Cope's tl&^ittg a 150ttle at Mawgcidje^^ 

lOl^eceiip ^ toaist itt attDlort fteCoie iie gatie Mr. Com 
ti^ mortal mounO) cannot male anp altecatioic m 
tie offence h^ tenucins it to lie of fo lofo a oegcee m 

'j- % CtoS confioer tKlat ut Qicl a pioi w c a ttow, m 
iw maite tfte 9S or Mittitv to ^ Imt c ^^ancmir^ 

^ I. |>ere in etps^tf iHatice) tbat appeant ^ ttei 
itatttte of tie aatom ^ome fiafie been leo into mfr 
llaite tjf not loell omfioettng tolat tie i^amoii or 
^atctifi} tlep lalK (onSnteo it to be a SUncooc 
of ^inO loOgeo in tie Perfon iiillinflr, foi Gmt con* 
iHietaUe time lefO^e tie commiinon of tie ftSL 
Uti^l iA a mfffate atiiinir firom tie not toell wtm^ 
SttiQiiny letfiieen Dateen ano ^Okt* c^, 
it^atteO anti Malice ate tijee ttinixat painontt of tie 

' I. €taijt pmttli ia a teptninv o} leinff irtieteti at 
tie lappineiii ano piul^pnitf of anot|er> lavidss al- 

terius rebus macceicic opimis. ^ 

*4 > 

xly, ftHltCeO, UliCl in odium, tn tn XuUy fiiitl, 

Ira invecerata, a lUinnur ficeo ano tmttf in tie 
txm of one tofoatOi anotlet, iD|ic| aomftfi 
oi^aletal Degteeiei* at map actiDe to Co ilaj^ 

< oegteei «ni may tmjf a ^an to fbr ais to m 



■■■ -1 

Regina ver/us Mawgri(%e. i%y 

t^ dtttt 0f frfm» tlauglft not to yetpettvce ft 


» J 

J t • < 

)ly, ^aiitt i0 a >efi0n fonnen of tiofii|r Hif&KeC 

to Onottin; ; Cum quis data opera male agic^ tie tiiat 

vefi^n^ atm ufetig t^e tneatt^ to no ill ift mattcioitir, 
% Tnft. 41. Odium 0snffie0 fiatren, Ada malice, fee^ 
cauCe ft ftf eager, Qiarp ano ctoeu pt t^at Qotl^ t 
ctuel as tiQlttntatap, oot^ it of malice piepettmi^ 

iiniUt. I&p t6e fttatttte of $ Hen.4. 3If an? one out 
f mifllce p^epenCiet, Ml cut ont t^e Congue o^ put 
out tie €pej8 of anotfier, 6e C^all incut tie pain oC 
IfelonF* 3lf one tmi M a mift^ief on a Qiooainy 
^^it-^ iitilice P2epen(ieo ; fO; ttti^ mv top Coke, "B 

tf be voluntarily, the Law will imply Malice. 'd&et9' 

tnz ftti^ a ^un Wl Mtimt anp pioDotation BM 
snot^et tDiti a Dagffer, 01 itnoclt ont lii^ 'B^iinn 
Iriti^ a 'Bottle, t|iiBi0ejcp2efi8 police, fo^ d^ oefignen* 
fg ami pttcpo(itl; «Ai dim tie miit^tef* C$i0 id (Uc6 
an as tftat i0 malicious in tie natnte of tie as # 
liei^ if founo Ip a ancp, tlongi it tie (uooain, man 

tf^ tDOIDH exmalitiapraecog^ta ate not in t|eQetOiS» 
I Cro.i3t. Halloway's Caie, fO|0 foaiS Woodward of 

Aullerly Park : 3 iSop came tiere to cut oaooii, warn 
^ tiance le ttfyingi ant tie ^0^ leing npon | 
Cree, le inraietiatelp calljs to |im to oeftttts, ttlfci 
^e 'Bop olepinff, HaUoway tiel |im to m pit^rm 
tM ioitl a Co^o t|at tie rBoi latb t|en tftm Kttf 
taio Ximtmiy tie Doift ninamajf ann l^afto tle'Bo)^ 
^a^lottOiei; iDlecioC |e oieo« ts:ii0 Imj$ taleii tode 
aptttoet IIP all tie 3lttSicej$ ann 'Baron0, tjccept SN* 
lace Huctoa, tD|o on^ oonKen tiereof ; anti tiat inhI 
a Iftonffec caCr tian t|^ fii^ tiece m$ t$mt kiuB of 
p^onocation in tie O^op, to|o toa^ ffealing tie CKoAl 
in tie Park, of tblid Halloway lan t|e core ; atAi ft 
cannot be ceafomAif tlooglt ^at |e lieDjBtneii moie 
tian tie clafiifemeat of tie "Bop, ano t^e|>o^ttm' 
itfttff aioap in t|at mamtec tm a UKff^tt to Hailo^ 
v^ay ^ pet fn tesatii tie 'Bop U» not i^ellt |fm, W 
tms Km to tie lt>o;Cie'taa tna^ aa as of evucftp^ 
W eient loleteof p^ofrtmr fo fiitai) ^m» mUfiiP 


Itegma verfiis MaWnc^e. 

in t^e i^eat of l^afTUm* C^iis cafe f tepoiteti tit 
Jones 198. Pa]. ;8f. anQ t^ete ^elo^ t^at tit Cottrc 
couiQ ve^eotiitn ft to tie ^attce p^epenCeQ upon t(e 
^fal tnaitter fjotmiu Crompton 13. Ctoo piapfng at 
%aS!At» fail out to ttieft ^ame, one upon a attmafn 
SjSi» tlie ottiee tottt a Dagset: C6f0 fnaiS fielti to fit 

glUtHee tip Bromley atChefler AlHzes, X7 Eliz. ^gbotll 

tSii$%9XZx a t%t 13ottIe ^ati ItfUeli Mr. Cope beta^ i^e 
)lfiS^ tettttaeti t^e Xottie upon Mawgride, tl^at toot^ 
Sgfie been ^^ntoet tmtbottt an manner of tioubtt : 

eii Sn tlie (i^ono place^ 31 come nolo to conOoec ^ 
ti^et Mr. Cope's tettttntoff ansottie upon Mawgrf< 
jteloie be gabe bim tbe moitai c^uounb tottli [ 
1^ $ali babe an? manner of influence npotitbe 

^afe : 31 IftOlO not. JTieff* 'Becaute Mawgridge b^ 

i)[0 tb^oiofns tbe OBottle batb manffeffen a malfcfonst 

^atelp to Cttppip tbe mifcbfef fobicb tbe laottle nifo^ 
llj^ (bolt of» Cbitbiis Cbe tb^otntoff tbe 'Bottle 
ii Captato Cope mad inftffiable anb lafofUl ; ann 
^ou0b be ban toounoeb Mawgridge, be mt&bt babe 
i^ftffieb ft to an asf on of aftault anb 'Batterp, and 
leteCote cannot be ani» piobocatf on to Mawgrjdge to 
»tab bfm biftb W idtoo^b. Cbat t|e tbiobitog tbe 
^^(ttle fjS a bemonfitatfon of ^altce id not to be 
fonttobecteb s. foi if upon tbat biolent SIS be babbil' 
Ws Mr. Cm ft bab been ^urber* Bob it biitb 
^been Jel^ ^bat if A. of W i^alice piepenieo #' 
utttiitsi B. to iiili bim, anu b. b^atod W dbioib anb' 
|i;tacit]3 A. anb pucQietf bim» tben A. foi bid ofmt 
fafetp gibe0 bacii, anb tetceatd to a mm, b. nm, 
ptittoing bim biitb W biaon dfooib, a. in bi0 xie« 
fimce billiS b. Cbfit id il^utbec to A. jToi A. babing 
^altee agatoii B. anb to pncfUance tbeteof ztamf 
tioucing to bill bfm id anfliecable fbi all tbe confer 
4uence09 of bibtcb be xaa^ tbe original Canil?; St 
fiai not teafbnabie fb) anp ^an tbat id bangfttump 
afli^ttiteb, anb b>|en bt peccetbed WiM inbatijbe^ 
ftom ^fd abbetfatp^ bat to babe liber ep foi tbe fl^^ 


tutit? of w mtf jufc, tp ro^nie ummt mva- ■ 

ou«f HlTaaltcD (te; '&! 8t tjjtt ^itft imMptfieQ tfiat 
6e 6«f) (^alicc attafitfl anrttrcc is iiijt fit t* tetttt> 
Ben Wt8 a Dnnfrfons! OTeairon in ftts |)9nB, Dak-ipx. 
Hale 4z. ann ft trtWWiBS ail tje JntiBW, j8 Car.i. 
Vitll tie? tntt«!t Seneants-Inn fn pjepatatioti fo] mp 
lOJB Morlcjf'iS Ctiat Dalcon 171. Jf A. of Malice 

fftpenten, WfcljatKe a imtoi at B. ann tiien tnnti a- 
pag, B. ptfuefi !)im, ann A. tucng tact, ann fn Ws 
•frnveSmu Wita B. jt iti asntnet. ^w % Wt> to 
te sat Latd ; fo; a. sm a maiftiottf intent againtE 
B. adBiii Setteat after te tan ni&iiacEeti tie ]?t 
fed at B. basi not ttcmfe ie tepentev, tmt foj (ig oun 


3in a fet Onel, ttete are nwtual paiKsmsve iie< 
tfoeen tie Conliatantft, jet if tiere be ojiginat ^a- 
lite lietttieen tit J^atties, it i» not ttie interctantte 
of TBiotw tnili mjlte an ^ttwatioiu ojte an? rtiti' 
gation of tte. SSftpctof lOlins. diecefoje 3 6alti> 
3f Mawgridge tM itl?a1int ttfe iBotHe at Mr. Cop^ 
ano Mr. Cope bsB cetutneo anotiet ttpon Wn ann 
(it iitn, ant tiieteupon Mawgndge (ao njatiin iia 
auo^h ann fcfileti Mr. Cope, 3lt toontn tiafe been 
s^ncber. €iame inill fa?, tbat tiete le a trifferenct 
ietiDeeu tie CaTigs, fe; t&at tieaffanlt bgm PUtaU 
mtt tte fisiting; a C^nel tnaiii etpjefj) !!9alite, but 
t^bt ie oni? 9ti<te impiieii. awtei? tiereis no bit 
fttentt. tvi Malice inipiteo i8 pieproreii, eg mutji 
a» if tbere (an been a wf of Malice, o; ttatuD 
fig; Come conQoecabU time before tiie Sat > lb] tte ' 
Atroke efben, o; an attempt mate b? qsalice im> 
plieo , is as oasgecons as s ^teoit gfben lipoa 
Malice etPiefi'ebj tletetbie ma? be as iaUQiU? re- 
aoeo. Ciiis ber? point bias alto conooetes b? tte 
11 Suottes at Seijeants-Imi, aitB b? ttem tefolbeb ta 
be ^tiroet upon tte gccaOon of m? Loin Morie/s 
Cafc.CO&en a ^an attacks anotlet initli a baa- 
setous QSeapon tifttout an; nnaocatfoni Cfiat U 
enftat ^alfce from tbe natnre of tie as, ubtti It 
aaO. Cie neenttion of qsaiite implito it t^ece it 
11 W 


1 go Rcgina verjus Mawgiidgc 

10 not tm^% in t&i natttte of t^e 9S ; 9$ Wsfxt a 
^att vm an 2)mcet tlftat dan 9tttdo|itp to 9ccea 
|)i0 J^erton x Cte petCui fii|o Ulltf dim in ^irtlwce 
of dtmftlf ftom tde atteft iff 0uatp of puttier, il^ 
canfe tde ^altce fit impUen, foi piopetip and natu* 
tan? it toa0 not ^alfce, toi W oeOgn toast onip to 
Menu dimtielf ftom tde fltteil. 

3. 31 come nofo to tde tlicO mattet piopo(isti» lodfict 
10 to concoet to^at (0 in Halo fucd a pioiiocatioit to 
a ^an to commit an as of tiioience apon anotder, 
iDdecebp de CDall oep^itie |im of W life> Up 00 to 
ejctenuate t^e jFaa, ano maite it to be a #anilau06« 
tet onlp« jTtta, Negatively tDtiot i0 not« idecon!i« 
Ip, poCtifieli? todat i0* iTitff, Bo Uioali0 of tep^oacli 
n% ineamp ate fuiCicient to p^otiolie another to (ucd a 
negtee of 3n0et 00 to dttilte, oi 9fl)ault tde pio* 
noftinff partp toitfi a dfoo^o, o^ to tdioio a 'Bottle 
at |tm, 0} dttiiie dim loitd anp otdec laieapon tdat 
map kill dim > dut if tde PetCon ptoDoftins de tdece* 
dp &ille)i> it i0 $PtttOec« 

3in tde afPrnidlp of tde 3IttOfife0> iB Car.z. tdi0toaj$ 
a point poOtitielp re(Oltieo« 

Cderefo^e 31 am of t>pinion, Cdat if tfoo ate in 
Company togetdet) ano one (dall giDe tde otdet 
contumeliou0 Language C &>> fuppoC? A. ano jb ) a. 
tdat tDa0 fo piofiofteo, D2afti0 di0 dioojo anO maite0 
a paf0 at b. b. (tden da&ing no SZleapon n^afon) 
dut mifl'e0 dim* Cdeteupon B. ii2afD0 di0 dfdo^ii 
ano ]^aire0 at A. ano tdere deing an intercdange 
of ]pafre0 detfoeen tdem, A . itiii0 B. 31 doio tdi0 to 
de i^utoec in A. fo^ A'js par0 at B. ioa0 maliciou0, 
ano tDdat B. aftert0atO0 bio toa0 lafoful. 05ut if a. 
tndo dao deen (0 p^tiokeo oiat()0 di0 dfooio, ano 
tden defo^e de Paire0, B'0 idtoo^o 10 o^aton; oi A. 
diO0 dim O^ato, anO B. tdeceupon o^aiotng, tdere 
dappen to be mutual ]^aire0 : 3If A. mm B. edi0 
trill de dut ^anaaugdtec, decaufe it m% fuooain 3 
9nO A'0 oeagn toa0 not fo adfolutelP to otScop b: 


Regina verfm Mawgridgc i ^ i 

littt to Comdat toitf) liim, tDjiereli? |e run tde (a* 
;atii of W 0ton lift at tlie llune tfme* i^ut ff 
tfme tDa0 appotnten to jTtB^t (Cubpofe ttie nejtt nap) 
ahti acco^nmgl? tfiep no jriBl)t s 3it (0 ^ucbet in 
l^fm t^at ftni0 tl^e otl^et* OBut tf tbep go into tde 
ffelQ fmmematelp anti jftBlit, tgett but a^anflaust)' 
tec* duppofe upon p^onoitfnff Langruaffe fftDen bp 
B. to A. A. 0if)esi B. a bojc on tbe Cat, oi a Itttle 
UofD tDitI a %tit\i Wt% bappen0 to be fo unluc&p 
tbat ft ftilljs B. fDbo mtffbt babe fome Sintpoihtme tn 
W l>eaii, tn otbet ailmott tobfcb probed tbe Caufe 
tut B'0 Deatb> tW is>\m tbougb not jultfflabie 
\» tabt, but fs( a fo^ons, pet ft map be but ^an< 
flaugbtet, becaufe ft botb not appear tbat tie ne00neti 
Otcb a ^a^ffcbfef* 

X. Sbeconblp, 90 no bio^bjai ace a Pipbocatfony (ji 
no affcontfng ^eSuteis ace (ttftfcfent) tbougb nebec fa 
tepjoacbful ; bibfcb Pofnt toa^ abiuogeo, 3 Cro. jjg.^^fzu^ 
ahb Braim fn an anieal of $99Uciiec« 

Clece babfno: been a fluaccel bettoeen A. anb B. 
ano B. b)a0 buct fn tbe jTcap ; anb about tbio bapjK 
aftec, B. came anb mabe a tojp ^outb at A. bibcr 
tbeceupon dtcucb bfm upon tbe Calf of tbe leg) 
of b)bfcb be fnftantlp bteo* %t bia^ (S^ucbec fn A. 
f02 tbe affcontfns bfm fn tbat mannec loatf not anp 
Piobocatfon to b. to ufe tbat bfolence to A. 

tCbece batb been anotbec Cafe ttibf cb 31 feac batb 
been tbe occaOon of Come tnflfale fn tie becfaon of 

flUteSfOnit of tbi0 Itfnb, Jones 43 X. D. William's Cafe, 

Ipe befng a Weifh-man, upon %u David's Day babfng 
a leeb fn bf0 ^at, a cectafn perfon potntcb to a 
Jack of Lent tbat bung up bacb bp, anb fafb to bfm 
Ink upon pouc Countcp>man ; at tobfcb d. WiiUams 
lDa0 mucb encageb, anb toib a ll)ammec tbat lap 
ttpon a dtau bacb bp, anb flung at bfm, bibfcb mflfeii 
bfm, but bft anotbec anb bflleb bfm : l^ebia0 fnbfSeb 
ttpon ti^e statute of dtabbfng* Eefolbeb, |>e b)a0 
n0t bift^fn tbat Statute, but ^ufltp of $i9anflaugb' 




12 1 Rcgina verfus MawgrkJgQ. ; 

tec at CommoQ lafti^ 31 concuc ftUtl^ tidt 3uii0« 
tuetttf tliatitfflinottiBftdin t|)e dtatttte of dtalAiltijL 
foilt fi8 not Qic( a dkaiion, o{ as tj^ isi initpi 
tiat dtatate, neft^et (oum ^e be Uvm ^vAVi m 
^UtHec, iwt onlp of ^anflaugtitec, jCii t^ %nmt 
mettt ttia0 fo; no moje. '^ut ff t^ $n«sment ^ 
teen foi $|9tttiwc, 31 no t^n& tl^ t]^ WcUhmwi 
oug^t to {lane been confifSeQ t^eteof, Co;; t^e pioi^^f 
tton mo not amount to ti^ negn^ee^ «k to nt^ 
i^m ueCgneoip to tellrop t^ Petfim $&at 0a!i$ K 

3. C|itlil?5 3lf one £l9an be tteQ^QUtg npoii m^ 
ttiecs biealung W lt>^&^ «« tb^ I^ ano tbe /ICImk 
er, 0} W detDant fball upon 0sdt t^teoCtakt^ 
an ipengefiaite, ano bnocft f)tm on tbe ll)eaii s tIDwt 
tttll be ()9tttoet> becaufo It toast a btolettt as, bepono 
W P20?<i|tton of tbe p20bocation> toiitcb itn iwd* 

entf? IttftffieTl hH HaUoway'« Cafe, lobo Qto not tmfk 

to inteno fo mocb tbe bettfiSion of t^ ^loung^^ 
tbat ttole tbe MtsHh atf tbat be (bouto enoeabout to 
t^eak bi0 dbuU ot bnocfc out W 1^ialnf^ pet nfinir 
tbat bfolent anb bangecoiui 9ftion of tptng bfoi tt 
tbe |)0|(]^taa9 tenbteo btm ^utltp of ^ucoer* 

3[f a ^an C^fl &e anotbtc iieatti^ bift ttSttt&t |e 
cannot jufiifie beating bint, unieTt^ it be to binnee 
bfm from Healing anp mote (tbat ijs) tbat tmwi^ 
fianbing be be foibio to take anp %t botb p^oceeb to 
take moie^ anb toMlnot pact toitb tbat inbtcb bej^n 
taiten^ OBut tf bebefifijH) anb tbe ipbmec c% fiUfi^ 
loacb pttc(Uesi bim to beat bim fo a^ to iilKbte, it 

3if a 9^9Xi goe0 biotent^p to tabe imotber ^m$i 
^vm, be map beat bim 9$ to cefinie bi« ^i(M> 

9 E4. x8i. b. 19 Hea6.}i. OSUt if a ^U |atk ^Wtm 

a ^e(pa0 anb i0 not cotttimting iitit,* flnft be i(|«t 
batb ceceibeb ^ 3ln|tttp C^all tbecoipon l^at Uvnt» 
a begcee of fctUing* 3It us ^ucbe^ M% it i»jiff^ 
cent ^altee > foi in ^t ca(j^ be ousbt liiet to fi^ilc 
bim> but id a ttcetpafoi foi fo boing* 

4* irouctb< 


Rj^inxver/us Mawgridga i j j 

;. ; '4. JTottctl^^ 3lf H'i^atntil 91 a Rafter be p|oiio« 
;lteti to a:Mgtte of l^fllOit* 6f fo^e nHr(arrt% of 
'j(^<;i£|iili.o$'^tfiet^ant, QtiH tbe-j^artent d| (a^affec 
f[)aU<jp;Qcss|^^ 0Oirefft^''(ii}fill« ^l #etbant mtt a 
moliecate SEeapon, attti f^all hy chance gtue {^m an 
i$iluA\^> ^iMtxi Go( as( to dfli litm s' i^liat iss bnt a 
rl^littemiiit. H^ut if'tte patent oi fatter ftaH are 
(iniilinp^opn: snttnttnent in tb^ Co;teSion> tben ff 
ifitiUt ;t&e Ctrtio 4i| t^ det&ant, 3ft fs( gurnet : 
9nii fo fDa0 it tefoDeo bp all tbe 3!uD0e0 of tbe Kttig^s 
Bench, iiiitb tbe concuttence of tbe loit) Cbtef 3lu< 
iice Bridgmad; fn adpectai (SettifS in one Gray's 

jCJ»fc <tOttn0; at tbe Old-Baily 10 Oetoh.' 18 Car. z: vide ante. 

1^ (emoDen into tbiis Court* Gray being a Smith, 
B. IM0 biti<3^^ant» li>e commanoeQ B. w det* 
Hont to menu mtain dtamp0 belonffing^ to W 
Crane s jaftettDacW'^e ^mn^^ ^0 0etjijiant being ai 

iMDfctat; ?tfte i9ttMi; Gray lilieii W ^r^attt \a^tp^ 

it ban menoeb tbe dtamp0, a0 be ban Qiteffeo bim; 
Xttt B. tbe demant batting negleaeo bid Dutp ac> 
k98foletigeti itto bitf ^affei^) l^on toli^ tbe gaffer 
tiiast-ahgr^) aoti tom bint if $e tDoulo not fetbe bint,* 
bet^io fettK at BrideweiV to fDbtcb; tbe dtetbant 
VQtiieti) Cbat b^ ban a0 goAi fetbe in Bridewei atf 
(iQStir tbe (aiii Gray^ fobereupon tbe fain Gray tcait ttrt 
Jont'O&ar upontaiicb be anti bid detbant taa0 foo2k< 
ing, ano Urudt W derbant toitb it upon tbe dbuljt 
tm tbeeebp b^aite W dftull, of tobicb t^ S>erbattt: 
Men*. ^U& ^a bein to be (puttier > pet bere toai^ 
a p^obocation on a Uitumx, ua (Uooain a tefentntenty 
ami 80 fpeenp putting it in erecution > foi tbougb be 
nrigbt co^teS bi0 detbant botb foi W negies ami 
tmnumneriinefd) pet erceebing nteafute tberein^ it i0! 
malidootf* tf berp one muS percetbe tbat tW laff (^. 
a mttcb Srimger Ca& tban tbitf at 0i5ar» 


■ T 


- -* • ', ; 

^n i.iTirti: 

i,;'4. %gipa verJutMaw!gii^ 

I . jFltft, Gray llBB mfim ftOtlEftl!? aitsfiiicis at w 
iCcalie, ano )unii> (atlfns to Un ftetkant Co; afi 
account of ^ie iSuCncfsti Ciiis m\(at»ntim»itt4l3C 
aSttal aiolation of all t&e Jf^uies aC )i»4it*lit;. 

1. Seconal?, Gray's 3ai(w W^^Mtt- aftttliie 
Otnunii; bifi det&ant b; &>aih« «Saite*iHt.j^«liti«fc 
.ffitco; mag in tlje nestec, bebHtMnUPlenttownfiM 
itt impiOiKC Oleapon. %Wfit-Mtm»iie)'VllH$m 
atefolutiontoso wtfttUf. r ■ •:!« 

Mr. Cope, wtil attct )ieMD:sn)>e>t|iei<Mi4«MD «m^ 
getoue atp^Ui »»■ tMnivatOiO tti>itt>«&e«|[|» 

UJIS it; e)%i8l to fnm>- it> Derate Mr^Cotie tMt# 
tatit otAtt IBmtK. ;%«C Gny sbanwKOtiacalliMt 

ate <a gufit p^ta 9^me, lom titm {tnoifitM 
asiiml, ate a,|xe«t jitiA9(«fin. naNtff uiMiiltilS 
nd&ication .4^e jptavnt ftall ifctW itvJiegaMM 
aanoatffn, tma ttReb?<fiMiwfiMA)n>t6(iC«flni 
n lip lit i^iuset. 9» V.n ffiiAvtUndi&e ««|teaini 
wt Igvta it of if iatse Ak , n stf ■iCtBtiW 
Qubinn imm ata-fiantfcvwoii^ ArCilBo^efljfii 

BpdEomn «nD auCf^e 7>8if<l<;n, ,aeQ i^t tt^ t«M 

ft w,<(t tjrit j(ie^«i st^nOt* ^ . ;* 

$■ 3if a ^an upon fi (vsmai dtlistiiwiMMeM itf 
anottitt QiaU cetatt vtumXHSt^ofM^ta^pimf 
toecpoDulate tuft!) ^im, mii<tinHiti»M>o^MR«MV 
oeaiiaur to fojcc iif €mmifi ManB|it>itat4MiEF 
to petro!in tis Piomife, o; otSecaffe to tompi; ioitt 
|i« DeOte > ano t!ie SUnnet l^all ftt timblf in op- 
poCtion to tilm, ano de Qaii palii at gint, ana UK 
tie Slonet of tte IDoub, 31t 10 S0utDet, i Roll 
Rl|p. 460. Clement aglft^' Sir Charles Blunt, Sn a» 

■" " appeal 

9wM lie 4|hitwt. etc Cate 11)30, ttat Cfaocst 

,4H n*MfCa a ZMgt to Sir Charles Blunt ; Ottbte' 

mtkt#isa aiec«]Mne!? to neii&et um, tefuKn, 
■ttitKItt tie' XMv'iottte to m ^onfc: at USftli 
iVa 'Qatia Blunt fttilteo !)is SfDojD, am came 

-'tS ClOBent'S ISKIUb fOJttt BOC Ckmcnt 0(011 St tit 

^Ciati nn teaaen tis entt^ Biant ttetroiun Kfn< 
iCianenc Cite 3intp tottx mttxSid, ant tmm ttit 

tiei'*i Sir Charles Blunt,' to te ittt ^aaOattSltliC. 
'SWaddidec «MS 'CUtMV Of SWnfOtt It tm SjB^UtllCti 

tlNtUt 'i«9^C]^^3inliice m» a Uttle tetmecla 
•tlK^liMSim'tt'ttit Snt;. ^n RdOs mies me 
nulMitii, t^at ft ■'me lut innseti upon tg tte ap- 
•ftmai*e^eoMta,tmc]anmc'me m tte sMittce of 

Ml fiMft, aHO ttiat Blunt gttaclim ClcmeUt to fo^ 

Int It limit Wttout aU lueHipu ^ttoiiti t&ouBfi of 
'•OMaiii'int, en ttne tptui nd aflwt Tnaie tp 
oClimen V9m tfttt'ttoi on ati^Of W giimt, UAt 
.M tt( ttolentt atA «;(« inasi on % ^Urk«Blttnt,'K 

J in tlitlie fattttnlattf tAeWt mat'ls not -a 
catioit (UStinit to aHeWate m aS of Ka> 
p. tt -ai) 'to tentte it to be tut a (ate hoim- 
fe, 3 WiB ttoia fttmml; eltie rotate sartlcuiac 
MMe, fittt a0 ate DirooiieQ w autttm mi lie- 
<MblR voKRnt, «in 4ttD utiat ate anatm mtmaftt 

' t-fM, ]|f tme-^Battupan ansc; mtus Qiau malie 
«!'««(« ttpM i^met, ^iiet t; puHMs Um V» 
tit jaofE, oj fttlfpiiiB upon m JFajE.Ijcao, ant 5c tfiat 
le (a afTauitcn fljaii D;aUi W @U)o>d, ana immeDt- 
■«elptimtf)c otStt tlijmiiri), tjat is but E^aiiHauBS- 
*t ; fo} t^c ipearc is bjoStn tp tiic pecan kiilcJ, 
•M bitfl) an mMsnitp to gim tliat cccciscg tte at- 
CMt. 19etilie$, te mt taas fn affconteo mifftt 
ttafowAi; apitsettenti, tgat He ttiat tccacct Dim in 
«M 'inanmt.inffitt jabe fame fUctbet scfijin u(ioa 


1liu¥''ih a Cafe In Sales 467^ Buckners'Cgfc, 

VBuckiter ms jiilielitcli, aiiD cdnD c. omeiB.iiiB 

•■ CSomiiec upon tlje actount ot (jis Crenitoj to te- 

' mann tSe s^oncp, b, tm* a auiojD tijat bum up, 

anQ fnas in tbe S>cabljai:D, ano OoiO at tijc £)ai$ 

tDit8 it in Ijls 5)anB unojattin, to keep tljc Dclito? tn 

until, tljep couin ftnD fa; a TBailiff to attta bim; 

"tiiEteupon tl)c Debtoi tmi out aDauffEc ttiiicii je 

tan in die )E>ocitet ans aabtea B. €.|)is ti)a<! a 3ipe. 

cial CletBia ann asiuugeti onlp ^aiillaugtitct, foj 

tiie Detto; loae inCuIteS, anfl impjiToncD injutiiiriijPi 

Ip liiit!)out an; Ipiocefs of LaU, ,anD tbousb' Mit6(R 

ttetnopsof tl]c Statute of gitatibins, pet notMa< 

<n He KBfon of it. ■;,: , noa «!■'. 

5 > : ni 
X. eecantlh 3lf a S0»n'e jrcienn be aOiiu^it f)) 
anotbet, a; euEasen ftt a ffiuatui tdat tone^i'to 
15IatD0, ^Dh it fn tU binDication of bis JT^qH. 
^Qati on at lutmain tase up a mifcbiebous! 3tM^ 
mint ant Wll bis JFticntiji abSetfarp, tbat is but 
igsanOauebtei: ; fobias tde Cafe, i2.Rcp. 87. jfttao 
' be figbtlno: toeetbec, ans a JTticho of tbe one takw 
np a 'BoAiI on a fuctain, anb biitD it bitik tie 
ekuii ot bis irticno's aDSEtratp,, of lorjicb jc tiea, 
tbat fs no uioje tijan ^anaauBbtcr. ®a it -ip, ff 
tIBo be GEbting a Ciucl, tbougb upon £@alice ptf. 
petiftS; 9itB one comes anb tattcs patt b)itb,bim> 
tbat (e tbinfcs ma? babe tbc oifabbautase iti tbe 
Combat, 01 ft ma? be tbat be is mos afii^it to, 
not ftnouins of tie $0s3itt, tbat'il ,.liiit ^.a'nfnirt- 

tet, Pl.Coiii.Joi. John Vaughan Mljljijljsbuf^^ 3j, 

1 M 

3. Cbtcblp, 3f a Slpati pccceibes anotbec b? foitf 
to be mjntfottflp tteaten, p^cCeD, ano tetttaincs of 
its Llbttt;, tbougb tie ISccfon abufeo ootb not 
complain, at call fo; 9iti oj amiiancei ann ot^gi 
out of Compaffion Qan come to bis Jaefcuc, ana 
ttinanp of tbofe tbat Qaii fo tefitain btm, tijat is 
Vide ante tpanflaugtltet, 18 Cai. z. aDjubseb in tbis Csiict 
npon a dpetfai aecbia founo at tbe oid-Saiiy, th 


R^ina *ver/us MaWgridge. i ^7 

t^ €9Xt Of oneHugett) 18 Ctf. t. A. iinii etiietjs 
In t^ tUne of tj^ Dutdi mtt fDlti^otit tatf Cdaf' 
tstit itmffUH B. to fett»^ t^^ ikittg at 0»^* B. (pif« 
ettp<(UMtittteo arm foent oft toCt^ tbe ]^iefi$'^ffet0 $ 
Hugetc an) ttie ot(^c« pucru^ t^m atitf ee^tilreli 
ff 0fft)t of t^eic SQatrant ; but t^ep fl^eHie!! a piece 
of > l^aper, t^at foas not a fufffcent fSarrantt 
Ct^ermiHlti Hugect ' iiift;^ t^e otderi( s^efo t^r 
do2iDO0> ano tie i^Kjehcpaiferd f ^efr0, antrto t^ere 
1080 aoi^ombat, anottoTe to^o emieatiottceti to Eefeue 
tiN t^jii^ ^on 1til!e» one of t^ pietentieo JpiztH' 
^8flec0« ^W loair but i^anflauffbtet^ foi toi^en 
tl^e tfbettp of one dubjes {0 inbaoeo, ft aSir80 
all tbe ted $ 3It f0 a piobocation to all ipeople, a0 
!iefn0 of til eicample ano petmctou0 Confequenee^ 
SlV tbe 3lttti0e0 of tbe ain0'0 ODencb, viz. KeiUog, 

Twifdcn, Wyndham anO Moreton toete Of OpiniOtt> 

t^at it tDa0 gurnet, becaufe be meoieo in a lna^ 
tec in tDbicb be. tDa0 not concecneo : OlSut tbe otbet 
eiffbt 3lutige0 of tbe otbec Couct0 conceineo it on* 
onip ^anflausbtec, to fobicb tbe 3lttO0e0 of tbe 
fnins^a 15encb Qib conform ano gate 3luOgtnent ac* 

4. jTottctblP) CEben a ^an i0 talten in aoultetg 
trftb anotbec ^atffUlSSife, it tbe ^u0battii ibaH 
iStab tbe Sbultecec, o; imocit out bt0 'B2ain0, 
Z'W in bote ^anaauffbtec; fo; 3ieaIou(^ 10 tbt 
Bage of a ^an^ ami amtitetp 10 tbe Ub^^ intui' 

Hon of P^opectp* i Venc. is^' Rftymood x&j> Mm- 

3^ a Cbief comets to JMi anofbec^ it i0 lafiN 
M to Still bfmv sum it a q^an tome0 to Ifm a 
^0mt»t^iaUtit)i aoti W JTatnOl, pet to jRift butt 
Ut ^anilattgbtec, Co i0 tbe lafo tbo' it map Ceem 
^aco, tbat tbe itflling in tbt one Cate Qhwio not be 
a0 ^uttifiable a0 tbe otbec* lo L«vincus» 10 vet. if one 

cOibfiitttedi Adultery with his NeFg&Bour's Witiei^ cvett 
he the Aldulteter and the Adultereis fhall be put tp 

Death. Bo tbat a ^an cannot ceceibe a bigbec 

B n #20110* 

' .. ■ J. ' J ■ JUL > ^ ^ -L ■ 

198 Rcgina nierfus Mawgf idgft 


]^|0f)O(a|/om 'But tW C«|fe twar^ no pjopo^fon 
isAi^ XWt €tXti i\k!^ liatije; fiecn aojuiigeii tube 
onl^ ^ahaauff^tecv Attn tl)(cef<iie tlie Coutt being 
fo tmiWx ootb netermfne tbat Mawgndge i$ ®tUit? 
ot #ttt;lifc« ^a^e miffbt be Cub upon tbt0 occa* 
Ooni i^h tW map at piefent <ufftce to Ut tbe. 
^attec nobi in aueffion in It0 ttue tf0bt>. to. 
fi^elo ^olb necelliitp ilt is to appip: tbe Labi to t%». 
tecimnafe^ Aicb nojtt0tt0 Cteatutesi« apott tfgtii 
(^onbiStoit tbe Cwtt btb btres tbat ^mta iboulb 
beffueb apfnfi Mawgridge, anb (b to p^eeb to 
fl^tttlab))p it be cannot be tetaben in tbe mean 

f 1 N 1 S. 

' i.y 


E R R A T A.. 


b"J'*?lrU-«'ii%»«i'. >■ H» «»*: .i-^** - "•" . ---. ' 

i »■ "* "*. ■• 

•. , 

— ^m^^** ' 


i-.i i 

-^ ».«, 


V - 

- » 1> ' 

4 -J 

1 . • - 

...-♦••rV' r' 

1*1 • > • •" 

•V >1 

• a: 


.^.% f ..... 

OF T, H E 

r ? V < ft 

'. ••••I. •< I '•• 


s ■• 

J 2 n 

Principal Matters contaitfdio this BOOKi . 

tf. Ndtber Acquittal nor G^^-c 
dion ootild at Cohifiiiihfi'Muiiif'^ 



• I 

ll ■ • 

• ■ • ' 

•■. ) 



Pardon void, becaufeno 
memipn that the party 
had abjur'd xS 

ay oided by an Appeii ififefiriJ 
nitig before Jud^mdAt 9S»'^ ^ 




I . Of the adjourning aCourC % * 
a Lord High Steward, • ' '^^jrt 
a. .One abjures , and afterward i. On adjourning ;the^ ISdGxms; 
(taken in England^ (lands Continuance-may be from biie ' 

mute, hangd, not prefs'd 36 

acceffar?, Vide J^jtncfpal, and 
attaf snment a. 

I. On an Indidmcnt of Murder, 
no Difcharge till a Year and 
Day after the Fad 15 

1. Of the Fad may be again ar- 
raigned as Acceflary ^ter the 

Fa<a liifi 

3. On an Indidment of jRp/wy, 
difcharges Trefpafs 30 

4. Yet ofB«rg/<iry, was again in 

Day certain to another^ butiiot 
from one Scffions to aood)^ 

f : . • . . 

atof nff ann aiHlHttirt , 

I. Where thefc words are iieeeP 
fary to be found, or not 78,79 

X. Aiding and aflHling mii/^MJ^^ 
noto !• 


I. If living here is a Sldyjeifl, tho 
dided for a Felony committed not a natural-born Subjcd 1% 
at the feme time . JUd. ^ -^ 

5. On an Indidinenc of Mucddr, 
is a eDKi|d]?le»jia,Bi|t mv^ 
.Appeal' ■ 94 

« . « 






•^0mt-^* -•• 

I. Of a Viile for an Efcape on 
the Death of a Man 5 

%. Jurors amerced for undervalue 
ing Goods forfeittd 48 

I. A Mute has the fame Judgment 
thereoo, as on an Indidihent 

X. No Aptieal could at Ommm- 
La» avoid either a Convidion 
or an Acquittal px 

3* jN0>^A( <»> ^ Rec<sd <^ a 
GaavidiiQA of Maodaugfatet, 
nv» 40 Ajppeal commtiioed 90 

4. 4ppc;^ aodlflv^mcatt coitt- 
hie^ced at Sefiions, are deter- 
mined by dieSeftons, nnlef^ 
Convidions thereupon 9 1 

$. 4fl?F^ ^ Murder barr'd by 
being Cenyid of Manikugh- 
X/i^ 9ni Clergy allowed . 1 08 

6. So« if acquitted or convi(3ed 
of aalodidment of Murder 

•♦» , 94, 9f 

7. .^ow to be arraign'd on a re- 
moval into B, R. and of a Non- 
itiit thfifeon 91 

8. Of the t*reference between In- 
didmenEs and Appeals, 95,^, 

i<H. 107 

9. .^rA^al 4^pending^ not 
Readable to an Indidmenc 98 

10. Of Freih Suit on an Appeal 


« •; 


t«^ne arraign'd one day and 
try^d the next (Vide Oyer and 

r>*^ "^^^^^W 

I. MaybeasAcceflaryafter,dio* 
acquitted of the Fad i Noc 
as Acceflary before x^ 

3. How an Appeal muft be ar« 
raign'd on removal into B. R, 




' » 

I. OfBailingPriibnetslvrFelbfty 
by Jufikes of Peace j 

X. One convid^ed of Manflaugh^ 
tcr baird, tho' an Appeal de- 
pending JO 

). The Qgeens Bench may Bail 
in fuch Cafe,* tho' Juftices of 
Oyer and terminejcsdXit 90 


I. eiHiccalment.j»r;thc iJeath,; 

Evidence o f Wnrcfcr j % 

z. How the Ihdi^mentougbt to 

be ^ nu. 

1^ • • . . 

I. None allcw'd-W Criminal 
Cafes jf 

I. PawBiBfOkets iar liJnlawfol 


• > 



I. Btteaking a IfOnfe ilrrthe Night 

, with intent to- i^viflt 30 

X. Wrvant draws .tfe latch, 6f 

his Mafter^s lQi^riAef-de6r; 

wich ititCflfrtO^ltlilll^; ^7' 

' ^ f: iitrd' 




3. Landlord breaks the Do<Mr of '3. A Prifoner ciialleoging ?6 

Inmates or Lodgers Cellar or 
Gltamber, and iteals 83, 84 

41-^'- Burglary, to enter and 
fteal, the door being open 70 

<k ^n^ ii^nfty 'be^o tbo' no adual 
breakin^t 4** 43 > 44* 8 x 

6») Sb • to. btfOiw)^ a Clofef 
door or Capj^oord fix'd to the 
Freehold 63,69 

7. Where it may be of a Country 
ofFQtJs'HeUfe, . cho^ none re- 
fide therein S^*^7 

8. Not of .9«3hop fevered from 
the Houfe, except Lodg'd in 

A 84 

f,^ Bui^Iary by fr^mdnUnt prtttn* 

«»* <x,,d3,,82 


■ » 


I. RobbM of Goods delivered 
hin for Carryage, may In» 
di<a as for his own Goods 3 9 

hang'd and not pre|ll<)d 3# 
^. No Challengfii on Trials by 
Peers 54 

t^ Tbe^ Court Jud^ofi!tliftitftaif»; 

ding not the Ot4miifXx%i^\ 

X. Ordinary fined for faying, he 

Read, when he coul^ot fi 

3. AUowd to the Prifoner after 
I Plea adjudg'd againAihti»A %^ 

4. Where allowed and had, 'tis 
a clear Purgation and Oif- 
charge 38>4i,M 

f . Clergy ought not to be dc- 
laied, if demanded 98, 103 

6. How introduced, and why 
allowed to Lay-men 99F;to 


7. What words in a Statute (hall 
not ouft Clerfflf 104 

8. What breaJm^ of a Houfe 
oufts it 3i>58,7Q 

9. W4iat RobHoBt: d«t>iawib 
., oufts it 67,70 

a. Yet if hehimfelf fteal part of j 10. A Convid of Manflaughter 

the Goods, Felony 81, 8 z may infift to have it, bdbre 

». Qfin why not to, when he 
he tjJces the whole 8 3 

^Ittt after he has brought the 

- Goods to die place appointed 

. 4ic ]Conti»(% is deterauned, 

«ftl>then the- taking;of all,, or 

part is Felony 83 

he anfwers an Appeal 107, 108 


I. Confeffien may be aftw^ ^H 
Guilty pleaded n 

I. On Examination beibtrp »Pici' 
vy Counfdlor or JuiUoei of 
Peace, proved by two WitndP 
fcs. 11, . .18 

lyliFhaEthey have found others in i 3. Such Confefillons not to be 
th«fani&bdidraentG<u/r](jnot! Evid^i^p againft otk^s, tho' 
'allowed .^1 Parti^^. ;," 18 

-^'fierjkiror fieccm{>tori|y.ei)aI«' 4. Coafp^oa befpr«, 4 Privy 
^tuM^i^ HMiy betdrawft ^z^inftli Councellor within the Statute 
anin the £une Indidmeniij ^.fSx^If^M,c*iA m 

mjy O o' COtt' 



Cotitiniittc^ and 


Appeal commenced ac the 
GaoMeliverjT ^G»ntinued by 90,91 

Rbi cklcoiituiucd en removal 
%f Cttfhrsri 93 

Coittta Piicem« 

Kings'^ CotMcel to tike Qtand 
Jofy 8 

Comeffionon BxamlAtttkMioiot 
to be Evidence againft odx^m 
tho' Parties t8 

Where Evident of the iuaiaL 
is neceflary in Felony 'fj 
Wb^re CoMeAlment is fvi^- 
dence of Mwdte' «f « tki* 
ftard Child jx 

i. An Indidmenc may be al' 
ledg^d ewtra Fsetm of two 
Kings II 

1. How awarded on Actaindeit 

X. Hanging not prefling on dMi* 
Cooncellor adHne only as il lengine thirty fix ^6 


CltflfHlftKlllini^ vide CORfMiOlt^ 

Cireoitioii* ^ 

< fiicli maif be a Tiaytor ix, 



IP ti>iUftnu mcr> vide Contf' 




n On Efcape of Felons, Town- 
' ■ ihip amerced s 

li A Fekxi fteretly helped to 
i Efeape is a Rdhie 45 

' €Dflience, vide fQitneftiejif * 

t» In l\(«tfofl may be of Fads 
^ in odber Counties, than where 
• d^ fiidiAiieiit li^ililein i;, 

3 . One Abjures, after ^taken m 
England) (lands Mute hang'4 

4. See feveral^«tt9tuCed for Tre» 
fon, fo. 77. And vide Tidft 

S9^. May be (Wigitc^ ^v<;tfi^the 



r. Felohf emSM hc (Jm faftng 
Goods) \VitlkdtttTfd^= %% 

X. Theiefbre ilor by a Lodger 
of theGood^liiitdi {fed^de 
/•I, 81 to 8^ tmrd.) 04 

3. May be notwithfbuiding the 
delivery of tHifdoods 3^, 

81, 8x 

4. As a Poiter or Cattytt #h6 
tftkes'ahd ftfis, ^. 8»^8| 

f. A Landlord biealdlit ^ -his 
' Lo%rs'Q^HAa$' #f 
' 'Ini^Qrc 1^^ ii0i< liA^ 

6% GocJ i 

• ..'' 






■■^ ' 

5/ Oobds taken' from one ^tfawe, 
"uA left in another in the l^&mc! 

Houfc M 

^. Where breiking a Houfe by 

colour of a Servant is Felony 

.., ; •, ^i - 47 

9. Whnt'tho' ^e LKiidmenc is 

' fretoiiy^ die Jtui^enc may be 

Trcfpais I9 

9. N6 Felony in>a':Wifii to join 
with her Husbihd 31 

10. How a pretended Wife in 
fuch a cafe fhall be Indided 


11. Where one attainted of Fe^' 

lony, or burnt in the Hand 

fli^ be a Witnels 37 

wL anifwg a Felon feaetly to 

'^BiSmu 45 

13. Pnuing down Encloiures Fe* 

• lony 75 

14. So breaking of Prilbns 

whereby Felons Efcape, and 
iflfome cai^Treafon 7-7 



1^. Whl^ ic is. determinable at 
dffaetion of the Judges 96 


(iMI'Dcf ftm^, vide iDper ttiH 

€9m mm cAuiietK* 

(^oitirmitrj, vide 3imi0tiietttj( s- 

. \ 

J. Stolen and fold, refibred to 
the Owner that Profecntes jf 

I. Sold to a Broaker dos not al- 
ter tht property 50 

3. Of the Imployer, may belaid 
the Goods of the Cartyer 39 

4. Delivered to a Porter or Ctr- 
ryer and ftolen by him Fe- 
lony 1f,8M3 

S- Taken by a Lodger that Hires 
them, neither Feloi^ nor Tkd^ 
pafs 14, videiithStttihM, 

6. Taken by the owner of a 
Hobfe out of h^ X^gers 
Oiamber Ba 

f. Taken but of a Mmift be^ 
fore the owner Lodges in it 

8. Taken by eoknif of'fcl#;)ret 
Felony ' ' 47 

9. Goods forfeited dndemloed, 
the Juf y amerced 94 

I I 



■ . > 

h Ptifitei fdi titafbn and fe- 
lony to be fentW Mn^<i'^<^V >*ot 

^•Aiid«a<e^ktiiyCkttf«i'<rf>i- 1 
wilbnment, and take notice of I 

: %he lame 4 ' 


t. Of reitioving PjarMefbthef^" 
. by ■ ■ , 4 

I. A Form of a ContiAiMi oo 
tiew of a JufHce fbr b^ 1^ 
itpaird, and an Ordiftlilfte- 

> • 


The T A B L E 



.• • ' 

r. Aiding and afliftiog citidam ig- 
n9t0 in Treafon lo 

».' QmtrttPAcem of two Kings 1 1 

ji Thclndidment in Lathy tho' 
the Writ in Englifh 8, i x 

4t Found on private Evidence to 
the Grand-Jury 8 

f « A joint Indi<flment feveral in 

Law 9 

6. Tinae of th6 Fad -n^f material 

7v V^%ftc^t•li7fc«he Treafe* in 

4|ie ;CeMt>b yet Evideiiaf* of 

. S^tnay^ b6- in-ocher GMn- 

tjHH T<t^onr'ti»iociB'; c^ttra 

wherelnfcrted only as an Overt 

A^Hnf (irove the Treafon 1 6 

9k How Overt Ads are to be al- 

, kdbn^ Viiie Tit Overt A^s. 

Kft VVhen the lodidbnent is to 

ht for kvyingWary and when 

fkr canfpiring the King's Death 


II. Printing Treafonable Pofiti- 

ons 4 compSiring the King's 

Death ^^ 

i^MyMMtti fot Felony it muft 

> be felonice cefit & afptrtaifit 


I J. Where it may.'lay ftr iHftr* 
tuniunt, when a Mailer J9S3s 
hisSeryaot, or Parent a Gfaild 

. i8. 

1 6. For Murder of a Bafe Child, 
it concludes <witrtf pMoH'gc-' 
nerally, and not c^ra fammm 

s Statut' j'l 

•17. Indidmthrof Murder, <Con' 
;. vidion of MadfbMghcd: "^^'to 

!i8. Mandaugbcct is ta bt al- 

ledg'd done voluntarily nx 
1 ^ Yet Murder is not charged- 

pbfirivcly , but by condufeon 

2/G( Beft to jotd feverai^CiMftil^ 
in the fame Indidm'eni<» sjljt^f. 

xiSf Where an Indidkmfi^andf 
an Appeal are depehdinte«he 
.^mi0!al fhall have pfefec^ce if 
defied ,:i«7 

xz. Where liidiftments jwiimi e 
regarded than Appeals ffS,Q6 

r/</<fTit.mKMr , 

X 3 . How an Indidment mud be 
Perfons' ^kl90 

I . An loformation to be aeainft 
x^KT TcJwilftip, qm r "IKMfe^ 

Efcape : . :: 5 




13. VVherc»jh?flnd|idinent is for 

Felony, the Judgment may be |.i. FOr printipgf 7reiibQftUt'>fnid 
; TrpQmls 19 1 Fa^KxtrBpok^ «. i . . 04 

l4t OneindidcfdofButglary^d - ^"-'-^ — '■— «*•— *u-^- ^ * 

Siii^alitlg^is acquitted, cank^e 
J after indided for Burglaryybut 
>ar fc^ Fcloiw io i^Ulli|ll0> 

Qoods of another at the fame 

X. Judgment for Trfii|ii^<<l^ 

tkejadidmeflc was 1^4^ x^ 
•3* VVhcre one IUujm^, lille. . 
1 • Jfidjgnient CO hd^pfeos d ^ - .\2# 




■■>! I J ■ » III 

4* In Appeals a Mute has the 
iame** Judgment as bnlridTd- 
ments 1 7 

jf.: Judgment on a Goldfmith for 
falfifying Plate 3 9 

6. Several Judgments on one and 
the fame Verdid 77 

7. Judgment on a Conviction of 
Marilaughter retum'd, tho' an 
Appeal of Murder return d with 
it 90 

8. And the Judgment is to have 
. relation to the Convidron only 



t. Their Habit on TrialsofPeers 

%. Not to deliver their Opiuion 

: but ifi open Court Jiiif. 

3. Qifare if ask'd by the Lord 

High Steward in abfence of the 

Prifoner liiJ. 

I. That they have found others 
in the fame Indidment Guilty, 
no caufe of Challenge 9 

z: One peremptorily challenged 
may be drawn againft others 
in the fame Indidhnent 9 

3. They may find the Treafon at 
another time than in the In- 
didment 1 6 

4. More than Twenty four may 
be return^ in Criminal Cafes 

J. Fin'd for a Verdidt contrary 

to the Courts dired:ion 5*0 
6. Amerced for undervaluing of 

Goods forfeited $8 

y. Cjircumftances inquirabte on 

V i^Stat. I fac. c. 8. a8 

3!u!f fceiBi of pcace^ 

o certifie Recognizances, 
Bailments, &c. to the Seflions 


2. Turn'd out of Commiilion if 
take infufliciertt Bail, or Bail 
where none ought to be taken 

3 . On View of Highways unre- 
paired, may convidl 34 

4. Juftices, &c. may arm them« 
Mvcs aiiii %^hers, to fupprefS 
Riots, Rebellions, &c. 76 



Vide antitaf mettt and ctedCwt^ 

r . King's Couhcel are PrioJfe<UtMS 
in the King's Cafe ' 8 

2. His Death diflblv'd the Long' 
Parliament 14 

3. Tho' not in PofTeflion, yet is 
King Je failo & de jure i f 

4. The King more concem'd in 
Intercft on Death of a Man 
than the Appellant 9 j 



I. Cant be committed by a 
jointly with her Husband i cob^ 
tra of Murder 3 1 

x. What fhall befaid Larceny^ 
and what /{^^^f (7 t%yt^^ 







x« Difference between a Fad done 
diqre ( where Death eofues ) 
ana done in a Country Town 



^ulfttj Cnbp and |)atte9. 

|, ineir Pefiokioo. DidiiK^ton 

and ]in|M)rc i%6f l^7 

X. Malice imply d defined 130 

3. What is Malice exprefsM 

1x6, &c. 

or White- Haffy no Manfion- 
^ SJott^; cM/rtf of a Chamber 

in the Lins of Court x 7 

4» (2|MRr? of the Room of an la- 

fnate. Lodger, &fc. 83, 84 

I. Cioods ftoln and fold there, 
may be reftor'd to the Owner 
that profecutes 35 » 4^ 

1. ConcealmeM, v^here High* 
Trcafon, and where Mifprifion 

.onJf. 17 

2. What requisite to makeMif- 
prifion of Trcafon li. Qs? x i ^ xz 

3. IJoesijig of felfe Money Know- 
^^^f not Miiprifion of Trea- 
Ion, but a great Mifprifion, 
aod^iinable 33 

. • r ■ 

I. Where a Pardon cfoaitftatt 
extend to theocher ' ; \^ 

%. St4t. 3 H. js c, I. exrcods^ to 

Murder, not MmBzxid^Kt ^$ 
\. Party dying through faii ctwn 

N^;Iigeiioe or Difoidtrv no 

excufe . 'z6 

4. Murder to kill one fuddeniy 

without cauie 27, ix^ 

$. And the fudden Qgarrel ties 

onthePrifonertoprove 27,1x7 
6. Quarrel in the morning and 

fight in thtf aftettiDon^ Murder 

liU & s6 
7« Intent to omcedl ii-^Bdlani 

Child, not Murder within the 

Statuee "^i* 

8« See the difference betwden 
Murda arid Manflaughter ko^ 

80, I2;ty'kk4 

9, Verdid for Manflaughter. tho' 
the Court direcSed Murder f o 

10, Killing another in defemeof 
a Room in a Tavern, juftifiable 

I I. Poyfoningis Murder atCffPn- 
mpn Lam f% 

I X. Words no provocation to lefl 
fen dbe Crime fiom Murder to 
Manflaughter 5*5, 6^ 

I }# What will be a pro¥OtaiMn 


14. Two playing atTaUes 611 
otit fuddeniy. and one with a 
Dagger kills the other 130 

1 5* If they quarrd, and after a 
seafbn^^e time fight, and «bO 
kills the othcr^ A4arder 

i(^ Bn,if they f^|hc piefi 
only Manflaughnnc 

27. Gntfnr 


The T A B t E 


17. Oir/r^ifcheyappoiiicaplace 
to fight Hi J. 

1 8. Murder notwithftanding iiy- 
iA^t6 the wall ^ 58 

19. judges di^r if Murder or 
Mahflaughter in Hopkin Hug- 
ge/k Cafe 59 

xo» ^. aiTaults B. (without pro* 
vocisition ) by drawing his 

' Sword, &c. and B. in defence 
draws his j they fight, and A, 
kills B. Murder in ^. 61 

xr. But if two quarrel and fight, 
and another runs in to aid one 
of them and kills the other, 
Manflaughtei: HiJ 

XX. SoifitbeinrefcuingaYouth 
endeavoured to be Spirited 
away 6x 

tj. Mafter correiSting his Servant 
with a Bar of Iron kills him. 
Murder 64, 133 

X4. So where a Husband ftrikes 
his Wife with a Peftle liU 

xy. Or a Mother her Child by 
kicking and ftamping on it 

64, 134 

%6. One kiU'd endeavouring to 
part two fighting, where Mur- 
der and where Manflaughter 


X7# A. arreftedy endeavours a 
llefcue, and another of his par- 
ty kills the Officer, Murder 
UkA. 87 

x8. And fb in one that comes in 
Aid of -^. tho' he knew not of 
the Arreft Hi^. 

x9«So where feveral attempting an 
unlawful A6t are refifted, and 
one of the Refifters is killM, all 
are Guilty, tho' not prefent 


}a; But iif A. y idkb to the Arreft, 
and odiers endeavour to reicae 

I him, and kill the Officeri^ot 
Murder in ^. _ If id. 

^i. A. 6.C.&C. attemptiiffi an 
unlawfiil AGt, are reiifted by 
the King's Officers, A. kills o. 
Murder in A. but not in C. &c. 
except they knew of A.^s dc- 
fign to kill -§• III, 113 

3 1. But if A. had kilfd the Offi- 
cer, or in attempting to kill 
him had killed B. C &c. Mwr* 
derinall 114,118 

33. A. and B. fight of Malic^ A. 
kills C coming to part thenci. 
Murder in A. Qjfierc if £binB« 

34* Yet a Conftable or other 
coming to keep the Peace is 
kill'd, not Murder except he 
declares, or the party kiiows 
he came to that intent 1 1 5^,1 1 6 
35'. A, &c. come riotoufly to the 
Hcufe of B. C. perfwading 
Peace, is kill'd fay a Stone 
thrown at random over a wall 
by one of A's Servants, Mur^ 
derinall Mif 

36. So where feveral defign a 
Felonious Ad, and in doing 
thereof another is killed 117 

37. A witliout provoc3tiott 
throws a Bottle at B. and im^ 
mediately draws his Sword, B« 
returns the Bottle and ftrikes A. 
A. fl:abs B^ Murder ixo, ixf^ 


38. What maybe done or not 
done fe dtfendtndf \x%t0i\o 

34. One within the words of tm 
Statute of Stabbing, noc.wichvi 
the reafon of it .,. 135 

4a What provocation may exte- 
nuate the Crime 1 30 to 138 

4t. Ancient 

The T A B L t. 

•41. Ancient and later Acceptati- 
ons in Law of the words Mur- 
' der and Homicide ixx to 115 

4 > 

^ViXt, vide %tn\ 



1. The Oath of Allegiance not 

properly lo 38 

•X. The Oath of a Coroner on ad- 

mitring the Examination of 

Witncfles taken by him to be 

read in Court 55 

I. H6W to be laid in Indidments 


%. Words Overt Ads to prove 

Trcafon i j 

3. So is aflcmbling together, ad- 
vifing or confulting i ?, ' 7 

4. Whether to be laid in the fame j X. More than Twenty four in 
^ Criminal Cafes, and before 

Wejl. x.cap. 38. in Civil i5 

1. The General CommiKIion of 
Gaol-delivery, 6fc more eligi- 
ble to try Criminals than a 
Special Commiflion of Oyrr aft J 
Terminer ' 7 

2. Commiflion of Oyer and Ter^ 
miner may Sit, Inquire and 
Try all in one day 77 



!• Onefo proclaim^ is to appear 
in perfon at the Affixes, arid to 
be in Cuftody 35^ 


T. May be fevered where feveral 
Priloncrs are in one lvi6\6cxt\cnt 

County or not i > 

5*. Overt Ads to prove a Confpi- 

ring to levy War 10 

<5. Confulting to levy War, an 

Overt Ad of Confpiring the 

King's Death xo, x 1 

7. So confpiring with a Foreign 
Prince to invade the Realm zo 

8. So printing of Treafonable Po- 
fitions, S?c. 2.i,ij 


1^ How Execution is awarded 
thereon in Trcafon 1 3 


1. Long Parliament diflblved by 
the King s Death 14 

2. The Authority thereof no ex- 
cufe for Trcafon IhiJ. 

3. ^vcEdw, Cokes Errors touch- 
ing Parliaments xi 


I. Of Manflaughter not to ex« 

. tend to Murder 14 

t. A Pardon pleaded confefleth 

the Fadi, and is waved by 




pleading Ifot gui/ty after 2f i 

3. Gloves due to the Judges on 
allowance of Pardons Il^iJ. 

4. Pardon void, becaufe no mcn^ 
tion therein that the party had j 
abjur'd 2.8 . 

J. Pardon for Tranfportation is i 
Conditional 45 

.1. The manner of their Trial be- 
fore a Lord High Steward 5-4 

z. They can't wave their Trial 
by Peers ^6 

3. Verdica of the greater number, 

i number good if Twelve agree 

4» The High Steward not to fpeak 
with the Peers in abfence of the 
Prifoner S7 

5. If not agreed of their Verdi(9t, 
whether they are to be kept 
together, or may go to their 
Houfes 16 

6. Thofc Peers before whom the 
Ijididment is found may Try 


I. Of Principals and Accefl&ries 

/ therein S^jS^ 

2^. The Reafon of making the 
. Stat. lE. 6. cap.i%. 1x5 


P^ucipal atitraccefllic^ 

1. Where one acquitted as prin- 
cipal may be indided as ac- 

. ccflary x6 

%. Principals may be ablenc in 
Murder by Poyfon S'^^Sl 

3. Principal Abfent, yet Guilty, 

tho' he that gave the Poyfon 

Not-guilty by reafon of Mid- 

, nefs 53 

^ pjnttittg. 

X. Of Treafonable and Seditious 
. Books, d^c. ^2.,x3 

l&ltOjofr*, vide IRejijWie* ' 

I. For Treafon not to be in Fet- 
ters at their Trial 10 

z. For Felony not tabedilchaig- 
ed during the interval of Se(^ 
fions, but on good Bail .3 

3. Of the Tranfportation: of Pri- 
foners 4, 45: 

4. Where a Prifoner brought to 
Judgment, pleads and is over- 
ruled, his firft Plea is peremp- 
tory x9 

5 . A Prifoner fecretly helped to 
Efcape a, Refcue 4f 

6. Of breaking Prilbns where 
Traytorsor Felons are 77 

I. A Special Property where 
Goods are hired by a Lodgei^ 


X. And fo it feems where deli- 
vered to a Carry cr, Jedquere 

^- ., 

* - » %. 


N * « 

» ' 


« '• \ 

I . Not to be where Clergy is ou- 
fte<t, tut in opdiSeflionsWidT- 
out the King's Ex preCs War- 
rant ■ - "• • • ■ ' * 


• I. By fecjctly helping a Felon 

to Efcape - • 45- 

; V RefcUing a Youth endcavo- 

ircd to be fpirited iivf ay 6» 

: 5. One airr«fted endeavocs to be 

, • rclcui»4' and one of his Party 

I kiUs.ch6' Officer 87 



Eeffttttuttott^ I 

I. To the Owner Proiecutor of* 
Goods fold in Market overt 

X. See Folio 47>48,49i96 

3. Reftitution not to be in Rob- 
bery unlcfs the Jury find the 
. Freih Suit 96 

I. Where done by colour of 
iawful Pietence 4 3 » 44 

a. Robbery and Burglary by 
firaud 6i,8z 

3. Robbery of a Houfc before 
the Party Lodges in it 46 

/^. What a Robbery within the 
Statijtes that ouftClergy there 
in 67568569 

jj;. What a Robbing of Houres69 

4tWhat a Robbing of Perfons 70 


AttRmsiy vide 9ti)0ttrnment^ 

I. Of certifying Recognizan- 
ces^ Appearances and Exami- 
nations thither i^z 


jUag. Chart, caf. 9. and Marl* 
bridge J cap. 15. of kiiUng per 
infortunium ix^ 

Wefim. X. cap. 13, of Bills of Ex- 
ception I s 

iVeJlm. ^. cap. 38. of the return 
of Jurors 16 

lO EJy. cap.x. Sf 13/I.1. cap.i. 
againft Pardons of Murder 

fcj E. }. cap. 5. Clerks to be 
charged with all Felonies at 
once 41, 419 101 

k^ E* V ^^A ^* of cpmpailing 
the King^s death xo 

5 H. 4. cap. y. of cutting out 
Tongues, and pulling out Eyes 

3 //. 7. cap. I. of Conimittihg or 
Bailing for Murder 25*, 9 1^ 

97> 103, 104 

. . fi.y. ^^P'3* of Gaolers ma- 
king Kallenders 3 

iiH.S. cap. II. Reftitution of 
ftoUen Goods 36, 48, 96 

13 H. 8 cap. t.& ^E. 6. cap. 9. 
of oufting Clergy 67 to 70, 


I E. 6. cap. iz. & ^ (s^ 6 E. 6. 
cap. II. G? I Mar. cap. i. of 
VVitncfles in Treafon 17, 49 

c E. 6. cap. 12. of Poyfbning 

I E. 6. cap. II. of breaking 
Houfes 69 

I Mary cap. i z. of pulling down 
Enrlofures 7 y 

i,t P. M. cap. 10. of Trials in 
Treafon 1 8,49 

ij z P. M. cap. If. of counterfei- 
ting Moneys ^o 

I X P.M. cap. £3. of Examination 
ofPrifoners 19 

8 Eliz. cap. 4. & 1 8 Eliz cap. 7. 
of Clergy 41,42,70, lox 

31 EJiz^ cap. I J. Reftitution of 
ftoln Horfes 3 6? 48 

19 Eliz, cap. If, Oufting Clergy 
for robbing H6ufes in tbe day- 
time 31, 69 

rfac.cap.S. of Stabbing 28,104, 

t fac. cap. ri. of Polygamy 27, 

80, 104 

3 Jac. cap. 4. Of the Oath of Al- 
legiance 3S 

13 Car. 2. cap. r. of confpiring to 
levy War, S^c. 19 

16 Car. X. — for fupprefting Con- 
venticles 3^ 

T. CalejVt 

The T A B L E 


I Rctornable immediate at the 
Gaol-delivery 7 

1. The Year afcertain'd. tho^ not 

atledg'd in what Kings Reign 10 

1. Time of the Fadl not material 

in Indidmcnts of Trcaibn 1 6 
3* Time for Appeals a Year and 

Day after the Murder ly 

4. Time for Tranfportation fcven 

years 4 

y. But after five years to have 

Lands aifigned 45 

I . Amerced for an Efcape of a Fe- 
lon on Death of a Man 5 


I. Not to be perpetual, but only 
for feven years 4 

%. Such after five years to have 
Lands affignM them in the 
Plantations 45 


I. In compaffing the K/s Death 8 

X. One ading as a Councellor 

only, yet a Tray tor i*, 2,3 

3. So if one fhews his liking or 
approbation i ^ 

4 . So ading as a Soldier, tho' by 
command of his Superiour Of- 
ficer 1 3 

5* So tho' ading by Authority of 
the Parliament 14 

6. May be found feveral Years 
before the time ailed ged in the 
Indidhnent 1 6 

7. Where Concealment is Trea- 
ibn, and where Mifprifion only 


8. Several agree to levy War, 
and fomc of them only do it, 
Treafon in all 19 

9. Confpiring to levy War made 
Trealbn by Stat. 1 1 Car z. I9 

10 Printing Trcalonable Pofitions 
a compalTing the K.'s Death ix 

II. Uttering of falfe Money 
kno\vingly,neithcr Treafon nor 
Mifprifion of Treafon 3 j 

I X. What Witnefles are reqiiifife 
to prove it, f^ide Witnefles. 

13. Several Special Verdids in 
Cafes of Treafon 72, ftfr. 

14. The Judgment therein to be 
given by the Chief Juftice 1 1 

If. Pulling down Bavvdyhoufes, 
breaking open Prifons in gene- 
ral, &c, Treafon 70, y6 

1 6. VVhere pulling down Encld« 
fures, breaking Prifons, &»c. is 
Treafon, and where Felony 7 j, * 

763 77 

17. Nothing Treafon in the in* 

-^ tention by Statute, which was 
not Treafon in the Execution 
at Common Law y6 

18. Aflembling to cxpuUc Stran* 
gers, remove Councellors, re« 
form Magiflratcs, deliver Pri* 
foncrs, throw downlnclofiires, 
&c. Treafon 7 5 

19. And fo with thofe that join 
with them, tho' they know not 
their intent 77 

xo! What fliall be faid a Coun< 
terfeiting the Great Seal 80 


I. Trial by the General CommiP 
fion of Gaol-delivery benei? 
than by a Special Commiflion 
of Oyer and Terminer 7 

X. Several Prifoncrs for Treafon 
try 'd together 8 

3. Their 


. "i 


3.' Their Irons to be taken off 

while trying ro 

4. Immediate Trial on pleading 

noM tadem perjona 1 3 

y. One (landing mute, his Thumbs 

ty'd with VVhipcord x 7 

6. Where fuch (hall be prefs'd» 

and where proceeded with to 

Trial 36 

y. OnTriak by Peers the Prilb- 

Iter can^t challenge 54; 

Z. A Peer can't wave Lis Trial! 

by Peers y6i 

V. ! 


i. In a Letter of the Sirnamc, not! 
allowed 1 1 i 

I. Verdidt by the Peers is good, 
if only the greater Number 
(b<;ing T wclvcj agree 5^ 

'2. VVhcthcr Peers not agreed of 
their Verdi<3: are to be kept to* 
chcr or ftnt home 5 7 

3. Special Vcrdids in Cafes of 
High Treafon 7 r , &c. 

4. On one Special Verdicl againft 
. icveral Prifoners fcvcral Judg= 

ments 7?w8,79 

V* A Verdict not fo ftridly ty'd 
to Form as an Indidment 1 1 x 
6. Where a Fa(ft is found done, 
it is imply 'd ^twas voluntarily^ 
except rpccially found other- 
wiie 1 1 X 


I. What Witnefles ncccflary to 
prove overt Ads in Treafon 


^. CommiiConcrs for the Trial 

may be Witnefles inTreafon 1 x 

3. So may Confederates in the 
fame Treafon ^ ?> 3 ? 

4. Where a promifc of Pardon 
fliall difable a Witneis 18 

5". Two to prove Treafon, which 
may be the fame that gave' 
Evidence of finding the Indid- 
ment 1 8 

JS. One Witnefs m Treafon e- 
nough at Common Law 49 

7. One burnt in the Hand for 
Felony allowed a Witneis 3 7 

8. Witnefles dead or unable to 
travel, their Dcpofitions read ss 

9. So if .detained by procure- 
ment of tlie Prifoner IhiJ. 

1. Having two Wives, one 
whereof is divorced caufa A- 
Julterij or Sevitia^ not with- 
in the Statute of i Jac. cap. 1 1 . 

2. A Difference where the firft 
Wife is Married in France^ 
&c and the fccond here & 
€ contra 79>8o 

3. She cannot commit Larceny 
or felony jointly with her 
Husband, ctmtra of Murder 3 1 

4. A pretended Wife, how to 
be indided in Fciony 37 

5. Of killing an Adulterer, and 
the provocation of Adultery 


[ . No provocation to kill a Man^ 
nor will they leflcn a Crime 
from Murder to Manflaughter 

X. If two Quarrel in Words, 
and after a reafonable time 
Fight, and one is killed, Muf 
do: 56. Vide plus of Quarrel- 
liog Tide Murder, &c. 

Jht Bndrftbe.rh B L E.